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The Moonlight

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Hunting Rifle, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. (OOC: PokeCharms' very first Spore-based Rp. Participants: Create your own empire, Religious, Economic, or Military, and fight the Grox or fight us.)

    Zarine checked her armour, making sure it was all intact and working. She also checked that the energy crossbow, plasma sword and all other weapons were ready to fire at any moment. When she was satisfied, she settled back in her hiding place and studied the area below her.

    Zarine was a Lunaian, a species of blue lizard like humanoids with a reasonable amount of intelligence compared to some other species. She'd been born on the home planet of the Luna Empire, and raised like every other young Lunanian. During that time, her teacher and parents discovered she had a talent for stealth and thieving. So, Zarine was taken to a special school and taught there to become a soldier. This was her first real mission — guarding the entrance to the Mothership Moonlight — and she did not want to fail.

    The area below Zarine was where smaller ships could land to access the Moonlight. A variety of ships of different shapes and sizes were scattered below in an organized chaos. A bunch of armed soldiers were down below as well. She knew that in addition to the soldiers, below there was two other Lunaian's, skilled in the same areas she was, waiting and watching just as she was. She knew that unless she got extremely close to their hiding places, she wouldn't be able to see them at all. Same with her hiding place. No one would see her until she had a knife in their throat.

    ‘Hmmm… I wonder why there are three hidden Lunaians and 25 armed soldiers near the entrance… I know this is the Moonlight, but surely a total of 10.000 Lunaians who can fight would be a bit ridiculous?' Zarine said to herself.

    But hardly anyone on board knew of the precious cargo the Moonlight was carrying. And no one on board thought of the best way to kill 10.000 Lunaians.

    Moonlight Control Room

    ‘Status check, Tani?' A well-dressed Lunanian asked to one of the Lunaians behind the computers in the semicircle cockpit of the Moonlight. ‘All systems on. No enemy's spotted in a megameter around our fleet. Starfleet still completely intact. No damaged ships.' ‘That's not entirely true. Ship 5937 has a damaged plasma shield.' Another Lunaian shouted. Fyro rolled his eyes. Roaron always had to interfere.

    Suddenly, a red light started flashing on the main screen. ‘Disturbance in sector AIO-849, General.' Tani said. ‘Situation scan, Roaron?' Fyro said, his voice surprisingly calm. ‘It looks like a gamma ray has hit a wormhole, General.' ‘Outcome?' ‘The gamma rays force has centered the wormhole's gravity. Wormholes are nasty things. I'm not sure what will happen. But I have an idea…' his voice faltered away. His blue scales turned a little white, and his eyes ‘What is wrong, Roaron?' Roaron took a deep breath. ‘There's are theory's that states that all wormholes, although they come only in twins, are somehow connected. If the gamma ray has centered the wormhole's gravity, that might mean the wormhole turned into a black hole. The point is, it's a black hole kind we're not familiar with. We're the first ones ever to see it happen.' ‘What does that mean for us?' ‘That the black hole gravity might break through our plasma shields.'

    There was an awkward silence in the cockpit. Then Fyro shouted: ‘Code B1 to all spaceships. Retreat to star system length away from this place. We need to get out of here!' The radar showed that all spaceships retreated. Except the Moonlight.

    ‘What is happening?' Fyro said, his voice shuddering. ‘Our ship is too big to overcome the gravitational pull. Were going into the black hole.' ‘Evacuate the ship. All unit's to the shuttles. All systems offline.' Fyro said. All screens went black. The emergency lights went on. Fyro didn't even notice. He couldn't believe it. After all those years, this was the end of the Moonlight. A sad hologram face looked at him from the General's screen. Farwell, the hologram mouthed. Fyro took a deep breath. He was not going to let this happen. This was his ship. His responsibility.

    While the control room units fled to the shuttles, Fyro kept standing in place.
    Tani was the last to leave the room. She looked at him, unsure what to do. ‘Tani.' Fyro said, without looking at her. ‘Tell the Luna Empire HQ that I wanted it this way. I'll try to save the ship. Go.' Tani left. Fyro knew this was going to be his final test. Failure was not an option.

    Moonlight Entrance

    As soon as Zarine got the message, she opened her oxygen tank and kicked away the plasma screen protecting her from damage. It stuck fast. She tried again. It didn't budge. In a claustrophobic panic attack, Zarine fired a plasma bolt at the screen. That worked. As quick as possible, she ran through the small tunnel ending in the main hall. She could hear a faint roaring noise. The noise of shuttles leaving. Without her. She sat down. She was alone. Or… was she? The main hall screen, showing a map of the ship, normally buzzed with green dots: Lunaians. There was one dot left. In the control room. She ran as fast as she could.

    Moonlight Control Room

    Through the window, Fyro saw the giant wormhole. It exceeded the beauty of a newborn star system or even a supernova, by far. All sort of colored rings spiraled around a giant white hole. The light almost blinded him, even through the plasma screen windows. He and his ship had fought entire fleets, had managed to avoid damage in comet storm, and had survived supernova's. But his would be his biggest chance ever. ‘180 degrees swirl. Engines at full power.' Slowly, the ship started turning around, like a tamed Sluggia. ‘No progress. Impact in 160 seconds.' A soft female voice answered. Fyro swallowed.

    At that moment, Zarine stormed through the door. ‘What is going on? Where is everybody?' she shouted. Fyro didn't even turn around. ‘Whoever you are, sit down and fasten your seatbelt. That is an order.' Zarine, speechless, sat down and strapped herself to one of the chairs. ‘Current situation: We're going to hit a gamma-powered wormhole. Your situation: You missed the shuttles.' Fyro said. He turned around, sat down and strapped himself too. ‘Cargo Item 1, please.' He said. A shining white suitcase appeared in his hands. Zarine, who finally regained mind control, asked him: ‘Are we going to survive this, General?' It took a long time for Fyro to answer. ‘If the wormhole still has his old ability of transporting, we might. But we might be transported to the other side of the Universe, or to a wormhole nearby. I don't know.' Zarine swallowed too.

    ‘Impact in 5 seconds.' The female voice said. I took forever. Both Lunaians saw their lives pass before their eyes. Then a blinding light filled the control room. They both shut their two eyelids. The ship started shaking. Then suddenly, the light stopped. They opened their eyes. They were crashing into a giant gas planet at full speed. Almost directly, Fyro unstrapped, ran to the General's board, and pushed the red button. The Control Room separated from the rest of the ship, turning into a small spaceship. From their window, they saw the ship, almost as big as the planet itself, slamming into the gas giant. A giant explosion. Gas and chunks of iron flew around the Control Room. None hit them.

    Fyro collapsed. Still a little shaky from the g-forces, Zarine unstrapped herself, and ran to the General. His hart was still beating. He had fainted. Zarine looked at the screen. They were heading to a nearby planet. They were going to crash if nobody steered the craft. But she had never learned how to steer a spacecraft. She took the steering joystick in both of her hands. It couldn't be that hard.

    As the spacecraft descended through the atmosphere of the planet, Zarine tried to recover all the spacecraft knowledge she had. She remembered something bout voice control. ‘Engines on.' She tried. The computer voice answered ‘Voice not recognized. Please identify yourself.' Shit. ‘Stealth Soldier Zarine, group 12.' She said, trying to keep a calm voice. ‘Not qualified for spaceship control. Explain situation.' ‘The Moonlight has exploded! We're going to collide on the planet's surface!' Zarine was really frightened now. ‘Measurements prove explanation. Access granted.' Zarine sighed. Finally.

    ‘Engines on.' The spacecraft accelerated. ‘turn 180 degrees.' Zarine guessed. ‘No turning engines available. Impact in three minutes.' Zarine knew there was only one thing left to try; make a belly landing. ‘Full power. Ship horizontal.' The ship started turning around. The surface was getting really close now. The ship made several orbits around the planet, coming closer to the ground every nanosecond. Zarine strapped the General as tight as she could. He was still holding the shiny suitcase. For a second, Zarine wondered what was so important about the suitcase. Then she strapped herself to the chair again. This was going to be a wild ride.

    The altimeter dropped faster and faster. The planet was getting a tight gravitational grip on the ship. Thousand feet, seven hundred feet… They were going really fast now. Then the ship hit the surface. A shockwave went through Zarine's body, almost knocking her unconscious. The ship dug its way through the dirt, wiping down several trees. Zarine opened her eyes. A rock formation. With a loud crash, the ship collided with the rocks. Zarine almost flew out of her chair. The ship had finally stopped.

