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The dumbest thing you have ever done.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Blarg, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. So my question is, what is the dumbest thing you have ever done? For me, the dumbest thing I have ever done was riding my bike off of my friend's roof, resulting in two broken legs and one broken arm, but hey I still got my $20 bucks!
  2. Lawwwwl. Good one, blarg. I hope you had health insurance.

    The most expensive mistake I've made so far was breaking my laptop's keyboard connector while trying to replace it, rendering the keyboard useless. :/ I've sent away for a USB keyboard, since that was cheaper than replacing the whole motherboard.
  3. The dumbest thing I ever did was locking my sister out of her room while she was in the shower. And I wasn't inside. SH came out and couldn't open the door, so she called our parents. I had to unscrew her lock and then re-screw it after unlocking it. I didn't get in much trouble, but it was stupid.
  4. I did that once, but it was the door to the basement and my whole family lived down there. My dad ended up just taking down the whole door. Oops!

    The dumbest thing I've done probably would be when I decided helmets weren't cool. That resulted in a cracked skull (across two bones), a whole summer of couch time, and temporary hearing loss in my right ear. It also ruined hills and skateboarding for me. :'(
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
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    One time, I'd just woken up and was making toast. Because my brain does not function properly for at least an hour after waking, I saw no problem when the toast got stuck in the toaster: especially when there was a handy knife laying right next to it. I tried to get the toast out with the knife. The metal knife. The result a huge spark, and a rather nice shock for me. It also melted the end of the knife. So yeah, I think that's probably my dumbest moment because I could have caused serious injury to myself, and the scary part is it all made perfect sense to my sleepy brain.

    Lesson learnt: No toast for breakfast. Wait 'till dinner
  6. One of my favorite sayings from Brain Pop...

    "Always wear a helmet when you ride your bike. It may not be cool, but it's way cooler than a broken head."
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Hmm... That's always a good question. I've done tons of dumb things over my lifetime. XD

    Quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever done is try to open bottle of pop with a really sharp knife (was about 11 at the time). I was stabbing at the rim of the cap, and... the knife slipped... and my hand was there... >>;

    Stabbed myself quite deeply between my thumb and index finger. Had to get three stitches. It's left me a bit scarred - both mentally (developed an irrational fear of people holding sharp knives near me) and physically (looking at the scar right now :p).
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  8. Well the dumbest thing I ever did was when My friend Carl dared me to jump a cliff with my bike with the ramp I figured I could Jump it but forgot to pay attention to the Ramp when it broke because all that was holding it was a Brick. So Carl attatched A rope to my bike and it was attached to A Street light so I jumped of the ramp but it broke Half way so I fell and be fore I stoped falling thanks to the rope I hit my face against the cliff Rocks.
  9. My life is paused at regular intervals to do something utterly stupid. The most recent was on our school trip. We had to wear old clothes for jumping of a pontoon and kayaking. For my shoes, I wore my new ones. They were leather...
    You can probably guess what happened from then on.
  10. I thought I could wade in a river with open sores (coated in band-aids, of course, thinking that would do it) for a class project and not get parasites.

    I was wrong. :p Yay for acantocephalus!
  11. Dumbest thing I've ever done? When I was five, (not even a week after recovering from a scooter accident) I was jumping up and down my bed around midnight. I had a windowsill right next to my bed. Thanks to gravity, my head went straight for the windowsill on the way down. The nearest hospital that was open at that time was 30 min away...

    I still have that damn scar on my forehead to remind me.
  12. I once was trying to unscrew the base of one of my Beyblades (it was the one with the spring at the bottom, I forget the name of it), unfortunately I didn't have the sense to hold it away from my face. So I very nearly ended up stabbing myself with the screwdriver and scraped some skin off above my left eye. Now I'm a bit more weary of using sharp objects close to my face.
  13. I'll say the dumbest thing I ever did was when I was little.

    My dad was trying to fix a hole in an empty chicken koop, and he said I could sit on the Tractor (John Deere). And while I was fideling around, I accidentally pulled a lever, which resulted in the koop (which was heavy) falling on my dad, who was right under it. Me and my Nana (RIP) waited for him to come back, as he was KO'ed. My mom spanked me so hard I still have scars, but Dad's still alive and kickin.

