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Ask to Join The Complex

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. (Sign up and discussion here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/multiversal-prison.19904/)

    At the far off edge of the multiverse, there lies a prison built to hold some of the most dangerous criminals in existence. A young man walked down a hall and got to the entrance gate of the edifice. A few other guards were managing the grid. "So the new convicts are arriving now?" The young man asked. One of the guard got up and saluted him. "Yes Captain Kenny. We're opening the door now." He informed. "Alright, let them in." Kenny said as the door were opened.
  2. First to enter through the door was Warren Hendrik, aka "Onirus", hands bound with heavy cuffs in front of him. He stared straight forward, paying no heed to the guards before him or the man who had apparently just arrived as he walked with an expressionless face. He wiggled his fingers for a brief moment, trying to get feeling back in his hands. "Some damn tight cuffs you have on us here, Captain." Not that his wrists hurt; if anything, the restraints were quite annoying. The assassin had his hood over his head, and he stopped to stare at Kenny with his silver eyes as he talked.

    (Damn sorry for the short post; don't know what else to say)
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  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kyle would be the second one to walk through the doors. He walked through with a slight smile on his face. He noticed someone had just arrived, it was another guard. Kyle also noticed that someone else was talking to the guard. He was talking about how the cuffs were quite tight. "Yeah I can agree with that, hey captain do you mind loosening them up for me." He asked, as he then chuckled, he was obviously joking. "And anyway once I'm through here, do any of you guys mind lighting my cigarette?" He asked, he couldn't take the guards seriously, so he thought he would just talk to them as if they weren't guards.
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  4. Kari was asleep on a small, clay pot in an office with the lights off and the door locked. The polar-shroom gave no sort of noise while in his slumber, as Sean could only wonder if plants really dreamed in their sleep. The baby stegosaurus stood a few feet away from a guard that saluted the Captain earlier, as the infant gave no sort of heed towards the incoming inmates. The little dinosaur quickly got out his wand while keeping both his magical baton and teddy bear tightly gripped with a shaky grip. He gently waved the wand for a brief moment, as he performed a reverse thrust a split second after. His body became enveloped in a mystical layering of protective energy that would comfortably cushion him from both physical and magical attacks, as well as allowing him to somewhat float if needed.

    The infant shielded his face with the teddy bear when he heard someone requesting their cigar to be lighted. He could only hope that he would not get too many funny looks today, since there were likely no guards he knew that he could always count on. He gently stowed his wand back in the teddy bear before zipping up the storage compartment, as he thought, "I should have ditched the place when I had the chance... Oh lord, please don't make this day so hard. I'll stop using the forbidden spells if you do."
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  5. Chris walked into the prison. The cuffs were tight around his wrists but so too was the silver band that kept his full power under wraps. He let out a breath before looking at the guards. "Hey can one of you guards escort me to my cell. I got about fifty years here and I want to get started as soon as possible." He knew that his hubris led him down this path weather or not the crimes he was accused of were real he wouldn't try to escape. Better here than some GC prison. He walked past some man talking about dark magic and another who was looking for a smoke as he walked towards the cell blocks wondering where he would end up.
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  6. Xenah was next to shuffle in, her pupils narrow slits as she glared around in distaste. The metal cuffs engulfing her hands were putting too much pressure on her fingers, and she fretted about breaking a claw; growing those suckers back was not easy work. Her thin tail dragged along the floor, the tip thrashing in annoyance and hitting the floors with dull thwacks. What didn’t help her temper was the height of everyone around her; just about every prisoner surrounding the lithe assassin was at least half a foot above her height, some were even so tall they didn’t acknowledge her existence, one particular man almost making the horrific mistake of stepping on her tail.. which wouldn’t have ended well.

