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Open The dark hallways

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nightcore12317, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. *Inhale* hi, literally have not existed on poke charms for a while so I decided to make an RP so we can all watch the world crumble at our feet. Despite that here are the constraints of which need to be followed in this RP
    1: please, if your gonna have kissing involved, make sure you and the person your about to do it with has consented, this will be for the best.
    2: No using offensive terms that most people wouldn't use and don't even try to reference the word
    3: Please for everything no jumping into situations your character does not particularly belong in if there is a conversation from happening don't just use your magic poke skills im sure you have and bud your way in, let the two people talk or talk to another person that may be accompanying you on your journey.
    4: I am going to say this very thoroughly, try to work together, this will be an RP that has you take the role of a detective (or somebody working with one), I will make events happen sometimes, like example if your pokemon does the skill illuminate in a dark room without power, then I will tell you the items located in that room.
    5: Keep. Your. Pokemon. Limited. To. 4. Skills. I got to confess I have had somewhere around 10 skills, but let me tell you it is going to make this a whole bunch more fun if you all stick to 4 skills, they can be any skills of your choice as long as you make sure they fit your pokemon type, if its a water type NO fire moves are allowed to be equipped to it, and no god moves if I even knew which ones those where.
    And lastly 6: NO, trying to ask me if I can place specific items down when you need it, I will be randomizing the amount and the type of items in each room, if you ask for items I will simply place no items at all in the room.

    OK now that rules are out of the way now I can move on to the character sheets, you can either be a pokemon or a trainer with a pokemon of choice. Here are the sheets below, I will also be playing a character as well as the narrator, I will indicate which I am being.

    4 abilities:
    personality trait (recommended but not required)
    Height: (Also recommended but not required
    pokemon colors: (optional for style)
    backstory: ( please be small )

    Clothing colors: (also for fashion)
    backstory (Still please be small)

    Now for the actual story thanks for actually taking your life span to see this all

    You are assigned to a case for the murder of a young girl, and her entire family, they were killed at midnight around 2 days before Christmas and were found wrapped in wrapping paper. Your boss who looks like he came suddenly from a mafia movie assigned you and a few others (depending on roleplayer amount). The murder happened in a mansion not far from any police station, your job s to work together with fellow agents and find the evidence and catch the killer.

    ( my character sheet and the intro ((human)) thanks for actually dying slowly to read this )

    Name: Inkoyi Gigitachi
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5,11
    weight: 142 lb
    Age: 23
    trait: curiosity
    clothing colors: A blue hoodie with long baggy black jeans and a black shirt with white text saying "Another round please?"

    Inkoyi entered a large mansion, it was bigger than any of the ones he had ever seen. It was slightly dark in the room, a few lights flickered on and off, but through the dim lighting, you could see a bit of furniture and a giant T.V. The smell of cigar smoke seemed to linger around the room. Everything up at this point has been done solo, so working with other people will kinda take some time to get used to. "Dang, this place sure had its days of beer and cigars," Inkoyi said as he took a second to look around, he realized that the place has been reecked in signs of resitance, before he decides to investigate more into it he remembers that he has partners that he has to wait for. "Right, the other agents, wonder who I am going to be working with" Inkoyi said his mind wandering. They should be arriving any second.
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  2. Miel had gotten ready to leave his temporary housing for the day before he got a call on his pager. Pulling it out of his satchel, he peered over its contents before grunting in response. He got his Pokemon team ready and sent out his Delibird. The bird had a monocle, to which he cleaned up a bit by breathing on it and using his feathers to clear out the grime and dust before affixing it on his skin fold near his eye. His tail was stuffed full of items for use in the crime scene. Miel raised his eyebrow at his dear bird as his Delibird began looking through the contents of his sack-like tail before throwing the open end over his shoulder and tied it down. He then began to walk out the door before Miel chuckled. "You aren't going to ask what we got called into, Boto?"

    The Delibird paused before looking up at him questioningly.

    "We are told to go to a murder scene. Please, don't carry everything in your bag. We have other agents going to the scene to help out. We don't want you carrying everything if the others can do it, too."

    Boto sighed and began sorting through his things. He finally took out almost everything except for containers, plastic baggies, a magnifying glass, a camera, tape, a blacklight, and a special chemical that can make 'invisible' blood glow in blacklight called luminol (this is an actual thing). Seeing that Boto's bag wasn't larger than he was, the bird smiled before tying his tail shut and throwing the opening over his shoulder, enjoying the feel of how light it was.

