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Open The Flood RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    In the year 2300, mankind on Earth faced floods all over the world. It started in the northern waters, as the polar ice caps of the North Pole started to melt at a much faster rate due to Global Warming. The melting accelerated through the 2200s and eventually, there was nothing that could be done to stop it. But something wierd also caused it. It was found that the water levels shot up in the year 2280 for some other external factor. It was like, it was not the polar ice caps melting that caused the flooding in the first place and instead, a large singular level of water just rose up from beneath the Earth. Jumping forward to 2300, the whole planet is engulfed in water. Civilisations have stopped as people have been trapped under the water left to die and eventually sufficate. Governments have left their parliamentary buildings and declared a state of emergency, leaving most countries to fall into anarchy. All flat and low level grounds were completely submerged. Some countries do not even exist anymore e.g. Bangledesh. With increasing deaths, groups of survivors have looked for high ground through the hills and mountaintops, but in some countries, they do not have the privalllage to have a mountain round every corner. Urban areas were especially affected. Strange further issues with the flood have been examined. Survivors have reported to have picked up a deadly disease which came from the water, so this means it is risky for people who hope to just swim in it. Survivors who have swum or survived the water have normally died from picking up this dirty disease from the water and it's been found that some tiny water worm unique to the flood has caused this, gradually withering away human bodies and eating at them until they die. There is no cure to this currently, sadly. There are also reports of survivors being dragged into the water by incredible expressionless humanoids made of pure water-creatures thought not to be real and thought to be made up by the conspiracy theorists...but this is not true, they are real and can appear from the water at any time. People believe the sudden water level increase was linked with them, two unexplainable issues with the Flood. What's more, walking fish-like creatures have emerged from the water. People think they are the infected dead corpses with the water parastite and that is what is causing this. In some cases, this is true, but in many cases, they are just evolved fish, trying to reap havoc on those who ate them: they are scaley and have the heads of a piranha, with teeth able to rip apart humans. Groups of lawless survivors have been created in the cities to try and take advantage of the anarchy.

