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Private/Closed The Move Maker in Mt. Severn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by HalenFinascio, Sep 3, 2016.

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  1. The Move Maker is an elder of Mt. Severn, a mountain formed slowly over the years. There are four elders of Mt. Severn, but tales only tell of the Move Maker. The Move Maker is a legendary being which some say is a legendary Pokémon taking the form of an elder. Trainers over the years have risked their lives going to Mt. Severn to find the Move Maker. People say that he is able to create moves that no Pokémon has ever used and no trainer has ever heard of based on a Pokémon's personality and strength. No one has ever met him, yet people still search for him to this day.

    In this RP, you're going to be climbing Mt. Severn, meeting Pokémon from all generations, just to find the Move Maker.


    1. If you do not know the forum rules for this forum, then please read them or don't join.
    2. If you don't follow the forum rules or this thread's rules, then I will start a conversation with you and tell you to leave (sorry).
    3. You start out with a single Pokémon. They can be rare Pokémon, but not legendary-rare. Also, if they have evolution stages, try and make sure they start at the first evolution.
    4. Don't just say you found the Move Maker. I'll give the setting once you're there. Well, if he exists. :p


    Extra Info:

    My Form:

    Name: Hal-en (or just Hal)
    Pokémon: Talia the Snivy.
    Gender: Male
    Extra Info: None


    Hal jumped in excitement. He stood in front of the exact base of Mt. Severn, a small Snivy named Talia beside him.
    "Here lies Mt. Severn. Are ya excited, Talia?"
    "Come on! There's no time to waste! You're gonna become a Servine then a Serperior and then we're gonna meet the Move Maker! He's gonna create a move so superior and so strong that you're gonna be the best Pokémon in the world! Even better than a legendary! Come on!" exclaimed Hal, already running down the trail.
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  2. Nash had walked up to the pokemon center near the base of the mountain to get prepared for the journey up Mt. Severn. Nash had seen a boy at the start of the mountain "Hey are you here to go up and meet the move maker?" Nash asked.
  3. Hal looked at the boy who'd startled him.
    "Well, duh! Who come to Mt. Severn without craving to meet the Move Maker? And possibly the other three elders of the mountain. It is a huge mountain, so finding any of the elders will be a long, hard search, but I know Talia can do it!"
    "Sniiiiivy!" exclaimed Talia the Snivy.
  4. "How about we go together, you know, as a team?" Nash asked as his charmander popped out oh its pokeball. "Oh and this little guy is Flame, and i'm Nash." Nash had said to the boy he didn't know. "So what's your name?" he asked.
  5. "Sure, because there's no way I'm making it alone! Why not go with someone else? Anyway, I'm Hal-en, but just call me Hal, and this is Talia, a Snivy!"
    "Anyway, we should start down the trail now, it's very early in the morning, and we don't want to be halfway up the trail at night! Come on, let's go."
  6. Name: Mercury
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Audino
    Extra Info: Mercury is a teen that wears a purple hoodie and jeans. He doesn't know that his Pokemon is an Audino, since it was a gift. He tries to act tough and aloof, but really isn't.

