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Private/Closed The Great Unova Treasure Hunt!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Psycho Monkey, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (OOC: In case any new comers didn't read the discussion, this RP is closed so please don't post. (That means you too Corey :p ) Feel free to read to your hearts content though.

    To my four cohorts, Let the Hunt Begin! >:D )


    Two Months Ago

    Deep beneath the surface of the Unova region excavators and their Pokémon were hard at work expanding the Relic Passage that extended between Driftveil City and Castelia City. To have a network of tunnels connecting the furthest points of Unova, that was the dream of the Driftveil City Gym Leader, Clay. Thanks to his ambition, one could travel to and from Castelia City and Icirrus City in half the time it used to in previous years.

    “Hey Gurdurr, could you bring me one of those support beams?” requested one of the workers. He wore a brown hard hat, white gloves, and a jumpsuit. The legs of the suit were yellow while the torso and arms were black. A Pokémon resembling a Muppet on steroids came over with a long wooden beam slung over one shoulder. The species usually carried red beams made from steel, but for the tunnel work, wooden beams were more efficient. Gurdurr effortlessly stood the beam against the cavern wall to support the ceiling and prevent a cave in.

    “Thanks partner!” said the worker giving his Pokémon an appreciative thumbs-up. Gurdurr grunted with a derpy smile as if to say “No problem Boss!”

    Elsewhere in the tunnel a Pokémon with a mostly yellow and white hide with thick brown spines protruding from its back was digging away at a wall with long sharp white claws. The Sandslash swiped at the wall but struck a surface harder than the rest of the dirt around it. It struck again assuming it to be nothing but bedrock only this time the entire wall collapsed on it.

    “Claws!” shouted another worker and the Pokémon’s Trainer. “Are you alright?” he asked worriedly. Claws dug its way out of the rubble no worse for wear. “I’m glad yer fine.” said the worker with relief. He looked up at the collapsed wall only to see the slab his Sandslash was having trouble getting through. It looked to be a mural of some kind.

    “Tom! Hey Tom! Get over here will ya? I think we got somethin’!” the worker shouted. A man with a thick brown mustache, who was obviously the supervisor by the orange vest he wore over his uniform, came rushing over to the scene.

    “What’s wrong Jim?” inquired Tom.

    “Whadda ya make of this?” Jim asked pointing to the mural. Tom got a big grin on his face at the sight. He slapped Jim on the back a few times in excitement.

    “I think we just made the discovery of the century! Get Clay on the line!” the supervisor said with a hardy laugh.

    Present Day

    Six long white claws erupted from the ground spinning like a drill pushing the earthen terrain away so fast it produced a cloud of dust. Once the hole was large enough and the dust had settled, a small mole surfaced. The creature was covered in short black fur with white fur on its face and nose and blue stripes adorning its arms and body. It had a short tail and was the owner of those massive claws, three on each hand.

    ‘Drilbur, the Mole Pokémon. It makes its way swiftly through the soil by putting both claws together and rotating at high speed.’ read the Pokédex of Shiro Yukimura.

    Shiro had spent the whole day yesterday training his Pokémon in Wellspring Cave, a limestone cave carved out by rainwater over thousands, if not millions, of years. Having spent the night in the cave, Shiro was awoken early in the morning by tremors. He quickly threw on a pair of dark blue jeans, a purple T-shirt, and white running shoes before jumping out of his tent to see what was causing the vibrations. That was when the Wild Drilbur appeared.

    “I hope you had a good night sleep Mizuki because it’s time to battle!” Shiro called throwing a ball that was red on top and white on the bottom. Emerging in a white light was a small otter with light blue fur covering most of her body, white fur on her face, and dark blue fur covering her ears, long feet, and paddle like tail. She had a round orange nose, small black whiskers, and a tan seashell on her chest called a Scalchop. The Oshawott yawned opening her mouth wide showing her small fangs. She rubbed her eyes with her stubby arms to try and wake herself up.

    “Good morning Mizuki. I need you to battle now. Blast Drilbur with Water Gun!” called Shiro. The Sea Otter Pokémon opened her mouth gushing a powerful stream of water that struck Drilbur for heavy damage. The Wild Pokémon decided it was having enough and retreated back underground.

    “Don’t let it escape Mizuki! Flush it out with another Water Gun!” Shiro commanded. Mizuki ran over to the hole and spewed water into it. The ground behind her erupted as Drilbur reemerged spinning like a drill. Before Mizuki could even turn around, the Mole Pokémon Scratched her with its long claws.

    “Tackle it Mizuki!” the boy called. The Oshawott rammed her head into Drilbur’s chest knocking it to the ground. The Mole Pokémon responded by swiping the wet cavern floor with its claws sending mud into Mizuki’s eyes. Mizuki cried out as she tried wiping the mud from her face.

    “Try spinning in a circle while using Water Gun!” suggested Shiro. He immediately regretted his command as the attack instead struck him and the tent while Drilbur simply ran in circles far enough away from the stream that it wouldn’t get hit. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he saw Drilbur laughing at him. “Alright Mizuki, stop attacking.” The otter ceased fire but had an uncertain look on her face.

    Shiro quickly looked around trying to think of what to do next. The only light in the cave was the faded sunlight coming in from outside, but he could make out the faint shimmer of water not far from where the battle was. He must have unknowingly set up camp near an underground lake.

    “Mizuki! Run forward!” he commanded. The Oshawott was confused, but she trusted her Trainer. She did as told until the ground gave way beneath her and she fell into the spring with a yelp. She then climbed back out with her eyes fully flushed clean. “Good job! Now use Water Gun!” commanded the young Trainer. Mizuki jumped out of the lake and with perfect accuracy, shot Drilbur again bringing it to its knees.

    Now came the moment where Shiro had to decide if he wanted to simply knock it out or if he wanted to catch it. If he had just had one more Pokémon when he battled Lenora that time… Shiro rushed back into his tent, pulled out his black backpack, and threw a Pokéball at Drilbur which absorbed it in a red light. One shake. Two shakes. Three shakes. A crack then appeared on the lock of the capsule before the Mole Pokémon broke free and destroying the Pokéball in the process.

    “Dammit! I almost had it!” Shiro shouted in frustration. “Mizuki! Tackle it one more time to weaken it further!” he called. Drilbur attacked Mizuki first by putting its claws together and Rapidly Spinning into her chest like a drill. Luckily it was her Scalchop that was struck preventing too much damage to the Oshawott. She then rammed into her foe getting Scratched again in response. Shiro threw another Pokéball which sucked Drilbur in. After three shakes the ball clicked resulting in the Trainer’s third Pokémon.

    “Yes!” he cried in excitement. Mizuki smiled at having played a part in recruiting another teammate. Shiro sent out Kisaru, a monkey with red fur on its legs, tail, head, and ears and tan fur on its torso and face. He then sent out his new Drilbur to get acquainted with the other Pokémon.

    “I like the name Simon the Digger for you. Simon for short.” Shiro said to his new companion after learning it was male. He then retuned his tent to its Item Ball, a grey sphere that resembled a Pokéball with similar functions for items, hoping it wouldn’t get moldy from Mizuki’s Water Gun, and stuffed the ball into his backpack. Shiro washed his face in the lake but the cave was still too dark for him to make out his reflection. He hoped that his medium length brown hair wasn’t too much of a mess this morning and if it was, he hopped that it was at least hiding his ears. He was self-conscious about that particular trait of his.

    He and his Pokémon had a light breakfast after which he put on the last of his outfit, a pair of black and white checkered wrist warmers and threw on his backpack.

    “Alright, even though Simon is the newest member of our team, I think Mizuki and Kisaru have had enough training to finally beat Lenora.” he said to his Pokémon as sort of a pep talk. “I hope you will do your best too Simon.” he said to the Drilbur. The Mole Pokémon wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but nodded anyway. He was the type to just go with the flow. With that, Shiro returned his Pokémon and exited Wellspring Cave. He had to shield his blue eyes from the intense sunlight until his eyes adjusted.

    When Shiro arrived in Nacrene City he headed straight for the Pokémon Center to get Mizuki and Simon fully healed and ready to face the Gym Leader Lenora. After that, he headed for the Gym.

    “What the…?” he said in surprise when he got there. The Nacrene Gym was inside the Museum which, while a grand and amazing place, had a huge crowd of people gathered at the entrance slowly filing into the double doors atop a flight of stairs. Shiro impatiently stood in line trying to figure out what could possibly warrant such a crowd. It was always possible that the last time he was here it just happened to be a slow day. Or on the flipside, this was an unusually crowded day. Well it was mid-June. Everywhere except school buildings became more crowded when summer began.

    A large red banner with blue trim hanging above the entrance caught Shiro’s attention. ‘Welcome to the Grand Opening of Ancient Unova!’ the banner read in bold yellow lettering. He then remembered there was one exhibit in the museum that was closed off the last time he was here. That must be what was drawing the crowd. And just his luck, today was the grand opening of the new exhibit. This place was going to be packed!

    Inside the Nacrene Museum people of all walks of life were gathering. Archeologists, historians, and students in those fields had come wondering what such an exciting and new find could mean and if the artifact was going to change Unovan history as they knew it. Curious people who were simply hungry for knowledge were there hoping for a piece of information pie. Citizens of Nacrene City who had been longing for this day since the new exhibit was first advertised hoping that it would give them artistic inspiration for their next song, painting, or sculpture. Everyday people who had decided today would be a good day to take a trip to the museum either by themselves, on a date, or with their families and just happened the pick today along with the unexpecting Trainers looking to challenge Lenora to a Gym Battle like Shiro. And the press was there to document it all.

    All of these people gathered in the east wing of the museum where a large rectangular object of some sort stood in the middle of the room veiled by a large white cloth. Whatever this exhibit was stood about seven feet tall; at least two heads taller than the dark skinned woman standing next to it on the left. That was Lenora, the Nacrene Gym Leader and director of the Nacrene Museum. She had a large afro of black hair tied back with a red and pink striped bow. She wore red shoes, blue pants, and a pink apron overtop a white shirt. Standing on the right side of the mysterious exhibit was a tall lanky man with pale skin, glasses, and thinning brown hair wearing a long white lab coat and brown slacks. That was Lenora’s husband and assistant director of the museum, Hawes.

    As more people filed in, journalists standing at the front of the crowd crouched down so those behind them could see while keeping their notepads held out in front of them ready to write every word, every detail, of what was to come. Reporters stood idly at the ends of the crowd with cameras fixated on Lenora, Hawes, and the cloaked object.

    Hawes looked at his watch which read 9:59am. The exhibit would officially open at 10am. He mentally counted down the seconds in his head until the minute hand clicked over onto the hour for it was a simple analogue watch.

    “Dear.” he said with an underlying tone of passion and admiration for his wife in his voice.

    “Thank you Hawes.” she responded with a warm and thankful smile directed at him. She then turned to her audience.

    “Ladies and gentlemen. And of course children.” Lenora greeted in a loud and clear voice giving a special nod to a little girl sitting on her father’s shoulders. “I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to be with us here today on this momentous occasion. As I am sure all of you are aware, the Driftveil Mining Corporation, founded and led by my personal friend Clay xxxxxx, has been creating a series of tunnels beneath Unova to make traveling easier for people journeying the western part of the region. About two months ago, a team he had expanding the Relic Passage came across this!” Lenora and Hawes both grabbed their respective side of the white sheet and pulled it until the relic beneath had been unveiled.

    The up until now secret exhibit was a large stone slab with what appeared to be the Unova Region carved into it. Camera flashes illuminated the room as everyone with a camera or a cell phone snapped pictures. Lenora waited for the roar of the crowd to die down before continuing her speech.

