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The Best Team?

Discussion in 'Let's Go! Discussion' started by TheAverageCharmeleon, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. TheAverageCharmeleon

    TheAverageCharmeleon Previously TheAverageCharmander

    I have done research on this topic after almost getting defeated at the fourth gym in Let's go Eevee. I am now going to present some of the best combinations of team members.

    #1: Eevee- Eevee might sound like a weak choice, but as long as you have the right moves, it will be perfect. I will talk more about its best moves in a different post.

    #2: Nidoking- You can find Nidoran on route 22. Keep leveling it up until it is Nidorino. The tricky part is finding a moon stone to evolve it into Nidoking.

    #3: Venusuar- You can find bulbasuars in viridian forest. It will evolve into ivysuar at level 16 and venusuar at level 32.

    #4: Charizard- Charizard has always been one of the pokemon that is capable of being completley OP. You can get a charmander as a lucky spawn, or you can get it from a guy on a mountain. He has some rules though.

    #5: Blastoice- Blastoice is another really strong pokemon. You can find a squitle as a lucky spawn, or you can get from officer jenny in a city.

    #6: Raichu- Every team needs a electric type. You can find a pikachu in viridan forest. I don't remember if you have to use a thunder stone or not. I think you do.

    Anyways this was my team that I use most often. I hope you can tell me more about teams, so we all can learn!
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm not sure that there is such a thing as a "best team", but there are certainly elements that make certain teams more balanced than others. As long as you have a nice set of Pokemon with a wide variety of types and good type coverage within their movesets (both to deal with oncoming attacks and to dish out the pain in an effective manner), you're usually pretty set.

    What I usually do when properly team building is write out all of my Pokemon's types and then work out which types of attacks they currently can't resist/nullify. If there are glaring gaps in type coverage, I'll likely swap 1 or 2 Pokemon out for critters that better cover the gaps. Afterwards I'll roughly do the same for my movesets, but I don't usually go too hardcore with moveset strategies unless I'm building a team for competitive play. The amount of time and effort that I'll put into team building is completely dependent on what I'm planning to use the team for.

    As it stands, I usually train between 9 to 11 Pokemon on my ingame teams, so my teams are never perfectly balanced. The only time I'll make a point to balance them as best as possible is for my first Elite 4 challenge. ^^
  3. Once you get all the original starters, I'd say Bulbasaur is actually the best. Let's Go is the second game where one of my most used pokemon is a grass type. I picked Bulbasaur because you CANNOT in my opinion, deny grass types have amazing defense stats!(Once you level them high enough) I chose Snivy in Black, and it's defense as a Servine is great.
  4. Yeah, there's really no "best team." It's whatever you need to get through the game with. Competitive play is a different issue though.

    I'm no good at assembling teams based on type but I'm good with oddball movesets and covering for weaknesses. I usually end up creating teams that are weak against psychic and ice due to Pokemon preferences, but I always outfit them with moves that can counter what I'm weak against. Glitzy Glow on Eevee, for example. For in-game play, being multi-dimensional is a good thing as opposed to using movesets commonly seen in competitive play. The only thing I actually worry about when catching the Pokemon I want is the Nature.

    I'm currently running Eevee, Nidorina and Alolan Ninetales, each with a variety of moves to make up for the low party number/counters. I will be acquiring a Rapidash, Seaking, Beedrill and Dodrio as I go.
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  5. I just started today, and I think a decent team would be:

    Eevee (My starter)

    Nidoking (Route 5 is earliest I think)

    Charizard (Route 3 or just wait until Route 24)

    Gyarados (Route 4 for 500 Pokedollars)

    Rhydon (Rock Tunnel)

    Alolan Ninetales (Celadon City)

    I will need 2 Moon stones, but you can get those by finding them as you progress through the game.
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