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Open The Circle discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. In a world that needs saving seven heroes must unite to defeat a bigger enemy. Will they prevail will they lose only time will tell
    Alright so this is basically a Justice league/ Avengers type of RP. For reasons I'm limiting the entry to only six other people. I just don't like over corwded RPs.
    Character Sheet.
    Secret Identity:
    Costume: (How your costume looks)
    Age (over twenty)
    Powers ( You can be powerful but your enemies have to be just as powerful. No Superman esk character and your arch enemy is a thug. If you understand what I'm saying.)
    Rogue Gallery: (Villians you constantly go up against
    Back story: Why your character does what he does.
    I'll create mine later.
  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: (the) Detecter Detective (often just called the Detecter or the Detective)
    Secret Identity: Thomas Walker
    Sex: Male
    Costume: Large brown-black jacket. Ordinary looking. Appears almost like a normal police officer/ detective
    Age: 27
    Powers: The ability to change his vision to thermal vision, detecting exactly where someone is and where explosives are using just his senses, the ability to create shocks of electricity through his brain.
    Rogue Gallery: Ratman, Brainwave, Victor Nirone, Headache, the Necromancer, Gravitron, the Cheese Cutter, Emperor Ramsey, Scourge, Sewerman, Association of the Twisted, the Cryptids, the Leprechaun, Scapegoat, Stone Soldier, The Gambler, Boarman, Deathoof
    Backstory: Thomas Walker was a man who, became a member of the British police force. He became well known when he was promoted to a high role as a detective. One of his first cases could not be solved. It was the murder from a group of serial killers. Thomas discovered who the serial killers were and chased them. These serial killers were actually a group of mutants, with amazing abilities. Thomas managed to arrest them but got mutated himself from falling into a large container of chemicals which was apart of the lab of a scientist who had allied himself with the group. The scientist explained Thomas's new powers and that he should conceal his identity. Shortly after this, Thomas became the Detecter Dectective and left his job to protect his identity. He went freelance, trying to solve cases around the world others couldn't dream of solving, many involving the arresting of evil mutants and villains. Thomas now lives in the USA but still regularly visits Britain to see his family each year.
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  3. Accepted, guess I should do mine now
    Name: Striker
    secret Identity: Connor Mathews
    Sex Male
    Age: 25
    Powers: Do to his heritage he has enhanced strength and speed.
    Rogue Gallery: Death storm, Elioan and Alpheria, The puppet master, Wake, Tremors, the Mad clown
    Backstory: He was saved from a life of slavery under the Amazons by his Uncle Apollo at a very young age. He grew up in Sol City, MO. From an early age he learned about right and wrong. He joined the police force only to truly find out how bad the city was when it came to gangs, and how little the police where able to do about it. He started going out at night using the skills his uncle tought him in order to stop crime."
    He adopted the Striker Identity. He vows to keep his city safe.

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