    She unstrapped herself and checked for any damage. She was bruised and scratched all over, but she had no serious damage. The General had a scar on his chest, but it wasn't a very deep wound. The captain's second eyelids slid open and he mumbled something. Then his other eyelids opened, too. And with a weak voice, an echo of his former, he asked: ‘What happened?' Zarine unstrapped him and supported him when he stood up. ‘You fainted after the Moonlight collided with a gas giant. We crashed on a nearby planet.' Fyro looked troubled, as if to remember something vague. ‘My ship… it's gone?' Zarine nodded, sadly. She grieved the loss too. It was the biggest ship of their Empire. Without it, The Grox had a much bigger chance of defeating the Lunaians.

    With a psh, the door opened. They stepped outside. Harsh sunlight fell upon them, and automatically, they shielded their eyes from the sun. ‘You can let go of me now. I'm fine,' The General said. Zarine let go. Fyro wobbled for a moment, then regained his feet. He inspected the ship. After a while, he said. ‘There's no way we can fly away with this thing. But it should already be sending out an SOS. We might get saved soon.' He looked at Zarine. ‘How did we survive, anyway?' Trying to talk without an undertone of proudness, Zarine told him: ‘I steered the aircraft using voice control.' Fyro blinked. ‘Ah, in that case, I can never thank you enough… O, wait!' He ran into the spaceship again. When he came out, he was holding the suitcase. ‘What exactly is in that suitcase?' Zarine asked. Fyro sighed. ‘If you have to know: Chaosium. A key ingredient for a gigantic bomb the Grox was building. It radiates radioactive waves that destroy all organic material that it touches.' He knocked on the suitcase.' Silver, however, stops the radiation. That's what this case is made of.' Zarine gulped. She had been guarding the most dangerous object in the universe.

    They sat down. Fyro said: ‘In the meantime, we have to find a way to survive. We need to find fruit and hunt animals.' Zarine activated her laser weapons. ‘I can take care of that.' Fyro nodded. ‘I'll make myself useful by building tools and other things we need. We can spend the nights in the ship. The plasmasynthesis screen still works. As long as there's sunlight, there's light and warmth.' For a moment, they looked at each other blankly. Zarine stood up. ‘I'll go find something to eat tonight.' She bowed. ‘General.' She added, afraid of being rude. Fyro laughed. ‘You can call me Fyro. And, good idea. I'll start by making a fire.' Zarine nodded and left. Fyro looked at her. ‘I can't believe it…' Fyro sighed. ‘As long as you are safe.' He said to the silver suitcase at his side. He hid the suitcase in the ship and went off searching firewood.
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  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    OoC: I know I don't go into much detail on my characters appearance, So here it a summary on their looks: They are dinosaur-like, but stand up straighter. They have a Crocodile-like mouth and lizard-like eyes. Gray scales that helped their ancestors blend in with the surroundings. Uniform is fairly straightforward, Consisting of Hard-hat and Backpack, they also wear their Civilian clothes.

    BiC: "This is the Chanos Asteroid Facility, orbiting the Double Star System Havok, the Grox have pulled back; we have successfully defended the System."

    "Good to hear Commander, glad we could help"

    Nevar leaned back into his chair; it had been a hard fight. The Keren Empire, hailing from the planet of the same name, had the unfortunate distinction of being one of the best Empires to combat the Grox. Being the captain of the flagship meant he was at the beck and call of every Sentry Station they had. His gray scales shook as he relaxed. Unfortunately, this was short lived.

    An alarm rang on the console in front of his Navigator, a young one named Kor.

    "Sir, the Bunnex System is under attack!"

    "Set a course for the system."

    With that they were off again, the systems defenses should hold until they get there, but they hurried none-the-less. The captain he replaced had stalled to long; once they got to the system the planet was already gone. Nevar did not want that to happen with him.

    "I need a vacation," The pilot muttered as he set a course for the red giant.

    "We all do, Lt.," Kor replied.

    "Once this war is over why don't we all go to the Sol system?" His First Officer, an ambitious young female, asked.

    "Anywhere is fine with me, just as long as it is far from any Grox worlds," Nevar replied.

    "Hold on everyone, going through the Wormhole now…"

    The vessel shook as it entered the Black Hole, There was a blinding light, and then they came out of another Black Hole. The Red Giant Star was huge, and the whole area around it was ablaze with explosions.

    "This is much larger then I anticipated," Nevar admitted, "Set course for the battlefield, then…"

    The Diamond, Flagship of the Keren Trade Empire, blasted toward the battleground, all guns blazing. The ship easily gunned down several Light Cruisers. The remaining ships deployed their fighters.

    "Release the fighters!"

    Ships started streaming out of the Diamond's hanger. They engaged the enemy attackers. The fighting brought the ship close to one of the planets; a Light Cruiser followed it down into orbit. Several Orbiter Cannons rose from the planet and blasted the Cruiser out of the sky.

    "Why didn't I think of that?" Nevar mused, "Deploy the Orbiter Cannons"

    Several of the building-sized turrets exited the hold, and were captured in the ship's gravity. They fired at any target stupid enough to get close, successfully gunning down a Light Cruiser and several Fighters.

    The Flagship moved closer to the star, sighting the Grox Battleship leading this fleet.

    "Prepare the Asteroid Cannon."

    A section of the bow opened up, revealing the Diamond's Trump Card.

    "Fire the Asteroid Cannon!"

    A concentrated Gamma Ray shot through the Battleship's engine, destroying it completely. The ship imploded, and the remaining Light Cruisers fled the area.

    "Well, that's another Star System safe for the day…"

    "Sir, we are receiving an S.O.S signal from the star system Jir. It appears to be Lunaian"

    "Lunaian, eh? Send a response and set a course; let's see what we can do."

    "Aye, aye, Sir"

    OoC: I realize that it is a bit short, but my mind has drawn a blank...
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  3. (OOC: It's bit short, but thanks for joining anyway.)


    Fyro licked his lips. They would eat good tonight.

    Above a small campfire, Fyro was roasting the body of the herbivoric creature Zarine had hunted down earlier that day. With some spice from spice geyser, he thought, this would probably be a good meal, and a welcome one, because they hadn't been eating warm for a long time now.

    They had been stuck on this planet for three weeks now. They had managed to survive well; they had build a hut from branches and from other pieces of wood he had created the nescessary tools, like knives and forks. Fyro had been interested in woodworking ever since he was a small child, which came in handy here. Still, he would have given up his rank for sleeping in a real bed.

    Fyro felt at the wound on his chest. Zarine had cleverly strapped it with bandage from the emergency kit, and it was healing well, but it cramped up from time to time.
    Fyro knew that was a good thing, for it meant the scales around the wound were tightening themselves again, but it left him unble to walk long distances. Zarine insisted on doing all the fieldwork of collecting and hunting, leaving him with boring jobs like cooking.

    At that moment, Zarine returned from the forest, with a pile of fruit in her arms, which she dropped next to the fire. She saluted and sniffed the air in the screeching way Lunaians did trough their beaks. 'It smells good, General.' He nodded. 'It's a promising meal. Thanks for collecting the fruit. We could try to roast them.' he said. 'By the way, could you go get some spice for the meat?' 'Of course, General.' She grabbed one of the buckets they had made from clay, bowed again, and left. Fyro sighed. Zarine wouldn't stop treating him as a high officer, even though she was the only other sentient being on the planet. It was, in his eyes, one of the major disadvantages of being high in rank.

    At that moment, he heard a beeping sound from behind. He turned around. It came from the ship. As fast as his wound would let him, he ran inside. The main screen was flashing synchronized with the beeping. Someone was trying to contact them. His hands trembling, he opened the requested channel. The screen was filled with the video picture of a greyscaled alien creature sitting in a chrome chair, several navigators around him.
    'General Nevar from spaceship Diamond of the Kiren Empire here. Please speak.' the creature said. Fyro was unable to speak for a few seconds, overjoyed, but quickly regained control over himself again. 'General Fyro from spaceship Moonlight of the Luna Empire here. After an accident with a black hole, destroying the Moonlight, me and a fellow soldier have crashed on a nearby planet. I request a rescue mission.' he said, trying to be as formal as possible. His collegeau on the other side nodded. 'Losing the Moonlight is a great loss in the battle against the Grox. Request accepted. We're coming as soon as possible.' The screen went black.

    Fyro had to contain himself from screaming. They were going to be rescued! He struggled back to the campfire. The meat was a little blackened, but Fyro couldn't care less. He started walking around, unable to sit still, waiting for Zarine to return. Soon, she did, and he told her the good news. 'No way!' she said. She dropped the bucket of spice and she almost fell in his arms. Immidiately, she corrected herself, shaking Fyro's hand, and slightly blushing. An awkward silence fell between them. 'The meat is done, too.' he said, trying to escape the situation. 'O yeah.' she picked the bucket from the ground and gave it to him. As he scattered the spicy powder over the meat, she sat down with her back against a rock, watching him.