    She kept her head down for the most part, refusing to meet the eye of anybody in the room out of humiliation and spite.
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  7. Izayoi was next to come inside the prison. He cursed that person, who was thinking that could be fun to make his cuffs so tight. He was also thinking how to remove his gag from his mouth. While he tried to comeuup with something, he looked around, at Guards then at other prisoners. After some time, he got an idea. Izayoi quickly grabed his pen and he started to writing on his notebook. When he ended, he stamped loudly to take guards attencion and he showed, what he wrote on his notebook <Sorry, Can I Have a question? Okay, Can I get something to drink? I'm begging you> then he was waiting for their reply.
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  8. Seeing as how the captain wasn't speaking, Warren shrugged and returned his gaze to the front, continuing to walk. The best thing about being first in a line: no one in front of you to slow you down, and there's no need to look behind. To be completely honest, the assassin wasn't feeling any kind of emotion at the moment. Some of these criminals might be feeling anger, humiliation, or the like, but Warren didn't necessarily care about the condition he was in. After all, all he had to do was survive. If given a chance to escape, he would do so; if not, no matter. Two guards in front of him grabbed his shoulders and took him to his assigned cell, room 404 on the fourth floor. "Well, here we are; home sweet home." One of the guards gave him a nudge forward with the barrel of his gun, a rifle with stunning bolts. Once Warren was in the cell, the guards gave him his prison garb before activating the electric force field and leaving him be.
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  9. Two guards escorted Chris to his cell on the fourth floor room 409. He walked in and eyed the room. to his right was a small twin size bed with barley a sheet on it. in the back was a small toilet and sink, To the left of the grey room was a wall that seemed to have been a calendar of sorts to the previous owner. He let out a breath as he sat down on the bed. He reached into his pocket and took out a picture. In the middle of the frame was a purple female with cat ears and bright blues, A five year old light blue girl who looked like a mix between them stood at the right of her to her left was a humanoid man with swirling blue and white hair the man sported a blue goatee beside him was his wife and children.
    Chris smiled back at the picture putting it beside the small pillow on the bed. "Wait for me." He muttered before crossing his legs and meditating.
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  10. Izayoi went to his cell, room 103 on the sixth floor. He saw many cameras and Guards with the tools to hurt their best friends, prisoners. Two Guards pushed him inside then One of them took off Lawlee's gag to give him a water "What a relieve, Do you know how irritating that gag was... This world law is if you will be holding it, then this gag will explode" Izayoi said with a devilish smile. Guard wasn't fast enough and gag exploded in his hand as Izayoi said. Second guard quickly ran out from 103 cell. The steel door from cell was quickly closed, Guards turned on electricy force field, ready to fire blasters and laser grids. "Oh come on, I won't escape from the place where is so many interesting toys" Izayoi said he laid on his bed and he took a nap.
  11. Kenny observed the new prisoners come in one by one and get escorted to their cells. "Alright, things are going at a pretty good pace." He thought before glancing at the guards who were escorting Izayoi to his cell. He noticed they didn't take the collar that was on the table next to the entrance and frowned. "Those idiots forgot the collar. Better get it to that guy before things get messy." He thought as he walked to the table and took the item. "Keep sorting the prisoners while I'm gone." He ordered as he made his way to the sixth floor. On his way there, he met the guards who escorted Izayoi. "Remember to follow the power restricting protocols next time alright." He told them as he walked pass. Arriving at Izayoi's cell, Kenny opened it up.
  12. Izayoi woke up from his nap, when he heard that his cell was opened by Kenny. Lawlee saw Kenny at the door, he smiled at him and he stood up "Hi there, What do you need. Wait, don't tell me... You came here to tell me that lunch was made already, don't you" Izayoi said then he looked at expression in Kenny's face "You didn't came here to tell me about lunch, don't you..." When he said that he looked at the collar in his grip. "You wanted to give me that... You don't trust me when I said that I won't escape... Okay, It's fine if you, Guards don't like me, not everybody have a good taste" Izayoi told Captain.
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  13. While Sean decided to hide underneath the table away from the other prisoners, a small, robotic-like creature lied motionless on a cozy bed with a soft, bluish blanket being over half of its cold, metallic body. The scratches and other slashed related marks appeared to be absent soon after. An array of faint numbers and letters surrounded the creature’s body, as it began to quickly take in the data to regain lost energy.

    The digital being could only hope that it would not be surrounded by a group of staff members. It sighed in relief when it slowly opened its eyes, with no one else being in the infirmary at the moment. It carefully analyzed the room, taking as much data as it could from the brief scan to form a mental map of its surroundings. The little creature stared at the mirror for a brief moment, noting its significantly smaller, prismatic body due to being in its rookie form.