    “For those of you in the back who may not have a good view, this slate has a map of the Unova region carved into it. Unfortunately, the northeastern corner from Pokémon League Stadium down to Humilau City is missing. We don’t believe it was damaged during excavation because the edges are smooth. In all likelihood, it simply eroded away. This map is, of course, extremely outdated. Most of the cities and landmarks we know today are nowhere to be seen on this map besides Castelia and Opelucid. After all, if you look here,” Lenora pointed to a marked of area in the middle of modern day Route 4, “this settlement here no longer exists. It stirs my curiosity to find out what secrets lay within that desert!” Lenora cleared her throat realizing she was getting off topic. “Based on the information this map gives us about the political geography of the time, the layer of sediment we found this in, and our own dating tests here at the museum, we have determined that this artifact is approximately 2,500 years old. That is what makes this such an important discovery. It comes from the time period where the sibling founders of Unova unified the region with the help of Reshiram and Zekrom. Allegedly of course. We have no solid physical evidence of Reshiram or Zekrom.”

    Lenora then pointed to another marked section near the first one. “What we do have evidence of is this. This is the Relic Castle. Today they are but ruins with untold secrets hiding within them. It makes my heart throb just thinking about what hidden treasures from a forgotten age still hide there.” Lenora cleared her throat again from letting her passion of archeology get away from her. “It has been known for decades that the Relic Castle was created 2,500 years ago as the seat of the newly formed civilization based on the artifacts we’ve already excavated and uncovered within the ruins. This helps support our theory on the age of this mural.” She then pointed to an island in modern day Undella Bay.

    “Over here is a place you will not find on a contemporary map. This island sunk into the sea more than 2000 years ago, but recently divers have discovered ruins that have been given the name the Abyssal Ruins. Once again, these ruins are home to innumerable archeological finds.” she said keeping her enthusiasm in check this time. “Items found inside the Abyssal Ruins are dated as old as 3,000 years, but the ruins were clearly still on the surface 2,500 years ago.” She then pointed to two more marked areas that surrounded modern day Icirrus City.

    “These two areas here are Celestial Tower and Dragonspiral Tower. It is no surprise that Dragonspiral Tower is located on this map as it is by far the oldest structure in the Unova Region. Even I cannot claim to know how old it is. The greater surprise is Celestial Tower. While it is a very old building, we never expected it to be as old as this map is telling us it is. We cannot be entirely sure yet if there was some kind of important structure in this location 2,500 years ago that Celestial Tower was built on top of or not. Further research will be needed to determine whether this map is indicating the Celestial Tower we know of or some other ancient landmark.” Lenora took a short pause to give the audience a moment to absorb all of this. She forgot for a moment that not all of the people here were her colleagues is the history and archeology fields. Most of the people were average citizens so she hoped that nothing was going over their heads.

    “Now, y’all are probably wondering why I took special consideration to point out these four locations.” Lenora teased at. “That is because these four are specially marked. Human settlements are marked with small houses.” she said picking up a large zoomed in photograph depicting two lines with a triangle drawn over top. Beneath it were the characters of a forgotten language that most likely gave the town’s name. “These four locations were each marked with a castle.” Lenora held up another zoomed in photo which depicted a design resembling a rook piece from chess. Within the design of the castle was a crescent moon. “Now while that may not seem special, just a way to denote four towers in Unova, if you look closer each castle is represented by its own individual marking. This one is a blown up picture of Celestial Tower marked with a crescent moon.” Lenora picked up another photo. “A sun denotes the Relic Castle, a cloud symbolizes Dragonspiral Tower, and finally the Abyssal Ruins are emblazoned with a star.” she explained with a picture for each.

    “We are still unsure as to what these marking mean and why our ancestors felt the need to separately mark each tower. Maybe it was for easier identification, maybe it had some religious purposes, we just cannot be sure. If I could, I’d love to ask them myself.” Lenora’s joke got a chuckle out of the crowd. “So far the Celestial Tower is the most visited of these sites and the Relic Castle has been looted continuously for decades. We are only just now uncovering the secrets of the Abyssal Ruins and Dragonspiral Tower has been untouched for centuries. I would love to get in there to discover its secrets.” She mentally berated herself for getting off track again. “We are also still working very hard to uncover the secrets of this map.”

    Lenora took another pause. She looked at her new exhibit with wonder and integrity. After two months of research she felt she had only scratched the surface of this mural’s mysteries. Still, she wasn’t going to gain much else keeping it in her musty old lab. Something as grand and historical as this deserved to be public where anyone could see it. Maybe some bright young university student with fresh ideas would spot something she didn’t. Perhaps an artist’s perspective would see some aesthetic her scientific mind overlooked. She turned back to the audience with a large smile.

    “Well I am sure y’all are tired of hearing me yammer on.” she said getting another laugh from the audience. “If anyone has any questions about the exhibit, please direct them to my assistant Hawes. I assure you, he is just as knowledgeable about the subject as I am. If you are here with the Nacrene Times, the Striation Post, the Castelia Tribune, or any other newspaper, magazine, or TV station, and you want an interview, please schedule one for after hours. I am a Gym Leader after all, and I am sure there are plenty of Trainers here today who are looking for a match with me.” That earned a cheer from Shiro and several other people in the crowd. “Once again, thank y’all so much for coming out today. Please enjoy the rest of your time in the museum and never stop learning! Curiosity is the spice of life! Without it, life is bland!”

    The crowd erupted into a roar of applause as Lenora took her leave to her office. Once everyone had settled down, people started dispersing to explore the rest of the museum, to bombard Hawes with questions, or to get a better look at the slab. Shiro waded through the crowd to get into the Gym. The exhibit had definitely caught his attention, but he’d be back later to look at it. Hopefully the crowd would have died down by then. Right now he had only one thing on his mind, and that was his rematch with Lenora.

    Back in the exhibit hall, a group of five stood in front of the map. A young woman with black hair tied back into a ponytail with her bangs hanging over her forehead wearing a navy blue tank top and beige cargo pants grinned.

    “Well guys, I think this is what we were looking for.” she said to her companions.

    (OOC: So yeah, the section where the Great Chasm is supposed to be is missing meaning we'll need to figure out that a key is located there on our own. For the record, it was symbolized by a castle with a meteor on it.)
  2. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: Sloppy post is sloppy. Finals and then the incident with my grandpa has ended up with me writing a quick post but let's keep this RP moving, shall we?)

    “Joule, for the last time, quit fooling around!” Kelvin called out, glaring at the tiny red-and-yellow Pokemon running around with a camera. A few of the girls in the crowd were giggling at the creature’s antics as she sniffed their bags, and one of them even gave her a Pecha berry as a gift. Ecstatic, Joule skipped back to her trainer and held the berry up, making Kelvin roll his eyes before taking it from her paws and sticking it in his bag. “Thanks for the berry!” he said to the trainer as she giggled back. Turning to his Pokemon, he said, “Now, will you do what we came here for already?”

    Joule nodded enthusiastically before dashing off towards the front of the crowd, camera in hand. Kelvin smiled and shook his head as he took out his pen and notebook, crouching down when one of the people behind him complained that they couldn’t see. He had half a mind to snap back at them, but he knew he had to look at least somewhat professional in these kinds of situations.

    “Ladies and gentlemen.” Upon hearing Lenora’s voice, the journalist began hurriedly taking notes in his notebook, not bothering to look up as the gym leader recited her speech about the new exhibit. Even when she and Hawes unveiled the object that was beneath the white sheet, Kelvin still didn’t look up. He trusted that Joule was bright enough to at least snap a few good pictures of the item, whatever it was. Hopefully, if the museum wasn’t too crowded after all this, he would be able to sneak a peek at whatever everyone was ogling at.

    The journalist took very studious notes as Lenora continued on with her speech. Driftveil Mining Corporation, about two months ago in Relic Passage, map of Unova that’s outdated and missing the northeastern corner of the region, Castelia and Opelucid, about 2500 years old, Relic Castle, Abyssal Ruins, Dragonspiral and Celestial Towers, special symbols-

    A sudden bump to his left cut off his train of thought, and Kelvin looked down to see that Joule was back. Grinning, he asked, “Did you take some good pictures?” The Mienfoo jumped up and down happily, and Kelvin couldn’t help but laugh as he picked up the Pokemon and looked through the images. A few were blurry, but most of them were clear and focused. As he continued on, though, he spotted what appeared to be selfies of Joule with a few of the girls she was playing around with earlier, making Kelvin give her a stern look. “You realize that this camera has a limited memory space, right? How am I supposed to explain to my boss that I have pictures of some girls with my Mienfoo with the pictures of the artifact?” When Joule merely snickered, Kelvin rolled his eyes as he deleted each of the non-professional images one by one. Really, as much as he loved her, her silliness was quite annoying.

    As he finished deleting the pictures, the journalist was vaguely aware of the diminishing crowd in the exhibit. Some people left as soon as Lenora was done talking, while others were lining up to battle for a badge from the gym leader. Looking around, Kelvin spotted Hawes standing next to the newly revealed exhibit, speaking with a reporter from another company. He approached the man when the reporter was done, but before he could make it, another journalist had appeared and taken his spot. With nothing better to do, Kelvin went to a nearby bench and took out his laptop, plugging in his camera before he began writing a skeleton of his article for the Castelia Tribune.
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  3. Nacrene City was incredibly busy and energetic this fine day, a far cry away from how it had looked a couple weeks ago when Grace was last here. No doubt it had to to with the new exhibit for the Nacrene Museum that was opening shortly, "Ancient Unova". If anything could get a tight grip on Grace's attention, it was archaeology. Moving closer to the museum, Grace let out a long sigh at the sight of just how far the line stretched back. Taking a moment to gather herself, she put on a smile and slowly muscled her way inside, sliding inbetween people whenever she could.

    However, it was a bit difficult to squeeze through a crowd while clutching a Sandile. The sandy crocodile didn't seem to mind Grace clutching him dearly a few times to make sure she didn't drop him, but Grace clearly felt as though she was causing the Pokemon some discomfort. With several "Sorry!"s and perseverance, she got fairly close to where the head of the museum, and also Gym Leader of Nacrene City, Lenora, was standing. Behind Lenora was a fairly large... something, covered by an even larger cloth. In a ring around both Lenora and the thing was a horde of reporters and photographers, and filling the space between them and the walls were people. Tons of people.

    Reaching behind her, she partially unzipped her backpack and placed the Sandile inside, then bent down to re-tie her shoes. Standing back up, she adjusted her faded violet cropped jacket and pulled her X-transceiver out of her dull red cargo pants. Grace only really kept her X-transceiver in her pocket because the strap didn't adjust tight enough to fit her wrist, and constantly pulling it up her arm or picking it up off of the ground was a nuisance. With only a few minutes to go, she returned her device to its proper resting placed and brought her Sandile back to one arm, zipping up her backpack with the other.

    Looking down at her Pokemon, she asked, "Are you excited, Korriban? Lenora usually gives really interesting speeches about archaeology!" The Sandile merely stared up at her, not entirely enthused about having to sit through what would probably be a tedious infomercial of a speech.

    As Lenora pulled off the cloth to reveal a huge stone tablet and started talking, Grace went into full-attention mode, soaking in everything she had to say. The stone was carved with an ancient map of the Unova region, depecting many locations that no longer existed, which also meant that it showed very few current cities or landmarks. After mentioning the tablet was at least 2,500 years old, Lenora pointed to several places on the map that were marked differently: the Relic Castle, Abyssal Ruins, Dragonspiral Tower, and Celestial Tower. As she explained, scientists had no idea why those four locations had special meaning or what their original purpose even was.

