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The Beautiful Region Called Bonerry

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by LoveReshiram, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. This thread is about the region Bonerry and the Pokemon I came up with! Feel free to put comments! ;D The most current new Pokemon I came up with are below. Sorry for no pictures! :-[

    Catchilla Pokemon
    Height : 1'00"
    Weight : 30 lbs.
    Ability : Cute Charm

    Barrier Pokemon
    Height : 2'00"
    Weight : 40 lbs.
    Ability : Cute Charm & Technician
    Special Move : Diamond Barrier

    Diamond Barrier ~
    PP : 30
    Accuracy : 100 %
    Power : 120
    Type : Psychic / Normal
    Attack Type : Special
    Effect : Diamond Barrier is a attack where the user makes a barrier with diamonds then the barrier shatters and hits the oppnet.
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    This forum is for showing your sprite work.

    This is not sprite work.

    This is nothing.

    You are warned.
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