    “I need to find something to wear... and maybe even cover up, or else they’re gonna be looking at me pretty funny when they see a little robot in this place!” The digital monster shouted in its thoughts, as it toddled towards a tall cabinet after it managed to climb down the bed.
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  14. After changing into an orange shirt and trousers, Warren sat in the middle of his cell, punching the air in front of him and assuming a prayer position afterward before repeating the process several times. Every time the assassin punched, a gust of wind shot forward, and the sound of a whip cracking pierced the air seconds later. The same exercise had led to his being able to strike faster than the speed of sound, as Warren had done it during his training as a teenager for decades. The routine called for completing 15 thousand punches and prayers by the time the day was finished; because of the lack of a clock anywhere in his cell, however, there was no way to measure how long it would take. After another punch and prayer, Warren wiped the sweat off his face with his sleeve and knocked on the electrical force field, calling out, "Hey, guard. Mind if I get a clock in here? Planet Earth, Central Standard Time." One of the guards complied and slid a digital clock down a thin hatch, and the assassin mumbled a quick 'thanks'. The time read 6:47 AM. Warren placed the clock on his bed and returned to the middle of the cell, resuming his exercise.
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  15. Sean slowly descended onto the ground after taking a mental note on hardly being able to move around while afloat. The baby stegosaurus carefully patted his bonnet before silently making his way to the fourth floor. He clutched the teddy bear with a shaky grip, as he could only hope that the other guards and prisoners would be kind enough to not give the infant any funny stares or giggles.

    The little dinosaur squealed when he heard someone knocking on the electrical force field, as he hid behind the guard that slid a strange device down the hatch. The infant looked up at the guard while hoping that he would not be stuck with having to deal with the prisoner. He decided to conceal the troubled look on his face with his teddy bear and slowly backed away from the guard soon after.
  16. After being, rather forcibly, pushed into her cell by a guard, Xenah caught herself and turned around with a deadly look in her eye. The guard undid her shackles and the woman solemnly rubbed her wrists as an orange uniform of sorts was thrown to her.
    “Put this on,” a guard ordered in a husky, stern voice. Xenah blinked once, then twice, before doubling over and letting out a loud laugh; more of a cackle really.
    “BAHAHAHAH! Ahaha-! Ha! Yeah, I’m not wearing that.”
    Her voice had gone from laughter to a chilling monotone in seconds, a dangerous look in her eye. The guard raised his brow at her, insisting she put it on again. She shook her head promptly, frowning. The guard huffed, and apparently went off to find some assistance to help him force the woman into her new uniform. Smirking smugly, she wiggled into the orange uniform, glancing around at the room around her. Her eyes caught on Sean and a puzzled grin tugged at her lips.
    “Ah, so the famed Multiverse Prison is hiring.. prehistoric infants now? I like your teddy, kid,” she purred, looking up as the guard returned, flanked with another guard.
    “She won’t put on her-.....uniform..”
    Xenah looked up at the guard with a smirk, flicking her long tail.
    “I look good in orange, don’t you think?”
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  17. Sean gulped after hearing what a woman declared, as the infant quickly shook his head at the woman in response after lowering his teddy bear. He attempted to respond to the woman’s remark, though all that could come out of his mouth were a few incoherent sounds that likely expressed a degree of hesitant concern and slight anger.

    He quickly got out his wand from the hidden compartment of his teddy bear after silently unzipping the zipper and shutting it back up. He waved his wand in a swift, horizontal motion, as a sigil resembling a vague clock appeared in front of the baby stegosaurus. The hands started to gradually move quicker, as the long hand transformed into a sword, while the shorter hand became a rod soon after.