    After Lenora finished and things began to calm down a bit, Grace found a nearby bench to sit down at and deposited Korriban beside her. She fished a map of the Unova region out of her backpack and marked the locations Lenora mentioned, staring them down and trying to decipher their purpose.
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  4. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Of course, Amity had hoped that her Pokemon journey would begin with her setting out from her hometown, fresh faced and ready for adventure. Instead, however, she had spent the past too many hours on a bus, having said farewell to her family as they left Castelia City, and was looking suitably disheveled in her sleep. Had it not been for the Mankey taking up the seat next to her, she might have slept through the stop altogether. Luckily, the paw tapping constantly at her arm was enough to jolt her awake after a moment. The Mankey, whose name was Peter, was pointing excitedly at the front of the bus. Amity moved some stray strands of golden blonde hair out of her face, putting her black, leather cycling cap on to keep them in check. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and pushed a pair of rectangular, red glasses back up her nose from where they had nearly fallen while she was sleeping, and finally looked up to where her Mankey was indicating. Above the driver's seat, a display strip read "NACRENE CITY".

    Amity immediately jolted up in her seat, grabbing her backpack and nearly trampling Peter as she leaped into the aisle, only exclaiming, "Nacrene City!", as she shuffled as quickly as possible down the aisle, to the confusion of the scattered other riders that had stayed on the bus for this stop. She stepped down the bus's stairs into the bus station, followed closely by her Mankey, who jumped to her shoulder, wrapping his tail around her arm. Amity ran through the station, only stopping at an information desk to find out where she could find the Nacrene Museum, then continued her momentum through the city until she arrived there.

    Upon her arrival at the museum, Amity attempted to ignore the crowd surrounding some sort of presentation, making a beeline for a desk with a sign which read "Restoration".

    However, she found the desk empty, and had to wait a time until a woman in a lab coat approached the desk and asked her, "Are you looking to get a fossil restored, hon?"

    "Erm, yes," Amity said, her Kalos accent notable in her Unovan. She took off her backpack and opened it, digging out a grey and white Item Ball, which she opened to reveal a chunk of stone with the shape of a large jaw embedded in it, "zis Jaw Fossil, s'il vous plais."

    "I'll be happy to revive that for you, ma'am!" the attendant said, taking the fossil and stepping away through a door behind her, leaving Amity to wait.
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  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Kelvin continued typing on his laptop before noticing that it was running out of batteries. "Hey, Joule, you mind looking for an outlet here? I would send out the portable hub but it's kind of crowded. Joule? Joule, where the hell are you now?" Groaning to himself, Kelvin quickly saved whatever he had so far before turning off his computer and putting it back into his bag. He stood up and looked around; not seeing his short little friend, he opted to stand on his bench, only for security to quickly come over and tell him to please get off. Guess he'll have to do it the long way, then.

    Joule, meanwhile, was having fun exploring the museum. She had managed to sneak the pecha berry out of his bag and was walking around with it in her paws, happily nibbling on it before she half-bumped, half-tripped over what looked like a tan, furry ball of limbs and a tail. She examined the strange Pokemon, not having seen it before. Figuring it was kind of cute, she pat its head and offered it the half-eaten berry in a gesture of friendship.

    Kelvin could wait, anyways; he was probably still busy to notice she was gone anyways.
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  6. (OOC : Ugh This was long over due. Oh well let's get this rolling)
    "I took some incredible pictures, I can't wait to get these developed" said Lisa as she puts her camera back in her bag. "But we have more pressing matters to attend to." She looks down at her Sandslash "So Raoul, Are you ready?" The brown pangolin smiles and nods "Okay" Lisa took a deep breathe "Let's get that fourth badge."

    Lisa and Raoul made their inside the museum. With the opening of the new exhibit, today especially busy. So much so, she to had to call Raoul back inside his pokeball so he wouldn't get lost in the crowds of people and pokemon. Lisa preferred that one of pokemon walked with her but she had no choice. As she made her way though the crowds that more nervous Lisa got until she spotted a staircase with a sigh that said "to gym" pointing down in big, bold, lettering. Lisa's nerves shot thought the roof.
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  7. Psycho Monkey

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    By the time Shiro had waded through the crowd and entered the Gym, there were already several Trainers hard at work taking Lenora’s test. Shiro thanked his lucky stars because as it turned out Trainers seeking a rematch with the Gym Leader didn’t have to retake the test so long as they still had their old one and some form of ID. All he had to do was show them to one of the Gym’s attendants and take the secret staircase to Lenora.

    When he walked downstairs, he saw Lenora sitting at her desk eagerly awaiting her first challenger. Upon seeing Shiro, her face lit up and she practically jumped from her chair. Even though Lenora had dozens of challengers a day, she made a conscious effort to remember every single one of them because every Trainer is unique and she wanted to learn how each and every one of them battled. She was also eager to see what those who lost to her learned and how they improved themselves with that knowledge.

    “Shiro Yukimura! Welcome back!” she greeted proudly with a large smile. Shiro was slightly taken back that she remembered him. He didn’t think he had made that big of an impression on the Gym Leader and figured she would only have a vague recollection of his face. It made him feel pretty good that she had taken the time to remember him.

    “Thanks. That was a pretty interesting presentation you gave.” Shiro said returning the complement.

    “Are you interested in history Shiro?” Lenora asked sounding giddy at the chance to talk more about the mysteries surrounding the mural.

    “I’ve got to admit, it’s a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. But I guess you told us everything you knew about that slab in your presentation.” he surmised.

    “I wish I knew more about it! Hopefully I can get some feedback from the community that might help me put together some of the pieces. My biggest disappointment is the loss of the northeastern corner. I would have liked to have seen the full map of Unova as it existed 2500 years ago.” Lenora cleared her throat and regained her composure. She momentarily forgot she was dealing with a challenger and not one of her contemporaries. “So since it has only been about a week, are you still issuing a Zero Badge challenge Shiro?” she asked.

    “I am.” he said getting a Pokéball ready to send out his lead off Pokémon.

    “Alright!” The Gym Leader pulled two Pokéballs from her desk drawer. “Show me what you’ve learned!”

    “Ow! Ow! Ow! Marie! Let go! That hurts!” cried a devilishly handsome young man dressed in black shorts and a dark red T-shirt with a black Pokéball design on the front. He was being dragged by the ear by an irritated young woman wearing greyish beige cargo pants, black running shoes, and a navy blue tank top. She had long black hair tied in a ponytail and looked to be about the same age as her captive.

    “Stop yelling Daniel. You’re making a scene.” commanded Marie sternly.

    “Says the one PULLING MY EAR!” countered Daniel. Marie let go and instead pushed him towards a bench where two other males were waiting nearly causing him to trip out of his sandles.

    “Oh my. Who were you flirting with this time Daniel?” asked a tall blonde wearing a pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt. He had a big grin at the shenanigans going on between Daniel and Marie. Those two never failed to entertain him.

    “Sadly, Joel, no one.” Daniel lamented with a shrug. “But I did see a really cute girl over by Restoration. She had a really thick but sexy Kalosian accent so I figured she must not be from around here. I was just going to see if I could help her out in anyway when Marie came over and grabbed me by the ear! I didn’t even get to talk to her!” Marie rolled her eyes.

    “We need your laptop so we can email Dr. Dawson and upload the pictures Herbert took, that’s all.” she said. A boy with short black hair and brown eyes wearing khaki cargo pants and a green and black T-shirt with silhouettes of Snivy, Servine, and Serperior on it silently raised his camera in acknowledgement. Herbert was a quiet person who let his actions speak for him. Daniel responded by sweeping his light brown hair to the side and flashing his pearly whites.

    “Are you sure you just weren’t jealous?” he asked. Marie’s face turned red as her female instincts reacted to the former’s charm.

    “I’m… I’m not.” she stammered. “You just get those pictures uploaded. I’m… I’m going to see if Steven has figured anything out yet.” Marie left the group with her heart still pounding in her chest. Stupid Daniel. Why’d he have to be so cool when I’m supposed to be annoyed with him? she thought to herself. She walked up to the mural where a very tall person somewhat hunched over wearing black sneakers, a pair of jeans, and a green hoody with the hood up hiding his face stood.

    “Notice anything?” she asked standing next to him.

    “Hm?” Steven murmured turning towards her. “Not much. The only pattern I’ve noticed so far is that each of the four castles are located near a settlement. Relic Castle has the one on Route 4 that no longer exists, Dragonspiral Tower is near modern day Icirrus, since there is no way of knowing if this area was called Icirrus back then, what we know as Celestial Tower is close to modern day Mistralton, and the Abyssal Ruins are just a short boat ride from modern day Undella Town.” he pointed out. “I just wish the northeast corner wasn’t missing. I can’t solve a puzzle without all the pieces.” he said dryly. Most people would have been more frustrated at being unable to solve the mystery, but Steven was pretty good at keeping his emotions in check. He knew some things were just out of his control.

    “Well, the rest of the guys are emailing Dr. Dawson about everything we learned today. We should add our inputs too whenever you’re ready.” Marie said. Steven turned towards her and nodded. He got everything he could out of simply staring at it.

    When they rejoined the others, Herbert was already typing vigorously at Daniel’s laptop. No one was allowed to touch his camera but the later was more lenient on sharing his computer. For their part, Daniel and Joel were standing behind him watching every word he typed while adding their own opinions and ideas. Once Steven added his own observations to the letter, Marie threw in her thoughts and sent it to their professor.

    (OOC: For anyone who's next post involves their character coming to challenge Lenora, Shiro is leading with Oshawott and Lenora is leading with Lilipup. I'd rather write the battle in one sitting rather than post by post. I wrote the NPCs based on the bios everyone posted. Since we all have different writings styles and everyone can do with the NPCs as they want, I'm thinking they're Bunny Ears Lawyers. Competent at what they do, but quirky as hell! XD)
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  8. Lisa took a breath. "Okay" She whispered as she reached for the door handle "Here I go". She walked into a room filled with bookcases as far as the eye can see.

    "A library" She thought. Just then a man approaches Lisa "Greetings Challenger" He said "Welcome to the Nacrene Gym. I would be your guide today."

    "Thank you." She replied "It's a pleasure to be here. Um, how do I .."

    "Oh the puzzle is quite simple Miss." The guide said "Five books in the library contain a memo with a question written on it. The answer will lead you to another and so on until you find all five."

    "Oh that seems easy enough"

    "And before I forget, Miss Lenora use normal type Pokemon"

    "Normal types, Great." She thought At that moment, Lisa headed to the nearest bookcase "Well, I better get started"

    *10 minutes later*

    "OK Challenger,You may now proceed" Lisa closed the door behind her and started to walked down the staircase "OK" She said "Maybe that wasn't as easy I thought" As walked down the steps,Lisa started to hear voices. The closer she got to the area, the louder the voices. She got down to a door that had a sigh that said "Area" On top. Lisa opened the opened the door only to have found who the voices belonged to:Lenora ,The woman from earlier and a male trainer she didn't recognize engaged in a Pokemon battle. Once there Lisa sat down on the bleachers and watched while she thought up a plan for her gym battle .
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  9. Relic Castle, Abyssal Ruins, Dragonspiral Tower, Celestial Tower...Grace repeated the names in her head over and over and over, mulling over everything she knew about the locations in an attempt to find the similarities. Other than being castles or towers of worship and respect, there wasn't really much to connect any of them together...was there really nothing notable about them as a whole? No, that couldn't be it. The ancient Unovans built those structures for a reason, and Grace was determined to get to the bottom of it.

    She looked down at her map of Unova again, repeating the names as loudly as she could in her mind in an attempt to drown out the noise of the still large crowd. She gave up after a few minutes, knowing that there was no way she'd be able to make progress with all of this commotion. In any case, the only way to solve this puzzle would be for someone to go check everything out. Packing her map back into her backpack and carrying her sand crocodile once more, Grace left the bench and waded through the crowd, a bit easier this time now that the crowd had lessened a bit.

    As she made her way towards the library, her gaze shifted to the large relic tablet. Just what was this thing? As Grace narrowly avoided colliding into someone, she overheard part of a nearby conversation, "...so we can email Dr. Dawson and upload the pictures Herbert took, that's all."

