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Ask to Join The isle of armor Adventures (Discussion and joining rp))

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Jolteon BOI, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. In this Rp its all about In the Isle of armor it will be a new journey for people that go there and all pokemon of past regions are here to capture you can use dose pokemon but you wont be able to get legendary pokemon, the plot is that Trainers come to the isle of armor for there new journey and meet new freinds and they will challenge the dojo, this is my first ever Rp, Rules of Pokecharms are added and thats it, your charcter bio has to have Name: Age: Pokemon: Appearance: Extra: So my chacter bio is Name: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Appearance and personality: Calm and energetic, , always determined, loves helping people when needed, He looks tall with big eyes, His hair is long and black, his left eye is Blue and the other white, he wears a Red hoodie and black jeans, His hoodie covers his white shirt.
    Pokemon (so far): Shinx, Rockruff
    Age: 14
    Extra: He found shinx abandoned by his original trainer so he kept the shinx, he meet rockruff in a trip to alola.
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  2. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Sounds fun, and since I’ve asked in a Private Conversation, here’s my character bio!

    Name: Emilie Polaris
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has pale skin with little to no freckles because she doesn’t go out in the sun for extended periods of time, and straight, dark brown hair that falls to about her hips. She often wears her hair in double-buns, braided or unbraided, and has dark brown eyes.
    Personality: She has a cold exterior, and doesn’t talk much to anyone except for her Pokémon. She maintains an air of business- not usually casual or playful except for with her Pokémon, but she can break open.
    Alolan Ninetales (F) - Wisteria
    Brionne (F) - Stella
    Lurantis (F) - Cerese
    Age: 13
    Extra: She was born in Alola, where she attended the Pokémon Trainer School for a few years and caught a few Pokémon, and is now leaving for Galar to begin her real journey.
  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Warren "Wrench" Blake
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Spanner - Male Perrserker
    Lucas - Male Lucario
    Frost - Female Alolan Sandslash
    Appearance: 6'5", ice white hair (in a ponytail) and goatee, golden amber eyes, muscular and healthy. He wears oil stained blue jeans with- a black tank-top under a red and blue tartan over-shirt, as well as brown boots and a green bandana around his neck.
    Personality: Warren is a very gentle and understanding person. He hates seeing people upset and loves helping people. He is a bit of an excitable guy and loves to invent things and tinker, he is skilled in many different technological and mechanical repairs.
    Extra: Warren is both a technical prodigy and an avid free runner (parkour guy)
  4. This looks cool, better pop in while I have the chance.

    Name: Ray Skylar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Sheath - Male Farfetch'd (Kantonian)
    Sunshine - Female Flaaffy
    Anima - Golett
    (a few others in his PC)
    Appearance: Somewhat small, short messy light brown hair, usually wears a dark red t-shirt and an old brown vest, blue jeans with the bottom of the leg slightly ripped with wear, dark blue athletic shoes.
    Personality: Extroverted, loud, and a bit childish, Ray wishes to travel the world and discover all the Pokemon it has to offer. He's cheery and polite to most, but he has a tendency to quickly dismiss people he finds uninteresting. He can sometimes be oblivious to people's feelings, but he's no slouch when it comes to capturing and battling Pokemon. His impatience and overall hasty demeanor can make him a bit of a nuisance, but his optimism and willingness to explore can also make him a joy to be around.
    Extra: He's also quite the runner.
  5. Accepted i dont see any thing wrong with the bio
  6. Name: Malcolm Everett
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Malcolm is a bit short for his age, he has a stern look to his face. Malcolm has dark blonde hair with blue eyes, he wears a green and red plaid sweater, along with yellow trousers with vertical black stripes and black shoes. He obviously has no sense in fashion.
    Personality: He is fairly well composed, though he may be a bit frustrated if he loses something and gets annoyed extremely easy. He is highly intelligent, but is far too modest about it. Malcolm does like everything to be in routine order and hates trying anything new.
    Xatu (M) - N/A
    Murkrow (M) - N/A
    Hoothoot (F) - N/A
    Age: 14
    Extra: Malcolm was born in Violet City in Johto to two colleagues for Professor Elm. He has always shown to be a prodigy for data on Pokémon, and was awarded a Natu his mother found in the Ruins of Alph. Malcolm never embarked on a Pokémon Journey, though was able to catch a Murkrow and Hoothoot just outside of the city. Professor Elm recommended to his parents that he should go to the Isle of Armor for research experience in the Galar region.
  7. Alright, when are you going to make the RP?
  8. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

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