    She and Fyro had grown closer, she realized. Normally, he wouldn't even know she existed. Now, they were always really friendly with eachother. But would that stay after they were rescued? She shook her head, letting the thought disseapear. Never think about the future when there are problems in the present, her father had always told her.
    She sniffed the air, enjoying the scent caused by the meat, and thougth about the soft bed she hoped she would soon be sleeping in.
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    As the pilot set the course for the star system, Nevar's First Mate opened the Comm. Link, signaling the downed ship. After a moment a blue-scaled Lunaian answered.

    "General Nevar from spaceship Diamond of the Keren Empire here. Please speak." Nevar ran though the normal dialogue for transmissions.
    The Lunaian took a moment to compose itself before replying, "General Fyro from spaceship Moonlight of the Luna Empire here. After an accident with a black hole, destroying the Moonlight, me and a fellow soldier have crashed on a nearby planet. I request a rescue mission." The Lunaian was doing his best to remain formal, but Nevar could tell he was excited.

    Nevar nodded, "Losing the Moonlight is a great loss in the battle against the Grox. Request accepted. We're coming as soon as possible." His First Mate ended the transmission.

    "The Lunaian General looked injured. Lets hurry," said Nevar. The pilot nodded, speeding up the ship.

    "Sir, I'm receiving a distress signal from the Losk system," Kor shouted.
    "Relay it to the Home World, inform them of our mission, and request they send the fleet in our stead," Nevar responded, they were always needed somewhere it seemed. Kor nodded, and relayed the transmission to the Planet Keren.

    They received no more transmissions, and the next day they made it to the Wormhole that would deposit them near the Jir system.

    "Everyone hold on," said the pilot as they entered the wormhole. Wormholes were always very odd things, a combination of a Black Hole and a White Hole, as far as they knew; these combinations were specific to this galaxy. While most ships could traverse then easily, almost all of them had to lower blast shields to protect those inside from radiation poisoning. To have an incident with a Black Hole is rare, since Black Holes don't normally exist outside of a combination. It took a strong Gamma Ray Burst to destroy the White Hole, leaving the Black Hole the only remaining half.

    Of course this was all theory; the Keren Trade Empire did not need to know such things, just as long as it continued to transport them from one place to another.

    The Diamond exited the Wormhole. Ahead of them was the Jir system. It was a small system, practically unexplored, consisting of a Gas Giant and a pair of Solid Planets. The distress signal was coming from the second planet, a forested world.

    "Pilot, bring us into orbit with the planet, Kor, go and prep the Lander."
    "Yes sir," came the response. Kor unstrapped himself and went to the hanger, while the pilot entered the planets gravity.
    "Pilot, as soon as the orbit is stable, I want you to take Kor and retrieve the General and his soldier."
    "Yes sir," the Pilot easily brought the ship into a stable orbit and left for the hanger.
    "I hope this isn't a trap," the First Mate muttered.
    "There is no reason for it to be, the Luna Empire is allied to ours," Nevar responded.

    Kor had only just finished the repairs when the Pilot arrived at the hanger.

    "The General wants us to head down in the Lander," he explained.

    Kor nodded and the two Kerens strapped themselves in. The Pilot flew the ship out of the hanger and down to the source of the distress signal, on the planet's surface. The Pilot was good at what he did, and was able to land the ship only several feet from the downed ship.

    It was night on the planet; most likely the two Lunaians had been sleeping. If so, the Lander was loud enough to wake most anything up. When the two of them arrived at the campsite of the two, Kor saw that the both of them had been expecting them to some extent. They bowed, showing respect to the wounded General, then the pilot spoke.

    "My name is Lt. Daxion, this is Private Kor, we are here responding to your distress signal."

    OoC: Again, a bit short…
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  5. Fyro shook their hands, carefull not to scratch them with his sharp nails. 'I'm very glad you could come so quickly. I am General Fyro, and this-' he pointed at Zarine, who was standing next to him, analyzing the two Kiren racelings as soldier was trained to do. 'Is Stealth soldier Zarine.' They shook hands. 'Are any of you both dangerously wounded?' Kor asked them, looking at the bandage around Fyro's chest. 'My wound is not threatening. It'll heal soon. I can't walk very good, though.' Zarine told them she had nothing more then a few scratches.

    Fyro handed the silver suitcase to Zarine, and supported by the two Kiren, they entered the lander. The interior was just like Fyro knew Kiren liked- a lot of chrome and grey, in soft round forms. Probably because it remembered them of themselves. They sat down and strapped up. As the lander ascended trough the atmosphere, Fyro took a last look at the planet. He wouldn't exactely miss it. But the fight for survival remembered him of the strong will of sentient organisms.

    He turned around and looked at Zarine. 'I wouldn't have survived without you.' he told her. The scales around her cheeks turned slightly purple, although she knew it was the truth. 'As soon as we return to the Luna Empire, I'll promote you. How about Stealth Leader?' 'Really?' 'Yes, really. It's the least I can do back.' She thought about it for a moment. A higher rank meant more money. But also more responsibilities; One thing that she couldn't handle. 'I...' she started. 'I would rather stay solo, actually.' Fyro blinked with both eyelids. He would've never guessed she would decline.

    'How about Night Squad, then?' Night Squad. Spying, stealing, sabotaging enemy ships... sounded good to her. She smiled. 'I'd love Night Squad.' Fyro smiled back. 'Then that's settled. I'd shake your hand if this stupid belt wasn't so tight.' 'Our excuses for that.' One of the Kiren said from the front of the cockpit. 'Our scales aren't so tight to our actual skin. A defensive method from our ancestors.' He pushed a tiny black button and the belts loosened.

    As soon as they entered the Diamond, Fyro was transported to the ship's doctor for inspectation of his wound. Zarine, still holding the silver suitcase, was lead to the control room.
    The General was already waiting for her when she entered.
    'Welcome aboard the Diamond, Lunaian. We will send you and the General back to your homeworld as soon as possible.' She bowed. 'Thank you for rescueing us. The Luna Empire is in your debt.' 'No thanks. Now...' He sat down. 'Could you please tell me the whole story?' Zarine told him everything: What had happened to the Moonlight, how she had resqued the General and herself from bein squashed against the planet's surface, and how they had managed to survive. When she had finished, the Kiren General seemed to be in deep thoughts. 'I'll contact the Luna Empire when we encounter the next Galaxial Communication Station. They must think you have died in the Moonlight's crash.' Zarine nodded. She would need a vacation after all this was settled. She had been told planet Earth in the Sol system was a nice place. Maybe she could go there.

    The hologram screen next to the General's head started flashing. 'Ah, a message from the doctor.' Zarine shuffled on her chair. She hoped Fyro was alright. 'The General's wounds are cured with healrays. He's a little traumatized, but after some rest he probably will be able to do his job as Starfleet General again.' Zarine sighed, relaxing her tensed shoulders.
    'If I may ask, what is in the suitcase you are holding?' The General asked her. She looked from the suitcase to the General, trying to decide wether to tell or not. 'I'm afraid I can't tell without my General's permission.' she decided, hoping she would insult the General. 'I see.' was the only thing he said, although Zarine could tell he was urging to know.

    Suddenly, all the blue screens turned red and an alarm sounded. 'A Grox ship is seeking contact with us, General.' The First Mate said. The General gulped. 'Open the channel.' he said. As the First Mate pushed the Intercom button, a red-skinned and angry-looking creature filled the screen. 'Well well, if it isn't the Kiren.' The creature growled in a high voice. 'We have not yet forgotten our last battle with you, lesser being.'
    'I thought so. We totally kicked your butt.' The General said, trying to look braver then he was. The Grox growled again. 'Give our Chaosium back or we will destroy your fleet.'
    The General raised an eyebrow. 'What are you talking about, space slug?' 'Don't act so foolish. I can see a Lunaian in the background. She is holding it.'

    The General looked at the silver suitcase. 'Why do you want it?' The General asked. The creature cackled. 'What do you think? The Chaosium is the embodiement of evil itself. With it, we are masters of the Universe!' 'We are surrounded by a gigantic Grox Fleet, General.' The First Mate said in a trembling voice.
    ' How big exactely?' the General answered. '1.25 times bigger then our fleet, General.' 'Don't worry.' a voice from behind said.

    They all turned around. Fyro, looking healthier then ever before, was standing in the doorway. He walked to the screen, looking the surprised Grox right in his eyes. 'The Moonlight automatticly started emmiting a SOS when the shuttles departed. The Luna Starfleet should be here about... now.' Just as he said it, a cloud of blue dots entered the radar screen, positioning itself around the Kiren fleet. The Groxling cursed and broke the contact. Almost immidiately, a Lunaian filled the screen. 'Perfectely in time, Tani. As always.' Fyro said, smiling. Tani smiled back, seemingly not surprised that they were still alive. 'We now overpower the Grox by 50 procent, General.' The First Mate announced. 'Have I said how glad I am that we are allies?' The Kiren General sighed. Fyro turned to him. 'No, but thanks anyway. It will become quite a fight, even though we gradually overpower them.' 'I am aware. However, if we win, we have destroyed the Grox Main Fleet, giving us a much bigger chance of defeating them.' Fyro grew serious again. 'I know.' he said.