    "Thank you. All we need is equipment for holding evidence so we can get it to the forensic labs. Now, come on, Boto," Miel gestured toward his flying penguin forward before walking himself.

    He exited the house and let out his Lapras. The large Transport Pokemon cooed at Miel, as he and Boto climbed on her back. Miel told her to use Ice Beam on the grass and use that as a way of transport. She did so and off they went, speeding down the city.

    After a few hazardous jumps and wishing he hadn't gone across the roads, they finally made it to a mansion. He knew he'd have to pay for any possible damages if a Fire-Type doesn't get rid of the ice soon. But they were on a mission now. He took a pill from a bottle in his satchel and swallowed it dry and returned his Lapras before heading inside the building.

    He was greeted with the smell of smoke, nicotine, and alcohol as he entered. Boto covered his nose and squinted around the place. This was disgusting. Miel saw a young man with a blue hoodie, baggy jeans, and a black shirt with text. Interesting attire. He was starting to feel slightly overdressed for this. "I'm assuming you are one of the agents here?" asked Miel. "The name is Mielshtrix, but you may call me Miel," he greeted as he showed his detective badge from his wallet he had in his inner coat pocket. There was also his ID card that had his full name, blood type, height, weight, and rank. He indeed was a detective and a personal investigator and his blood type was O+. "What did you find here so far? I'm assuming you had a look around before I arrived."

    Meanwhile, Boto was taking pictures with his camera. There was no flash, accentuating how dark it looked. He then turned his flash on and took more pictures around the area.
  3. Inkoyi was looking around for any signs of blood in the living room before he heard a voice coming from behind, it had asked if he was an agent and of course his first response was to say everything. "O-oh yeah, I am one of the agents you will be working with, " Inkoyi then pulled a badge out of his pocket, as it had been worn from not being changed out for years. "I am detective Inkoyi Ross, I work with things like finding clues, I usually get my info about each item about a day later. So it is nice to have another agent on the field." Inkoyi said as his eyes wandered around the room, and then traces back to Miel, "The boss told me that the suspects are still in the house, and he also told me to be careful not to put heavy pokemon (300lb exact) onto the bottom floor ground, it will make you fall through. Anyways, what field do you specialize in?" Inkoyi as a sign of friendliness stuck out his hand for a shake.
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  4. Miel extended his own hand and gripped Inkoyi's firmly in a nice manly handshake. He was smiling until he heard word that the suspects are still inside. A look of shock overcame his features and he looked down to Boto, who seemed to have heard that too and was also making the same shocked look.

    He didn't know when the last time he weighed his Pokemon, but he was certain his Lapras and Milotic would go through the floor. He set those two PokeBalls from his belt to his satchel, careful to not let them out. They usually listened, but sometimes when Miel is in danger, they want to make him safe.

    On the subject of there being weak flooring, he wondered what could be at the bottom of the house. He decided against it as it would create too much noise and he wanted to be as quiet as possible.

    The matter of which he spoke was much softer and quieter. "Thank you for telling us that. We will be much quieter. And I specialize in track finding and piecing together what happened at the scene. Sometimes though, I do look over simple answers, so hopefully you will help me in that regard. And Boto here helps in gathering evidence. I suspect you two will be a perfect match here. Anyway," he switched the subject, trying to figure other things out about the house. "Is there anything underneath the house?"
  5. Inkoyi looked down at Miel's pokemon and smiled, and then he looked back up at Miel. "Oh, there is no need to be quieter, the suspects are going to meet us down here too, and the basement, that is where the bodies hide, and the last agent to come here yesterday fell through the floor and his dead body was found with stab wounds, most likely from a pokemon, it is best that we avoid fighting any pokemon here, and maybe sneak around, the killer would not reveal himself in the living room." Inkoyi slowly walked back over to the original area he was standing in, he picked up a few bits of gear he had left on the ground and of which one was a glass vial full of one of the victim's blood. "Here is one of the victim's blood samples, I observed further into it and found that there was a sign of pokemon blood mixed with another human's blood, chances are there was a sure sign of struggle or resistance. and oh! I forgot to show you my pokemon!