    'Dr. Dawson?' she thought. Why did that name sound familiar? He or she was probably an archaeologist she saw in a book or magazine.

    Near the entrance to the library was a tall, thin man in a labcoat with glasses and thin, brown hair. It was Lenora's husband and assistant museum director, Hawes. "Hello, Hawes! Do you know where Lenora is? I was hoping to talk to her about the tablet."

    "She's down in the Gym at the moment," he responded. "You might be able to catch her between challenges."

    "Thanks!" Grace headed into the library and down the secret staircase that led to the Gym arena. Lenora required challenging Trainers to complete a test involving her library, the end of which led to the hidden staircase. Lenora was currently challenging a Trainer with an Oshawott, and it looked like the battle had just started. It was probably best to wait until the battle was over, so Grace took a seat in the bleachers a little ways away from where another girl was sitting. She put Korriban down and once more pulled out her map, hoping a Pokemon battle would be a bit quieter than the noisy museum.
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    The little Mankey accepted the berry with a happy, pig-like squeal, and quickly ate the entire thing down to the stem and leaves at the top. He returned the head-pat and began hopping up and down in excitement at having found a new friend.

    Hearing the small commotion at her feet, Amity turned and knelt to be on the Pokemons' level. "Have you found a new friend zere?" she asked Peter, receiving an excited hop and a squeal in reply. "Well, it is nice to meet you, little one!" she told the Mienfoo, petting it on the head.
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    Kelvin huffed as he scanned the crowd for any sign of his Pokemon, which was rather hard for some reason. It wasn't that she didn't stick out, but rather she was so short the trainer found himself crawling around on the floor to better his chances of finding her without hurting his back. Occasionally, a flash of red and yellow would catch his eyes, only to turn out to be some kind of a backpack or a pair of shoes or something. When he finally found the Mienfoo near the restoration center, he quickly got up and ran towards her.

    "There you are, Joule! I told you not to go running off by yourself all the time," Kelvin said when he reached the Pokemon. Joule looked back and waved at her trainer happily, making him roll his eyes. He quickly realized that Joule's muzzle was covered in berry juice and, apparently, the Mankey next to her as well. "Well, I suppose you've made a friend, anyways," he said with a sigh.

    Turning to who he supposed was the Mankey's trainer, Kelvin scratched his head embarrassedly. "Sorry about that, my Mienfoo gets bored easily and ran off without me realizing. I hope she hasn't been causing any trouble for you, miss." Joule let out an huff of feigned annoyance at that, and Kelvin grinned back at the Pokemon before picking her up.

    "I'm Kelvin, by the way. It's nice to meet you."
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    "Oh goodness, no, she is no problem," Amity told the other trainer, whose name was Kelvin, "I am Amity, I'm new to Unova, I am actually here to..."

    As she began to explain, the attendant returned from the room where they kept the revival machine, holding a single, standard Poke Ball. "Congratulations, we were able to revive your Jaw Fossil into a little Tyrunt!" the attendant told her, holding out the Poke Ball for Amity to take.

    "Oh, zat is wonderful thank you!" Amity exclaimed, taking the ball excitedly, "a new member of my team... Oh, my apologies! As I was going to say, I am here to challenge ze Gym Leader here, do you happen to know where I should go for zis?"
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    Kelvin looked at the Pokeball that was offered to the girl, who had introduced herself as Zoey. He could tell immediately that she was a foreigner once she began speaking, though she confirmed it a little later. Before he could recall what kind of an accent she had, though, an attendant had appeared to give Zoey what was apparently her newly-revived Tyrunt. An interesting choice of Pokemon for a girl, he thought to himself.

    "Well, Zoey, the entrance to the gym is towards the back of the museum over there," he said as he pointed at a a pair of doors. "I think I heard about taking a test of some sort before you challenge her?" Kelvin shrugged. "I haven't really bothered with the gym challenge myself, so I'm not too sure about the specifics. I can show you there if you want, though; I want to speak with Lenora about the new exhibit."
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    “Alright! Show me what you’ve learned!” Lenora shouted throwing her first Pokéball. Emerging was a small puppy with dark brown fur covering most of its body, thick bushy cream colored fur on its face, and a dark blue patch going down its back. Shiro tensed up at the sight of the Lillipup for this Pokémon wiped the floor with Mizuki and Kisaru last time.

    “If you’re starting with your best, then so will I! Let’s go Mizuki!” Shiro called sending out his Oshawott. This was not last time! This time Shiro knew what to expect and had prepared accordingly. This time Mizuki and Kisaru were stronger. This time he had Simon to back them up. This time he would win!

    “Start the match with Leer Lillipup!” the Gym Leader instructed. Lillipup spread its front legs and lowered its face taking on an intimidating stance while glaring menacingly at Mizuki.

    “Keep your distance and use Water Gun Mizuki!” Shiro called. He knew Lenora was trying to lower Mizuki’s Defense but that would be useless if she couldn’t get a hit in. The Sea Otter Pokémon opened her mouth and sprayed a stream of water at the canine. Lillipup yelped from the impact but bounced back easily.

    “That’s a good strategy Shiro, but how do you plan for Mizuki to keep her distance from a faster opponent?” Lenora complemented with an encouraging smile. “Lillipup, use Take Down!” The canine charged at Mizuki tackling her hard in the Scalchop. Mizuki was pushed back but Lillipup took some damage of its own.

    “Well if you’re going to be in close range then this is my plan! Use Tail Whip!” commanded Shiro. Mizuki spun her body smacking the Puppy Pokémon in the face causing it to yelp from the sting. Adding insult to injury, Mizuki was unknowingly slapping a light bruise left by Take Down. “Now while Lillipup is off guard, hit it with Tackle!” the young Trainer followed up. The Oshawott did as she was told and slammed her shoulder into Lillipup.

    “Use Return!” Lenora called quickly. Lillipup delivered a powerful tackle to Mizuki using its love for Lenora as its strength. The otter gave a cry as she was thrown to the floor.

    “Mizuki!” Shiro called with worry. The Oshawott weakly got to her feet using her Scalchop as a crutch to help her get up. As she rose, a brilliant blue aura began to flow around her like water. Torrent had been activated. She replaced her Scalchop anxiously awaiting her Trainer’s next order. “Alright Mizuki, let’s make this one count! Water Gun!” he commanded.

    “Dodge and use Bite!” the Gym Leader countered as Mizuki opened her mouth wide releasing a gushing deluge. The canine jumped right only getting lightly splashed by the attack, then charged at the Oshawott and sank its teeth into her arm causing her to scream.

    “Another Water Gun!” Shiro persisted. At such close range, Lillipup had nowhere to go before getting blasted by the powered up Water Gun.

    “Thank you Lillipup. You fought well. Take a rest now.” Lenora said gently as she returned her Pokémon to its ball. “I see you’ve gotten better Shiro. Good for you!” Lenora complemented enthusiastically.

    “Thanks. I don’t like losing, so I wouldn’t have come back here if I didn’t think my Pokémon could win this time.” Shiro said.

    “Big words. I hope you can back them up!” Lenora warned readying her last Pokéball. “It’s your turn Patrat! Finish Mizuki off with Retaliate!” Appearing from the thrown sphere was a small bipedal rodent with short brown fur, a stiff tail with a fluffy white tip, and crazy looking eyes. The Scout Pokémon immediately dashed towards Mizuki with a glowing white fist and punched her hard in the face causing her to cry out as she fell to the floor. The aura of her Torrent dissipated indicating she was unconscious.

    “Good job Mizuki.” Shiro said with a sigh as he called her back. He knew Lillipup had Retaliate but Patrat having it too was a surprise. Still, he had two Pokémon left to her one. “Your turn Simon!” he called sending out his newest Pokémon. The Drilbur emerged flexing his long claws ready for battle.

    “Oh! This one is new!” said the Gym Leader in amazement. It made her excited when returning Trainers had not only improved, but brought new Pokémon to the table because that meant they would have needed to develop new strategies as well.

    “Yup. I caught him this morning.” Shiro said. To this Lenora felt concerned. In her experiences, fresh catches didn’t usually fare well in Gym Battles since they lacked training. Even so, she had lost to newly caught Pokémon in the past but only on rare occasions.

    “I hope Simon can live up to expectations!” she cheered on. She chose not to voice her concern so as not to discourage her opponent. This could very well be one of those rare occasions after all.

    “Oh he will!” boasted Shiro confidently. “Attack with Rapid Spin Simon!” he called. Simon put his claws together and spun into Patrat like a drill.

    “While he’s in close, use Hypnosis Patrat!” countered the Gym Leader. Patrat stared deep into its opponent’s eyes, mesmerizing him until he fell soundly asleep.

    “Not this time!” Shiro took off his backpack and pulled a blue vial from it. He ran over to his Pokémon and pushed the nozzle of the bottle spraying its contents in Simon’s face instantly waking him up.

    “An Awakening! I’m so glad to see your preparation!” complemented Lenora.

    “I blame my loss last time on Kisaru sleeping. I’m not going through that again!” he vowed. “Now Simon! Use Mud-Slap!” The Mole Pokémon used his long claws like a shovel to scoop up some of the dirt making up the arena floor and flung it in Patrat’s face. The chipmunk turned its face away to protect its eyes taking light damage from the attack.

    “Use Leer Patrat!” the Gym Leader commanded. Patrat gave Simon a menacing stare causing him to drop his guard.

    “Dig before she can attack you!” Shiro called. The Drilbur tore at the Gym floor with his claws burrowing himself under the arena.

    “Now would be a good time to Bide your time Patrat.” Lenora told her Pokémon. Shiro cursed himself realizing he had walked right into her trap. With Simon underground he couldn’t order him to cancel the attack. All he could do was wait and pray that Simon would live through the retaliation. Simon emerged underneath Partrat striking it hard. The Scout Pokémon’s body took on a red glow as it violently slammed Simon with its tail knocking him to the ground. He tried to stand back up but collapsed from exhaustion.

    “Good try Simon.” Shiro said returning his Pokémon. He had hoped that Simon would have won, but the young Trainer could see that Patrat was looking pretty worn so Simon had done his job. “It’s all up to you now Kisaru!” he called sending out his last Pokémon. When the monkey emerged, he snarled at the Scout Pokémon remembering how he was put to sleep last time.

    “Patrat! Use Leer followed by Bite!” called Lenora.

    “Do the same Kisaru! Leer and Scratch!” countered Shiro. The two Pokémon glared at each other before running to the center of the field to gnaw and claw at each other. “You’ve got this Kisaru! Use Incinerate!” the young Trainer commanded. The High Temp Pokémon spat small flames at the chipmunk causing it to wince.

    “Blind Kisaru with Sand-Attack!” called the Gym Leader. Patrat kicked the floor getting dirt in the monkey’s eyes. He cried out and rubbed them trying to see his foe. “Now use Tackle!” she followed up. The chipmunk rammed into Kisaru. The Pansear took this opportunity to grab Patrat so that it couldn’t get away.

    “Good thinking Kisaru! Now finish it with Incinerate!” Shiro called triumphantly. Kisaru gladly did as told firing off more flames at point blank. He then released his grip allowing his fainted opponent to fall to the floor.

    Time seemed to stop for Shiro. Did he… Did he just beat a Gym Leader?! Shiro’s body trembled with joy. After a string of losses, this was his first major victory! Sure he had beaten a few other Trainers, but this was a Gym Leader!

    “YES!” he shouted ecstatically. Kisaru turned to his Trainer with a big smile and ran over to him. “Kisaru! You did it! We did it! We beat our first Gym Leader!” he cheered giving his Pokémon a hug. The monkey put his hand to his ear pretending he didn’t hear that. Shiro only laughed. “We beat Lenora, Kisaru!” he said louder to both play along with his Pokémon’s antics and because he could barely contain his emotions.