    The sigil started to fade away a brief moment later, as the red particles of energy went into Sean’s body, which would enhance his strength, magic and allow him to act quicker if combat were to become an unexpected experience. He decided to place the wand back in his storage compartment, while hoping that the other guard did not notice any of his actions.
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  18. As Warren continued his routine, he had sweated so profusely that he tore off his drenched orange shirt, revealing his muscular torso marked with many battle scars. Suddenly, his concentration was cut short when the inmate, probably feminine, occupying the cell next to him let out a loud cackle. Walking over to the adjacent wall, the assassin heard the exchange between prisoner and guard; something about 'not wearing that'. It was probably the prisoner uniform. Washing his face with the sink, Warren sighed and draped his shirt over his shoulder, sitting against the wall. "Well, aren't you a feisty one?" He asked, not loud to the point of shouting it out to the other prisoner, but audible enough for her to hear.
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  19. Click walked to the cell the girl was doing magic. "You should stop or I'll tell and you'll get in big trouble." They explained. His face turned into a purple skull. "The guards give me freedom due to my new body being controlled by me at the touch of a button I'd explode I better be their lap dog for now." Click thought.
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  20. In the meditative state Chris was able to feel the presence of the other people who inhabited the floor. 'Interesting.' He muttered realizing that the bracelet didn't neutralize this. " I'd listen to the android if I was you." He said letting out a breath as he opened his eyes. He turned his head to the cell door. "Besides if you try something funny I'd prefer not to be caught in the cross fire." He stood up and walked to the cell door before sitting down so he could see what was going on.
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  21. Kenny chuckled a bit at the quip Izayoi made. "No it not that I don't trust that you won't escape. It more that..." Before he finished his sentence, Kenny threw the collar past Izayoi, the collar bounced off the wall and would land around the inmate's neck. "...It's so thing don't get messy, you universal threats can be quite hard to deal with after all." He said. "That collar restricts you power, tat's all it does. Hope you enjoy your stay at the Complex." The captain quipped as he turned around and closed the door.
  22. When Kenny left Izayoi in his cell he returned to sleep, but he didn't sleep very long becouse one of his neighbors was trying to escape "Hey, Guards. Some stupid kid trying to stop my nap, that schould be illegal" He yelled that loud as he could, then someone opened the door, in the entrence was standing a big guy, who was looking angry "Did you called me (a kid)" he asked Izayoi "Yes, that was me... How can you speak with parenthesis? Can you teach me" Lawlee said to his guest "Maybe I have a collar and I'm weakened but you will pay for that how you called me, Helon" Helon said and he attacked Izayoi, who quickly jumped off his bed. When he saw that Helon destroyed his bed he quickly kicked him out from his cell where Guards were waiting for a fugitive. Izayoi came to the Guards, he asked if they could give him a new bed and he returned to his cell.
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  23. Xenah blinked curiously as a voice seemed to reach out to her, and her pupils dilated from those angry slits that she wore so well to wide black circles; her interest was piqued. Deciding to befriend her new mystery inmate, she leaned against the wall he’d spoken from, tilting her head back and flicking her long tail.
    “Is that such a crime?” She retorted, her voice smooth and cool. The woman rested her head against the wall, her fingers finding the frayed ends of her braid.
    “Let me guess, mystery man. You’re tall and have a pretty face and lots of muscle just like everyone else in this cliche shithole prison.” She muttered sarcastically, letting out a loud, annoyed groan. Pushing her arms out in a dramatic stretch, she scrunched up her nose and mumbled something incoherent.
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  24. Slightly surprised to hear the woman fire back a retort, Warren replied, "I wouldn't be so sure. I'm 5'8, if you want to count that as being tall for my age. Pretty face? Doubt it. Lots of muscle? Not really, but I wouldn't say I'm weak either. If I was, there's a minuscule chance I would even get thrown in here in the first place." Though, what the woman said was actually kind of true. All of the other prisoners seemed to be around or taller than 6 feet, which was... a little suspicious. Warren overheard the prisoner next to him mumble something rather unclear and, deciding to let it pass, introduced himself. "Name's Warren Hendrik."
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  25. Izayoi was bored, becouse his bed was totally destroyed by some stupid prisoner. Then someone called him to went outside his cell "What do you need from me" Izayoi asked a guard who was waiting for him "You wanted from us to give you new bed then you will take a walk around the prison with me for a few hours" Guard answered to Lawlee. Then they started to walk around "Can I go to see another levels of this prison" Izayoi asked and he waited for a while for respond "... Alright, just be calm and don't give me any troblue, okay. What level you want to see first?" Guard replied "fourth" Izayoi said and they came to the Hall of fourth level.
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  26. Xenah drew her legs up to her chest, exhaling sharply.
    “Warren Hendrik,” she repeated gently, scrunching up her nose as the foreign name rolled off her tongue. She shook her head faintly, unseen by her locked-up neighbor.
    “Nope. Don’t like that one.” She commented dryly, her hands ceasing to fiddle with the long strands of purple hair at her shoulder. “Got any nicknames?”
    She sighed, studying her cell. It was damp, and made of stone. It made her feel claustrophobic.
    She opened her mouth to speak, promptly shutting it again. She didn’t want to give her real name. She didn’t know why- the guards would refer to her as such and it would be common knowledge, maybe it was just a habit.. she’d use her hitman name instead, although understanding he may recognize it.
    “..I’m Novex.”
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  27. Izayoi was walking through the hall with the Guard, when he suddenly saw cell where was two prisoners. One girl and One guy. "Hey, Why I don't have any inmate? Also, I glad that there is some girls in this prison, becouse I didn't saw any female guard" He said to Guard. "Izayoi, you know that Prisoners from level 6 are not allowed to have inmate" Guard replied to him but he didn't heard him but he quickly jumped to the prisoners cell and he said to Xenah and Warren "Hi there, I'm first time in this prison. Maybe one of you would like to show me around... But, I prefer company of girl" He said with innocent smile.
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  28. (Technically, Xenah and Warren are separated by a wall; they're also in two different cells)

