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The Crystal Heart

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSun, Jan 2, 2016.

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    This is Romance Rp. You are a Pokemon in the Plains. You can make up any adventure or story. It's all up to you.

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    Ribbon walked down to the lake next to the giant apple tree. Ribbon was often accused as a killer, but she ignored the thoughts of Others. She stands by the pond and started to drink the Crystal water. Little did she know that there was a Durant nest next to her. The Durant rapidly crawled out of there nest and attacked Ribbon with Energy Ball. Ribbon fell into the river when the Currents were rapid. "HELP!" Ribbon Yelled as she went down stream.
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  2. Nocturne an Umbreon , was sitting beside the lake. It had a very strong current, so he knew not to fall in. He stared at his paws awkwardly. He watched as a Sylveon franticly struggles in the River. Nocturne dove into the water after the Sylveon. He struggled against the current until he got to Ribbon. "Hang on!" He said as he gripped her scruff. Eventually he made his way to the shore. He dropped to the ground exhausted.
  3. Midnight watched as the Umbreon saved the Sylveon from the Stream Currents from a bush. Midnight walked over to the 2 and stared into the Sylveon's Eyes. He grabbed an Oran Berry and layed 2 beside the pokemon. He ran away into the bushes.
  4. The Umbreon ate both before looking for some more. He found some pecha berries and grabbed the bushels. He brought the bushels back to the Sylveon while smiling.
  5. "T-Thank You." Ribbon said. Taking a berrie from his paw. She ate the Berrie and stood up confidently. "Thank You. My name is Ribbon. What is yours?" Ribbon asked.
  6. "My name is Nocturne! Nice to meet you Ribbon." He said warmly. "Let me know if you need anything, my den is right over there." He said pointing at a small den in a field of wheat.
  7. "T-Thank You. I ask if I need anything." She blushed as she walked away into the forest. "Where is that other Umbreon?" Ribbon Thought as she looked threw the trees.
  8. The Glaceon was sitting there, on the other side of the water.. She was eyeing the other Pokemon. She looked down, at her paws, and wondered if she should go over there. Glacey ran away from the stream, only to come back with such force as to jump over the water. She kept running, running and running until she stopped, about 20 feet away from Nocturne and Ribbon. She looked back at them, flicked her tail, and went over to a tree and sat at the trunk.
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  9. A small Espeon padded along the grasslands and stretched in the warm sun. She came from a forest a long few miles away, but decided to come here. She stepped out into a small section where the grass flattened out a bit. She glanced down at her unusually colored paws; ice blue. Around her tail was a bright pink and orange ribbon; a sub ribbon. The Espeon glanced around and saw two Umbreons, a Glaceon and a Sylveon. "Why... All these Eeveelutions... They remind me..." She stuttered in fear. The Espeon calmed herself and carefully approached; not too close but close enough to hear chatter. 'Ina... These Pokemon aren't from the forest. You need a place to stay, so calm yourself.' The Espeon told herself as she fearfully regarded the other Eeveeloutions
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  10. Glacey peered at the Espeon and twitched her ears. She stood up, stretched, and walked to her. "Hello there," said Glacey, her voice like a waterfall. "I am Glacey," she said as she dipped her head. "Whom might you be?" She inquired. The Glaceon was calm and collective, and 'cool'. (OOC: no pun intended) BIC: She circled the Espeon and waited for her answer. She kept on avoiding eye contact, as if to hide something.
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  11. The Umbreon was starting to feel Uncorftable with so many Pokemon around. After a few more seconds he took off, making a mad dash for his den. When he was almost there he turned his head to see if he was being followed. Not paying attention to where he was going he crashed into the Espeon and Glaceon.

    "Urk... Sorry". He mumbled awkwardly getting to his feet, looking down at the ground.
  12. "Y-you're an Umbreon..." Ina stuttered as she lept to her feet after the collision. The Espeon shook out her fur and tried to plaster a smile on her face. "Ina. I'm Ina. That's my name." She introduced, but at the same time the Espeon grimaced. Out of all the names... Ina didn't even have anything to do with the elements. She accepted that a while back, but it was still awkward with introductions. Ina sat down and tucked her tail underneath her paws. The tips of her tail also happened to be an ice blue. 'Don't freak out don't freak out...' Ina told herself as she restrained herself from dashing away.
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  13. Glacey jumped out of the way, almost growling as she stopped to look at Nocturne. "I'm, uh, Glacey. Who are you?" She asked, still avoiding eye contact.