    “Congratulations Shiro. That was a well fought battle. You should be proud of your Pokémon.” Lenora said with a big smile of her own as she returned Patrat. The Trainer nodded unable to form words to express himself. He only wished Mizuki and Simon were conscious for this so he could hug them and thank them properly too. Lenora then pulled a small rectangular pin from the pocket on her apron. It was purple with gold trim around its perimeter and two golden stripes on each end. “You did an excellent job of analyzing your previous loss to me and using the knowledge to win this time. It is with great pleasure that I award you the Basic Badge as proof of your victory Siro Yukimura!”

    “Thanks!” he said accepting his badge. Even though he had bought a Badge Case which he kept in his backpack, Shiro pinned his new Badge to his shirt as a quiet way to brag about his accomplishment.

    “No need to thank me. It is your charming Pokémon and the way you’ve trained them that won you that Badge.” said Lenora sagely. “Now, I have another gift I’d like to give you in my desk drawer.” As she turned around she looked towards the stairway entrance to the Gym.

    “Well hello there!” she called out. Shiro turned to see two girls sitting on a bench by the wall. He had been so focused on his battle he didn’t notice them come in. Now Shiro was especially glad he hadn’t lost because it was one thing to lose when no one was around. It would just be humiliating to lose in front of a live audience. Shiro then blushed a little and rubbed the back of his head hoping his cheers of victory weren’t too embarrassing.

    “Is that you Grace?” asked Lenora in a friendly tone. She must have recognized one of the girls. “If you’re here to ask about the exhibit, please wait until I finish with my challengers.” she instructed. The Gym Leader then turned to the other girl. “Are you a challenger? Let me finish up with Shiro here and I’ll be right with you, ok?” Lenora then turned back to Shiro.

    “If you don’t mind waiting here with Grace, the one with the Sandile, I can give you the gift after I battle my other challenger. Besides, watching other Trainers battle is the next best way to learn after battling them yourself.” she suggested.

    “Uh… sure. I guess it couldn’t hurt.” he agreed although a bit confused. He walked up to the bench and sat next to a girl with black hair who had a small brown crocodile like creature on her lap that had black stripes and deep black eyes.

    “Come on down!” Lenora called to the other challenger waving her arm to beckon her to the arena.

    OOC: @cloveria1215: Lenora is an NPC so you can do with her what you need to write out your battle. @Shocari: While we wait for the others there is no reason Shiro and Grace can't strike up a conversation. @Tailon and @Kyubeon: Depending on who posts what when, you guys can either come down at the end of my battle or the start of Cloveria's.
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    "Ah, thank you," Amity told the young man who pointed her in the right direction, "Maybe if you are still here when I finish we can talk more, yes?" she said, then scurried away, giving a quick wave and heading through the indicated doors.

    Amity reached down and took Peter's paw, swinging him up onto her shoulder with practiced ease. Just as she arrived, a door on the opposite side of the room closed with a loud click, leaving her alone with the attendants. A man turned to look at the new arrival, and approached quickly, a wide, warm smile on his face.

    "We certainly have a lot of challengers today, don't we? I'll be your guide here at the Nacrene Gym today," the man told her, "The puzzle here is quite simple, you'll have to find five books which contain notes with questions on them, find a book with the answer to the previous book until you have five, and you'll be allowed to pass! Any questions?"

    "Yes, actually, what type of Pokemon does ze Gym Leader use?" Amity asked the man somewhat sheepishly.

    "Oh, Miss Lenora uses Normal type Pokemon. Anything else?"

    "No, thank you for your help sir." Amity told the man, giving a slight bow of her head. She then turned on her heel and went to work.


    17 minutes later, Amity had four books. The fourth question had been "What are the three Starter Pokemon for the Kanto region, and what are their evolutions?" Amity had known the answer instantly, as the three Kanto Starters were sometimes given as alternate Starters in Kalos, and had quickly found a Kanto Edition Trainer's Guide, which contained a note that simply read "Chain C Complete", which Amity took to mean that there were no further questions.

    Amity took the five books to the guide, who quickly checked them over and opened the door for her, "Congratulations miss, you may go ahead and challenge Lenora now, if someone's still in there ahead of you just take a seat in the bleachers, alright?" he said.

    "Thank you again," Amity said with a smile, and walked past him into a stairway, leading down to a door with a sign reading "Arena". She stepped through the doors, and realized a battle was only just starting. bemused, she sat down in the bleachers, putting Peter down so he could play a bit.
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  16. The battle between Lenora and her challenger was quite entertaining. It was rather back and forth for a while, but the challenger eventually prevailed. Lenora handed the Trainer...Shiro, or at least that's what Grace caught of his name, a Gym Badge as proof of his victory. She turned and looked over in Grace's direction.

    “Is that you, Grace?” Lenora called. “If you’re here to ask about the exhibit, please wait until I finish with my challengers.” She then turned her attention towards the girl sitting not far from Grace, “Are you a challenger? Let me finish up with Shiro here and I’ll be right with you, ok?” Lenora said a few things more to Shiro, who then headed towards the bleachers and sat down closeby.

    "Hey there!" she said, as bubbly she ever was. "Congrats on the victory, that was a fantastic battle! I had a pretty tough time with her when I battled here a few weeks ago. Might not have one if I hadn't remembered about my Pokemon's abilities!"

    Korriban looked up at Grace and gave a wide smile, his indication that some scratching under his chin was required. She did so for a few moments before she remembered...

    "OH! I'm sooo so sorry, I totally forgot to introduce myself! I'm Grace Alexander, and this little cutie is my Sandile, Korriban!"
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    Kelvin stood with his hand still extended, dumbstruck at how easily he had been pushed off and forgotten. Zoey's retreating figure had already disappeared among the crowd, and so he looked rather silly all by himself. It took Joule's giggling to snap him out of his stupor, making him stoop down to the Pokemon's height and gently flick her to make her shut up. "Come on, we have to find go and schedule that interview," he said. Joule saluted back at him, which made the trainer smile and pick her up.

    After putting the Mienfoo on his shoulder, Kelvin waded through the throng of people to get to the back to the gym. A guide approached him, but he held up the badge at the end of the lanyard he had around his neck that indicated he was a reporter. "Here with the Castelia Tribune, I hope you don't mind me making my way down to talk to her."

    "I'm sorry, but you'll have to schedule an interview with her back outside. She's currently busy battling other trainers, and-"

    "Joule, keep him busy, will ya?"

    The man looked at Kelvin curiously until the Mienfoo suddenly launched herself from his shoulder and latched on to the attendant's face. Not wanting to get caught by anyone else, Kelvin caught sight of Zoey going down a flight of stairs and ran after her. He knew he wasn't going to hear the end of this back at the offices, but eh, a job was a job. Besides, who had time to schedule things?

    When he reached the door into the arena, Kelvin quickly opened the door and looked around. He noted the other people in the room, one boy and several girls. Most of the others seemed to be around his age, though the boy was obviously rather young. From the look on his face, Kelvin guessed the kid had just won his first battle. Kelvin walked over to an empty spot towards the back of the bleachers and took out his laptop. Might as well work on things while he waited, he thought as he pulled up the internet and began browsing through the various websites he was following.
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    Grace was quick to greet Shiro as soon as he sat down. She energetically complemented him on his victory while explaining how she had also won a badge here recently. By the sounds of it, she also had a hard battle.

    “Thanks. Lenora is a pretty tough opponent.” he said cordially. Shiro was hesitant to admit that he had been here just last week and walked out empty handed after losing. Then again, he just won so maybe that loss didn’t count any more.

    “OH! I'm sooo so sorry, I totally forgot to introduce myself! I'm Grace Alexander, and this little cutie is my Sandile, Korriban!” she introduced apologetically.

    “I’m Shiro Yukimura.” he responded. “I’d introduce you to my Pokémon as well, but they’re pretty tired after that battle. So how many badges do you have? The Basic Badge is my first.”

    While the two talked, Shiro noticed two more people enter the arena. One was a girl with short golden blonde hair wearing a fancy hat and carrying a small Pokémon with coarse white fur and long limbs. It was a species Shiro didn’t recognize. The other visitor, coming in a few moments later, was a guy with dirty blonde hair tied in a small ponytail and dressed like a rock star. As soon as he sat down he pulled out a laptop and seemed uninterested in the battle getting ready to start.

    “Looks like Lenora is going to have a busy day. You might be here a while Grace.” Shiro pointed out.
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  19. (OOC : Everyone, I'm sorry that this took so long to post. this is my first time writing a pokemon battle so forgive me if it sounds awkward.)


    "Me!" Lisa gets up from her set and walks to the gym leader.

    "Alright, Little Lady. State your name, your hometown, and how many badges you have."

    I'm Lisa Wickford from Driftveil City and I have three badges"

    "O.K." Lenora walk over to a case and takes out three pokeballs. While waiting, the black hair trainer noticed several girls and two boys. She recognize one the boys as the challenger from earlier. "Um wow." she thought. "Looks like I'm gonna have an audience."

    A few moments later...

    "This battle is between Lenora,The leader of Nacrene City Gym and Lisa from Driftveil City" The Referee announces" "And begin"

    "Go Herider" Lenora sends out A light brown Scottish terrier with a impressive mustache and dark blue fur on it's back.

    Lisa pulls out a pokeball from her bag and flings across the area "Remilla, come to the stage". A pinkish purple scorpion with teal wings comes out.

    "Herider,use Shadow ball" A black ball of energy forms at the terrier's mouth fires at the scorpion

    "Remilla, Dodge and follow up with Aerobatics" The Gligar casualty steps out of the way and start flying at breakneck speeds and slams into Herider multiple times.

    "Herider Round" The Loyal Dog pokemon let's out a high pitched bark that forms red rings . Remila covers her ears in pain while she drops out of the sky.

    Payback" The flyscropion weakly lifts her arms (or claws) above her head. a ring forms around her body then she throws the ring at Herider, Knocking it out.

    "Heirder is unable to battle" The Official announces "Remilla is the winner"

    "Good job, Remi." The Gligar flies into her trainer's arms and receives a big hug. "Are you sure you're up for another round?" Remila responds with a weak nod "O.k." the scorpion glides back to area

    "Lopunny go!" out emerges a brown bipedal rabbit with cream colored fur on it's ears, wrists, and legs.

    "Woah" Lisa whips out her Pokedex "What is that?"

    "Lopunny, The Rabbit Pokemon." The machine said " This Pokemon is Extremely cautious It quickly bounds off when it senses danger"

    "Hmm looks harmless" said Lisa "Remi use Poison Jab." The flying scipon craw turns purple and charges at the rabbit. As soon as it makes contact, Remilla starts blushing and has hearts in her eyes.

    "Cute Charm" Lisa lets out large sight "Shit"

    "Ice bream" Light blue energy ball from in Lopunny's hand then he fires at point blank range, encasing Remila in ice.

    "Remilla is unable to battle" The Official announces "Lopunny is the Winner"

    "Remila" cried Lisa she calls the scripon back into her pokeball "Get some rest my vampress. Okay knows Ice Beam and has Cute Charm that only leaves me one option." Lisa takes out another pokeball out of her bag "Reese Spotlight". A bipedal blue otter with two scallop on both of his thighs appears.

    " A Dewott another interesting choice Lopuuny bounce" The Lopunny springs up in the air.

    "Reese Razor Shell" The otter grabs the shells from his sides and crosses his arms. A blue aura appears around the shells and forms into curve blades . Reese leaps up and repeatedly slashes Lopunny.

    "Lopunny, Retaliate" The rabbit delivers a right hook using his ear. The impact send the otter flying back he does a back-flip and makes a three point landing.

    "We almost got him Reese, X-Scissor" The otter shells sets start glowing light as Reese charges at his opponent.

    "Grass Knot" Lopunny's eyes turn green and a patch of grass appears under Reese's feet. Two blades of grass wraps around Reese's ankle, making him fall flat on his face.