    Mercury sprinted through the undergrowth, occasionally glancing over his shoulder to see if he was still being chased. His pack was constantly bumping up and down on his back in the most annoying way, and the crowbar sticking out didn't help. He glanced back again.
    Whew. I think I lost them. He thought. Suddenly, a root caught his foot and tripped onto a trail, right in front of two other trainers.
  7. Hal turned to Nash, then turned to the young man that had just fell below them. He look several years older than Hal, but he crouched.
    "You okay?" he asked, Snivy curiously coming from behind. Hal extended his hand.
  8. Mercury looked up at the other trainer, ready to bolt, then relaxed. Ignoring the trainer's hand, he stood up and brushed himself off.
    "Yeah, I'm fine." He said, looking around. There was still no sign anyone was after him. It was at that moment he realized... he had no idea where he was. He glanced around, but nothing seemed familiar.
    "Um... Could you tell me where I am?"
  9. Hal awkwardly took back his hand, slightly vexed but in a queer, friendly manner.
    "Well you're at the base of Mt. Severn, a mountain that is told stories about! According to myth, there are four elders of Mt. Severn, each containing a hidden power that is so strong that no one has ever seen them! The famous one that I'm here to meet is the Move Maker! Wanna come with us? Oh, and I'm Hal-en, by the way, but just call me Hal. This is Talia!—" he took the Snivy up in his arms—"and this is Nash and Flame!"
  10. "The Move Maker?" Mercury asked. The name sounded familiar to him...
    That's right, I think I've heard this legend before... He thought.
    "The Move Maker's the dude that makes Moves people have never seen before, right?" Mercury asked. He thought for a moment, considering his options. Well... it's not like I have anything better to do right now... and this Move Maker guy could really help me!
    "OK, I'll come with you. The name's Mercury." Mercury said.
  11. "Odd name. Like the planet? Like Hg-slash-quicksilver? Wait, I can't argue. My name is Hal. Hal-dash-en." he said this as if Mercury was five.
    Hal got excited but concerned. He loved company, but Mercury wasn't someone you could instantly gain the trust of. He felt that Mercury felt the same for him.
    "We should head on now, come on, I know a shortcut through a cavern hidden behind some vines on the side of the trail; I read about it!" Hal led them down the trail, beginning their adventure up Mt. Severn.
  12. Mercury opened his mouth to respond with a retort like "says the guy with the name from Krypton", but didn't when the boy kept talking. He sighed and rubbed his forehead, and wondered if he'd regret this. Mercury began to walk after Hal.
  13. A long walk was there up to the cavern, and a long walk did they complete. They rounded the mountain which was about a few miles around after an hour and a half. They finally had made it to the cavern, and rushing inside felt so pleasant for Hal; the walk had started to become colder, and colder, and the occassional rushing zephyr would zoom across their faces when groups of birds would soar across the sky in amazing V-shapes that never stopped amazing Hal since the day he learned about birds.
  14. Mercury didn't mind the cold. His hoodie was keeping him warm enough. But as he hiked on, the pack on his back seemed to get heavier and heavier. The contents weren't very heavy, it was just a feeling he was getting in the pit of his stomach. Mercury was about to walk up and talk to Hal when the bushes next to him shuffled. He stopped and glanced at it. Suddenly, a Pokemon jumped out of the bushes towards him! It was a Sneasel, intent on getting his bag. Before Mercury could react, the Sneasel grabbed his bag. Unfortunatly, the bag was still attached to Mercury, and both Pokemon and Human were dragged to the ground. Mercury grabbed the Sneasel, threw it away from him, and jumped to his feet.
    "Hey! Stay away!" Mercury exclaimed, pointing at the Sneasel. He began to reach for the crowbar in his backpack.
    "Sneasel, snea!" The Sneasel said, striking a fighting pose.
  15. "Wh— WOAH! Give me that!" Hal said in a dragging tone, grabbing the crowbar from Mercury.
    "Well what are you doing?" Hal asked aggressively but with no hint of anger whatsoever: just disappointment, "we do not slam Pokémon with rusty crowbars, we fight them with fellow Pokémon or befriend them. I'm guessing you want to fight. Besides, don't you have a Pokémon with you?"
  16. "A Pokemon? N- wait, yes, I do!" Mercury said, remembering. He reached in his bag and pulled out a Pokeball.
    "Hah! The Pokemon that my older sister gave me!" He said, holding it up.
    My sister is a master trainer, so I know she's gonna give me a good Pokemon! Please, be a Blaizken, please be a Blaizken... Mercury willed as he threw the Pokeball. There was a burst of light, momentarily blinding Mercury.
    That... doesn't sound... like a Blaizken... Mercury cracked open his eyes to see, of all Pokemon, an Audino, blinking and looking around.
  17. "An Audino..." Hal's tone sounded as if he were disappointed as Mercury had sounded, but disappointed he was not, "AN AUDINO! THAT'S SO AWESOME! I've never actually seen one in person before! Hello, cutie!" he waved at the Audino.
    "Now," Hal continued, getting back to the Sneasel, "you can do it, Mercury! Get the Sneasel! Maybe you can catch him, too!"
  18. An... Audino... Mercury thought. Disappointment filled him, but only for a moment.
    Wait a second! Mercury looked closer at the Audino. Clever, sis. Veeeeery Cleeeeeverrr... Through out a weak or goofy looking Pokemon, and while the enemy's guard is down, hit them with a super powerful attack! Brilliant!
    "Alrighty, Audino! Use Giga Impact!" Mercury commanded. The Audino turned and gave Mercury a confused look.
    "Uh... OK... Body Slam!"
    "...Mega Punch?" Suddenly, Mercury was struck with a powerful realization. "You're... just a normal Audino, aren't you."
    "Dino." The Audino said. Mercury sighed. Meanwhile, the Sneasel stared at the Audino, completely in love.
    "Use Pound." The Audino walked cutely over to the Sneasel and whacked him in the head.
  19. "Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Nash and this is Flame" he said as a Charmander came out of the pokeball on his sash.
  20. "Not now," said Hal, "look at Sneasel; he looked like he liked Audino and got distracted! But how?"
    Hal still looked at the very anticlimactic battle.
  21. "What its anticlimactic anyways" he says motioning at the boring battle. "I may fall asleep" he says jokingly.
  22. Mercury watched the Sneasel carefully. The Sneasel looked at Audino, then jumped back into the bushes.
    "What? He ran away?" Mercury exclaimed. The Audino looked as confused as he did. A few moments later, the Sneasel returned, holding some mountain flowers. His face turning a slightly darker shade, he handed the flowers to Audino. Audino looked at the Sneasel with surprise and accepted them, also blushing.
    "Audino? Hey, Audino!" Mercury said, trying to get his Pokemon's attention. The Pink Pokemon snapped out of her daze and looked back at Mercury. "Kinda in the middle of a battle? Use Pound?"
    Audino looked at the Sneasel, then back at Mercury. She sighed and whacked the Sneasel in the head again. Mercury sighed and looked at the other two trainers.
    "'Has this ever happened with your Pokemon?" He asked.
  23. "Well on one hand yes, but on the other no" he said shrugging his shoulders. "Maybe you don't have enough badges" Nash said jokingly.
  24. "Oh, yeah, hardy har har. Aren't you just a barrel of laughs." Mercury muttered. He opened a pocket of his bag and pulled out a Pokeball and threw it at the Sneasel.
    Click! The Sneasel was caught.
    "Alright!" Mercury said. He walked over and picked up the Pokeball. He turned back to the other trainers. "How about that? Also, Hal, can I have my crowbar back?"
  25. "No," Hal says sarcastically, handing back the rusty thing.
    "We should head on forward, I see a cavern over there," he said, pointing over yonder.
  26. Mercury took the crowbar back and put it back in his bag.
    "Yeah, yeah, lead the way, boss." Mercury said. Suddenly a thought struck him. "Hey, do you have a plan? I mean... are we trying to get to a certain place, or are we just wandering around?"
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