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Ask to Join The Mushroom Kingdom Task Force! (MKTF) Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Gold The Dragonite, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Had this idea for a while. I hope this does well!

    Also, if you want to include a character feel free to ask!

    1. No Mary/Gary Sues.
    2. I will show all fanmade power-ups.
    3. Cappy is not in this universe.
    4. Nothing else really, good luck have fun!
    5. Also, anyone you think is important that doesn't have I role I feared wouldn't be in the story much or would have too many characters.
    Feel free to ask any questions!

    Mario and Co. have defeated Bowser countless times, that they've been upgraded to the Mushroom Kingdom Task Force! When Bowser's main ship start to fly to the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone gets ready to defend. However, that's not what Bowser is here for... The Koopa Troop has been brainwashed by someone! Bowser, the Koopalings, Junior, and Kamek join forces to defeat the new evil, while trying to gain as much of Bowser's minion to defeat the big bad!

    1. The Super Backpack: Toad's main powerup. It can hold any powerup known to exist in the Mario universe. However, it's very rare and only one exist in the world. It looks like a regular brown backpack with white oval eyes on it. The user can use another powerup with this.

    2. Bob-omb Suit: It looks like a black and white flower, and grants the user to throw Bob-ombs at will. It can also be charged for a large Bob-omb.

    3. Giga Poisonshroom: It allows Bowser to transform into Giga Bowser for a short time. It looks like a Giga Mushroom but is purple and has a skull on it.

    4. Parashell: Is exactly like the Blue Shell, however lets the user hover in the air.

    5. Bullet Suit: Puts the user inside a Bullet Bill. There's a hole on the top to be able to see.

    Main Roles:
    Capt. Toad Jr. (Toad) : @Gold The Dragonite
    Bowser Jr.:
    First Boss (Peaceful Plains) :
    Private Goomp: @Gold The Dragonite
    Corporal Paraplonk: @Gold The Dragonite
    Sergeant Guy: @Gold The Dragonite
    Second Boss (Suspicious Sarasaland) :
    King Boo & Minion Boos:
    Third Boss (Fatal Forest) :
    King Bob-omb:
    Petey Piranha:
    Fourth Boss:
    ???(Fanmade) :
    Fifth Boss (Sinister Sea) :
    Sixth Boss (Terrible Temple) :
    Dark Mario and Co. :
    Seventh Boss (Mighty Mountains) :
    Admiral Acorn: @Gold The Dragonite
    Eighth Boss (Galactic Gateway) :
    Dark Bowser:

    Fanmade Boss Sheet:

    Special Power:

    I will be taking Toad, the Elite Trio and Admiral Acorn.

    Name: Admiral Acorn
    Species: Waddlewing
    Gender: Male
    Special Power: N/A
    Other: Is the 6th Boss and a minion to Bowser before being brainwashed.

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