    'The Grox are attacking, General.' Tani reported. 'Start Attack Mode. Activate Stealth and Speed tactics.' Fyro answered her. Zarine handed him the Chaosium.
    'And form a Defensive Ship-layer around the Diamond. They know the Chaosium is in this ship.' Tani nodded and repeated the command into a microphone she was holding. The Kiren General gave his own orders to his fleet. 'Let's try to make the best of it.' He said to Fyro. Fyro nodded in agreement.
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    Hey, fivetails. When you want to join the RP it's a good idea to read the opening words to see what the rules are or if there are any restrictions. Some people will ask that you PM them first or that they're only letting in a certain amount of people. Rifle's post doesn't say anything of the sort so you just post, don't ask, because then it's just spam.
  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The General shook their hands, both races trying not to scratch each other.

    "I'm very glad you could come so quickly. I am General Fyro, and this is Stealth soldier Zarine," the General said, motioning to the other Lunaian.

    They shook hands with the soldier, the Luna Empire's Stealth Force was widely known for their effectiveness.

    "Are any of you dangerously wounded?" Kor asked, his eyes were drawn to the bandages covering the General's chest.
    "My wound is not threatening. It'll heal soon. I can't walk very good, though," the General replied. Zarine told them she had nothing but a few scratches.

    The General handed the soldier a silver briefcase, Daxion and Kor helped him into the Lander. After making sure they both were strapped in they prepared for launch. The General was asking the other one if she would like a promotion, eventually she accepted.

    "Then that's settled. I'd shake your hand if this stupid belt wasn't so tight," The General said, just loud enough for the two at the controls to hear.
    "Our excuses for that, our scales aren't so tight to our actual skin, a defensive method from our ancestors," Daxion called back, and presses the black button that would loosen the passenger's belts.

    The trip back to the Diamond took only a few minutes. As soon as they were on board the General was taken to the Med-Bay. Zarine was taken to the Control Room.

    "Welcome aboard the Diamond, Lunaian. We will send you and the General back to your homeworld as soon as possible," Nevar greeted his new passenger.
    She bowed, "Thank you for rescuing us. The Luna Empire is in your debt."
    General Nevar returned to his chair, "No thanks. Now, could you please tell me the whole story?"

    Zarine complied, telling Nevar the story of the Moonlight's demise, and how they survived on the planet.

    Nevar nodded, "I'll contact the Luna Empire when we encounter the next Galaxial Communication Station. They must think you have died in the Moonlight's crash."
    The Hologram Screen started flashing, "Ah, a message from the doctor." Nevar activated the screen, "The General's wounds are cured with healrays. He's a little traumatized, but after some rest he probably will be able to do his job as Starfleet General again."

    Nevar nodded, ending the transmission, something was bothering him, why, out of all the items that the Moonlight can hold, did they choose to bring a small briefcase?

    "If I may ask, what is in the suitcase you are holding?"
    "I'm afraid I can't tell without my General's permission," she responded.
    "I see," Nevar muttered.
    "Classified Information," he thought.

    Suddenly all the screens in the Control Room turned red, and an alarm sounded.

    "A Grox ship is seeking contact with us, General," Nevar's First Mate yelled.
    "Open the channel," He replied, the Grox almost never contacted their target, Nevar could only wonder what it wanted.
    The First Mate activated the Comm. Link, and a red-furred, angry looking alien appeared on screen, "Well well, if it isn't the Keren."
    "We have not yet forgotten our last battle with you, lesser being," The Grox growled in its high-pitched voice.
    "I thought so. We totally kicked your butt," Nevar replied, hoping he looked braver then he felt.
    "Give our Chaosium back or we will destroy your fleet."
    "What are you talking about, space slug?"
    "Don't act so foolish. I can see a Lunaian in the background. She is holding it."
    Nevar glanced back at the silver briefcase, then back at the Grox, "Why do you want it?"
    The Grox laughed, "What do you think? The Chaosium is the embodiment of evil itself. With it, we are masters of the Universe!"
    "We are surrounded by a gigantic Grox Fleet, General," The First Mate called.
    "How big exactly?"
    "1.25 times bigger then our fleet, General."
    "Which is conveniently away, saving a different system," Nevar thought.
    "Don't worry," came a voice from behind them.

    They all spun around; there was the Lunaian General, Fyro, looking a lot healthier then before. He walked up to the screen, looking the Grox in the eyes.

    "The Moonlight automatically started emitting a SOS when the shuttles departed. The Luna Starfleet should be here about... now."

    A cloud of Blue dots appeared on the radar, it was quite a large fleet. It surrounded the Diamond and the small regiment that traveled with it. The Grox broke contact, and a Lunaian replaced it.

    "Perfectly in time, Tani. As always," Fyro smiled at the Lunaian.
    "We now overpower the Grox by fifty percent, General," Nevar's First Mate announced.
    "Have I said how glad I am that we are allies?" Nevar sighed.
    "No, but thanks anyway. It will become quite a fight, even though we gradually overpower them," Fyro replied.
    "I am aware. However, if we win, we have destroyed the Grox Main Fleet, giving us a much bigger chance of defeating them," Nevar added.
    "I know."

    "The Grox are attacking, General," the Lunaian on the screen called.
    "Start Attack Mode. Activate Stealth and Speed tactics," Fyro replied, "And form a Defensive Ship-layer around the Diamond. They know the Chaosium is in this ship."

    Zarine handed the briefcase containing the Chaosium to her General, as if it would be any safer in his hands.

    "Deploy the Fighters and the Orbiter Cannons," Nevar ordered, "Release the homing missiles, and make sure they only target Grox ships."
    "Yes General," The First Mate replied.

    The sky blazed with explosions. But nothing came anywhere near the Diamond. Nevar was starting to feel brave again, the surprise of the Grox attack fading.
    "Contact the main fleet, inform them of our situation, and request backup," Nevar ordered.

    "Sorry General Fyro, but the Diamond does not work best behind a shield, Pilot, get us out there!"
    "Yes, General," called Daxion and the First Mate.

    The engines blazed and the Diamond shot out of the shield, into the thick of the battle. The attack was like any other, explosions blazed all around the Diamond. The giant Main Turrets fired, taking down several Grox Light Cruisers. The dozens of Orbiter Cannons shot down every fighter that got close, but this time, all Cruisers made sure to steer clear of the Flagship.

    "How goes the search for their Flagship?" Nevar asked Kor.
    "We are searching General," the young navigator replied.

    The Diamond continued to gun down all apposing ship, getting only a few hits in return.

    "General, I've found the Flagship, it's hiding behind the Gas Giant," Kor called.
    "Activate shields, Pilot, I want you to plow though these ships and take us to the Flagship."
    "Yes General."
    "Prepare the Asteroid Cannon!"
    "The Grox Flagship is within firing range General."
    "Let us show our Allies the full power of the Diamond, FIRE!"

    Once again, a concentrated Gamma Ray Burst fired from the cannon concealed in the bow of the Diamond. It pierced the Grox Flagship. The ship was too large to implode like the Battleship had done, but the burst had a secondary feature, disabling all controls on the ship it hits. The Grox ship could not maintain its stable orbit with the Gas Giant, and fell into the planet, going up in a spectacular explosion.

    "General, the main fleet has arrived," The First Mate reported.
    "Excellent, lets see how the rest of the Grox fleet stands without the support of their Flagship," Nevar grinned, "Take us back into the battle Pilot!"

    OoC: I leave the next bit to you
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  8. A huge flock of tiny spaceships was the first to come their way. 'They're going for the scatter method.' Fyro warned his Kiren collegeau. 'Meaning they'l come from all sides. Laser beams won't work here- use something more widespread.' and to Tani: 'Magnet Bubbles, Tani!'
    From the nosse of the Luna Fleet Ships sprouted giant purple bubbles. Pulled in by the metal in the Grox's ship, the bubbles closed in on them. When the bubbles hit a ship, magnetic powers contained in the bubblr were released and the ship was torn apart., By the time the flock was halfway there, there were no ships left. But there were more coming.

    A group of medium-sized Grox ships now entered the battlefield. Before the Kiren General could give his orders to his fleet, Fyro said: 'Plasmasynthesis Wall, Tani.' The Luna Fleet Ships turned green, absorbing all the light around them. 'Wait for it... Now!' Fyro yelled. The Luna ships shot ou thousands t tiny plasma cubes, which formed a giant wall moving towards the Grox at incredible speed, squashing all the ships that were coming their way.