    You control one of the survivors in the country of Britain during the Flood. This will be set somewhere in the south of England just outside of London. There have been rumours that the raised levels of the Surrey Hills provide shelter from the flood. The millitary have had their bases destroyed but the navy have set their expertise to action and sent ships around the country to help save people. The survivors aim to get to the Surrey Hills Shelter that has been set up and then from there, they can try to go north. There has been rumours that the navy have set up giant bases which seem to either be massive ships or just a floating building. The survivors have heard of a place the Navy have set up known as the 'Floating Fortress.' The survivors tend to be armed, since many have looted the ruins of other millitary bases, shops and whatnot, though guns are less common since this Britain and there would be more hunting rifles.
    The Survivors
    Groups of humans, young and old (mainly young), who hope to band together and seek refuge in the shelters. In the Surrey Hills area, the survivors hope to get to the shelter so that they can find more information about the permanant homes the millitary and navy have prepared as part of the rescue program-mainly the Floating Fortress, a huge ship-like structure prepared for the crisis in Northern and Middle England. Around England, similar groups plan to go to nearby shelters so they can protect themselves from the diseases and terrors of the outside. Shelters for these survivors tend to have a lot of medical aid and weapons.
    The Lawless Survivors (Anarchists + Bandits)
    During the fall of the British government, these groups and individuals wanted nothing but anarchy as they thrived off of it, looting from shops, attacking the innocent, exploiting the Wave-worm infection to weaken their enemies. The individuals allied with noone and favouring noone else but themselves but groups of 'outlaws' formed official groups for those who did not want to be controlled by the millitary. Significant groups include, the Tsunami Swords (who specifically focused on harnessing their blades), the Mermaids (an all female feminist league), the Sharks (Working class and Middle Class tough bandits), the Great White Sharks (A right-wing White supremacist group which formed a coalition with another group known as 'the Rivers of Blood'), The Alligators, The Overlords, The Blue Hand, Black Abyss (the most fearsome of them all), Jolly Rodger Pirates, Skull and Crossbone Pirates
    The infected: Survivors infected with the Wave-worm
    Many of those who have come into contact with the water, especially the filthy black water, develop a disease which makes their body feel weaker and weaker. Heavy vomiting and headaches are symptoms. It's caused by a parasitic tiny worm creature which gets bigger and bigger in the human's stomach until it has eaten so much skin that it is big enough to digest the human's organs. It eventually results in the person's death, but if the person has survived for long enough, the worm moves positions from the human's stomach to their brain. Here, the Wave-worm injects poisons into the brain and latches on with it's back end, causing the human to act like a mindless killing zombie, a carrier of the Wave-worm. The Wave-worm will be able to control the human until it is ejected.
    The Fish-men (Known also as the Fodyrians or the Hydro-noids)
    Many of those who have fell into the water and come back much later have been observed to have been turned into a fish kind of humanoid. Mainly of them have piranha heads, but they can be other fish and even octopi at times. They are their own race which were originally an evolved version of fish in response to the downfall of humans. They proclaim that they are the rulers of Earth now and that all humans should die or be converted into their faction by being submerged into the water. They live in packs on the surface and swim down to the bottom of the sea where they control many of the submerged cities. They seem to live in a kingdom at the bottom of the sea bed with a large castle called 'the Underwater Citadel.' The humans have not seen this place and only know of a large submerged former-human city they call 'Atlantis.' It may be that this race also live in the atlantic sea and have lived in the actual lost city at some point.
    The Water-born
    This is the term given to the unknown water elemental humanoids. They started appearing after the Hydro-noids starting appearing and have caught people off-guard many times, pulling them into the water and suffocating them. They have no known weakness as of yet, as they are able to dodge bullets by creating hole in their molecular structure, but it will be revealed later that they can be stunned with electricity and that this weakens them, causing them to be able to be shot at. Rumours circulate that they are being led by a large Water-born being known as 'Alpha Aquarios.'
    The Millitary (Based on certain ships around Britain + The Floating Fortress in the Midlands)
    After anarchy was declared, the millitary decided to pick up the pieces and try to go and save the survivors, with the help of the Navy, as the Millitary were weak and had no real naval power. Many of the lawless believe the Millitary are trying to start a new government-a millitary dictatorship. Inside of the coalition itself, there are conflicts as to what to do about ruling the country now that the monarchy and politicians in the House of Commons and Lords have been killed. The coalition have many goals: to locate all survivors and house them in their ships and floating fortresses, to bring political stability to the country by proposing a constitution, to cure the Wave-worm disease, to defeat the Water-born, to bring power back to Britain (as most electricity has been cut out). Many Royal titles have been removed from the army and navy's association and they are trying to contact the remaints of the air force too. The highest ranking man of the British Army (formally called 'The British Army AND Royal Marines) and hence the leader is the only Field Marshall still alive: Field Marshall Joffrey Wheeler, a man whose advisors and subordinate Generals pressure him to stop with the survivor searching, which has gone on for plenty of time in their eyes, and go ahead with the extermination of all those who will not accept the army as the true rulers of Britain. Wheeler just wants to help the survivors and so is a deeply conflicted man. His Generals shot down those who claimed that the millitary should not rule and the Royal Marines were hence abolished. Wheeler would be up for either millitary dictatorship or Monarch rule, if it were to help and stablize the country. Of course, there are still many who believe that the current monarchy somehow escaped Buckingham Palace or that there is a least one or two potential heirs that have survived.
    The Grand Navy (Formarly called the 'Royal Navy') replaced the term 'Royal' with 'Grand' after it was established that all members of the Royal Family in Britain had died. This was not true and it was an assumption made after some time. The Admiral of the Fleet, the highest ranking position in the Grand Navy, is held by Walter Edgeworth. He is a self-centred egotistical man who believes the Navy should be in control. The tyrannical way he controls everyone has caused a number of Admirals, those ranked one below him, to try and plot against him. Some Admirals have left the Navy completely because of him and joined the sea-faring pirate nations who have based themselves on several islands created by the Flood.
    The Sea Falcons
    After the Monarchy was believed to have been died out during the Floods, all organisations with the term 'Royal' in them dropped the term and changed their name. The RAF, that is, the Royal Air Force, changed their name too. The agreed name was the Sea Falcons but this became apparent after they fell out with the rest of the millitary. Field Marshal Wheeler wanted the air force to help drop supplies for the survivors and to collect some of the survivors. Most agreed this was a worthy purpose for the air force but Admiral of the Fleet Edgeworth disagreed. Edgeworth argued that the air force did not have the oil to fuel the aircraft and believed the survivors should be left on their own. After a long time of disagreements, Marshal of the Air Force Sir Lazarus Harding, left, as they were not getting anywhere. He took the bulk of his airforce with him down south, his closest base to where the RP is would be Aldershot-near to where the Millitary have mobilised their garrison there. He believed it was time for the Air Force to shine-they were used only as a puppet by the British Army and up until that point, there had only been honorary roles in the airforce. Lazarus took a different approach. He believed there was no such thing in an honorary role. The 50 year old had gotten his role from a previous war. He took with him 3 of the Navy's precious aircraft carriers. Those who disagree with him would later form the lawless groups 'The Seagulls,' who disagreed with Harding's approach. The 'Sky Raiders' were a group of bandits who frequently stole planes from the Sea Falcons. They tried to create chaos in them and use them to raid other towns. (

