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Open The Exolu Region Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tatzu, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. (The Exolu Region is Based on Evolution, Its full of Pokemon Evolving every second and Evolution Stones are Common]
    You are a Trainer going with your friends to start your Journey in the Region!)
    [The Starters are Larvitar, Bagon and Beldum and because im nice, The Exolu Region is where the Professors get the Starters so.... Starters are easy to find! Im looking at you Charizard Fans]
    Azure City Gym Leader: Sea Captain Leonardo (Water Type Gym Leader)
    Shamrock City Gym: Leader: Gardener Zoe (Grass Type Gym Leader)
    Flaxen City Gym: Leader: DJ Jacob (Electric Type Gym Leader)
    Amethyst City: Gym Leader: Ninja David (Poison Type Gym Leader)
    Sable City: Gym Leader: Emo Sabrina (Dark Type Gym Leader)
    Scarlet City: Gym Leader: Hothead Mike (Fire Type Gym Leader)
    Carob City: Gym Leader: Miner Adam (Rock Type Gym Leader)
    Sage City: Gym Leader: Bug Enthusiast Albert (Bug Type Gym Leader)
    Role (Trainer, Performer, Breeder etc.):
    Anything else:
    My Bio

    Name: Jack Devlin
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Role: Trainer
    Personality: Jack is a All around Nice person and always wants to help his Pokemon and Friends Improve but he Can get very very angry
    Appearance: Jack has Yellow eyes and Messy Black hair with a Red and White Jacket (Zipped) and Shorts down to his Knees
    Anything else: Nothing Much
    Starter: Bagon
    Nickname: Rush
    Personality: all Rush wants to do is Battle, Nothing but Battle but he can Settle with Some Relaxing or Eating
    Appearance: Is a Normal Bagon
    RP will be made when we have enough People Join
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  2. Can I join sounds fun!!!
    Name: kalin hues
    Age: 19
    Role: trainer
    Personality: kalin is a nice person but when he gets battling his
    Appearance: kalin has deep blue eyes and green hair, he wears a denim jacket and long baggy pants
    Anything else: kalin cares very much about the health and safety of his and others Pokemon, he is also a good cook.
    Starter: Beldum
    Nickname: Slasher
    Personality: slasher is well behaved and obedient he will alsways do what he's told and will do any thing to help his master and friends.
    Appearance: normal
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Bryan Oden
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Role (Trainer, Performer, Breeder etc.):Trainer
    Personality: Kind, strong, tries to speak only when he feels it is needed
    Appearance: Brown-blackish hair, blue eyes
    Anything else: Former member of team rocket
    Starter: Larvitar
    Nickname: Tyrone
    Personality: Bad tempered, often naughty
    Appearance: Slight shiny tint.
  4. Both Accepted
  5. Nice. Umm question how many people do we need to start?
  6. Bios:
    Name: Neda Leona
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Role (Trainer, Performer, Breeder etc.): breeder
    Personality: easily angered, protective, large motherly instinct
    Appearance: long mid back length light blue hair, darker blue eyes, wears a baggy sleeveless white hoodie, form fitting long sleeve purple shirt, light purple shorts, white boots and purple knee high socks
    Anything else: nope
    Starter: bagon
    Nickname: Mixy
    Personality: a teddy bear, he loves to cuddle and play
    Appearance: a normal bagon but he wears a white scarf
  7. Stormursa your accepted
    5 i guess
  8. Bios:

    Name: Cameron Barn
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Role (Trainer, Performer, Breeder etc.): Evolver (strait out of the Pokémon adventure manga)
    Personality: Loves Pokémon and very loyal to his friend, knows a lot about evolution
    Appearance: wears a black shirt and a fedora with grey pants
    Anything else:
    Starter: Beldum
    Nickname: Buck
    Personality: Determined and willing to fight when able to
    Appearance: Is slightly bigger
  9. Ill start the RP when we have one more Person
  10. Lucky 5! (Or 6 if you count yourself)

    Name: Richard Whitman
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Role: Trainer
    Personality: Excitable and Impressionable, but always looks out for loved ones and becomes very serious is anything happens to them
    Appearance: Short, Dark hair and eyes
    Anything else: Not Really
    Starter: Beldum
    Nickname: None
    Personality: Hardworking and Friendly, Beldum would happily sacrifice himself for his friends
    Appearance: Shiny
  11. Accepted, Ill make the Thread tommorow
  12. tomorrow was two weeks ago
  13. ummmmmmmm, I forgot?

    (Ill at least try tomorrow Im just really busy)

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