    Inkoyi pulled out a couple of pokemon, one being a cubone and the other a Lucario. "This one is bone head (have no idea but he liked the name) and this one is a Lucario" He opened the balls as 2 pokemon popped out and both bowed in unison. "They have really good manners for some reason, I know for a fact that I did not teach them that."
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  6. The car slowly came to a stop outside the mansion. Inside, Chiharu let out a small sigh. Great. Why the heck did chief have to put her on this case two days before Christmas? Usually it was one of her other siblings that missed Christmas with the family, but it looked like it was going to be her this year. Just great. The investigator turned her attention to the house before running a hand through her hair and turning off the car. Enough of that, she had to focus. This was her first homicide. She had to prove to whoever she was working with that she wasn't just your average newbie. She could handle this.

    Letting out another breath, Chiharu got out of her car. She zipped up her navy blue jacket, fitting a hat of the same color over her short brown hair. Three Pokeballs swayed on her belt. The woman went over one final check before she made her way in. Gloves, biohazard bags, bodyfluid collection bag, tape, and a whole lot of other stuff. She was ready. Chiharu quickly approached the old mansion, wanting to get out of the cold. It appeared that she wasn't the first one here. After all, the boss had said she had been assigned to a team.

    The woman entered the mansion. The first room was in poor condition, to say the least. But in it were two other agents. The first was a young man in a blue hoodie and jeans, standing alongside a Lucario and Cubone. Who was this guy? He sure didn't look like an investigator, more like a civilian. Next to him was a man with blue hair, wearing... well, wearing a suit that was also blue. This guy seemed to like blue. With him appeared to be a Delibird, going around and taking pictures of the room. Chiharu glanced from the younger man to the older man before taking out her ID.
    "Chiharu Fujimoto, CSI." Chiharu said, showing both the men her ID. She nodded at Miel before turning her attention to Inkoyi. Not realzing he was indeed an investigator, the new CSI member mistook him for a civilian that had wandered in. "Sir, this is a crime scene. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
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  7. Inkoyi heard another voice, as seen it was another agent, he heard her tell him to leave as it was a crime scene, "O-oh, heh, I am actually one of the agents, I am Inkoyi Ross, I collect evidence on the field as my occupation, and sorry about the attire I have on right now, oh right, and these 2 besides me are my pokemon, a cubone, his name is bone head, and a Lucario, his name is Inky." Inkoyi pulled out his agent badge again and then said the same things about the suspects, the last agent that came here, and then the basement that is below. "And that about sums up everything, sorry for any confusion about who I was." Inkoyi said as he stuck out his hand for a shake
  8. "Oh. Well then." Chiharu said. She only hesitated a moment before shaking his hand back. "My apologies."
    Chiharu glanced back over to the Cubone and Lucario one more time. She could understand the Delibird, walking around and taking photos. And perhaps the Lucario's aura-sensing capabilities could help with clues. But how exactly would a Cubone help? Well, perhaps she'd find out.
    "Alright, let's get on this then." Chiharu said, quickly scanning through her notes once again. "What exactly is our mission here? It looks like some people have already started analyzing some clues from the crime scene. Do we have a cause, date, and time of the deaths?"
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  9. Inkoyi, hearing the questions, was quick to respond, he did not like making people wait, and he got the habit from the boss. "The cause of death was stab wounds, it was shown that there was a sign of struggle and our mission is to find out which of the suspects in the house is the killer, date of death was Monday, December the 23rd, and the time was around 5:37 P.M"
    And he also saw how Chiharu looked confused about a cubone, "Oh and about the Bonehead here, I taught him how to take things like remaining bones and blood and analyze them to see things like if there were any injuries or things that made the people have some sort of defect. And with that knowledge, we can tell things like who the killer is based on blood samples, we can then take that and match it specifically to the killers and catch them, but so far the killer has had no signs of blood around the house." Inkoyi picked up the glass vial of blood again. "But it also seems like the victims also had sign of resistance, as I have stated many times now, but Bonehead here has examined the blood and found there were 2 blood samples here, a pokemon's and a human's, the pokemon could've tried to protect the human or it could have tried killing it." After Inkoyi was done talking the cubone made a happy sound, of which was random.
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  10. Miel felt a little more at ease about what Inkoyi said, and then a CSI agent came in. There was a bit of a misunderstanding with his attire, but that was quickly changed and they were back on track. Miel took out a pen and paper and began writing down notes about the crime scene in a very neat cursive.

    Monday, December 23rd 5:37 pm
    Multiple stab wounds
    Victim struggled
    Mixed Pokemon and human blood
    Floor will collapse with heavy Pokemon
    Agent fell and was stabbed to death yesterday
    Killer: Pokemon or Human?

    When he was done, he looked back up to Chiharu and introduced himself, offering a handshake. "Hello, Ms. Chiharu. The name is Miel. I'm a detective and a personal investigator of 2 years, the remaining 7 years was me working as a cop."

