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Open The Knight Academy disscussion.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. The Knight order founded in 24 AC (After contact.) By Christopher Morriland. The Knights are protectors who protect people throughout the known galaxy. Though in the early years there was a stigma about them being mercenaries since they had to be founded. That all change during the Wraith War in 25 AC as the knights proved to be vigilant Heroes making a name for themselves. Now in the year 45 AC a new generation of knights emerge but before they have a chance to become knights they must go threw rigorous training in the Knight academy on the planet Ja'du.

    All of these species came together under the banner of the Galactic Alliance.
    Humanoid races They look like humans just with some diffrences.
    Humans I don't think I need to explain this one.

    Quzacions from the planet Quzac the first race to make contact with humans. They are considered one of the seven humanoid races as they and humans look a lot alike except for their eye colors. They can manipulate energy to do their bidding which is shown in blue and green waves while it makes them more powerful than some races it also has a tendency to drain their stamina.

    Ariens From the planet Aris They are divided into three classes. The royalty the five houses that are in control of the planet. The warriors those who know how to fight and will do what is needed to protect everyone and will do what is needed. The scholars considered the wise people known for debating and have a thirst for knowledge.
    They can also manipulate energy but not the extent of the Quzacions

    Vegans A proud warrior race from the planet Vega. They belive in honor above all else. While they can control energy they prefer brute strength. they have the most obvious difference from other humanoid races that being their tail which provides them their strength and life

    Solistians From Solas. A piece loving species known for their honesty and neutrality wanting to be a place of pleasure and love for all who go there.

    Valkaryins from Valhula. while they appear to be a respectable people in actuality 90% of them are criminals.

    Avarians from Avios They come in two varites the land dwellers that look most like humans and the water dwellers which in all actuality look like Mermaids when they are in the sea.
    Non humanoid
    Mythonians from New Mythos. A female dominate society. They come in many different colors with cat like ears. They lost a lot of their race during the wraith war

    Almecians from the planet Almec. they are proud warriors. Their planet is in the same star system as Aris. As such both of them have been close allies for the last hundred
    years. They have a face of a dog the body of a bear and the claws of a lion.

    Qualdalies a grey skinned species with big heads and long limbs. They are considered peace makers in the Galactic Alliance

    Aquarians: An A fish like species known for their brains. With their help the GA has advanced a couple hundred years in the span of two decades. While they are considered weak on land once they are in water they can easily over power anyone.

    Based off of a space opera series of mine. Which has some elements from star wars/ Trek. as well as Dragon ball.

    AC stands for after contact. After the humans and the Quzacions met ( after 2016 our time). BC stands for before contact
    1. fallow the rules as stated on Pokecharms.
    2. Be respectful of each other.
    3. Have fun.

    Character bio
    age ( 16 or older)

    @Stormursa @Koopa6000 @Dave Strider @Eeveechu151 @Retro Master @CosmicDreams
  2. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Expect me to reply rather shortly. (In time)
  3. Alright. I'm interested.

    Name: Percy Vase
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Tall and thin, with very little fat and/or muscle, Percy has short black hair, tanned skin, and dark brown eyes.
  4. Name: Qula Dininath
    age ( 16 or older): 16
    sex: female
    species: mythonian
    appearance: silver hair, dusk grey skin, bright orange eyes, wears silver fitting pants, black sleeveless turtle neck, light grey leather jacket, black boots.
  5. Hmm i might join. Gonna reply a little late
  6. accepted both of you.
  7. Name Johan Morriland.
    age 16
    sex male
    Species Arien Primary ( He's a mix but has primarily Arien DNA)
    Appearance: Emerald colored eyes. His hair is primarily blue with a blonde spiral in it. He stands at 5'11. He wears a white shirt and jeans.

    Name Jacob " Jake" Morriland.
    Age 16
    sex Male
    Species Arien Primary.
    Appearance Looks almost identical to his twin brother but with blonde hair with a blue spiral.
  8. Name: Sam
    Age: 16
    Sex: male
    Race: Vegan
    Appearance: Black spiky hair, tone body type, have blue eyes on the left and red on the right ,and have it tail (obviously). He wears a mask to cover his face( he will take off sometimes, fighting gloves, wear a blue tank top, blue jeans, and white boots.
  9. Name: Ketron Qizein.
    Age: 16.
    Sex: Male.
    Species: Quzacion.
    Appearance: 5'10 feet tall, tan skin, short black hair, small scar on his right eye, golden eyes. He likes to wear white clothes.
  10. Name: Zannia Valken.
    Age: 16.
    Sex: Female.
    Species: Valkaryn.
    Appearance: White pale skin, long light brown hair, brown eyes, some tattoos and markings over her back and left arm.
  11. Accepted. Both of you.
  12. So, the training will take 18 weeks or 18 months?
  13. So does anyone know anyone who might be interested in this. We need more people.

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