    "Reese" cried Lisa "Get up" The Dewott doesn't respond' Lisa calls him back into his pokeball "Alright," she said " Time to get serious. Go Rin !" A blue bipedal beetle appears.

    "Ah now you bring out the big guns, no matter. Lopunny, Jump kick!"

    "Counter" An orange aura emits from Heracross as she stands completely still. When Lopunny delivers his kick the recoil sends him flying across the gym. "Brick break" Rin's fist glows as she closes in on Lopunny and punches him in the jaw. Knocking him out

    "Lopunny is unable to battle " The Ref announced "Rin is the Winner"

    "Finally, nice job Rin." Rin gives wink and a thumbs up

    "You're up Watchog" A brown meerkat with stripes on chest and tail with his arms cross appears

    "Yes" 'Lisa though "That badge is as good as mine"

    "Watchog Superfang" the meerkat tooth grows larger and glows white as his tries to close in on Rin.

    "Rin,Close Combat" Rin flies to Watchog and bombards him with punches and kicks "Okay, Finish him off with Aerial Ace" The Heracross' body becomes engulf in white light as she flies at mach speed. Rin vanishes before slamming into Watchog. The impact cause a huge dust cloud. A minute fell like eternalty as it dissipates. The dust reveal Watchog slump up against the gym wall.

    "Lenora is unable to battle" The official said "The winner is Lisa From Driftveil City"

    Lisa screams at top of lungs. Her equally ecstatic Heracross glides to her and gives big hug."Rin, For your very first gym battle you did an amazing job" said Lisa trying to hold back her tears. "I'm so proud of you"

    Lenora walks over Lisa " On behalf of the Narcane City gym. I congratulate you" Take this as your token of victory. Lerona hands Lisa and a small metal pin resembling a book spine and a disc.

    "Thank You so much It was an incredible honor to battle you, but what's this TM for?" Lisa asked

    "You will find out in due time, Little Lady" Lenora replies

    "Um Ok" said Lisa "Come on Rin let's go back to our seat"
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    As the previous girl returned to her seat, Lenora called out, "Next!" and Amity sprang to her feet, swinging Peter up to her shoulder from the seat beside her.

    Amity quickly made her way to the battlefield, "Good morning! My name is Amity Victore, I am from Geosenge Town in ze Kalos region," Amity greeted Lenora excitedly.

    "Alright Amity, and how many badges do you have?" Lenora asked in return."I do not have any badges from the Unova region, but I do have a single badge from the Kalos Pokemon League," Amity explained, "I would prefer to battle a One-badge team, if that is acceptable."

    "I don't see why not," Lenora replied, smiling as she retrieved a pair of standard Poke Balls, and threw the first onto the field, calling out, "Go, Watchog!"

    The ball bounced once before exploding into white light, leaving behind a bipedal, meerkat-like creature, roughly four feet tall. Another Watchog, different from the one used in the previous battle.

    Amity returned the Gym Leader's smile, taking a Poke Ball from her belt and tossing it forward. The familiar white light burst forward in midair, coagulating finally into a small, green, lizardsnake with a large leaf adorning the end of its tail, the famous Grass starter of the Unova region, a Snivy.

    "Alright then. Watchog, start with Super Fang!" Lenora called to her Pokemon, which launched itself at the little snake, its jaws open wide as its large incisors glowed brightly, sharpening instantly to a point.

    "Sarah, I need you to cooperate today, counter them with Leaf Tornado!" Amity ordered. The little Grass Snake huffed at the idea, leaping out of the way on her own accord, and lashed out not with Leaf Tornado, but Vine Whip, smacking her opponent twice and generally leaving the Watchog seemingly unbothered.

    "Sand Attack, then Bite, Watchog!" Lenora ordered, and Watchog dug its front paw into the ground, launching forward a burst of sand in an attempt to disorient Snivy. Sarah, however was completely unaffected, though no one would notice as Watchog burst through the cloud of sand and summoned a large pair of jaws made of dark energy, which mimicked its bite and clamped down around the Grass Snake's midsection, dropping her unconscious onto the floor as the jaw reopened.

    "I had really hoped she would do better..." Amity muttered to herself as Sarah returned to her ball, and she instead reached to her shoulder, "Peter, you will have to go next," she told the Mankey as she took his paw and swung him underhand in a smooth motion, tossing him onto the field with a small backflip, "Begin with Fury Swipes!" she commanded, and Peter complied leaping forward at high speed as his paws and feet glowed, forming sharp claws. He swiped at the Watchog several times, managing to land three hits before it retaliated with a Tackle.

    "Use Super Fang, Watchog!" Lenora called, and it did, its teeth again sharpening themselves as Watchog attempted to bite down on Peter's arm.

    "Peter, use Counter!" Amity shouted, and Peter slipped away at the last possible moment, moving in a blur to slam the same arm that would have been bitten into the side of Watchog's head, knocking it out.

    "Very good," Lenora said from across the field, recalling Watchog, "I'm impressed by your Mankey's strength! But I fear he'll have a bit more trouble with Rufflet!" As she called the Pokemon's name she tossed the second Poke Ball, releasing a small, fluffy Eaglet Pokemon onto the field. "Start with Peck and Wing Attack, Rufflet!" Lenora told the little Pokemon, which flapped a few times to climb into the air before diving, hurtling toward Peter with wings and beak aglow, slamming into him with pinpoint accuracy.

    The attacks weren't massively powerful for a Flying type, but they hit Peter harder than most, and he had taken some measure of damage from the Super Fang, though he hadn't shown it, and as the bird impacted, he was blasted back off of the field, out cold.

    Amity recalled the Pig Monkey, and realized she only had one Pokemon left. Reluctantly, she took her last Poke Ball from her belt, and looked it over, hesitating a bit before finally tossing it forward, saying "Very well go...Tyrunt?"

    Out of the ball burst something altogether different than the battle's previous combatants. It was shaped something like a bird with tiny arms, very few feathers, and a long tail, and its head and jaws were enormous. The prehistoric Pokemon seemed quite calm for a creature that had last been alive some 100 million years prior.

    "Tyrunt, use...eh, Bite?" Amity said hesitatingly, unsure if the Pokemon would understand her at all. The Royal Heir looked at the bird that was its opponent, for a moment, seemingly sizing it up, then quite suddenly leapt forward, slamming its entire body against the bird and knocking it out of the air before it could react. As they both landed, the prehistoric Pokemon opened its massive jaws, creating a pair of dark jaws much larger than those of Watchog, which slammed shut around Rufflet, knocking it out cold. Amity recalled Tyrunt as the jaws dissipated, a bit frightened by the ruthless, predatory efficiency with which it had defeated its opponent.

    Lenora seemed to be put-off slightly, but quickly hid it well, recalling the Eaglet Pokemon and walking across the battlefield. "Congratulations Amity, your Pokemon are pretty strong!" Lenora told her, reaching into her apron to retrieve another Basic Badge, "I hereby award you this Basic Badge, and my personal favorite TM."

    "Thank you, very much!" Amity said, almost snatching the badge and the disc away in her excitement, "It was an honor to battle with you." Amity gave an awkward curtsy/bowing motion due to her hands being taken up holding the Basic Badge in front of her face, and scurried away back to the bleachers.
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    Shiro watched the next two battles in excitement. He caught the first challenger’s name to be Lisa who was definitely way above Shiro’s level having a fast-paced battle that was a little difficult to follow to his novice eye. Sure he had watched battles on TV all the time, but those didn’t compare to watching a battle live! One thing that definitely caught his interest was the Pokémon Lisa called Reese. Its color, its size and shape, those Scalchops by its side. There was no mistake. That was the evolved form of Oshawott. One day Mizuki would look just like that and be just as powerful hopefully.

    The second battle was with the blonde that came in shortly after he finished up. The girl, Amity, issued a One Badge challenge meaning she was also more experienced than he was. Of the three Pokémon she used, Shiro only recognized Snivy as it was one of the choices for Unova's Starters. The other two were completely unknown to him and weren’t even recognized by his Pokédex. Shiro was also fascinated by Lenora’s Rufflet. For such a small Pokémon, it sure packed a punch. He made a mental note to catch one someday.

    Shiro noticed that after both girls won Lenora gave them their Badge and a small white disc, something he didn’t obtain. Could it be some special thing only people with two badges get? Then again, Lenora did say she would give him a gift after she finished with the other challengers.

    “Excuse me, Lenora?” he called down to her deciding to clear things up. “What are those discs you gave out?”

    “Hm?” Lenora wondered slightly confused. “Oh right! I am so sorry Shiro! Come on down here so I can give you one too.” she apologized. The Gym Leader only had two TMs in her apron at the time and so intended to give each challenger one after all the battles were done. However she ended up getting so into the battles that she completely forgot and handed them out anyway out of habit. Lenora walked over to her desk, opened a drawer, and took out another six discs. She stashed five in her apron for future challengers and handed Shiro the last one.

    “This is Unova TM67 which teaches Retaliate. I don’t think I need to explain what that move does.” she said cheerfully.

    “No, I’ve got a pretty good idea of how Retaliate works.” Shiro said. “But what do I do with this?” he asked.

    “That is up to you. It is more fun if you have figure out answers for yourself sometimes.” said Lenora sagely.

    Out of the corner of her eye, Lenora noticed she had a new email on the screen of her computer from a colleague of hers. She took one more look around the room to make sure all of her challenges were done before checking her mail. Of the five people in the room, four had already won their Basic Badges and were still around either to watch battles or to talk with her. The fifth person had his nose buried in his laptop. Lenora was about to call to him to see if he was looking for a battle only to realize she recognized him and the Mienfoo dancing at his feet. During her speech he had been crouching just two meters in front of her taking vigorous notes while his Pokémon snapped photos. Lenora shook her head deciding that she would have to have a talk with the attendants upstairs about letting reporters in during Gym hours.

    “Excuse me for a moment.” Lenora said apologetically to everyone. She sat down at her desk and pulled up the email.


    First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to attend the grand opening of Ancient Unova. I am currently studying the ruins on the Menhir Trail just south of Geosenge Town, Kalos with my grad student, Amira Whitman. That said, five of my undergrad students were able to attend your presentation this morning and have sent me a full summary of your lecture along with pictures of the mural. Wow! This is an incredible find! I wish I could be there in person, not just for the significance of such an amazing discovery, but also because I feel like this has to do with an ancient text I possess that also dates to 2500 years ago. A particular line in that text when roughly translated reads “The keys to Unova’s treasure lie in the heavens.”
    Now I know it may sound presumptuous, but what if the “heavens” in this case refers to the four towers? Today we take tall buildings for granted. People build skyscrapers all the time and the taller ones are more for vanity than for any significant reasons. In ancient times however, tall structures had profound significance. To these people the four towers not only touched the sky from their perspective, but the map even designates them as such. Sun, Moon, Star, and Cloud. Each symbol represents the heavens! My hypothesis is that within Relic Castle, Celestial Tower, Abyssal Ruins, and Dragonspiral Tower is the treasure previously mentioned. The frequent plundering of Relic Castle should be testament to that. My students noted that each one was near a settlement so it is always possible that even though Unova was united at the time, it still maintained city states with the towers near the capitols.
    I know you are busy with your duties as a Gym Leader, but please talk to my students when you get a chance. I am sure they would love to hear more about your research on the mural and since they know my research, they may be able to help you as well. I would also like to have an in-depth discussion with you when I return in August. Perhaps we can get coffee at the Barefoot Barista. Until then, keep me updated on any progress you make on this!

    Helena Dawson
    History Department Director
    Opelucid University

    “This is incredible!” cheered Lenora enthusiastically.
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  22. Shiro took the compliment well, and added that he too thought Lenora was strong, as well as being his first badge victory. Not a bad way to start, really.

