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Ask to Join The Legend of Zelda: Hero of Unity

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. [RP Discussion/Sign-Ups]
    [RPers: @Battle Legend G.K., @Fraseandchico, @Eeveechu151, @TheChildOfTheLettuceField, @The Kitsune]

    Allow me to tell you a story...

    Long ago, a knight was chained in a land destined for ruin. A noble warrior and the first of his bloodline. The first Hero lived in the Land of Hylia, back when it was known as such. Framed by the servant of the Dark Lord Demise, Lord Dagianis, he was imprisoned and ignored by the people. When Dagianis' treachery was uncovered, the Hero was set free. With the blade and outfit made by Orville, the smith, the Hero met with the Goddess Hylia and received her blessings - a powerful red Loftwing and the Master Sword, which the Hero reforged with his own hands. Alongside the Gorons, the Hero fought valiantly against the Demon King, sacrificing his life to let his people rise to the sky in safety. And so the Hero of Sacrifice perished.

    But this was not the end of the Hero's legacy. As willed by the goddess Hylia, the Hero's spirit would be reincarnated whenever the Demon King rose to battle once more. The next battle was a pivotal one, with the Hero of the Sky striking down Demise with the aid of the reincarnation of Hylia. Demise placed a curse on the pair, with his hatred joining the Hero's Spirit and Hylia's Blood in an eternal cycle of reincarnation.

    He would make good on this promise during the eras of the Hero of Time, Hero of Twilight and the Hero of Light. The hatred of Ganondorf, the embodiment of Demise's hatred, and his beast form Ganon terrorized the lands with great plagues of shadow. But as per legend, every time a green-clad hero and a princess with the blood of the Goddess would rise up to stop them.

    Upon Ganondorf's next return, after his followers shattered the Four Sword, he chose to vanish. Operating from the shadows, he slowly used figureheads and puppets to manipulate his way into every major part of Hyrule before taking it over in a flash. The last king, Johansen Nephrys Hyrule, was helpless to stop his attack. The Hyrulean Knights were all defeated, with Sir Raven - the commander of the Knights - taken captive. The Goron Chieftain was usurped by Ganon's chosen, the Zoras were cut off from the world and left to die and the Deku were poisoned by a sudden plague. Only the Gerudo escaped Ganondorf's wrath, being his chosen people.

    Hidden within Kakariko Village, the son of Sir Raven and former Hyrulean Knight Recruit, Link, rests with his sister. Soon, however, a mysterious figure shall lead them out of the bounds of the village on a quest to free Hyrule from Ganondorf's reign.

    Thomas Kale sighed. He sat on the edge of the wall recently erected around Kakariko Village. It was a short wall, as to not give away their position. It was also cleverly mixed with what looked like a cliffside. In fact, all of Kakariko seemed to be contained within a giant cliffed area, but it was actually hollowed out on the inside to give room to the village. The Sheikah were smart about their relocation of their homeland. Kale couldn't help but wonder where the ninja lived now that Kakariko had been abandoned for the sake of giving a home to the refugees.
    Kale looked down to the courtyard below him. Just before the main town itself was a river, and a bridge crossing the river. On the other side of the river from the houses was a training ground where the remaining Knights could train. Kale watched as two of his top recruits sparred below.
    Link. Brooce. You're going to do great things. I can already tell.
  2. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Link readied his shield, rolling his sword across his left hand. He wore his basic green tunic, with a leather belt across it that was fixed around his waist and his shoulder. Long tan sleeves stretched down to his wrists, a leather guard strapped across his sword (left) hand. The knight trainee was about fifteen years of age, and had medium-length hair that covered his forehead, nearly reaching his sky-blue eyes. He had boots that reached up halfway across his legs, and long tan pants with leather knee guards. A simple leather shoulder-pad rested on his left shoulder. On his hands were two simple fingerless gloves, his right holding a shield, his left holding a sword. Around his neck was a light blue bandanna the same color of his eyes.
    He extended his sword hand towards Brooce, moving his fingers in a "come at me" gesture.
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  3. Brow already beaded with sweat from the days training regiment, Brooce took an audacious moment to sweep his damp bangs out of his eyes before turning a flippant smirk back on Link. He raised one eyebrow at the proffered sword in his opponent's hand and arrogantly spun his own axe, ready for attack.

    "You ain't had enough yet, short stuff?" He laughed, shaking out his other arm before lunging forward. Feigning a forward push with his armored, left forearm, he brought his axe up for a heavy blow from the inside, intent on knocking Link's sword from his grasp.
  4. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Link blocked the attack with his shield, the effort knocking his shield out of his hand. Link back-flipped to put some distance between him and Brooce. He thought of a strategy, using his bandanna to wipe some sweat from his forehead. He gripped his iron sword with two hands, running forward. He let loose a battle cry as he swung his sword.
    He hoped to bite into Brooce's axe with as much strength as he could muster, or at the very least knock it out of his hands.
  5. Brooce’s gaze followed the arch of the lost shield, crowing with elation at his small triumph as Link was forced to fall back. It wasn’t often his brutish tactics won out, but luck seemed to be with him today…or perhaps Link was simply feeling the fatigue of the day more than he was letting on. But he wasn’t one to squander such a rare advantage. Brooce took a quick stride forward in pursuit of Link’s retreat, only to have his arrogance falter as his opponent made a surprising lunge forward.

