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The Dead-er ones (A zombie RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by JacobRaze, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. (Rp
    https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-dead-er-ones-a-zombie-rp.19091/ )

    Hiya, thanks for taking time to look at this. This takes place in the fictional state of Wyo- Forend during a zombie outbreak that been going on for seven months now , in which the universal zombie rules apply. (e.g. headshots) Along with the Charm's rules I ask you don't kill or insanely injure a persons character unless asked by the owner of said character. Besides that only two characters per person. I belive that covers it. I shall leave this template. Also there are two factions (for now ;) ) that you can pick from. Survivors and the Drahless. The Drahless are people who live in the fake city of Drahl. They are strict and strong, not to mention huge.

    Appearance(Gender, race, age, etc.):
    Proficient skills(no more than 3):
    Weaknesess(at least one):
    Notes(Extras like scars or freckles):

    Heres my dude.

    Name: Malik Rayne
    Appearance: A 17 year old, Black/Dominican guy with curly hair and a thin but fit body. Not really a "i work put look"
    Background: Growing up as a runt with a female majority family, he could never stand up to them and be a leader, especially with a dead father. A native to the state, he feels comfortable in his enviorment. He always wanted to be a doctor so in his free time, he messed around with medicine and medical supplies.
    Proficient skills: Can use almost anything as a weapon i.e. Dead Rising Characters
    He can manage being a medic
    Weaknesess: Due to lack of experience, not a good leader at all.
    Afilliation: Survivor
    Notes(Extras like scars or freckles): Scar on forearm that extends about seven inches.

    Its a start here, lets see what we can get.
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  2. Can I join??

    Name: Loki Martine
    Appearance: Is 17 years old and white. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She keeps a bandanna around her neck and puts it over her mouth and nose in combat.
    Background: Originally from out of the state, Loki came here on vacation with her mother and younger sister. They both fell ill with the “ flu “. They stayed hoping that they would become better, but Loki was forced to run when they died and attacked her. She lives on her own most of the time now, occasionally forming temporary alliances with passerbys.
    Proficient skills: Owns a hatchet and very quick.
    Weakness: Refuses to form close bonds with those she meets.
    Affiliation: Survivor
    Notes: A scar running down her nose.

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