    Ah, so that's where he thought he recognized that voice. Novex was an infamous hitwoman(?) known across the galaxy, and it honestly was a surprise Warren didn't realize it was her earlier. "Novex, huh? A.K.A. Xenah Cresnova; most widely known for the assassination of King Ostenero, monarch of Nerschwick. You're sure Warren Hendrik doesn't ring a bell? Maybe 'Onirus' does, then." It probably did; that was the name Warren always went by when going under to "bash a few heads". Suddenly, a prisoner who probably didn't belong on this floor walked up to the entrance of Warren's cell, politely requesting a tour of the place. Warren sighed and leaned against the wall he was on, his shirt still draped over his shoulder. "Not likely. I doubt I'll get out of here any time soon." Speaking of which, why was he even out and exploring in the first place? The fact that they would allow a single guard to accompany a prisoner in the Complex to simply "take a walk" was just plain dumb.
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  29. (Sorry for that mistake...)

    Izayoi looked at Warren then he asked his Guard "He can go with us, can't he"
    "No, no, no, no. Don't even think about this" Guard replied "I beg you, only that two. You can call more Guards if you want and You are the 6 level Guard. So you have to be really strong" Izayoi said "No, we don't have to call others. Fine if they would like to go, then I can open their cells, I will shackle them with Paralysing handcuffs" he told to Izayoi. Lawlee looked happy but also he started to think about this "Intresting, Why he don't want to call other Guard to help him. I must keep my eye on this little toy... Lets play" then he turned around to the Warren in one cell then at Xenah in another one "So, do you want to tag along. This schould be fun"
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  30. Click saw 2 people talking they approached. Click sat down Novex and Onirus. Novex infamous murderer same with you Orion. "I shouldn't be here with murderers." They explained. "I helped people sure I killed but I saved 17 lives for every 1 I killed." They explained. He scanned a man with a guard behind him. Izayoi destroyer of Planets. "Nice to see you." They explained.
  31. "Oh, a robot. Can I take him, please? I never had my own Robot before" Izayoi said to Guard "He isn't something, you can take. Click is the one of the Prisoners" he said
    "That sweet robot, just look at his screen. He is So sweet. Oh, His name is Click. Hi, Click" then he reminded something and looked at Click "Don't say too loud that I'm planet destroyer. I'm something more than just a destroyer" after that he made a facepalm when he noticed that he said about himself that he is [something] "Alright, if nobody want to go with you then we will head to another level, probably 2"
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  32. "Can I come with him." They asked. There face turning into a question mark.
    A voice came from Clicks speaker that wasn't his own. "He is allowed to come." The voice explained.
    "Click charge my gun." The guard ordered. Click held the gun and a cord came from the back of his head charging the gun.
  33. Xenah shifted uncomfortably. She was not a fan of this kid’s knowledge of her; sure, she expected him to recognize Novex, but she didn’t anticipate an entire identity check. Hell, most people didn’t know her by name, but of course she stumbled into someone who did.
    “Well, I’m not quite good with names, and I certainly didn’t do my research before coming here, but I’d have to be dense to not know who you are if you’re going by Onirus,” she mused softly. She looked up as another fella, who’s name still went unknown to her, approached her cell, inviting her and her neighbor for a walk.

