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The Burn Behind the Dreams

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Okay, this is the first story I've posted online, I usually keep them to myself.. Tell me if you like it so far and if you want to hear more. I apologize for the crappy title XP

    Lightning split through the clouds as Switch lifted his nose to the sky and struck his tail into the ground. A hot bolt flashed down, striking the Raichu, and it seemed to get him going. Because of the dark sky, I saw the static electricity in his fur, this would be a good time to give him the command. "Switch, use Thunder now!" I shouted to him. He complied, and seemed to summon the lightning down again, this time onto the regal pokemon on the rocks before him, Entei.

    I awoke with a start, just as I did every morning. Naturally, Switch was curled up beside my head. I ruffled his fur and he growled happily in his sleep. As I stood to my feet and began to stretch, I looked off into the distance. I could have sworn I saw the outline of a Pokemon, but afterall I had just woke up. I shook my head, ran a hand through my crazy hair (it was still black and pink from the last time I dyed it) and released all of my Pokemon from their Pokeballs. I let them play around for a while, then I told them to come back inside the Pokeballs. Switch was looking up at me in question. "Rai?"
    I smiled down to him. He was always there for me, I had him since he was a tiny Pichu, and now he was an amazing fighter and my best friend. "Yeah Switch, we'll be leaving soon...I just got to get our stuff packed." My electric buddy nodded and bounded off towards a few pidgey. I began to shove our left over food into my black and silver pack and threw it onto my shoulder. "Alright, let's head on out!!!" Switch looked up at me, and the pidgey fluttered off as he ran back to me.

    The city was packed full of different people, many wearing the latest fashions. Most seemed rich in Hearthome City, but a few homeless sat with their poor pokemon, begging for change. I gave a few of them some money, then made my way to the contest hall. Switch was staring up at the huge building in wonder. "You want to enter, Switch?" He nodded eagerly and I couldn't help but laugh. "Alright, come on." I walked up to the glass door and pushed my way in past a few people. Switch bounded over to the contest receptionist and I wasn't far behind him. I looked at the lady behind the desk. She had strange hair, it was bright orange and slightly curly, but spiked. I wasn't sure how that even worked out. "Hi, I'd like to enter the next contest." The lady shone a pleasant smile, took my name, and asked me what two pokemon I would be entering. "Two? This is a tag contest?" I only had to think for a moment. "Switch, he's a Raichu, and Autumn, my Flareon." She nodded and sent me off into the dressing room.

    I finished pulling myself into a black and pink dress I had found among the wardrobes, and made my way into the waiting room. I found myself among many different contestants, and some beautiful, cute, and just plain weird pokemon. I smiled and shook my head before looking to the TV screen. The news was on, and an interviewer was asking some ditzy celebrity some stupid questions about her personal life. A spoiled looking Persian sat at the girl's feet. The letters at the bottom of the screen read: BERLIN, A FIRST CLASS TRAINER? I heard someone in the room chuckle. "Yeah right, that girl doesn't even know how to talk right. She's an idiot." I heard him say. "SHE'S HOT, JOEY!!!" His friend shouted, shoving him. He was kind of right, she was very pretty. Her hair was a brilliant blonde, wavy and down to her waist. She had slightly tanned skin, and almost sexy brown eyes. Her clothing was very expensive looking, but the handbag she carried looked even more pricey.
  2. Hmm...It's a good start ^_^ I can't tell what's going to happen in the main plotline, though I do think I see a rival on the horizon. Good work either way!

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