    "Lenora was the third Gym Leader I fought. I'm from Nimbasa, but I was in Castleia when I recieved my first Pokemon, so I had initially fought Burgh...it was pretty hard the first time around since I just had my Snivy. I actually managed to get to go to Virbank with my dad for a movie premiere that featured some of his archaelogical work. Turns out there's a Gym there, too, but they were also pretty tough for Snivy."

    Grace fondly patted her bag before continuing, "I did catch a Growlithe near there, though. He didn't have nearly as much trouble with Roxie, the Gym Leader there, and I got a badge in no time. I went back to Castleia and had a rematch with Burgh and won that time around handily. Then I came here to see the museum and heard about Lenora, so I challenged her. It was a pretty long match, but I eventually overcame her. You can imagine the long rest we took after that!"

    Well, that was a bit of unnecessary exposition. A simple "I fought Lenora for my third badge" would have sufficed. Maybe next time.

    "Looks like Lenora is going to have a busy day. You might be here a while, Grace." Shiro said. Sure enough, another challenger was preparing to face the Nacrene Gym Leader: the other girl from the bleachers. Talking to Lenora would have to wait.

    Her name was apparenly Lisa, and unlike Shiro's battle, this one went by rather fast. Grace quickly stood up when the battle was over and was about to head towards Lenora when another person came in and challenged her, prompting Grace to sit down once more. This girl's name was Zoey, and she used two Pokemon that Grace couldn't identify with her Pokedex. She made a note to ask her about them soon.

    Lenora had handed out her trademark technical machines to everyone after the battles, including Shiro whom she had forgotten to hand one to earlier, and then went to her desk to check something on her computer. Most likely an email of some sort. Whatever it was, it certainly lit up Lenora's face with glee.

    "This is incredible!" she cheered, giddy with excitement. It had to be something related to archaeology...perhaps the tablet? That would certainly be an opportune time to mention that now. Grace picked up Korriban and made her way over to Lenora.

    "What is it that's so exciting over here?" she chirped, rather curious herself.
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  23. Shiny Lyni

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    It didn’t take long for Kelvin’s laptop to die out on him, since he forgot to plug it in. Luckily for him, Joule seemed to have somehow made her way back to him unscathed, and he grinned down at the Mienfoo. “Good girl! You can have an extra Oran for dinner tonight.” The Mienfoo jumped up and down excitedly, and he couldn’t help but chuckled in amusement.

    Hearing Lenora’s excited voice, Kelvin immediately looked up. When he saw that she was reading an email, he deftly put his laptop away and dashed forward, pencil and notebook ready. Was it related to the exhibit outside? Perhaps he could get the special inside scoops! Joule seemed to be curious as well, as she had taken out his camera and was running forward with him.

    “What’s going on, Miss Lenora?” he asked somewhat obnoxiously. “Something about the mural? A new discovery? Please let us know!”
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    “What is it that’s so exciting over here?” inquired Grace coming over to Lenora’s desk.

    “Grace! I just got a wonderful new hypothesis from one of my colleagues!” Lenora cheered ecstatically, eager to share the idea. “Have I ever introduced you to Dr. Helena Dawson before? Well anyway--”

    “What’s going on, Miss Lenora?” interrupted the journalist rushing up like a Mandibuzz on a Sawsbuck carcass with his pen and paper ready. Yup. The Gym Attendants will definitely be getting a stern lecture later. “Something about the mural? A new discovery? Please let us know!”

    “As I was saying,” she continued. Lenora wasn’t going to leave Grace hanging after how patient she had been and since the reporter was already here she might as well give him his story. The spread of information was more important to her than how it got spread so long as the information remained accurate.

    She relayed the contents of the email to the five Trainers present, explaining how Dr. Dawson’s students had attended her lecture this morning, how they noticed the proximity of the towers to ancient settlements, and how Dr. Dawson believes the towers hold treasure noting the symbolism emblazoned on them on the tablet.

    “I am really tempted to take off and explore those towers but unfortunately being a Gym Leader is a full time job and the summer months tend to be the busiest season.” Lenora lamented. “But hey, if ya’ll want to talk with those OU students, I’m sure they’ll be willing to further explain their ideas. Dr. Dawson said they were waiting for me so I’m sure they’re still here.”

    Shiro listened to every word the Gym Leader spoke. It had only been a coincidence that he stumbled into the Gym on the day of the greatest archeological find of the century and yet it was for that very reason he was so fascinated by it. Now it sounded as if those ruins could contain treasure! If possible, he’d like to explore those ruins too. He still had a better chance than Lenora did at any rate. Maybe when his Pokémon were strong enough to traverse the Route 4 desert he could check out Desert Resort. He doubted anyone could get into Dragonspiral Tower since, according to what he learned today, that tower has been sealed for around three millennia.

    “I think I will talk to them.” Shiro said, unable to shake his curiosity. “I’ve taken a lot of interest on this subject and I’d like to learn as much as I can on it.”

    “I’m glad to hear that Shiro!” said Lenora feeling proud of herself for creating another history buff. “And the rest of you?” she asked the others. Knowing Grace, she was probably ready to fly back up those stairs if she didn’t have any more questions for her and that journalist would probably chase a story no matter where it led. She felt kind of bad sending him towards those unsuspecting students.

    To pass the time while they waited for Lenora to finish her Gym duties, the students went about amusing themselves. Steven played with a Rubik’s Cube that he had solved before but this time he was trying to invert the sides. Joel sat with his headphones in with the music cranked up so loud those around him could hear the song he was listening to. He had no idea what was going on around him unless someone stood right in front of him or tapped his shoulder. Herbert had quietly wandered off to look at the rest of the exhibits in the museum since he hadn’t been to there in a while. Of course he took his camera with him to get a ton of pictures.

    “Back.” Marie said returning to the group. She had gone up to the library to find out how many Trainers were still taking the entry test and how many were in the arena. “Three Trainers have gone to challenge Lenora and another ten are still taking the test. It’s pretty crowded up there.” she reported.

    “Any cute girls up there at least?” Daniel asked. Marie replied with a death glare. “Fine.” he conceded going back to his laptop where he was playing games. “Oh?” he said noticing a reply for Dr. Dawson. “Hey guys!” he called.

    As soon as Steven noticed what the commotion was about, he pulled the headphones out of Herbert’s ears to get his attention. The four students crowded around to read the email.


    Thank you for passing this on to me. After careful consideration, I have a feeling the Ancient Unova exhibit relates to what we were discussing in class at the end of Spring Semester. I have asked Lenora to talk to you when she finishes up today. I am sure you all will learn a lot from each other. When I return from Kalos we can look at this more closely. We may not be able to unravel all of the mysteries, but I think we can get a better understanding if we collaborate with the Nacrene Museum. Keep up the good work everyone!

    Helena Dawson
    History Department Director
    Opelucid University

    “I’ll go find Herbert.” Steven volunteered getting up.

    “I saw him by the Medieval Warfare exhibit on my way back from the Gym.” Marie informed. She doubted he was still there, but it was a good starting point.

    “Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Joel with a mischievous grin. Marie returned the smirk.

    “You’re suggesting we explore those towers ourselves aren’t you?” she surmised. At least she hoped that’s what he was insinuating. Marie loved adventure and this would be a really good one! Joel nodded in response with his grin getting even wider.

    “We are so doing this!” Daniel concurred with a fist pump.

    (OOC: Time to get this plot moving already! D:<)
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  25. Lisa lets out a squee at the thought of going on an archaeologic "This is a dream isn't it?" she thought "I feel like I'm gonna wake up any second now"

    "Ah Lisa," said Lerona "Something tells me you're on board"

    "Are you kidding" she replies as she stand up from her sit "I always wanted to go on an archaeologic dig ever since I was little kid"

    "So, do you have any questions?"

    "Yeah. When can I start?"
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  26. Tailon

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    Amity raised her glasses up her nose by the right temple, thinking over the Gym Leader's proposition.

    "Adventure and discovery with our Pokemon," Amity said mostly to herself, "zis is why we become Pokemon trainers, non?"

    "I take it you'll be taking part as well then, Amity," Lenora asked.

    "As long as it does not interfere with my collecting the Unova League's badges, I do not see why not," she replied, "After all, if I am to prove myself worthy of ze Unova League, I should explore this region's secrets as well."
  27. So Grace was right after all! All of those locations - especially the ruins in the Desert Resort - had seemed too scary for Grace to explore even if she had a fully trained team with her, but in a group, it didn't seem like it would be that bad of an idea! At any rate, it would give her something exciting to do besides just train and train and train for Gym battles.

    "Sign me up, Lenora! I'm a hundred and ten...no, two hundred percent fired up and ready to go!" she exclaimed, not even trying to hold back her overflowing excitement.

    Lenora chuckled, and pretty much all of the other Trainers here showed interest in going, too. And some of them were also interested in archaeology? Could you say "best trip around Unova ever"?!

    "Okay so, I'm actually pretty familiar with Route 4 and the surrounding areas, so I'd be more than happy to show you guys around! But um...what exactly are we supposed to be even looking for around there?"
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    Kelvin meticulously wrote down what he could while Joule took a few snapshots with his camera. He knew none of these photos were going to end up being used for the article, but he wasn't going to stop his Pokemon. She seemed to really enjoy being his cameramon for whatever reason, and he didn't want to take that away from her.

    As he wrote, Kelvin was aware of the others around him eagerly agreeing to partake in the investigation of the towers. It seemed like Kelvin was the only one left who hadn't responded; while everyone else seemed to be hyped for exploration and whatnot, Kelvin more felt like he had a duty to fulfill. Was he excited? Hell yes. Exploration, ancient ruins, sign him up any day. But still, he had a job to do despite all the fun stuff going on. Plus, he could probably make a good impression on his boss if he went and followed everything to the end.

    "Yeah, sure, why not? More people, more insight, more quotes, and a better story to tell. I'm all up for it!" he said with a grin.
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    Such enthusiasm! Lenora couldn’t help admire the adventurous spirit of these young people. The level of curiosity this generation showed was refreshing.

    “I am so pleased to see how eager the five of you are to explore!” praised the Gym Leader. “I know most of you are on a Badge Quest, so by no means do you have to devote all of your time and energy to studying those ruins. This is purely voluntary on your part so go at your leisure. Although, I implore you to talk with the OU students upstairs before going on this adventure since they seem to have a better idea of what they’re looking at. Grace, you have my personal contact information so please keep me in the loop of anything you discover, no matter how major or minor the finding. I wish all of you the best of luck.”

    Shiro thanked Lenora once again for the battle and for her parting advice. He and the other four went upstairs to the library then back out into the museum proper which was still just as crowded as it was this morning. Shiro scratched his head wondering how they were supposed to find a group of people they’d never met in this crowd. It was the metaphorical finding a Sudowoodo in a forest.

    “Do you guys think we should check Ancient Unova first? It seems to be the most likely place to find those students.” suggested Shiro. The others seemed to be in agreement with the idea so the group pushed their way through the crowd trying their best to stay together. The cluster of people only seemed to get thicker the closer they got to the exhibit hall in the east wing. Clearly everyone wanted to see the tablet in all of its glory. Shiro hoped finding those students wouldn’t be a waste of time.

    Standing in front of the mural was a man with two little kids with him. Obviously not them. There were also a boy and a girl about college age holding hands. That could be them, but the couple didn’t have backpacks to carry a laptop. Lenora said the students emailed Dr. Dawson so unless the computer was in an Item Ball Shiro would have to rule them out too.

    “…Dr. Dawson yet, but after talking to Lenora, we plan on checking out the towers ourselves.” Shiro heard an energetic male voice say over the white noise of the other conversations. He quickly turned his head trying to pinpoint the location. They were close, but where? That’s when he noticed a group of five people crowded around a bench. A boy with a laptop and a girl were sitting while three other boys were standing around them. They looked the right age.

