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Open The Everstone Daycare Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by AlmightyGrassStar, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. So, hi! This is a RP I've set up on Pokefarm Q, and I guess I'll put it here too! OK, let's get into it!
    You role play as your Pokemon inside the popular Fluffcrest Daycare, where every Pokemon gets treated equally, regardless of the amount! Cool, huh? So, you gonna drop off a Pokemon?
    All Pokecharms rules apply
    No swearing
    Battles are OK, no blood.
    Mild Romance Is Okay
    I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Character Name:
    Pokemon Species:
    Favorite Food:
    Favorite Drink:
    Least Favorite Food:
    Least Favorite Drink:
    My Character
    I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: AlmightyGrassStar
    Character Name: Lily
    Pokemon Species: Snivy
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Normal with blue eyes.
    Personality: Super shy and it takes ages for her to bond with others. When startled, she'll aimlessly flail her vines about. When left alone, she'll gain a playful side and make pillow heaps to dive into.
    Likes: Being alone, warm spots, huge pillow heaps.
    Dislikes: Loud and cold places, other Pokemon.
    Favorite Food: Soup (Preferably beef and veg)
    Favorite Drink: Hot Chocolate
    Least Favorite Food: Grilled Fish
    Least Favorite Drink: Water
    Right, had a good look? Great! I hope people will join.
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  2. Username: Crystal1302
    Character Name: Mary
    Pokemon Species: Wooloo
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She's a Shiny (Black Wool and white body)
    Personality: Very low maintenance. She loves sleeping and avoids work when she can. Not exactly bitter but isn't very jolly. She's very calm and doesn't talk a lot.
    Likes: Warm temperatures, sleeping, savory food, fire places, more sleeping, and romantic comedies
    Dislikes: Horror movies, too sweet foods,
    Favorite Food: Curry
    Favorite Drink: Coffee
    Least Favorite Food: Cheesecake
    Least Favorite Drink: Soda
  3. I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: splashysquirtle
    Character Name: splash
    Pokemon Species: squirtle
    Gender: male
    Appearance: regular with a red bandana
    Personality: super active and squirts water nonstop
    Likes: spraying people, dancing, playing
    Dislikes: pokemon who don’t like water, the quiet, resting
    Favorite Food: beef
    Favorite Drink: oran berry juice
    Least Favorite Food: vegetables
    Least Favorite Drink: fizzy drinks
    Other: im new
  4. Both accepted! Nice characters.
  5. chib

    chib Previously chibighost

    I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: chibighost (although i'm trying to change it to chib)
    Character name: Chip
    Pokemon Species: Munchlax
    Gender: They/Him
    Age/Level(Optional): 6
    Appearance: Normal, but wears a jester hat
    Personality: mischievous, loyal, hard working, ravenous
    Likes: Food, eating, card games
    Dislikes: Sports, sleeping
    Favorite Food: Churros
    Favorite Drink: Lemonade
    Least Favorite Food: Pizza
    Least Favorite Drink: Soda
    Other: this is my first roleplay here
  6. When are you going to post the rp.
  7. I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: EeviumZ
    Character Name: Pix
    Pokemon Species: Ribombee
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Normal Ribombee.
    Personality: Mischievous but sweet. Very playful, but gets upset when things don't go her way.
    Likes: Playing, friends, sunny days, other Fairy-types
    Dislikes: Fire, work, rainy days
    Favorite Food: Anything sweet (she particularly likes candy)
    Favorite Drink: Hot chocolate (as long as it's not too hot)
    Least Favorite Food: Bitter foods
    Least Favorite Drink: If it isn't sweet, she won't drink it.
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  8. strawberry mocha

