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The Most Bizarre, Terrifying and Hilarious Bootleg Pokemon Figures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by EtherealHaze, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Search "Pokemon figures" on Ebay, scroll through the pages, what do you see? Set of 40 Figures for around $25? Really cheap aren't they. These are all bootlegged figures, they
    can be found everywhere on Ebay. At first glance they look pretty normal, but look closer and you'll find that some of them look absolutely hideous. I've put together a collection of the weirdest and most terrifying booty figures ever. I found these on the web, so I've yet tosee them in real life.
    Enjoy XD
    Apparently this was what Celebi was originally going to look like to.... creepy ain't it. Oh and here's another terrifying Celebi to ruin your day.
    Jeez.. Bootleggers sure like to stuff up Celebi don't they.
    It reminds me of the Teletubbies... *shivers*
    NOTE: It's the one on the left.
    How DARE they do this to my favourite Electric type!!!
    LOL at that Houndoom XD
    I actually like this one for some reason.Don't ask me why.
    The face on this thing terrifies me......
    The ears on this booty look unusually small, but that might just be me.
    I kinda gaged when I saw these. I can't imagine how toxic they probably are.
    I'm not sure if I should laugh or scream. Whoever designed this figure was obviously drunk at the time, or knows nothing about Pokemon. I mean, since when did Jirachi have a nose and a necklace?
    This.....this is just...terrifying........ If Azumarill actually looked like this, It'd be hated as much as Mr.Mime.
    I love it! It's freaky and awesome at the same time. I want one so badly.
    Here is a bonus one. Not sure if it is one of these figures, but it's certainly still nightmare material :D
    I hope you weren't planning on sleeping tonight!

    That's it for now. Which one did you think was the most terrifying?
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  2. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Heh, I go to NYC's Chinatown all the time and most of the Pokemon stuff is actually bootleg. I've never seen anything as bad as those before.
    It was obviously fake, but I bought it anyway, because those Pokemon center prices are expensive. To think 20 dollars for a normal sized plushie...
    Sorry if it's not a figure.
    I saw another one like this in Chinatown, and I laughed away. I didn't take a photo, because at the store they banned any photography of items.
    I really should sneak in a few pictures next time I go to Chinatown.
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  3. Oh god that Sailor Moon/Pokemon hybrid is hilarious XD I've seen something similar to that at a $2 store I went to.
    I can understand why you brought the bootleg plushie (I have brought a few booties as well for the same reason), the legit ones are ridiculously expensive. In Australia, to order one online they can be anywhere from $30-$100 (and thats for a normal sized one!). The Black Kyurem plushie I'm getting for Christmas was over $80!! I guess it was a good deal though since all the others were anywhere between $150 to almost $200.
    The paint job of the figures on the last pic are pretty bad, I mean look at there faces LOL :D
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  4. Ha ha, you gave me something to do tonight! (In which I can't sleep now :D)
    TDhO3.png Those eyes...
    This one is sure to give nightmares:
    tumblr_m32d9rRz011qgn27c.jpg My god, she looks like the living dead. Maybe she is dead.
    96af860109df.jpg It's actually pretty cute. I find it funny how Squirtle is purple while his evos are green.
    And my favourite:
    s640x480.jpeg C'mon, Mewtwo, you're the terminator enough as it is. You don't need to be as pumped as Arnold.
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