    'With all of our special tricks, It won't be very hard to win, I think.' Zarine asked Fyro. Fyro shook his head.
    'We've got a few tricks left, but this is only the beginning. Soon, the larger ships will come.' Zarine gulped. If even the General was in doubt...

    Then it was the rest of the fleet's turn. The larger ships stormed right at them, while the smaller ones came from the sides. 'Defensive Formation. Use concentrated Lasers, and Damage Ray, and scatter Crystsasma Powder over them.' The Kiren General rose from his chair. 'My turn now.' he said. He stepped forward , standing next to Fyro.'Proton Missiles with that. Also use the Electron Cannons.' He ordered his tiny fleet.
    As the Lunaian ships send out their lasers, the powder coming from their noses turned into plasma and stuck to the enemy fleet, where it turned into crystal, clogging up the cannons and disabling lasers.
    It didn't really help. The Grox ships just powered their other weapons. If we don't get help, we might lose this battle, Fyro thought. From the corner of his eye, he saw that the Kiren General was having the same worries.

    'Explo Rays, Tani.' She raised an eyebrow. 'Are you sure? We haven't tried those yet.' 'We have to use them.' She nodded. All activity stopped in the Luna fleet. Even the lamps on the ships went out. This continued for several seconds. Then there was a blinding flash, burning witht the intensity of a supernova. Everyone in the room was blinded and Fyro fell back. When the light subsided, the Grox ships were gone. Instead, they were surrounded by a ring of metal shrapnel.

    'We won!' Fyro cried out. Everyone in the Control Room screamed triumphantely.
    Just then, the rest of the Kiren Fleet arrived.

    'You're too late. We already handled the Grox.' the Kiren General reported to the rest of his fleet.
    'There's only two thing left to do.' Fyro said.
    'What, then?' the Kiren General asked.
    'The Grox are weaker then ever before. We need to have more allies, and position their fleets around the center of the galaxy. And we need to have anti-matter, so the Grox can't steal it.'
    'There's no more anti-matter. It has annihalated.'
    'It's being made in the Sol Universe, according to our sources.'
    'By who?'
    'The Human race.'
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    "We won!" The Lunaian General cried out. Everyone in the Control Room screamed triumphantly. The battle had been hard fought; Nevar's fleet had been outdone by the Lunaian forces over and over. The ships were in desperate need of upgrades, he would have to put in a word during next months counsel, if he made it for once.

    They Keren fleet arrived, battered from their last fight.

    "You're too late. We already handled the Grox," Nevar reported dryly.
    "There's only two things left to do," Fyro noted.
    "What, then?" Nevar asked
    "The Grox are weaker then ever before. We need to have more allies, and position their fleets around the center of the galaxy. And we need to have anti-matter, so the Grox can't steal it."
    "There's no more anti-matter. It has been annihilated," Nevar reported, his father had been one of the few to oversee its destruction.
    "It's being made in the Sol System, according to our sources."
    "By who?
    "The Human race."
    "Bah, as if the Humans would share any of it. That race is so secretive and paranoid that half the time they refuse to belief what is right in front of them."
    "Maybe, but they know the secrets of anti-matter, and are capable of producing it."
    "Alright, the Diamond will aid you in your efforts."
    "Thank you."

    Nevar contacted his fleet, "Go back to the home world, inform them of our continued mission. You will have to take our place in defending systems, of course, without the main fleet you probably won't have to deal with Grox much."

    The Keren on the other side of the Link bowed and ended the transmission. The fleet turned to return to the home world, the Diamond's personal regiment went with it, leaving the Flagship alone with the Lunaian fleet.

    Nevar turned toward General Fyro.

    "If you wish, I can return you to your fleet, or you may take up logging's here on the Diamond, The Sol system is far from out current location, and the nearest wormhole is several days time away. It is your call General"

    OoC: It is short, while it may not seem like much to you the decision to leave the Diamond or stay on board will have quite the effect on my storyline, so choose wisely.
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  10. Fyro thought about it for a moment.
    'I think I need a vacation... But the anti-matter is more important. If it is not to much to ask for, i would rather stay on this ship and depart to the Sol System. If you like, some Lunaian ships could guide us.'
    The Kiren General looked pleased with his answer. 'You will always be welcome on this ship. My homeworld is still making plans, so i am available for traveling to te Sol System.' Fyro bowed. 'Thank you, General. Again, the Luna Empire is in your debt.' The Kiren General smiled. 'You can fill the debt when we are battling the Grox planets.' 'You don't really think i would want to miss that, do you?' 'Not really, no.'

    And so, the Diamond, filled with both Kiren and Lunaian, set course to the wormhole that led to another wormhole near the Sol System, that harbored a cruel and primitive alien race: Humans. The humans were, according to research from xenobiologists, a weak and evil race. They had no scales, but only a weak layer of cells. They were weak of body, too. Some of them took pleasure in killing fellow racelings or other races; they had no respect for nature, they polluted rivers and oceans, destroyed whole forests, and made animals into slaves for meat or as a ''pet''. Still, the Galaxial Council had decided not to interrupt their evolution to see if they would become more intelligent.

    Strategy Chamber, Diamond

    'Just bashing in and stealing the anti-matter would make us no better then the Grox.'
    'Then what did you want to do?'
    'Going undercover and stealing the anti-matter using technology.'
    'How exactly?'
    'I'll send an undercover stealth agent, transmutated as a human, down, and send him to... Well, wherever the anti-matter is made, let him steal it, and then sabotage the machine that makes the anti-matter.'
    'Hm. Do you have any stealth agents with you, then?'
    'Zarine recentely got promoted to one.'
    'You think one is enough?'
    'Maybe not. I have another stealth agent in my fleet. His name is Auros.'
    'Alright then. You may use the transmutation machine in this ship if you like.'
    'That is really nice, and I gladly accept your offer, because the Moonlight was the only ship with a trnasmutator in our fleet.'
    'No thanks.'

    Zarine's logie, Diamond

    'An undercover mission? Seriously?' Fyro was sitting next to Zarine in the guest barracks, where she would sleep during her stay on the Diamond. 'Are you available? I can't make you do it.'
    Zarine laughed. 'Of course i want to do the job. It was just a... surprise that you would offer me such an important mission so early.' 'It'll be hard.' Fyro agreed. 'But I know you can do it.' 'Then i'd love to do it.'
    They shook hands. 'Well, follow me.' He rose from his chair. 'You're going to need some lessons about acting like a human.'
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    The Lunaian general considered Nevar's proposition for a moment.

    "I think I need a vacation... But the anti-matter is more important. If it is not too much to ask for, I would rather stay on this ship and depart to the Sol System. If you like, some Lunaian ships could guide us."
    Nevar grinned, "You will always be welcome on this ship. My home world is still making plans, so I am available for traveling to the Sol System."
    General Fyro bowed, "Thank you, General. Again, the Luna Empire is in your debt."
    "You can fill the debt when we are battling the Grox planets."
    "You don't really think I would want to miss that, do you?"
    "Not really, no."

    Later that day the Diamond, filled with Lunaian passengers and Keren crew, set off for the wormhole that would deposit them only several systems away from Sol. On Sol were the race known as "Humans." From what Nevar had heard, Humans were primitive and cruel. They were a weak and evil race, slowly destroying themselves and their world. The Keren Empire had set up a trade post on Mars, the next planet in its system, and always had to deal with the infernal rovers driving over the ceiling, thinking it as another dune. However, the Galaxial Council had chosen not to interrupt their evolution, hoping that they would grow more intelligent, they had also assigned a nearby empire to watch over them.

    --KTE Diamond's Strategy Chamber--

    "Just bashing in and stealing the anti-matter would make us no better then the Grox," General Fyro noted.
    "Then what did you want to do?" Nevar asked.
    "Going undercover and stealing the anti-matter using technology."
    "How exactly?"
    "I'll send an undercover stealth agent, transmutated as a human, down, and send him to... Well, wherever the anti-matter is made, let him steal it, and then sabotage the machine that makes the anti-matter."
    "Hm. Do you have any stealth agents with you, then?"
    "Zarine recently got promoted to one."
    "You think one is enough?"
    "Maybe not. I have another stealth agent in my fleet. His name is Auros."
    "Alright then. You may use the transmutation machine in this ship if you like."
    "That is really nice, and I gladly accept your offer, because the Moonlight was the only ship with a transmutator in our fleet."
    "No thanks."

    --KTE Diamond's Control Center--

    The control center was quiet; the Diamond was in orbit with a small Solid Planet in the star system closest to Sol. Most of the crew was asleep, or in their loggings doing various things. The only three inside the control room were Nevar, Kor, and the Pilot Daxion.

