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The Battalion Infantry - Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by BazookaNeon, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. I've been thinking this up for a year. Will it work, or not? Give me some enhancing ideas, tips, an advice if you find it interesting but needing a few touch ups.

    Here's our plot

    On a mysterious island bordering the region of Hoenn, lies a factory of battle and war. This place, called the Battalion Infantry, is deviously known for it's huge colluseum, but more importantly, the pokemon that are challenged within. Like the mysterious "Shadow Pokemon" That invaded not long ago, these creatures are factory proccessed, their DNA edited to the satisfaction of their creators. Unlike them, their brute strength and ruthless attitudes are contained within the factory, used solely for entertainment and challenge.
    Sadly, this sort of entertainment not like the enjoyment of a regular battle, but a negative influence, a fight to the death that shoves these ruthless beasts to the edge of brutality; and must kill to survive.
    Nowadays, the Infantry's Administration has decided to send upon invitations to favorited trainers across the world, challenging them to their powerful pokemon. Little would these trainers know the defeat their partners would face. Nor the pain and suffering their opponent would face..every day.

    With this alteration of the Battalion Pokemon, there is many differences. Each species is usually larger than their natural form, with strange marks to brand their creators; Stripes, spots, and different colorations. But their most notable features are the great plates of armor that some wear to show their dominance aswell as for protection, and their ruthless personalities.
    To rank their dominance of the adminstration, members have a single pokemon of a certain type;
    Types such as Normal and Ghost types are considered at lowest level, including beginners and liabilities
    Those of the more middle class have types such as fire, grass, ground, water, etc.
    Those of the highest and are Alphas of the Adminstration have pokemon of Dragon, Dark, Steel, and Psychic Types.
    This is the Battalion Infantry. Care to challenge us?

    So here's the plan
    You can either be your trainer character, a member of the Infantry Adminstration, or a pokemon belonging to the Infantry.
    You CANNOT be an Alpha member if you are a member of the adminstration.
    If you are a regular trainer, capturing a Battalion Pokemon would be considered prohibited, as their powers and attitude would consiquence the trainer heavily.
    You CANNOT be a pokemon belonging to the alphas, as they are the strongest and most ruthless of the Infantry.
    Your pokemon will NOT be forced to the death if you are a trainer or Infantry member, as such Gladiator battles are put for those who are not assigned trainers.
    UPDATE: Because translations aswell as an english release has yet to come, 5th Generation are PROHIBITED. Once the games have been released, discussion over allowing 5th Gen pokemon in the roleplay may begin.

    The difference between Battalion and Regular
    Battalion pokemon are much larger and have atleast one move that is unique to the factory, much like shadow pokemon.
    Battalions have a color unique to brand their origin, different from regulars and even shinies.
    Battalions are less docile and rarely show kindness to others accept some affection for their assigned Infantry trainers.

    With these differences, weaknesses are:
    Battalions have shorter life spans due to their factory-generated DNA
    Battalions have one more weakness than regulars, a defect in their DNA; Example, a battalion Sableye would have a weakness while a regular one would have none
    Battalions are prone to rage can severely injure or even kill others, even to some of the most trusted of infantry members, usually resulting in defection, a term for a battalion pokemon that is uthenized and then dissolved within a high-intoxication tube.

    So..whatcha think?
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    This idea definitely has promise to it. I can tell you really thought a lot about it, and I would love to join if you ever posted the RP. :)

    I do have a fun question though. If we chose to be a trainer not affiliated with the Infantry, could we still challenge the battle-to-the-death senario? I have a rather ruthless mercenary type RP character who would be perfect for that. If not, I still have my kind regular trainer to play with.
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  3. They keep the gladiator battling between affiliated members of the Infantry, due to regulations, they keep it secret.
    Affiliated Trainers themselves do not participate in Gladiator battles, it is solely for Battalions who are not assigned trainers.
  4. Ked


    This sounds interesting ^^
    I would love to join if you ever posted it~

    I also have a question;

    If you choose to be a Pokemon belonging to the Infantry, will you participate in the Gladiator battles, and be killed? Or do the Pokemon that participate in those battles belong to the alphas?
  5. You are allowed to participate in a Gladiator Pokemon as a Battallion, but you are not assigned a human partner; as said before, pokemon that are destined to not have partners are used solely for Gladiator Battles.
    Death of your character is up to you, as battallion pokemon often work up to certain ranks as they survive more and more battles.

    If your interested, go ahead and plan out a character, It is most likely this will make it to the official section if it works.
  6. Nim


    This plot sounds really good and I would love to join. I was wondering if a character could be a member of battalion but has turned against them and are helping the normal trainers because they don't like the way the pokemon of the battalion are being treated? If that is the case don't worry my character will be one of the so called "beginners" and will have either a ghost or a normal pokemon.
  7. Yes, that is allowed in the roleplay. Feel free to join. :3

    In this case, since the Roleplay will soon be put up, If you are not using your trainer character, feel free to put up an application.
  8. OHOHOH! can i join? i would like to be an alpha member if possible? i would love it if you made this rp! and can alphas still have water types anyway? so like, 3 dark types, and 3 water types?
    my team is...

    and can i choose the differant colours?
    empoleon=red eyes
    milotic=black skin
    sharpedo=larger teeth
    honchkrow=large beak
    gallade=incredibly faster than even battalion gallade
    gardevoir=red "hair" and heightened psychic powers

    and i could maybe help with a uniform? it cold be a long black coat, in a darkrai style, with a darkrai head on one side of the coat...good?
  9. As rules state in the roleplay, you are not allowed to be an alpha member.
    And as for uniforms, my plans are not really for them to be pokemon-oriented. But thanks for the suggestion ;3

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