    The distance between was too small to allow him to dodge. Forced to brace with his right foot back, Brooce took the full force of Link’s blow on the edge of his raised axe, spare hand as support behind the blade. And for an infinitesimal second, the two young men were locked in a test of strength, with only the violently, taut muscles in his arm belying his cocksure defense. Just as his wrist threatened to give out under the immense pressure, he forced his axe broadside, deflecting the downward force to one side with the metal sheeing of edge sliding on edge. Brooce took a fumbling step to one side, a tongue-and-cheek grin still on his face despite his heavy breathing. He held his left arm aloft toward Link to stave off another attack while he caught a moment’s breath. He loathed to admit it to himself, and would NEVER acknowledge it to Link, but that move had caught him off-guard.

    Even as he shook his head, the fight back on, his eyes fell to his axe, or more precisely, to the chipped divot that last strike had left in its edge. “AWWW, MANNN,” he yelled, the sparring match instantly forgotten. He ran a finger mournfully over the damage with a heavy sigh. “This is gonna take hours to fix…”
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  6. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Link took the opportunity.
    "Now's my chance!" he thought, sweeping his leg to grab his shield.
    He used the momentum to deliver a sweeping blow, stopping himself at the last second.
    Link's sword was now an inch away from Brooce's neck, Link's steely eyes focused on his opponent.
    He snapped his fingers with his other hand to get Brooce's attention.
    Link smiled confidently and seriously, his guard unrelenting.
  7. Absorbed in the examination of his weapon, Link's aggressive approach was all but lost on the taller recruit. It wasn’t until his opponent's sword cut in, inches from his throat, that Link's snapping fingers made him flinched back in undisguised surprise. "Whhaa-! ...hmph." Trying to regain his composure, he gave Link a reproachful glare, waving his guarded forearm around in a dismissive circle to cast the steady sword away.

    "Bahhh, know when you're beaten already, why don't you?" He said, his playful smile faltering a bit with embarrassment. Nevertheless, his words were still pompous and thickly self-assured despite having clearly lost. Letting his axe hand droop, Brooce turned his back on Link and started back toward the village. "Well, I'd say that about does it for a day. I'm starving!"
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  8. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Link watched Brooce for a moment a she walked away, then reached for his bag, which he kept near the sparring grounds on a log. He connected the bag to the other straps around his body using buckles, thinking about the battle.
    "Perhaps I should tighten the strap better." he thought, examining his weapons for damage. Fortunately, there was nothing but a few nicks on the edge which could be easily ignored without consequence. The same went for the shield. "Can't have this falling off in a real fight."
    He looked up at the tree above him, dotted with apples.
    He scaled the tree and picked two. One went in his bag; the other, he began to eat. He looked up at his trainer, Sir Kale, who had watched the fight up on a wall. He pointed towards the barracks to indicate he was going there to grab his belongings and go home to eat, just as Brooce had. He planned to come back to spar with the training dummies until dark after.
  9. Thomas watched with a satisfied smile on his face. Brooce was a goofball and extremely coarse, but he had hardly been trying that time, knowing Link wouldn’t cause any serious damage. Link, meanwhile, was his top recruit - strong, firm, and an expert soldier. Kale gave Link a wave to signal he understood before turning to watch another training session.

    “Aryll, can you grab me a bucket?” Walter asked. Walter Raven, unlike his brother, was a casual farmer. This meant that in the community of Kakariko, he held a vital role. “I’m going to go collect some apples from the orchard. Oh, and bring a shovel while you’re at it - I think we need to dig up the pumpkin seeds, the ground they’re in is much too dry.”
  10. Aryll, who was called Linkle by her friends, said to her uncle
    "Yes, Uncle Walter." She went to fetch the bucket and the shovel, and brought them back to Walter, she said "Hey Uncle, how do you think Link's training went today? Do you think he got to beat up Brooce again?" She smiled at the thought of Brooce getting beat up, as she REALLY didn't like the goofball "The jerk deserves it."
  11. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Link walked in, holding a hand up a a means to say hello. He set his bag down on the table as we went into his room, tossing Aryll the other apple. He sat down on his comfy bed, reaching for a book within the confines of his drawer.
    He pulled it out; a book on fighting techniques that stronghold guardsmen used.
    He began where he left off the day before, a section on maneuvering with heavy weaponry, in his case, a shield and a sword.
  12. "Be nice, Aryll." Walter chuckled. "Brooce may be a jerk at times, but he's still a knight willing to defend us. Thank you." Walter took the bucket and shovel as Link walked in. "Link! Welcome back, my boy. How was your sparring session?"

    Kale walked the walls of the fortress, passing by some of the guards with a wave. As he did, he looked down outside the wall to see something strange. A townsperson, outside the village? He decided to check it out. Kale slid down the pole to reach the bottom level before heading outside.
  13. Aryll smiled as she caught the apple Link gave her, and she started eating it, in between bites, she said
    "Thanks Link! I know Uncle *Munch* that I shouldn't make fun of Brooce, but it can be fun to me. I'll stop now, don't worry." She smiled again.

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