    He looked over to his Delibird, who was now done with the room. He could see in the Delibird's eyes that he wanted to take photos of the bodies. Seeing as he couldn't see where the bodies were, he asked Inkoyi. "Where are the bodies? You mention there were more of them? And are they all in the basement?"
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  11. "Right." Chiharu said, nodding at Miel and returning his handshake. She too wanted to inspect the bodies, especially the stab wounds. There was a lot one could figure out by just that. Chiharu had many, many questions. The CSI agent flipped through her notes again, making quick additions to the facts Inkoyi had just spoke of before nodding once again. Just like training.
    "I would also like to inspect the bodies." Chiharu said, waiting for Inkoyi to lead the way.
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  12. "oh," Inkoyi said, "The bodies are right down this way, they are upstairs in the master bedroom, that is where the first 2 victims were killed, the mother and father, the rest of the bodies are nowhere to be found." He leads the 2 upstairs and walked into the master bedroom, it was still dim-lit, oh! Some flashlights and some batteries were found inside the room. Blood scatters the walls as two bodies with tape around the perimeter of the crime area. "And here are the bodies agent Chiharu"
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  13. Chiharu nodded, putting on her gloves as she entered the master bedroom. It was a grizzly scene, but it didn't seem to affect the new agent. After all, this is what she had trained for. Blood was splattered on the walls as two corpses lay on the floor. Taking some chalk out of her pocket, the CSI officer began to trace an outline around each of the bodies. It was important to mark the way each of them had been found, since it could help deconstruct what had happened before. Finishing that up, Chiharu began to inspect the stab wounds on the 'father'. There was a lot one could tell about the stab wounds, especially if there were Pokemon involved. Right now, Chiharu saw that there were two ways these wounds could have been formed. Either a person stabbed them, or a Pokemon did.

    When certain types of Pokemon attacked and stabbed, sometimes they left things in the wound that shouldn't be there. For example, a fire type might cause some of the wound to burn and singe. Or a rock or ground type might leave dirt or sand in a wound. For plant types, sometimes slivers of grass or seed, etc, etc. It certainly could help narrow down some suspects.
    "None of the other bodies were found? What does that mean?" Chiharu said, flashlight in one hand as she inspected another wound. The CSI agent made careful notes of the deepness and width of the stab wounds as she continued her investigation. "Are there others that are missing? And what about the officer that fell through the floor?"
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  14. "Well, that is why we are here, to investigate where the bodies went, and the agent before, he fell through the floor, called backup and then when we got there, he was gone, we had 2 other people go down there and investigate with pokemon that can use the skill illuminate, the investigators eventually found the body somewhere in a boiler room area.: Inkoyi was searching around the room for any hints of extra detail. "And yes there are extra family members that their bodies hide someplace down in the basement, the goal is to retrieve the bodies and find the killer bassed on items we may gather on the way and any evidence we find. Oh! And it is about time we visit our suspects." Inkoyi said walking out the door, "Well, you two could stay here if you want, to investigate the bodies, but I am going to go check out the suspects." Inkoyi without another word leaves the room.
  15. Miel and Boto followed Inkoyi up to the master's bedroom. While Boto began taking pictures, Miel began inspecting the room. He searched the floors, the walls, and just about anything else that piqued his interest, especially the blood spatter. But before he had the time, he heard something about seeing the suspects. He quickly followed Inkoyi towards the suspects, leaving Boto with Chiharu. The penguin walked over to the woman and saluted at her and began taking pictures of the wounds that the victims suffered. He carefully used the tip of his wing to take some granules of sand and dirt off of one of the wounds. Raising an eyebrow, he looked up at Chiharu with a questioning look.
  16. Chiharu simply nodded as Inkyori gave a brief explanation, keeping her main focus on the inspection of the father's stab wounds. As the detectives left to talk to the suspect, Chiharu paused and watched them leave. Something didn't seem quite right about what Inkyori had just said. The rest of the bodies were nowhere to be found... yet they were hidden in the basement? Which was it, the family's bodies were hidden in the basement, or they weren't found? Chiharu decided to simply shake it off. It was probably just a Freudian slip on Inkyori's part or something... But Chiharu made a mental note to see if Inkyori had an alibi for the murder.