    Oh, and another thing was agreeing to go to a fireworks war. I was 13, and it was New Year's Eve. I just thought it meant we were shooting them like to see who shot the most. I was wrong :-[ It turned into a war zone as soon as it hit midnight, and I was already gunned down by several people (including the oh-so-responible parents). I was burned badly, but got my revenge by grabbing some Mortars and shooting the S.O.B. whoo shot me with a Roman Candle. My mother slapped the organizing parents silly after that. I think I still got a spot on my shoulder from a Firecracker.
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  14. The dumbest thing i've ever done...
    I was riding my bike down a hill with a root beer can in my hand (lol) and i was heading towards a small brick wall, that if i hit it on my bike i would fly about 7 feet down into a shallow river (im dumb). and on top of that, one of my brakes were broken. so i was about 2 feet from the wall and it seemed like my thinking either became faster or everything went in slow-mo, and i thought to myself: *Oh my god im gunna die! ummm i gotta jump!* so i jumped and landed into a huge pile of sharp rocks. :o it hurt (a lot) but it was way better then flying down 7 feet into a shallow river with rocks on the bottom.
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  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have done alot of dumb things the dumbest would have to be when I put a pot noodle in the microwave without adding water about 5 seconds later the kitchen was filled with smoke and the doors were all shut me and my grandma were watching tv and she suddenly yelled out "I smell burning!" she threw the pot noodle or the ball of charcoal as it appeared into a hole in the garden and its still slowly disintegrating to this day!
  16. Hmmm... Looking back through the years, I can't really remember much of my naivete very well, but there is one very, very stupid thing I have done, quite recently too.

    I once boiled milk in a kettle.

    That is all.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Going outside in a rain storm, while i felt sick. Oh for the love of everything good in the world, why did i do that?

    Another moment of stupitdy! when i was around 6, i was running through the sprinkler, and didn't bother to look where i was going, so i fell on the (still defrosting) ground. The result- a dislocated elbo and chipped tooth.
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  18. Okayso. I've never really done anything extremely stupid.
    I spent forty-five minutes trying to vacuum up a shadow yesterday, though.
    When I was younger (four or five), I ate a whole bottle of Tums. Like, economy size. Needless to say, I got really sick. xD
  19. Once upon a time, I went with my father to a local dog show along with our little boxer puppy. While there, we came across a man who had a female boxer of the same age as ours, and the two got along swimmingly. My dad meanwhile, had a brief conversation with the man. Now, since my dad has a ton of friends who I don't know about, I naturally assumed this man was also a good friend of dad's. I decided to follow said man around, holding his hand, petting his dog and generally bothering him while he tried to talk to other people, all the while calling him 'uncle.' It wasn't until after we left the dog show did dad ask me if I knew the man, to which I flabbergastedly replied 'I thought he was a friend of yours.'

    So yeah, I spent the entire day bothering a complete stranger with my affection and general child naivete. The end.
  20. Oh dear, oh dear the dumbest thing I can't really say for sure, but two stories come to mind the first is more recent just a year and half ago. It was around Early February I was outside in my "coat" or so my mom thought but that's not the stupid that I did (I put it on before we started our stupid just wanted to be with out it it at first to prove a point or something). Me and a few of my friends had taken a trip to New York. Now one of the lakes had frozen over my friends Izzy, and Sean think it would be a fun idea to play a game after all we had time so we pondered and Izzy comes out and says she wants to skate. However none of us have the money to get Skates though Izzy does her father nor her brother would never send her the money to skate on some frozen lake bed that likely is "thin ice" so we compromise to go in only our socks since we know socks on a slick surface is like velvet soaked in grease- smooth and slippery. Though we all knew how to skate somewhat we had no control since our socks would either be too slippery or get stuck because they had froze to the ice. In the end we spent about 4 hours freezing our toes off in our socks with about half of that time spent unfreezing our socks. It got really stupid when I almost fell through and that's when our brains kicked in "Your being stupid get back to the truck put the heater on and get to Izzy's brothers house." yep all in the name of skating fun we risked frostbite! We had a long story to explain to her brother......

    the other one was when I was 8. We had a wine cellar (more like a general alcohol cellar but he called it his Wine cellar) in our basement in PA now of course it was mostly locked (though I had wine before its nothing like this). One day my Dad decides to be romantic perhaps but in his "romantic mind" after he carries out my Dad's and Mom's "Anniversary wine" (yeah right he probably drank half on the way out- JK he is not an alcoholic) me and my brother who was then 5 find our way into the cellar and begin to smash the bottles until my brother discovers a way to use the chattered glass to open the cork screws needless to say after several taste from many bottles we where both drunk out of our minds. Our parents where stoned to find their two boys so drunk. Mom was pissed at Dad so pissed that we no longer had a wine cellar when we moved years latter not that he cared. I think I still have that hang over. And of course we had cuts from the glass but I don't remember them too much except that it hurt but we were drunk.
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