    To sign up, you just need to post a form for your character:

    Physical Appearance:
    Backstory (If you are able to, include the survivor's location in England. We will be mainly focusing on London and the south of England outside of London):
    Weapons and gear:

    Link to RP thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-flood-rp.19463/
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  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: James Sarrison
    Age: 25
    Physical Appearance: Tall, fairly muscular build, blue eyes, bushy light brown hair
    Personality: Carries a certain determination about him which is seen as a good leadership quality
    Backstory: Moved to London at a young age, James saw the chaos that the Flood did to London. He knew certain people who were in the army and Navy. He fled his parents house and soon found why London was the worst place to be during the Flood: the constant looters that came due to the British Government abandoning the House of Commons and declaring anarchy. He saw his parents die in the flood and blamed himself for their deaths. He tried contacting those he knew in the army but there was no response. Further contacts in the Navy told him to go West towards the Surrey Hills. He was told that there is a bunker which gives details of where the floating fortress is. He has also witnessed many deaths of friends to the 'water-born,' the term given to the water humanoids. He has also seen plenty of deaths to the ocean parasite. But even more, he's seen whole groups of survivors he's tried to rally, turn against him become part of a lawless faction that try to loot and kill others for personal gain under this anarchy society.
    Weapons and gear: A pistol, a machine gun looted from a dead army man, several daggers and knives, a backpack full of kit and supplies.
  3. Hi there! Sorry to totally geek out on you, but this seems incredibly interesting, not to mention your vocabulary and word usage is impeccable (as an aspiring-author, I give weird compliments like that). This is really well-written! Kudos to you, and that being said, I most definitely would like to join.

    Name: Evalynn “Evie” Mitchell
    Age: 23
    Physical Appearance: Standing at a whopping 5’3, Evie has a slim figure, the minor muscle she does have in her legs and core. Her dark brown hair is short (shoulder length) and very messy, these days up in a small ponytail. Her fair skin is adorn with freckles, and her eyes, once wide with innocence but now narrowed with deadly judgement bear a dark brown that is nearly black.
    Personality: Otherwise timid and quiet, Evie sticks to herself, surviving as a loner throughout this apocalyptic scenario. She carries herself with an almost eerie silence. She’s incredibly determined and rather stubborn. However, she’s secretly almost considerate and actually a total softie.
    Backstory: (Unfortunately, as I’m an uncultured American who hasn’t the privilege to leave this pigsty, my knowledge of Britain is incredibly limited to what Google can tell me. Apologies in advance.)
    Originally from the Isle of Wight, Evie was cared for as a child by her oldest cousin, as her mother had fallen to the oceanic parasite. At seventeen, her cousin/caretaker insisted they left the island, as the water was just too high. However, as the bridge had collapsed about halfway there, they crossed as far as they could and were forced to swim the rest; she solely survived, as her cousin was lost to a water-born. Evie found herself in London, as it seemed the best place to loot for gear. However, as the city seemed empty of supplies and chock-full of anarchists, she’s currently heading to Surrey Hills due to rumor of the Floating Fortress. Since the death of her family, she’s strictly a soloist; although she’ll never admit it, she aches for someone to talk to.
    Weapons and Gear: A set of throwing daggers (slightly rusted; hey, Tetanus damage!) on her belt, a large backpack of supplies she’d stolen and also a simple medical kit.