    She felt weird, and she dashed off and to the tree she was just at. She dug her face into her paws and didn't look up. She curled into a ball and pressed herself against the tree. "Nnnnggghhhh" she mumbled. She didn't know what it was, she just couldn't bear to see them anymore? Why? She asked these questions to herself and finally dozed off, taking a small nap and frosting small parts of the grass near her.
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  14. Midnight stared at a waterfall at the side of the cliff. He walked Under the WaterFall to get Gallons of Water Dumped on Him. He fell in the pond and swam. He dived down and used Shadow Ball. The Ball Hit a Pile of Rocks. A shiny Glow came from the pile. Midnight swam toward the pile and found a pearl. He grabbed it and swam to the surface to breathe air as he swam to the shore.
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  15. Nocturne nearly had a heart attack. He had just run into more Pokemon, and started to talk really fast. "UmyeahmynameisumNocturneandithinkyouprettyseeyabye!" He squeaked and ran off to his den.

    Once Nocturne reached his den he tried calm him self down.
  16. Glacey woke up. She stood up and looked around. She sneezed again, a small flurry of snow around her. She looked at Nocturne running away. She sat there. Why? That was still the question to her. Why did she want to know these people but didn't want them to know her? She sat there. Maybe it was because she was a loner. Maybe she just wanted to have a friend. She shrugged and looked for berries.
  17. Ina cocked her head slightly and stared as Nocturne, or that what she though his name was, ran off in a panic. She really didn't catch what he said other than his name. "...bye?" Ina said slowly as she stood up. The Espeon was moderately surprised that she was not the one to run; but the other two were the ones. "Ok... Time to see if I can make a den." She told herself. Ina swiftly padded over to a large tree and noticed that a series of bushes were clumped up in that specific area. The Espeon started to remove the branches inside the den and make a nest out of the tall grass.
  18. Glacey ran into Ina. "Ina, right? I think I caught a bit if your name..." She trailed off. Then she took a bunch of berries from off her back (she had got a lot...turns out theres whole bushes of them) and put them in front of Ina and scampered off.
  19. Nocturne poked his head out. Ina was a little ways away from his den. His stomach growled loudly. "Time to look for some food." He said quietly and emerged from the den.. It was sunset now, and he had to find food quick. He scrambled through the Undergrowth searching for food. He saw the Glaceon drop a bushel of berries. His mouth watered, but he continued on his search.
  20. Ribbon walked in the Dark of the Forest. "Uhhhh?" She said walking in circles. "Oh No! I'm lost!" She yelled. Ribbon started to curl up near a tree. She didn't like the bark scratching her back, but it would have to do. "Ugh." She thought as she slowly fell asleep.
  21. "Thank you Glacey!" Ina chirped happily. She really liked Glaceon back at her forest, so she decided that trusting Glacey was a good idea. The Espeon poked around a little bit and rearranged the stray branches in the den and used a large leaf and psychic powers to sweep the gravel out. Ina picked up the Bushel of berries and planned out a place to preserve some; she couldn't eat them all herself. She gazed across the area and noticed Nocturne. As an apology for being in the way, she planned to give him a few berries. She planned to. When she was maybe 10 feet away she froze at the memory of a different Umbreon she didn't have a very good experience with...
  22. The Umbreon was in the high branches of a tree trying to knock a bushel of Oran berries to the ground. When he saw Inas Abrupt stop he nearly fell off the branch.

    "Err... Hello?" He asked awkwardly.
  23. Ina went rigid as Nocturne said hello, but she forced herself to lay her fur flat. "Uhh, I noticed you were looking for berries and I have way too many..." She started, struggling for words. "Well, would you like some?" Ina finished, jumping up with relief. The Espeon flicked her tail in pride momentarily before awaiting a response.
  24. "Not really but I'll show you something really useful, when I get down!" He said hopping down onto the ground with his bushel of berrys. He padded over to a large rock with a hole in it, "if you stick your berries in there it will preserve them." He said taking some of his extra berries and putting them into the storage hole.
  25. Ina froze with embarrassment as Nocturne declined her offer, but she relaxed as he continued. "Oh, that's cool. So you don't mind if I store some berries in there?" The Espeon padded over to the hole and placed a big part of the berries into it. Ina instantly levitated the remaining berries over her head and started to send them back to her den.
  26. "Yeah, not at all." He said before walking off with his own berries back to his den.

    A little while later~

    "Brr... It's cold..." He said looking out from under the tunnel of his den. His fur began to stick up to try and retain more heat as it began to snow, lightly at first and then harder and harder. Not wanting to get caught in the storm, Nocturne fled to to back of his den. He fell into a troubled sleep. He woke up to the sounds of creaking noises in the top of his den. Panicking the Umbreon raced to the entrance, only to find it blocked by snow. "Why me?" He asked pitifully as he clawed his way out of the snowed in den.

    Once he got, out his paws were bleeding from the frozen snow, which had cut his paws up. He scrambled out of the way as the Roof collapsed.