    "Boys, I've a special mission for you," Nevar told his two subordinates. Kor's eyes brightened, which Daxion's clouded over.
    "When we reach Earth, I want the two of you to go down with the two Lunaians."
    "For what reasons sir?" Daxion asked, he had never enjoyed any of the "special missions" he got sent on.
    "Well Daxion, you've been on Earth before, transmuted as human, I want you to take them to this facility, White Plateau, or what ever it is called, and warn them of the dangers off the humans and their sadistic minds."
    "Then why does the kid have to come?"
    "I think it would be the perfect opportunity to show him the ropes of a special mission, do not forget that you are his direct superior."
    "Don't worry Dax, I'll be fine," Kor cut in.
    "Dax? Were did you come up with that?"
    "From something the Humans created."
    "I think it's a good nickname for you," Nevar mused.
    "Oh come on General, not you too!"
    "Oh, alright, so, what do you say boys? Are you up to it?"
    "Yes General!" Kor replied.
    "I guess I really don't have much choice do I?" Daxion answered.

    They reached Sol early the next day. While the two Lunaians prepared, Daxion and Kor were taken though the Transmutator. Daxion made for a highly imposing Human, black hair with a hard face. Kor was far less imposing, blonde hair and a kind face.

    "Was it really necessary to transmutate us before the Lunaians were even ready?" Daxion asked.
    "I think it would be hilarious to see the looks on their faces seeing two humans on board," the First Mate chirped.
    "As do I," Nevar added.

    The door opened, and in walked the two Lunaians that would accompany Daxion and Kor down to Earth.
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  12. As soon as Zarine saw Daxion and Kor, her hand flew out to the weapon activator around her belt. Fyro caught her hand before it was even halfway there. Zarine blinked in surprise. She hadn´t known Fyro had such reflexes. 'They're playing a trick on us.' He said to her. The Kiren General was surprised, too.
    'How did you know?' 'I knew a proper Empire wouldn't have humans on board. Not with their hands free, at least.' 'Ah, in that way. Where is your second agent?' 'Here!' a voice from behind them said. A young male Lunaian stepped from the teleporter. Zarine noticed he the was an extraordinarily handsome Lunaian, even though he was a few years younger then she was. I could work with him, she thought.

    The Kiren sitting behind the control board turned to her. 'any preferences?'He asked her. Zarine thought about it. Humans weren exactely good- looking creatures, but there were several different colours. 'Could you give me red hair?' The Kiren nodded and typed it in. Zarine took place in the transmutation cilinder, and the door closed after her. Zarine felt really nervous, but she couldn't give up now. For a moment, it was pitch-black and silent.Then, thousands of tiny purple dots appeared around her. From the dots tiny lasers shot out, hitting her body. It was a strange, ticklish sensation, but she didn't feel different. After a few minutes, the dots subsided and the door opened up again. She
    stepped outside and found everyone looking at her strangely. 'What?' she asked, worried. Did something go wrong? 'Nothing.' Fyro assured her. 'It's just odd to see you as a human.' 'Am I ugly?' 'Not at all. Actually, you're way more handsome then any female human.' The Kiren General said. 'Which might give problems.' he added. 'I'd say it's rather fortunate.' Fyro said, scratching his chin.
    'It might help us. Male humans are easy to captivate.' Zarine checked herself in the mirror. She was from the same age as Daixon and Kor, around twenty-five in human years. It was weird to not have a beak. And the ears looked useless, too. Her nails were reduced to nothing more then a small layer on top of her fingers. And her scales were replaced with an almost translucent layer of lightbrown skin.

    Then it was Auros' turn. When he came out, he had been turned into a brown-haired handsome young male, complete with a four days old beard. Fyro turned to Zarine. 'Zarine, you are now Julia. You love horseriding and French food. You have grown up in a small town in the French Alpines, but after university you moved to California, the land where we will drop you all off.' he turned to Auros. 'You are James, bron in Los Angeles, a city in California, and after high school you joined a rock band but you went solo after a few years. You love waterskiing.' Nevar named Daxion Dex, and Kor became Arwin, and gave them their identities. After that they went on to the lander.

    When they had departed, Fyro gave some explanation. 'We're going to drop you off at the White Plateau, the Galaxial Embassy of the Earth, where your lessons will continue before you go undercover.'
    'Landing in five minutes.' a voice from the speaker told them. Fyro looked them all in the eyes. He pulled out a big suitcase from under his chair. He took out a small box. In them were four nanospeakers. 'Put these in your ears. it gives us the ability to talk with you anytime.' He also pulled out four watches. 'In these watches are several minigadgets, like a lockpicker, minilaser, etc.'
    Four mobile phones were next. 'In this phone is a miniature neutron cannon and a smogscreen.
    It also contains a sleeping poision. Those are the only things we could think of. Use them wisely.'

    After they had landed at White Plateau, they all stepped into a vacuum corridor. 'The air on Earth contains very much nitrogen. An alien can get used to it, but on the short term it would suffocate me. You have human lungs now, so you should be fine.' They shook hands. 'Good luck, Zarine and Auros.'
    He turned to Daixon and Kor. 'Your General told me to wish you good luck, too. So,good luck.' With that, the door closed, but on the other side the door opened up, and the four of them stepped into the bright light of Planet Earth.
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    The effect was a little more then they had desired. As soon as Zarine saw the two of them her hand flew to her weapon belt. Luckily the General Fyro was able to stop her before she could get off any shots.

    "They're playing a trick on us," the Lunaian General said.
    "How did you know?" Nevar asked.
    "I knew a proper Empire wouldn't have humans on board. Not with their hands free, at least."
    "Ah, in that way. Where is your second agent?"
    "Here!" came a voice from the teleporter.

    Out stepped a young male Lunaian. He looked a few years younger then Zarine. Nevar hope he had as much experience as her, hopefully more. Zarine went though the transmutation chamber first. She came out as a beautiful young woman with red hair.

    "What?" she asked.
    "Nothing," said the Lunaian General, "It's just odd to see you as a human."
    "Am I ugly?"
    "Not at all. Actually, you're way more handsome then any female human," Nevar assured her, "Which might give problems."
    "I'd say it's rather fortunate," Fyro added, "It might help us. Male humans are easy to captivate."

    Daxion was still staring at her.

    "Captivate indeed," Nevar thought.

    Auros went though next, coming out as a brown haired young male, complete with stubble. Then came the all important identities.

    "Daxion, you are Dex," Nevar began.
    "You just had to didn't you?" Daxion cut in.
    "Why yes I did," Nevar grinned, "As I was saying, you are Dex, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You are vacationing in California. Kor, you are Arwin, from San Diego, California."
    "Yes General," said Kor.

    After that the four of them entered the Lander, General Fyro would accompany them.

    "We're going to drop you off at the White Plateau, the Galaxial Embassy of the Earth, where your lessons will continue before you go undercover," the General was attempting to explain there mission.
    "Landing in five minutes," said a voice though the speakers.

    General Fyro pulled a suitcase out from under his chair. He took out a small box. Inside were four nanospeakers.

    "Put these in your ears. It gives us the ability to talk with you anytime."
    Next came four watches, "In these watches are several minigadgets, like a lockpicker, minilaser, etc."
    Then came four cell phones, "In this phone is a miniature neutron cannon and a smokescreen. It also contains a sleeping poison. Those are the only things we could think of. Use them wisely."

    After landing at the facility, they all entered a vacuum chamber.

    The general looked at his stealth soldiers, "The air on Earth contains very much nitrogen. An alien can get used to it, but on the short term it would suffocate me. You have human lungs now, so you should be fine. Good luck, Zarine and Auros."
    The General shook their hands before turning to Daxion and Kor, "Your General told me to wish you good luck, too. So good luck."

    The door to the Lander shut, and one on the other side opened instead. They stepped out into the bright sunlight of Earth. The door to the vacuum chamber slammed shut behind them. A young human female was waiting for them.

    "Welcome to Earth's Galaxial Embassy, how long will you be staying with us?" she asked.

    "Several days at least," Daxion replied, "These three need to learn how to act Human."
    "If you will follow me, I can take you to the main facility; there we will set up your loggings and start classes."

    They followed her to a clean white building. Once inside, the group was shown their loggings, then Kor, Zarine, and Auros were taken to start classes. Daxion found that he enjoyed exploring the old building; it was once used as a genetic research facility, and still had all the equipment from that era in its life. Several times he accidentally walked in on classes, resulting in a glare from Zarine, and a lecture from the teacher.

    About two weeks later the three of them completed their courses in the embassy. Daxion took them to a car; they would be driving it to the facility that made anti-matter. A place known as SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, in Stanford, California. It was run by the nearby school, which Daxion thought was ridiculous.

    "So," he said while en route to the city, "Do you three think you got down what being a Human is all about?"
    "Yup," Kor nodded, he seemed to learn it easily enough.