    (Also,, I figured I’d ask-
    What are your opinions on cussing? Just decided to solidify it before I have Evie let loose a flurry of words at the slightest inconvenience. Thanks!)
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  4. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    This is actually the nicest thing someone has ever said about my writing. People tend to criticise it, as I get words mixed up.It's definitely one of the nicest things people have said to me generally.
    The form for this character is accepted! I know not of a bridge between the Isle of Wight and the Portsmouth area, but you must have used Google Maps, so it must be right and it's set in 2300 anyway, so there would be one built by then. To be honest, I do not know much about the whole of Britain just parts of it. There should at least be higher ground for the survivors to get to in the northern parts of England-in the mountains next to the Lake District and then the Scottish Highlands. Worst comes to the worst, just use Google Maps and the internet to look up where would be these higher lands. I haven't put too much thought into it so I haven't planned out the full endgame or the journeys, that's where everyone else will come in. But there would be shelters in most cities and towns. The biggest city in/near the Surrey Hills area I am talking about should be Guildford and London is just East if you keep going. The distance looks tiny compared to if you're looking at the US states, but it's more enough of a journey of several hours.
    Cussing and swearing is aloud, just make sure it's not too much or every 5 seconds! This is a post-apocalyptic story, so of course people would be swearing.

    Thank you.
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  5. Really? Wow. Well know that I think it’s amazing.

    Also, thank you! I’m, like.
    Annoyingly excited for this to gain momentum. It’s a really cool concept, really; I went ahead and posted something about it on my wall to try and circulate activity,,
    get new people, etc,,
    but I’m not necessarily bustlingly popular so I highly doubt many people will see it. sorry ;///;
  6. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Updated the spoiler on the main post with more details. Will be making the RP thread soon.
  7. Alright, that’s helpful, thank you!
    I’m still sorta worried about the lack of people here. I would try to tag people, but none really come to mind.
    Maybe @OmnipotentOnion ..?
    ((hey i know you can go in-depth with your writing,, so i figured I’d tag you maybe?? i dunno. sorry for adding another notification to your wall ;w; )
  8. WOAH I GOT NOTICED BY OBSEQUIOUS!!1! (Also, no worries lmao, and thanks!)

    In all honesty, this is a great concept, and I'm definitely down to join! I'll put up my sheet later though; I'm about to head to the library xd
  9. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Good to hear. No need to rush.
  10. Sorry it's a bit bland

    Name: Jessica
    Age: 24
    Physical Appearance: Jessica is a very small girl, with very little muscle or fat. She has her favourite hoodie which is 3 sizes to big and black with "oh dear, I'm queer" written on it in pink. Under this she had a they might be giants shirt and singlet. She also has blue skinny jeans
    Personality: Jessica is a very positive and optimistic girl who can't stop smiling, unless she doesn't have her hoodie, the moment it's removed she becomes a different person. She will start to panic and have a mental breakdown
    Backstory: Jessica's life was very normal, living in the heart of London she loved to hang out with her friends and her girlfriend. Then the floods started, eventually she lost everything, one by one, all she was left with was her exs hoodie,some clothes, a baseball bat from her aunt in America and a old shotgun from the basement. She figured she had to survive, for her loved ones and her driving force is her cousins possible survival
    Weapons and gear: a baseball bat with spikes, a old shotgun with 25 shells left
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  11. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Accepted. Only thing I find a little wierd is the baseball bat because this is set in Britain!
  12. Sorry, it was first generic apocalypse weapon I could think up, I could modify the back story to make it work if that's ok?
  13. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Well, she could be from America, or if you want the weapon to be more realistic to Britain, it would be a cricket bat. I honestly don't mind whether you choose to change it or not. I mean, some people play Baseball over here, we've become more Americanized recently.
  14. Yeah I was gonna say she got it as a gift from a friend in America or something
  15. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Yeah that should be good.
  16. Name: Kai Quill
    Age: 16
    Physical Appearance: Is around 167 cm high, apears younger than he is, doesn't have much musle at all, wears black jeans, black coat and black te-shirt.
    Personality: Bright, trys to have fun but understands if the stakes are high, Hardly saddened, friendly, smart
    Backstory: At the age of 13 around the time of 2297 he was surviving in a hut at the top of a hill his family went down to scavage for food but gets eaten by The-fish-men, he ran away from home and started surviving on his own and using his intalect to build forts to live in
    Weapons and gear: Duel pistols, wrench and a hammer.
  17. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward


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