    Wet, bleeding , cold, tired and now homeless the Umbreon trudged into the Forrest. He knew it was pointless to try and build a new den because the ground was frozen solid. He walked slowly by Inas den forgetting she lived there.
  27. Midnight walked through the forest, passing trees and boulders. He stopped by a den with a Espeon in it. He ignored it and kept walking untill he found a small cave. He walked into the cave and looked around. "It will have to do for now." Midnight said. Midnight grabbed some leaves and put them in a pile. He layed down and started to dream. "Man what Id do for a Den!" Midnight Thought as he fell asleep.
  28. Glacey ran around the plains and stopped near then den Nocturne was in. Seeing he was bleeding, Glacey gasped. "Uh, n-need any help?" she asked.
  29. Ina crouched fearfully in a small muddy cave as the shadow of a Pokemon stood at the entrance. The shadow grew closer and closer still. "G-go away. You are too good to be in here." She muttered. "Oh no, I decided that it was important to come here." The shadow responded. Ina shuttered and dashed out of the cave; only to feel her tail being pulled back...

    Ina gasped as she scrambled in her nest. "It was a dream... Just a dream...." The Espeon reminded herself. Ina shook out her fur and decided to take a night walk. Her paws were frozen the second she stepped out into the snow. She looked out and noticed a figure walking by. "Hello?" Ina called out; unable to identify the figure.
  30. "N-n-no..." He said shivering as he walked past Inas den. "I'm fine my den just collapsed and my paws are bleeding-g... That's all..." He said quietly.

    Giving up on finding a den he just dug a hole in the snow and sat down in it.
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  31. Ribbon woke up to a snowflake falling on her nose. "Nya!" Ribbon sneezed. She opened her eyes to see a Winter Wonderland in front of her. She was surrounded by snow. It even got into her cave. "Ah No!" She said. "Ugh!" She yelled walking in the snow. The snow was at least 2 inches deep. Everytime she took a step she would trip and fall face first into the snow. "Oh No!" Ribbon yelped as her paws and tail were ice blue. "H-Help!" She called being burried by snow.
  32. "???" Midnight thought being startled by a scream. He walked out of the cave and looked around. Ue walked outside into the freezing blizzard. "Hello? Anyone there?" Midnight said. Midnight kept walking untill he triped in a hole. "Ugh! Why am I out here anyway?" He asked himself. Midnight walked back to his cave untill he knowticed an Blue Sylveon. The Sylveon was almost buried in the snow. "Huh?" Midnight said. Running toward the Sylveon. "Youre Freezing! Are you okay! I can help!" Midnight offered.
  33. Glacey nodded and walked away, then dashed into a small ice filled cave. Her berries were there. She looked a the reflective ice. She sighed. Then the Glaceon ran out and bumped into Ina. "Oh, Ina! Do you want to take a walk?"
  34. The Umbreon had fallen asleep. The kind of sleep you usually don't wake up from. Ever. So there he was, right next to Inas den, slowly freezing to death. The snow was begging to cover him up.
  35. Glacey looked over and pulled Nocturne out of the snow. "Ina! Help!" Glacey tried her best, but she felt as if she shouldn't. She's and ice pokemon, but she did think of something. She burrowed deep into the ground, under the snow and into the ground, still deeper into the warmth. She dragged Nocturne into the deep hole and got out, fearing to do more damage.
  36. The Umbreon was now slightly warmer, but that only lasted for a few moments before the snow started to fall in through the top. Also now he was trapped. Assuming he managed to survive.
  37. "Y-Yes. T-Thank You" Ribbon said Freezing. She was helped though the snow. "This was the Umbreon from earlier. The one who gave me and Nocturne Berries. Wait! Nocturne! Where is he? Is he out in the cold too?" Ribbon thought. "Wait. I need to do something." Ribbon said walking in the other direction. "Nocturne! Nocturne!" She yelled. She kept walking untill she fell in a deep hole. "Whaaa!" She yelled. She opened her eyes to find herself next to Nocturne.
  38. Ina trotted over to where Glacey had dug a hole for who she finally found out was Nocturne. The Espeon glanced down and smiled in a pitiful way. The snow started to cover them, and she panicked. "Ok! Hold on!" Ina exclaimed. She bounded over to a lone branch that had been discarded from her previous attempts at making her den. The Espeon levitated the branch in a weird way, as if she was going to make it the main bind of a building. Ina bounded back to where the hole was and started to dig through the snow; her ice blue paws becoming bluer as she dug.
  39. The Umbreon woke up to being used as a landing pad. "Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmmmmmmmph! Mmph!" He yelped, his voice muffled by the Sylveons Thickfur. He struggled for air, thrashing around until he found a nice open area. He now realized he was so cold he coudlnt feel it anymore.
  40. "Ah! I'm so Sorry!" Ribbon said. The Umbreon was Turning Blue do to the Freezing Cold. He looked like Midnight. She started pushing the snow since it was surrounding Her. It came down so Rapidly she could not help but get Frostbites. She started to sneeze. She covered her nose with her ribbons. "Wait a Minute!" She said. Ribbon started to Extend her ribbons. One wrapped around a tree. She slowly pulled her self up the hole. She looked back down at the hole and reached for Nocturne. She tried pulling him up, but she could not. "A little help here?" She said trying to pull up the Umbreon.

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