    Kor looked back, waiting for the two Lunaians to answer.
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  14. (OOC: Due to time shortage, this one's a little short.)


    Zarine nodded. 'I learned about how to act human, their way of leisure, their tastes of music, and how stupid they are. That should do it.' Auros agreed with her.
    'Humans are primitive in their ways of social behavior and politics, I must say.'
    Zarine and Auros had came to know eachother really well the last weeks. Auros was born on a Luna Colonization. He had a natural talent for decieving and spying, but he was also used in a lot of infiltration and sabotaging missions. He loved to tell Zarine about his adventures as an agent, and always gave her tips about stealth, as if he saw himself as her personal teacher.

    They settled down in a nearby hotel, and gathered in the lounge, huddled together to prevent eavesdropping. Daxion, assinged as mission leader, had come up with a plan.

    'A lot of students from the Stanford University, the school that runs the facility, come to town at night to party. We sneak in and pretend to be students. We ask them about the university and collect as much information as we can.' 'Do we have time to actually party, too?' Zarine giggled. 'We'll see. We have to get a map of the Stanford, too. Kor-' Daixon pointed at him. 'Ask the General to thermoscan, x-rayscan, and geoscan the area.' Kor nodded and activated his mobile phone, talking into the microphone with his hand covering his mouth. 'Zarine and Auros.' he continued, turning to them. 'You guys are ''activated'' now. Roam trough town and infiltrate the social networks in partys. Remember everything you see.' They nodded. 'And one last tip; Humans are addicted to drinking alcohol, and even see it as a way of improving relationships. But avoid drinking whenever possible.'

    They moved their belongings- Zarine had gained fresh new clothes from the Kiren- to their rooms, and Zarine chanced into skinny jeans and a comfortable short-sleeved t-shirt. They sat back into the car. As they drove off towards the town centre, Kor gave them some money. 'Use this to buy the stuff you need. Drinks, food, or things that might come in handy during this mission.' They each gained 2 Galaxion- 2.000 dollars according to recent currency.

    They parked the car on a bussy parking lot and stepped out. 'What re you guys going to do while we're off?' 'Scouting and information gathering troughout town. Good luck.' Zarine and Auros looked at eachother as Kor and Daxion went off. 'Waterskiing, rockband, Los Angeles.' he summed up. 'Horseriding, France, University.' Zarine said in turn. They were all settled, Zarine thought happily. 'Well.' Auros grinned. 'Let the party begin.'
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    "A lot of students from the Stanford University, the school that runs the facility, come to town at night to party. We sneak in and pretend to be students. We ask them about the university and collect as much information as we can."

    The four of them had settled at a nearby hotel, and were gathered in the lounge.

    "Do we have time to actually party, too?" Zarine asked.
    "We'll see," Daxion replied, "We have to get a map of the Stanford, too. Kor, ask the General to thermoscan, x-rayscan, and geoscan the area."

    Kor nodded before relaying the request to the General.

    "Zarine and Auros," He continued, "You guys are ''activated'' now. Roam trough town and infiltrate the social networks in parties. Remember everything you see."

    The two Lunaians nodded.

    "And one last tip; Humans are addicted to drinking alcohol, and even see it as a way of improving relationships. But avoid drinking whenever possible."

    Daxion drove the four of them farther into town, parking in a busy lot. Kor had given them a bit of money, about $2,000 of the local currency, not much by Galactic Standards, but quite a bit on Earth. They left the car, making sure to lock up behind them.

    "What are you guys going to do while we're off?"
    "Scouting and information gathering throughout town. Good luck."

    With that the two Kerens turned and departed the lot, walking down the street.

    "So where should we start looking?" Kor asked.
    "I was thinking we go to the University itself, that's where most of the students would be."
    "Sounds good to me!"

    While at the school they were able to get several nice bits of information. The building they were looking for was the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. It was formerly known as the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. The reason for the name change was that the government couldn't say they owned it, the name, that is. Daxion found it all very stupid, and extremely childish. The building contained a large amount of random experiments, but the Anti-Matter was kept in a sealed compartment, inside a sealed tube of some sort. The whole thing was air-tight with Plasma stopping the anti-matter from coming into contact with the rest of the normal matter. This meant it would be very hard to take, but still possible, if they were careful. Nothing else of value was learned.

    "Do you think we've earned enough today?" Kor asked.
    "You can never learn enough Kor, but I believe we have found out all we can about the building from the students."

    The two of them were sitting under the shade of an awning at a local store, eating some of the local food. Fast-food, as it was called, because it took the Humans the least amount of time to make. Even though it was covered in grease, Daxion found it surprisingly good. While talking they didn't notice the trio of oversized Humans coming their way.

    "Get out of our seat," the middle one growled.
    "Find your own," said Daxion.

    The middle one motioned to the largest of the three, who grabbed Daxion and threw him onto the curb.

    The middle one then turned to Kor, "You gonna try anything?"

    Kor grinned and motioned for him to turn around. Looking back, the Middle one was smashed in the face by a well aimed kick, which sent him sprawling. The other two, with their leader down, ran, screaming curses at the two of them. Daxion sat back down and the two resumed their conversation.

    "I say we go back to the car, and wait for Zarine and Auros."

    With that the two Kerens stepped over, or on, in Daxion's case, the unconscious Human, on their way back to the car.
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  16. Although she had learned how evil the Humans could be, she found the party life surprisingly fun. Loud music boomed from the speakers as she danced with a good-looking student bout her age, and the heat emanating from the Humans around her was feelable. It didn't smell very good either. But it was nice to go out after her adventure on the deserted planet.

    She had always been fond of parties- she had never missed a single party during her time in Military School. She was surprised by the glands of sweat running down her skin. During biology classes in White Plateau she had learned about this way of losing H20, but she would've never guessed it would be this much. No wonder Humans were always so thirsty.

    Sitting down on one of the backless leather-padded round chairs in front of the 'bar', which was actually a shelf instead of a bar, she noticed, she ordered a glass of water and looked around if she saw Auros somewhere. At that moment, a young guy shouted at her 'hey cutie, wanna join us?' Curious, she walked over to them. Some people were sitting around a green table filled. In their hands they where holding paper cards with symbols on them. Zarine recognized it as poker, a gambling game Humans loved to do.
    Really basic entertainment, actually. Still, she joined the game. She had occasionally pokered with Daixon during breaks at White Plateau. It wasn't exactely hard.

    Meanwhile, Auros was at the other side of the cafe, dancing with a cute young girl. The tune had changed into a tango. It didn't really work out- he found himself miscalculating his abilities over and over, because he had shorter arms and legs now. Longing for refreshment, he walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of water. He saw Zarine sitting over at poker table, laughing and talking with the Humans accros the table. So far, he had gained some information about the school from the eyes of the students, but not really usefull information yet. Suddenly, he saw a beautifull blonde girl standing against a wall, drinking a glass of champagne. Something stirred in his stomach- was it that pizza thingy he ate an hour ago or did it have to do with the girl? Should I go talk to her? he wondered. She seemed to be on her own. He put down his glass and walked towards her.
    What did it matter?

    'Yes!' Zarine shouted as she grabbed the money from the table. She had won yet again. Most people had run out of money and where just watching by now. 'Seems like someone has this done quite a lot.' a mean-looking woman with black curly hair accros the table said. Some people snickered. Zarine gave her a daring look. 'Seems like someone's a bad loser.' she reflected. 'Don't you dare making me angry.' the other woman said and blew a strand of hair out out of her face. 'I'm not making you angry.' Zarine said. 'You're just getting angry.' She was about to launch another witty oneliner when she heard someone yelling behind her.

    She turned around and saw that Auros was having a fight with some muscled guy. A blond girl was standing in between them, trying to make them stop. Zarine flew from her chair and grabbed Auros by his arm. 'Hey!' he protested. 'What in the name of Spode are you doing?' she said. 'This guy said i was trying to steal his catch.' he pointed at the girl. 'while he did nothing more then offer her a drink.' 'Scram, loser.' the muscled guy said.
    'It's not worth it.' Zarine whispered while he pulled him away. The whole cafe was looking at them, and the only sound was the music coming from the speakers. 'Let's go back to the car.' Zarine whispered. They left the building, and soon the conversations started like nothing had happened.

    As Zarine and Auros walked back to the car, thy shared the information they had discovered. It wasn't much, but it could help their mission. A voice behind them yelled 'Hey!' They stopped and before they knew it, they were surrounded by a small group of Humans holding a variety of knives, their faces and hands all covered.