    Turning her attention back to her investigation, she discovered something rather interesting.
    "Hello..." The Crime Scene Investigator muttered, digging some tweezers and a small plastic evidence bag carefully out of her pocket. Carefully, Chiharu reached inside the wound with the tweezers. There were granules of sand and dirt inside the wound. Chiharu dropped the bloody sand and dirt into the evidence bag before marking it and making note of it. Looking up, Chiharu noticed that the Delibird that had been taking pictures had found some sand in some wounds as well.
    "You noticed it too, huh?" Chiharu said. "Sometimes Pokemon that attack humans end up leaving stuff in the wounds, depending on the move they do or the type they are. Like a physical fire-type or electric type move, such as Fire Fang or Thunder Fang, can leave the interior of the wound singed. The sand or dirt could mean that they were hit by a Ground Type move. Or it could mean that the Pokemon that was attacking was a Ground Type Pokemon."

    Chiharu put away the bag containing the bloody grains of sand before going back to her investigation of the body. She paused before looking back to the Delibird and shaking her head.
    "Jeez... Explaining stuff to a Pokemon..." Chiharu muttered, scratching her face with her wrist as to not get blood on her face. She shook her head before continuing.
    "Please don't touch the bodies unless you have some sort of protection on. You might end up leaving something that'll convict you. Or accidentally contaminating the scene." Chiharu said to Boto. She took a spare pair of gloves out of her pockets and lay them next to the the Delibird. While she wasn't sure if the Delibird would be able to use them well, Chiharu didn't really concern herself with it. It seemed like a rather smart bird, so it could be smart enough to figure out gloves. And if it wasn't, then oh well.
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  17. The Delibird absorbed the information that Chiharu was talking about, as evident on his gaze being fixated on her own eyes. He made little tweeting chuckles as she talked about the absurdity of what she was doing. He looked up at her once again when she mentioned protection and bodies. Nodding, he grabbed the gloves and managed to put them on. It was a little difficult since he didn't have fingers and these were fingered gloves, but he did manage nonetheless. He tied the stray fingered sections together so that they wouldn't flop around when he was busy with other things. He then began digging through the cuts, seeing how deep they went and if there were any serrated and asymmetrical cuts or if these were clean.

    Miel then talked to Inkoyi as they made their way to the suspects. "Is there anything I should worry about from these people? Are they explosive in nature in any way?
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  18. "Well.... maybe they are not the easiest to talk to, but nonetheless things must continue on and we must find evidence." Inkoyi walked with Miel and eventually looked around and breathed in, it smelled like fire as if something was burning in the room with the suspects! "Miel, I don't know but I believe there is a barbecue of humans going on in there!" Inkoyi busted into the room and took out his cubone, his ground type move would extinguish the flame, "Bonehead! Use rock slide!" and with that, the flames were extinguished as the group of suspects were standing in the corner, it turns out the doors have been locked. "Are you all ok? What happened?" Inkoyi said as he looked at a suspect. "W-We were just standing in the middle of the room when we smelled fire burning, and all a sudden a blast of flame came out of the roof somehow, and caught the room on fire." One of the women said to the left. "If you hadn't come I am sure I would have jumped out that window right there." a male suspect pointed. "Miel.." Inkoyi said, "I know now for a fact the killer is still inside the house."
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  19. Miel had rushed into the room to stop the room from burning by releasing his Vaporeon, who began dousing the entire area with Hydro Pump. When everything was well taken care of, Miel got a call on his PokeGear. He flipped it open and put it to his ear, when he heard a familiar feminine voice talking in a hurried and frantic tone while trying not to cry. "Miel, you have to get back. Please. Dad just passed out. We have to get to the hospital and fast. Come by when you got the time. Dactyla will come and pick you up."

    Miel's face became pale. He never usually put his family before his job, especially when it was something this important, but his dad just passed out? Sounded like a heart attack. He had to be there for him. He set his PokeGear inside and Vaporeon had heard what happened. She rushed back to where Boto was and told him what happened in hurried cooing. Chirping loudly in surprise, the Delibird packed up his things and hurriedly went back to Miel, who was telling Inkoyi of the situation. "I'm so sorry for the abrupt leave. I feel like you and Chiharu can figure this out without me. I'm so sorry, but my dad probably went through a heart attack. I gotta go."

    Looking down, he saw his Delibird and Vaporeon were standing next to him. He returned them and rushed out, his eyes brimming with tears and his anxiety rising dangerously high. Once he left the mansion, he saw an Aerodactyl coming to land by the house he was at. He hurried up to her and hopped before she could even land, who then hopped back into the air and flew off and away towards Mt. Moon.

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