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Open The Beginning and Present.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Matt., May 21, 2017.

  1. It had been two months now since Nexus Heart had joined Team Rocket and became a rocket admin. He was a natural Pokémon trainer from what the leader could see and showed no lacking in progress of missions. But even then it seemed that he rather hated his job which was one of the rumors the grunts would always talk about. Some believed that he was in team rocket to takeover. Others believed that he was a secret agent. Some believed that he was the child to the rocket team leader.

    But in all cases none of those were true. If they had been there two months ago thou they would know why Nexus joined team rocket the real reason why he had joined the criminal organization. As Nexus thought about it thou it felt like so long ago when he was rescued by one of the other admins in team rocket. His blondish brown hair covered over his right eye his black skull hiding the rest of his hair.

    ~ Flashing Back to two months ago. ~

    It was two months ago that he was rescued by a team rocket member. His parents were abuse to him and his Pokémon and always degrading his skills as trainer. His parents were rich making it a good reason for team rocket wanting there cash mainly for the fact that they owned a corporation that supplied the very markets. But that's all Nexus parents really cared about money not him else it was to show off and make them look even better to have a prodigy trainer for a son. But for nexus it was hell.

    But when the break in happened he saw and battled the one who said him. It was a amazing battle even thou Nexus lost. But instead of taking his Pokémon the admin gave him an option to join team rocket. He had saw Nexus true talent as a trainer and actually gave him a choice. It was a new start for him which he would have gladly taken after all being sixteen with a family who never once understood him or loved him wasn't family at all.

    ~ Present Time ~

    As he was slow coming back into the place leaning against the wall he heard one of the grunts under his command. The Grunt walked over paused and saluted to him. This grunt only had three pokéball's on him to his left side.

    Grunt. " Sir we're ready to raid the Bell sprout tower now we await your orders. " The Grunt said calmly as six more stood behind him. They all each had three pokemon each interesting enough thou is that they were all ready. As Nexus got off the house building he was leaning against he smiled and said. " Alright lets move out everybody move out and take over the tower now. " he said as the older members rushed forward to the tower to take control as he placed his hands in his pockets and began to walk to the tower his six pokeballs on his belt ready to be used.
  2. (Hello, Im new here, how can I join this?I simply make my character's narration, make a bio or what?)
  3. Just join however your wish it's your choice.
  4. I'm New. ummmm.. May I join?
  5. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Cosmic had recently turned into a Team Rocket Admin and wondered what to do. As he waited for his next mission, he heard his name being called. He turned around and saw a beautiful, blonde senior Admin tell him to go to the Boss's Office. He blushed a little while looking at the Admin and nodded. As he entered the office, there stood Cosmic's boss, Giovanni. Cosmic began wondering if he did anything wrong, but he couldn't remember any mistakes he had done in the past weeks. "Hello there, 'Cosmic.' You are our newest Admin and one of our youngest. I assume you are aware of this, right?" Giovanni said while petting his Persian. Cosmic nodded and began wondering if he was here because of a specific reason. "Are you also aware you are the first to become an Admin in only two weeks?" Giovanni added. By this, Cosmic was a bit stunned. He knew he became an Admin much earlier than most members of Team Rocket, but he never thought he was the first to become one that early. "No sir," he said honestly.

    "Do you have any idea why this happened?" Giovanni asked the young man. "Because of my skills as a member and trainer?" Cosmic responded a bit doubtfully. "You are a skilled member, but people before you were more skilled in two weeks than you. The real reason I'm here is to inform you that you are to Co-Lead a mission," Giovanni answered. Cosmic new this would happen sooner or later, but he became an Admin just yesterday. "Sir, I want to know. Why me?" he asked. "Because you were the perfect one for the job. Most newly promoted Admin's did below average in leading their first mission. You are a skilled trainer and you were going to become an Admin not that later than now. I wanted to test something, if a person like you teamed up with an Admin more experienced, would it provide better results? The answer seemed obvious, yes. But like all experiments, it needs to be tested. So I am asking you to Co-Lead your first mission as an Admin. Do you object?" Giovanni said. "No, sir. It's an honor I can help you fix an issue," he responded. "Good, here is a picture of your Co-Leader, take it and go to Bell Tower. That's where your mission is."

    Cosmic took the photograph and left the room. He left the building and headed towards Bell Tower. There, he found the person he was looking for, walking to the tower. "Excuse me, are you leading this mission to take over this tower?" Cosmic asked.
  6. Lucas headed to the town, his Rotom-Dex following. "Okay, Rotom." He said, sending out his Pikachu. "Scan Pikachu." he said as his Rotom scanned. He saw a photographer. "Oh lala." He said, walking up to Cosmic

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