    Zarine gulped. One of the Humans stepped forward. He was very tall, even for a human'Give us your money.' he growled, his face hidded behind a long scarf. 'We don't have any.' Auros said, as he stepped between the man and Zarine, holding her wrist, protecting her. 'Your girlfriend won quite a lot at the poker table.' the man said. Auros did nothing for a moment, his eyes staring straigth in the man's eyes. Suddenly, he tackled the man and yelled 'run!' The rest of the group chasing them, they ran away as fast as they could. They ran further and further. Suddenly, Zarine saw the parking lot where they had parked the car. They opened the doors and jumped inside. Daixon, sitting behind the steering wheel, said nothing, but immidiately gave gass, understanding the situation.

    Their chasers pulled a man that was just about to drive away from his chair and drove after them. One of them leaned out of a window and started shooting at them with a revolver. Soon enough, police cars spotted them and gave chase. Zarine and Auros ducked behind the back seat to avoid getting shot. 'No criminal would risk getting caught for a few lousy bugs.' Zarine, who was really tensed now, said. Auros nodded. 'I was thinking of the same thing. Did you notice they had covered themselves with all sorts of clothing to prevent us from seeing their skin? They must be from an Empire. A Grox allie, probably.' Suddenly, one of the bullets hit the back window and a rain of glass covered Zarine and Auros. Zarine couldn't help but screaming. Daxion and Kor still hadn't said a thing, Daxion out of concentration, Kor probaby out of fear. 'There's only one way of getting rid of them. Auros grabbed his mobile phone, activated it and rose above the back of the seat. In a flash, Zarine knew what he was going to do.

    Auros dialed 3-5-7, the neutron gun code, aimed and fired. A blinding flash came from the phone's antennae and hit the car. The car exploded in a giant fireball and with a BOOM!. Daxion stopped the car and they all stepped out. Only now could they see the damage the tiny neutron cannon had caused. The car that had been chasing them whas in shrapnels, and the surrounding buildings had their windows broken. Police was everywhere, and pedestrians were screaming. They all froze when a team of cops hurried their way.
  17. (It is high time I took control of my character.)

    Zarine mentally beat herself up inside for screaming and running like some helpless human female, or that was how these human's seemed to act anyway. Still, she wasn't very good at hand to hand combat, and preffered to be the hunter, not the hunted. Being hunted was something she just wasn't used to. Although Auros behaviour had annoyed her more than a little. She felt like screaming that she wasn't some insulent little thing that couldn't lift a thing. She was going to have to give Auros a sharp edge of her tongue when they were alone.

    Speaking of Auros, he'd grabbed that thing that human's called a... what was it? Moblie, that was it, and hit a few buttons, then aimed the phone at the following car. Zarine knew what was going to happen, so she braced herself for the explosion.

    The sound of the explosion almost made Zarine death. She could still see the light from the explosion through her shut eyes. A tremor ran through the car, the shockwave. Daxion stopped the car, and the police caught up. All four of them froze when they saw the police, but then Zarine instantly knew it was her time to shine. She quickly put on her best insanely scared face and fell into one of the police humans arms, crying.

    "It's all my fault!" Zarine howled. "I won so much playing Poker and made us a target! It's not my fault that I'm really good at Poker! But I shouldn't have boasted about it!" This was all said in a histerical voice while Zarine allowed tears to pour down her cheeks.

    The act seemed to work. The Human's faces softened at the state she was in and they relaxed.

    Idiots. Bet they wouldn't do that if they knew that I'm carrying my gun. Zarine thought.

    The man that Zarine had fallen on crying patted her on the back. "Calm down Miss. Everything's okay. I'm sure those men were drunk or something like that. People are known to get greedy. And people have been known to brag."

    "But they had guns!" Zarine wailed. "And they shot at myself, James, Dex and Arwin! Why did they do that!?"

    The police man stroked her hair knowingly. He probably had dealt with histerical people before. "I just said that they might have gotten greedy. What's bothering me is why the car exploded. It was lucky for you that it did but..." He trailed off, looking at the wreakage.

    "May... Maybe there was something wrong with the car..." Zarine said, pretending to be on the brink of going into histerics again. "Maybe a fire started near the fuel tank..."

    The police nodded thoughtfully. "That makes sense. We'll have a look. In the mean time however, you going to have to come with us." Seeing Zarine's panicstricken face, he hastily added: "It's just an interview. We need to find out everything that happened. Come along." He said, gesturing to the police car.

    Zarine, fakely tremebling walked over the police car and curled up in a ball on the back seat; an act of course. In reality, she was pleased with herself.

    Hehee! These humans sure are stupid! Messing with them is so much fun! Still, I hope Auros, Daxion and Kor don't give us away during questioning...
  18. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The two Lunaians jumped into the car. Seeing the pursuing figures, Daxion wasted no time "flooring it," as humans would say. But the chasers were not going to give up that easily. They quickly caught up to them inside their own car. One leaned out the window, firing at them. The local law enforcement soon joined in the chase. A bullet shattered the back window, making Zarine screamed. Kor was crouched down in the front seat.

    Suddenly, there was an explosion from behind them. Daxion finally looked back, seeing Auros returning his mobile to his pocket. He slammed on the brakes. The four of them piled out of the car, seeing the result of Auros' handiwork. There was nothing left of the car, and all nearby windows were shattered.

    The police rushed at them. Zarine instantly put on a show for the cops. Kor looked truly scared as well. Daxion put on a stunned expression, just in case a cop were to look his way. He probably didn't need to; the officers were all focused on Zarine. Eventually one led her to a cop car. Then another came over to him.

    "Are you alright sir?" the officer asked.
    "Wha-what? Oh, yeah, I-I'm fine," He said, doing his best to act like he was in shock.
    "Okay, well, we need you to come with us, for an interview."
    "Oh, a-alright."

    The police officer led him to another patrol car. After that, the officer practically carried Kor to another car, not even trying to speak to him. Daxion looked down, wondering what he would tell the police once he was taken in.

    "Spode damn that Auros!"

    OoC: sorry it took so long, I've been a bit busy.
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  19. Strategy Chamber, Diamond

    Once again, Fyro and his Kiren collegue were sitting in chrome-lined chamber, opposite of eachother while they looked at the hologram table showing the mission report. 'Looks like we have an unforseen enemy.' Fyro noted, and he took a sip of the strong fluid the White Plateau had given them, called coffee. It tasted remarkably well. His collegue nodded. 'This might cause some serious trouble.'

    'I wonder what race they are. I thought the Grox never allied.' 'Maybe it's another Military Empire, looking for a prize.' 'Or a Trade Empire, who want to sell the anti-matter to the Grox.' 'As long as we are not sure who is bugging our plans, we must do anything we can to protect our agents.' 'I agree. I have a group of Expert Soldiers standing by.' Fyro told the Kiren General. 'I could send them down, cloaked as a tourist group.'

    Planet Earth, System Sol

    Meanwhile, the group was led into a clean and white room, empty except for a table and some chairs around it. They sat down and received some coffee from a young lady. A ridiculously fat Human in police uniform entered the door and sat down opposite of them, holding some papers in his hand. He looked up and introduced himself as Jonas Silver.

    'Your passports and ID's are checked. You are victims of a robbery, right?' Zarine, still playing a 'traumatized victim' role, nodded. 'Can you tell me what happened?' Zarine nodded again and started speaking in a quavering voice. I need to keep up the act a little longer. 'Me and my friends are here on vacation. Arwin and Dex were doing a city trip while me and James were going to a party in a cafe. James got in a fight with another boy about some girl, and we decided to leave. At street, some people surrounded us-' 'How many? And what were they wearing?' The fat police officer interrupted. 'Er, about five. And they weared long grey coats and scarfs to hide their faces.' 'I see.' The officer wrote something down. 'Please continue.' Zarine's face was starting to hurt from the frightened expression.

    'They treathened us and wanted us to give them our money. Then James tackled one of them and we ran to our parking lot. They chased us and followed us using a stolen car. They fired at us and one of the bullets shattered our back window. Sudenly, the car exploded for no apparent reason.'The police officer nodded.

    'Have you got any idea why the car exploded? Did you see any any oil on the road or somebody with a gas bottle or torch?' Zarine shook her head. Those stupid humans will never know what really happened. The police officer stood up. 'I think i've got enough. Thank you for coming and we'll inform you when we know more.'

    They all stood up too. The coffe e lady directed them back to their car. 'We've removed the glass from your car, but you'll need to go to a garage to have your window replaced.'She told them. 'I'll do that. You guys take a cab.' Auros said as he stepped into the car. They agreed and Daxion, Kor and Zarine walked over to the taxi lot.

    Zarine was happy she could go for a rest now. It had been pretty exciting, but the low-IQ'd Humans were starting to get on her nervfes. She hoped she would be able to get the anti-matter as soon as possible and get of this pplanet.If I become General, I'll concuer this place and claim it for the Luna Empire. Fyro should have heard the news by now- Zarine hoped he was going to send some support groups. It looked like they were going to need it.

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