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The Cost Of Darkness

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Yoshimitsu

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    Spoilers for the Exploration

    The footsteps were fightening. They sounded no different to normal footsteps, save for one detail. Even in something as simple as someone walking forward, there was such anger and hate, pure malice contained within the echoing sound. Each step had a clear ring to it, this person walking had a destructive and cruel intention that would be completed. There was no doubt surrounding it. Even as the ruins of the city crumbled around him, he walked easily and shattered anything that got in his way.

    The black hair absorbed any light that got too close, and the inky markings covering his body seemed to shift and pulsate as his well-toned muscles flexed. Somehow, he seemed bigger than usual, his body more sculpted, more defined. The ripped jacket he wore billowed behind him with every step, every slight breeze. The eyes, the blue pupils turned black and the smirk on his mouth that twisted his face in an unnatural way. Yoshimitsu's face did not suit such a sadistic expression, and is body was far angrier than it ever had been before.

    A huge chunk of rubble exploded as he walked towards it, clearing his path as he ascended the steps to the old castle. The doors opened for him but as he walked past them, they disintegrated. The cracked floor that once portrayed a beautiful mural was cracked and destroyed, huge craters having destroyed chunks of what used to be the four guardians of the Ryuga. The dragon, the phoenix, the unicorn and the fairy, all lost. Vincent had gotten rid of them, after his return to sanity. Vincent was the reason he was here now.

    The Lord of the Ryuga, Lord Dran, in his resting place at the throne room. He had been the only ruler to have been buried there, because he had been the ruler who had given the most. Unfortunately for him, the most translated into being the biggest dictator. He had caused so much suffering that it was unforgivable, and he needed to stand for his crimes. It didn't matter that he was dead. Nothing like that would get in Yoshimitsu's way right now. With the darkness running through his veins and his mind, he could do anything.

    The final resting place, just in front of the throne. Yoshimitsu snapped his fingers and the ground exploded. A lifeless body, perfectly preserved, was raised up and hung limply in the air in front of the teenager. He gestured casually, causing a swirling mass of black to open behind him. The corpse floating easily behind him as he stepped through the portal and into the world of Darkness.

    It was hostile. The air was tense and heavy with aggression. Rock spires rose underneath the invisible path Yoshimitsu walked on. He had been here before, just once. It had appeared very different that time, just an empty void with a single path to the next portal. He hadn't opened a second portal this time. He would leave once his business was done. In between two spires, Dran's body stopped and his arms rose. Yoshimitsu stepped off the invisible path but continued walking through the air, producing two chains from his jacket. As he touched them, more links appeared, ending finally in a heavy cuff. With possibly more force than was neccessary, he clamped them around Dran's wrists and melted them to seal him in. The chains planted themselves into the spires, the only thing strong enough to do so. As soon as they entered the spire, the entire make up of the rock changed into the same metal.

    "Time to wake up, my lord," Yoshimitsu taunted, his voice rough and angry, both of his hands erupting in black flames. Dran gasped as life entered him again, his eyes looking around wildly to figure out where he was, what had happened. They finally came to rest on Yoshimitsu.


    "No," Yoshimitsu snapped, backhanding Dran and very nearly shattering his jaw. "My name is Yoshimitsu. Say it for me, Dran."


    "That's better. Now tell me, my lord," Yoshimitsu said, his voice heavy with sarcasm. "How do you feel? Do you know where you are?"

    Dran said nothing.

    "Some of us don't forget so easily. You ruined my life, and who even knows how many others," Yoshimitsu stated, full of malice. "You forced him to kill me, then because of you I was forced to fight him and something that never should have existed. You killed so many people, so many people that mattered to me and changed the world. Tell me, my lord, how do you feel?"

    "I only did what I had to for my people," Dran said defiantly.

    Yoshimitsu backhanded him again. He laced his strike with darkness, opening a shallow cut on Dran's cheek.

    "Bullshit," the teenager snapped. "Everything you did was for the greater glory of Dran. Don't try to feed me lies about how much you cared for any of us. You don't care about anyone but yourself."

    Yoshimitsu let the flames surrounding his hands die down, and thrust his hands into his jeans pockets. Somehow, this made him look even more deadly. The unnatural smirk was still on his face, his black tattoos covering his body seeming to writhe again.

    "I don't think you quite understand what's happening here. You're tied up by metal forged in the aquamarine magma running under this planet's surface by the forgers who secluded themselves because of you," Yoshimitsu explained. "You forced them into hiding because you threatened them. If they didn't make weapons for your army, you would kill their families. Their children. Their wives. Cliché, but that was a threat you could make good on. I know why you wanted those weapons forged."

    "Their alloy is-"

    "I know what their alloy is, you insignificant piece of shit," Yoshimitsu snapped, backhanding Dran once again. "Don't talk back to me. I've brought you to a place you've never been before. This is the world of darkness."

    "The... what?"

    "The world of darkness, a place that nearly nobody has ever been and nobody ever should. There are no rules here. There's no reprieve. Time doesn't flow, space doesn't move. There are things alive here, Dran," Yoshimitsu said calmly, his smirk getting ever more pronounced. "Things that no one can speak of because of the terror they inflict. There's no concept of life and death here. You live, and fight, and lose, and slowly start to lose your mind. You warp yourself, become twisted and something else."

    Yoshimitsu produced another clamp out of his jacket, this one also expanding as he touched it. He clamped this one around Dran's neck, and chains attached it to the cuffs at his wrists. Two more cuffs around his ankles tied him to the spires more thoroughly.

    "There's no time here. A hundred thousand years could pass in here, and not even a second would have passed in the real world," Yoshimitsu continued, sealing each clamp. "You wont die here. You can't even fight back. You'll hang here for eternity and start to go insane as your body is shattered and reformed by the monsters lurking below."

    Yoshimitsu paused, letting the full impact of his words hit Dran. He saw the terror on Dran's face, and he didn't care. There was no way out now.

    "Those chains will never break, you can't escape and you'll have to live forever in this prison."

    Dran opened his mouth to speak, but Yoshimitsu punched him in the stomach.

    "This is the price you pay for what you've done, and no less," Yoshimitsu stated. With another snap of his fingers, a portal appeared behind him. Without another look back, he stepped through and closed it.
  2. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu likey =o Seems to capture the threatening side to your character quite well. Tht backhand was also hilarious! and I was especially fond of the way the tattoos were described as animate objects, gave that extra level of depth to his anger. => [/not too much to say]
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    So. Dark!Yoshi is a badass ;o It's interesting seeing the evil he's capable of along with the good. Yeah, Dran seems like he was quite the douche, but the punishment Yoshi's given him here seems a bit much. I wonder if he'll regret what he did later on
    #3 Sem, Aug 24, 2011
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