    strawberry mocha Previously pastel imagination

    I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: cosmic being
    Character Name: Mizulium
    Pokemon Species: Riolu
    Gender: Female
    Age/Level: Age is 6, level is 5
    Appearance: Your average Riolu, with the exception of a adorable little scarf!
    Personality: Nice, shy, naive
    Likes: Food, Exploring
    Dislikes: Bad Food, Being stuck in one place
    Favorite Food: Oran Berries!
    Favorite Drink: Protein Shakes
    Least Favorite Food: Cherri Berries
    Least Favorite Drink: Coke (it was shaked and it splashed all over her)
    Backstory(Optional): W.I.P
    Other: She has a friend named Fallein that also goes to this daycare!(in signature)
  9. Oh. If you want to post it, go to the Pokemon Role Play tab and press "Create New Thread". To link, it just copy and paste the link in the address bar.
  10. Have I been accepted, or did i miss something?
  11. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Character Name: Pic
    Pokemon Species: Pikachu
    Gender: M
    Appearance: he has fur like tails on his forehead , and a blue scarf on his..uh..neck?
    Personality: Mischievous, but nice and loves a good joke
    Likes: jokes, friends
    Dislikes: bad people
    Favorite Food: Lasagna
    Favorite Drink: Orange juice
    Least Favorite Food: NONE! HE'LL EAT IT ALL!
    Least Favorite Drink:NONE! HE'LL DRINK IT ALL!
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  12. I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: KFC-Torchic
    Character Name: Midnight
    Pokemon Species: Oddish
    Gender: Female
    Age/Level(Optional): 19
    Appearance: She looks almost like a normal Oddish, but her middle leaf was ripped, and she is pretty insecure about her injury.
    Personality: Midnight, as it name says, likes to roam around when it is night, as all the other Oddish do, though she doesn't like communicating and is mostly mean and rude to other pokemon.
    Likes: Nighttime, Moonlight, every pokemon associated with a dark typing.
    Dislikes: Day, the Sun, other pokemon (especially psychic types).
    Favorite Food: Leppa Berries
    Favorite Drink: Water
    Least Favorite Food: Oran Berries
    Least Favorite Drink: "Full Restore" Potions
    Backstory(Optional): Midnight as usual, was like any other pokemon you would encounter in tall grass, but one night whilst doing her daily walk, Midnight encountered a Mightyena, which mercilessly ripped her middle leaf, leaving her crying from where she was attacked, but one trainer was kind enough to tame her, care for her, which is why she's in this Daycare.
    Other: She has never drank anything, except for water and "Full Restore" Potions.
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  13. Both accepted! I'm trying to make the RP now.
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  14. I’d like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: theuglychinchilla

    Character Name: Leilani

    Pokemon Species: Garden Vivillon

    Gender: Female

    Age/Level(Optional): Level 25-ish

    Appearance: Unlike the other types of Vivillon, Garden Vivillons have green wings, outlined by darker green, and have a slight amount of pink on the upper wings. Leilani always wears a pair of tiny periwinkle socks that her owner’s grandmother knitted for her.

    Personality: Leilani is more of the Pokémon that would go to the side and observe instead of actually fighting or playing. After a bit, Leilani will play and fight with the other Pokémon. She’s not shy, not at all, Leilani wants to know what she’s dealing with first.

    Likes: A good battle, her owner’s grandmother, doing tricks, eating her owner’s Leppa Berry pastries.

    Dislikes: Losing to an opponent that she has an advantage over, being tricked into eating or drinking something she doesn’t like, her owner’s girlfriend (she always nagged him as to why he had a bug-type Pokémon always by him), and when a move stupidly backfires.

    Favorite Food: Leppa Berries
    Favorite Drink: Lemonade

    Least Favorite Food: Any soft or bitter berries
    Least Favorite Drink: Grape juice

    Other: Since her owner doesn’t speak only English, but also Italian, she can understand some Italian commands and phrases.
  15. Accepted! Plus, the RP is up.
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  16. I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username:Eeveeon S
    Character Name:Silver
    Pokemon Species:Shiny Eevee
    Age/Level: Lv. 25
    Appearance:Shiny Eevee wearing a brown scarf(like papyrus) and yellow (sans like) jacket, also with silver left eye( like Sans' blue left eye)
    Personality:Kind of the pokemon who gets into trouble a lot, but also likes to be lazy(like sans)
    Likes:Anything Sweet of colorful
    Dislikes:Bitter or bland things
    Favorite Food:Oran berry
    Favorite Drink:Berry smoothie
    Least Favorite Food:Apple
    Least Favorite Drink:Soda
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  17. I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: LunarSilvally
    Character Name: Blue
    Pokemon Species: Umbreon(shiny)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Black fur but blue rings and gold eyes instead of gold and red. She wears a black and blue flower on her right ear which her partner had given to her.
    Personality: She has a calm deminor to her with a stragetic mind. She understands others and will always have ears on problems others have. She can be a bit protective of the younger Pokemonb she is also gentle.
    Likes: Training, dark areas(to sleep in), Masaladas(sweet ones), personal space
    Dislikes: Stronger ones picking on the weak, Drama, Pokemon who think they are better then anyone else
    Favorite Food: Pecha berry(due to its sweetness)
    Favorite Drink: Moomoo Milk
    Least Favorite Food: Anything bitter or sour
    Least Favorite Drink: None
    Other: She is swifter then an average Umbreon

    I'd like to drop off a Pokemon at the Daycare!
    Username: SweetDarling
    Character Name: Darling
    Pokemon Species: Pikachu
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Just a normal Pikachu but with a Sakura flower on her right ear and a ribbon shaped like a bow around her neck.
    Personality: She is very sweet and not to mention shy. She normally doesn't like to get involved into arguments since it makes her very nervous but doesn't know why. She loves to make friends with other Pokemon and is very motherly to young Pokemon.
    Likes: Sakura flowers
    Dislikes: Arguments, red cheek pouches being touched(her sensitive spot which will result in shocking them)
    Favorite Food: Mangos
    Favorite Drink: Tapucoca
    Least Favorite Food: None
    Least Favorite Drink: None
    Other: Close friends with Blue


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