    She stood immediately, stretching out her arms and flicking her tail in reply.
    “Absolutely. C’mon, Warren,” she coaxed, completely contradicting her previous refusal to call him by his name. “You’re stuck with me now.”
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  34. Izayoi looked at Xenah and smiled "All right then, This World Word is when I will hit the doors of your cells, they will dissapire. Also, when you will leave your cells, then all Captains will find bouquet of flowers" he looked at the Guard "That's a little bribery" Izayoi said, then he turned around at Warren and Xenah cells and he punched the doors. They just dissapired "Maybe with that collar to suppress my power, I can't destroy a planet or kill a bunch of people. But, I still can do something little" he thought then he smiled once again at Warren and Xenah then he said "My name is Izayoi Lawlee, Level 6 prisoner"

    Guard heard Warren "I don't think that you can beat a 6 level Guard or even scratch Captain Kenny so be calm now, better for you" he said to him.
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  35. Warren sighed and put on his shirt before standing up. "I though you didn't like that name," He coolly retorted as one of the guards deactivated the force field that kept him in his cell. Stepping out into the hall, the assassin felt the need to ask, "Why are we being let our in the first place? I'm just curious; we're supposed to be the deadliest criminals in the galaxy, right? I'd imagine we aren't given this much freedom so that we can just 'take a stroll' when we want. Besides, even with cuffs on, I could probably kill all of the guards here." Upon Warren's last remark, the same guard who opened his cell gulped audibly and warily cuffed the assassin's wrists.
  36. You could kill all the guards here." But they'd destroy after a couple of seconds. "Strength in numbers, you learn that when you led a revolution." Click explained. His helmet showing a blue smile. Click handed the man back his gun. "But there is one w" Click began before being interrupted. His body convulsed.
    "Don't even try." A guard sneered.
    "Yes sir." They explained.
  37. Izayoi started " Welcome everyone in my Little group, where we sends smiles everywhere to everyone. There is a few rules.
    1.we hear our good Guard who let us created it.
    2. Be nice at least to other members of our group.
    If you break one of those rules, I or our Guard will give you a punishment" Izayoi ended, proud of his speech. Then the Guard came "Okay, I have to control you all somehow. Set yourself in pairs" He stated then Izayoi reacted quickly "Okay, Guy and Robot, one pair. Me and beautiful girl, Another one" Izayoi said, Guard made Quick facepalm "Why I'm not suprised, alright if everyone is ready then let's go to level 2. Remember, Maybe I will be alone but I'm not an ordinary guard. So I don't want any troblue" Guard told to prisoners "It's still suspicious that he want to take care of us on his own, I have to keep my eye on this Guard" Lawlee said to himself in mind.
  38. Xenah stepped from her cell, giving a long stretch and sighing in relief at the dissipating ache, hissing softly at a guard as he clamped cuffs around her hands. She turned to Izayoi as he drowned in with a short spiel, and in turn she scrunched up her nose.
    “..Be ‘nice’?” She mused softly, her voice drawling in disdain. “I wasn’t aware this was a prison for toddlers.”
    Her mind flickered back to the recent memory of Sean, and she chuckled darkly. “Actually, scratch that. I did know that.”

    She tuned in with an air of boredom, shooting an icy glare to Izayoi at his.. compliment, nickname.. thing.

    “Don’t call me that.” She muttered. “I have a name, and its Novex.”
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  39. It was all Warren could do from snapping his own neck and ending this pain early. "Okay... uh, wow. You know what; I think I'm gonna politely decline. I'd rather stay here than take a 'grand tour' of this hellhole." The guard then removed the assassin's cuffs and directed him back in his cell. Warren walked in as the force field activated behind him, closing his cell. He sighed and sat against a wall, wiggling his fingers briefly as he stared blankly in front of him. Warren couldn't care less what power level the guy who had wanted to take a walk ranked at; the whole thing was painfully childish, and the criminal slowly found himself questioning the seriousness of being in this cell if one could have the freedom to simply walk around at their leisure.
  40. "It's sad, well we will see each other again, I hope" Izayoi said, as always in truth. He didn't care if someone didn't want to go with him. He looked at Xenah and said "Novex... I will remember it. And that thing with being nice was just a joke". Guard looked like he also didn't cared if Warren was going with them. When Izayoi looked at the Guard, he noticed something on his neck "Why, this Guard is wearing a Collar" he thought then Guard said "Okay, let's go" and He leaded the group to 2 level.
    "I Have to find out, what is wrong with this Guard and this whole situation... Or maybe I schould say, what is wrong with this prisoner. If he can escape why he stayed and why is he playing with me... Some mere toy won't play with me"

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