    “Hey guys!” Shiro called getting the attention of the rest of his group. He pointed to who he hoped were the students before wading past a few people to get to them.

    “Excuse me.” he said to get their attention. “Are you guys the Opelucid University students?” he inquired.

    “Yes we are, but how did you know about us?” asked the boy with the laptop. He had short light-brown hair gently swept to one side, brown eyes and wore a dark red t-shirt with a large black Pokeball design on the front, black shorts, and sandals.

    “We just came from battling and talking to Lenora. She said if we wanted to know more about the mural, we should consult you since she said you studied something similar.” Shiro explained.

    “Yes we have!” the boy said setting his computer to the side and jumping up as if ready to tell a grand story. “Dr. Dawson teaches a class called The Foundation of Unova which focuses on everything we know about the moment hunter-gatherers started to settle along Unova’s rivers all the way up to the union of the warring tribes and city-states under the twin heroes. In our final unit, along with the mythological aspect of a god-like dragon being split into Reshiram and Zekrom, we also talked about a hotly contested hypothesis that had no substantial proof until now. That being the reason behind the construction of what we know today as Relic Castle. Most scholars will say ‘Oh it was built in the capital of the newly formed Unova, of course they’d want a tall tower.’ But why? Religious reasons? Politics? Or to hide treasure?” the boy explained fervently. Shiro wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination, but he seemed to be directing most of his attention to Grace, Amity, and Lisa.

    “Get to the point already Daniel.” scolded the girl.

    “Shhh. Let me do my thing Marie. I have to make it exciting for them.” Daniel attempted to quell. Marie crossed her arms in protest but stayed quiet to let Daniel continue while the other three boys watched; the blonde with a look of amusement and the other two showing no expressions at all.

    “Lenora did say you guys figured treasure was in the four towers.” Shiro recalled. Daniel gave a defeated sigh.

    “You gave away my dramatic ending.” he lamented.

    “Looks like these kids are well informed.” teased Marie. “Just now we decided that with so much mystery surrounding the map, we were going to explore the Relic Passage where it was first found for clues after discussing the topic with Lenora.” she told Shiro’s group.

    “So you were planning on exploring the towers too?” asked Shiro.

    “Uh oh! Looks like we have some rivals and Marie just told them what our plan of action was.” the blonde said playfully to the others.

    “It’s alright Joel. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. If they are going to be ‘rivals’ like you say, we should at least tell them our names.”

    “Right! I’m Joel Charrington. Pleasure to meet you!” Joel introduced with a big smile.

    “Daniel Mercer is the name!” he said pointing his thumb at his chest.

    “My name is Steven. Steven Reilly.” the boy in the green hoodie introduced.

    “Herbert Jacobs.” introduced the last boy quietly.

    “And I’m Marie Atkins.” she rounded off.

    “Our turn I guess. I’m Shiro Yukimura.” he said returning the courtesy.

    (OOC: Apologies again for the slight autoing but it was needed to advance the plot and shouldn't be too ooc. The NPCs are just that so if you need to use them for interaction have at it.)
  30. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The museum really was quite fascinating, now that Amity had slowed down enough to actually take a look at the exhibits. After all, there had been important business to attend to before, but searching for the group of students Lenora had directed them to gave her the opportunity.

    The group checked the Ancient Unova exhibit, where the tablet in question resided, first, and after some searching they came across their collegiate counterparts. An excitable young man greeted them and began to tell the story of the tablet, but was quickly cut off by both the girl accompanying him, apparently named Marie, and then Shiro as well, which made Amity giggle.

    Following this exchange, the students introduced themselves in turn, and Shiro returned the favor, then Amity said, "My name is Amity Victore, I'm pleased to meet you all."
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  31. With everyone on board, Lenora suggested that the group talk to some Opelucid University students that were upstairs, so as to get a better understanding on what they were dealing with. Grace nodded in agreement, as the more information, the better. And since she also had Lenora's contact info, she could keep her updated on whatever they found. All in all, things were looking quite good for this marvelous little adventure!

    Once the group headed back up to the museum, Shiro suggested looking around the Ancient Unova exhibit, but to no avail. After a bit more searching, they found the OU students in the middle of what sounded like a discussion of what they were going to do next, kinda like how they just did. Great minds think alike!

    One of the boys of the student group, the one in possession of the laptop, started excitedly describing Dr. Dawson's ideas on the mural...with quite a bit of his focus aimed at Grace, Amity, and Lisa. After a tease of a scolding from the female student, they introduced themselves as Joel, Daniel, Steven, Herbert, and Marie. Overall, they seemed like a nice enough bunch, even throwing in some banter about the two groups being rivals of sorts. Nothing like a little competition on an archaeological expedition to keep things interesting!

    And with the OU students' introductions over, it was Lenora's group's turn.

    "I'm Grace Alexander! I look forward to seeing you guys out there in the field!"
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  32. Looking for the college students gave Lisa a chance to explore the exhibit and unwind a little. She even took some pictures, thinking that they may come in handy. They found OU students talking about what to do next. The female student referred to them "rivals" and there was some banter between the groups. Nothing like a little competitive spirit to shake thing up. The students introduced themselves as Joel, Daniel, Steven, Herbert and Marie. Joel caught Lisa's attention "Hmm, the blonde is cute in a dorky kind of way." she thought "He might be fun to play with". She gave him a wink, making him blush. Lisa flashed a big smile "I'm Lisa Wickfield and this lady beside me is Rin. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the field."
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  33. Shiny Lyni

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    When Lenora had told them to find and talk to the OU students, Kelvin felt a surge of energy burst through. Yes, he was finally on the trail of a hot news story! He excitedly followed the rest of the group back upstairs and looked for the students with them, finally finding them in the Ancient Unova section of the museum.

    As the others exchanged greetings, Kelvin decided to use this time to take some better pictures of the tablet. He gently took the camera from Joule's paws and snapped a few pictures in various angles, making sure to get a few close ups of the different markings and symbols on it. He himself wouldn't be able to decipher what was actually on the tablet, but maybe one of the others could do it for him. When he was done, he gave the camera back to Joule and began taking notes in his journal, making sure he quoted the one called Daniel Mercer as best as he could.

    Joule started tugging at his pants, and he realized it was his turn to introduce himself. Straightening himself back up, he said, "Kelvin Bohr, intern with the Castelia Tribune." He wondered for a second if he should ask the students some questions, but most of what he wanted to know had already been answered by Daniel's little spiel earlier. Well, if he did think of any questions later, he could probably just ask them sometime in the future. After all, it seemed like he'll be bumping into this group quite a bit in the future as they, too, were going to follow this story to the end.
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  34. Psycho Monkey

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    The OU students nodded as if sizing up their younger counterparts. They definitely seemed like an energetic lot. Daniel couldn’t help but notice the tall blond guy taking meticulous notes on his every word. It was no surprise then when he introduced himself as Kelvin Bohr, an intern with the Castelia Tribune.

    “I’ve actually read the ol’ Tribune.” he spoke up, not really interrupting anyone since by now everyone had given their names. “They print some really good articles so make sure you spell my name right when this one gets published.” he said proudly with a thumbs up.

    “So you can show it off?” Steven guessed, apparently correctly, as Daniel slumped with a shrug of confession. Marie rolled her eyes but quickly grinned at Shiro’s group.

    “Well it was a pleasure meeting you guys.” she said cheerfully. “If you all are serious about checking out those ruins, I really look forward to collaborating with you in the future about your discoveries. If you have anything else you want to know, feel free to ask. We’ve pretty much got all day or at least until Miss Lenora is done with her Gym Battles.”

    “I think we’re good now?” Shiro said with uncertainty looking to the others for conformation. If Shiro was going to be honest with himself, there was still more he wanted to know but those were answers he wanted to discover for himself when actually visiting the ruins. He spent his whole life up until this point watching Pokémon battles on TV and eight months taking an online course on becoming a Trainer. With all that knowledge the first thing he learned when he left home was that he knew nothing. Watching battles didn’t help him win and knowing what items were useful didn’t help if he didn’t have them. Those college students could tell him everything they learned in their classes and it would probably be meaningless when he actually went to explore the towers himself. He had all the background information he would need for this adventure.

    Shiro then thought about his Pokémon. Mizuki and Simon were still fainted or maybe they were just now regaining consciousness but either way the two of them and Kisaru were still pretty banged up. He couldn’t imagine Amity’s or Lisa’s Pokémon were in any better shape since they also had some tough battles. On top of that he was also getting hungry and nothing said bonding with new traveling companions like lunch.

    “Actually I do have one question. Do any of you know any good places to eat near the Pokémon Center?” he asked everyone present. He then directed his attention exclusively to his new companions. “I need get these guys healed up first, but we can go get some food after that if any of you are also hungry.” he said placing his hands over his Pokéballs.
  35. Shiny Lyni

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    Kelvin quickly wrote a note for himself that said "make sure to quote Dylan correctly" as Daniel asked him to spell his name right. He wasn't quite sure why, but the other guy had an air that rubbed him the wrong way. Or maybe it was his perfectly white teeth.

    When Shiro asked about places to eat, Kelvin took it upon himself to answer, having been in the area a few times already. "There's a nice little cafe to the west of here, if you want to check it out. Though I hear the Center itself also has food for pretty cheap." He shrugged. "Never tried it out myself, since I'm not really a trainer and never had a reason to set foot in a Center; my bosses usually had all this stuff covered whenever I'm out on the field. The Cafe's pretty good, though maybe a bit pricey if you're doing a lot of traveling. Would probably be best to save that cash for potions and whatnot."

    Marie nodded at that. "Yep, you don't want to be stuck in the middle of a dessert with most of your Pokemon out of commission. The Pokemon Center's always a great place, for everything from free lodging if you need a place to stay for the night to free food if you and your Pokemon are hungry."

    "The beds are kind of hard and stiff, though," Steven said as he rolled his shoulders. "Not the most comfortable sleeping spots. And you can't adjust the AC. But I guess they're decent enough for a free service."

    "Nothing quite beats sleeping in a tent with friends!" said Joel with a huge grin on his face.

    Marie rolled her eyes. "The point being, use the Pokemon Centers. They're there to help you out. You will need a trainer ID if you want to use the services there, though." She glanced at Kelvin at that last part, who shrugged.

    "I'll figure something out, maybe fake being someone's boyfriend or somesuch." He gaze swept over Amity, Grace, and Lisa, and he felt something smack him in the knee. Ow, Joule. "Or I could just use my old ID from back in the day. Should still work, even if the picture's outdated." Turning towards his new companions, he asked, "So, Cafe or Center?"
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  36. “The cafe or the center, huh” Lisa though. Rin pulls out a menu that had “Cafe Warehouse” in big bold print and looks at Lisa with puppy-dog eyes.”Rin” asked Lisa “where did you get that?” The Heracross points to a man wearing a "Cafe Warehouse" T-shirt, holding a stack of papers. She lets out a huge sigh “Rin, I’m sorry but we can’t go to the cafe, today. Maybe some other time. Rin’s head droops in disappointment.

    “Is she okay?” Joel said, looking at Rin

    “She’s alright” Lisa replies “just a bit disappoint”

    “Aww” Joel extends his arms to pet the Heracross but in split second Raul appears in front of Rin, slaps Joel’s hand away and starts growling at him. Lisa and Rin give the Sandslash a really dirty look.

    “Raul” cried Lisa “What the hell?” Lisa turns to Joel “I’m sorry, Raul doesn’t like strange men around me, Rin, or my Gligar.” Raul and Rin start arguing with each other, Lisa pulls out their pokeballs and calls them in.

    “Don’t worry about it” Joel replies “My Espeon, Emmy is that way with strange women as well.”

    Lisa laughs nervously “Oh, yeah” She turns to Kelvin “My vote is for the Center, My team needs to be healed and I need to stock up”

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