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The Assessment

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Toastie, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys :D

    So this is my first fanfic. I'm not explaining much about the main character's life, at least at first, to keep an air of mystery about it.

    The only things I'll say at the moment are that it takes place in Hoenn, before the events of the game.

    So, without further ado, The Assessment!

    The Assessment

    Chapter 1

    I pulled the covers over my head. I was exhausted. The sunlight squeezed through the curtains, longing for me to come outside.
    Fresh air…freshly mown grass…
    “Give us the Pokemon.”
    “Why do you want them?”
    “Just give them to us, or we’ll shoot you.”
    “Then I guess you’ll have to kill me.”
    I strolled along the path. The sun shone brilliantly, the trees casting shadows either side of me. The path to the lab. The beginning of my journey. It seemed like the perfect day for it. Spindas stumbled around. Beedrill weeved in and out of trees. Just the sight of them made me smile.
    Everything stopped abruptly. Something was wrong. I heard shouting coming from the lab. The sound echoed through the town. I rushed through the shrubbery to see what was the matter. A Sunflora had made a daisy chain for me, but I wasn’t in the mood to play.
    I ran forward towards the old fashioned lab. “Why …….. want ……?” I put my ear to the door. “Just give them to us, or we’ll shoot you.” I put my eye to the keyhole. There were two men. One, dressed in a green jacket with a black suit, was holding a revolver to Professor Hawthorn’s head. A scruffier one, wearing a green tracksuit and a brown shirt was keeping watch, although he didn’t seem to have noticed me yet.
    “Then I guess you’ll have to kill me.”
    I burst in through the doors. The guy keeping watch was so startled that he spun round in my direction and shot blindly at me.
    I felt something pierce my ear, but I couldn’t stall. I had to do something. My instincts took over, and I jumped aside as another bullet flew past me. I felt cold with fear, but I carried on. Just as the sharply dressed guy was turning round, I picked up a piece of metal that was lying around and threw it at the guy keeping watch. It smacked him right between the eyes, and he fell backwards into the guy with the revolver, but not before letting off another shot, which went harmlessly through the ceiling.
    The guy with the revolver was momentarily confused, and Professor Hawthorn chopped him in the wrist, making him drop the gun. He grabbed it and smacked the guy in the head, knocking him out. The guy who had been watching the door was so confused by then he was just shooting in random directions. One caught a gas cylinder, and there was an explosion, red flames bursting from it, brighter than the sun. It wasn’t a big explosion by any means, but the hot ash burned and tore at my skin. However, I knew that I had to disarm the guy before he caused any more trouble.
    Professor Hawthorn seemed to have been knocked out, although I didn’t know how. I ran forward and felt a bullet go through my shoulder. I clutched at where the bullet had gone through, scarlet blood on my hand. I felt darkness close in on me, as if I was falling into a void. I needed to stay alive, at least long enough to save the lab and all the Pokemon in it.
    I felt myself slow down, but I still trudged on. The guy couldn’t see me through the brightness of the flames.
    Suddenly, a light erupted from the hole in ceiling the bullet had made. It was very bright, but much purer than the fire. It was golden light. It made me feel safe, protected. The fire melted away. The mess in the lab slowly gathered back to its normal places. The guy with the gun seemed to be disappearing as well, but using a different power source. Teleporting.
    Just before he disappeared, a tape recorder in his jacket switched on.
    “Ambrose, you have completed one test. But the assessment is far greater than this alone…”
    And with that he vanished.
    The bright light had gone as well. Everything was back to normal. It was like nothing had happened.
    Professor Hawthorn, a man in his 40s, dressed in a lab coat and a dark purple suit, with jet black hair and a beard, was lying on the floor. I rushed over to see if he was OK, but he was already starting to rise up.
    “Professor, are you alright? Why were you unconscious?”
    The Professor rubbed his head, before standing up and gazing into the distance.
    “That was a very brave thing you did there, Ambrose. But it still took a divine power to save both our lives.”
    “You mean…you weren’t unconscious. You were…”
    “Dead. Yes. I’d prefer not to think about it.”
    “That means that…” I looked at my shoulder. It was completely healed.
    “We may never know what saved us back there. But divine powers never act without a reason. Remember that, Ambrose.”
    “Professor, there’s another thing. Just as the second guy teleported away, there was a tape recorder in his jacket, which said “Ambrose, you have completed one test. But the assessment is far greater than this alone…”
    “Hmmm. I fear this wasn’t just some isolated raid. It must have been part of some greater scheme. But only time will tell what the scheme is.”
    “Professor…the reason why I came here…”
    “I know. You wanted to get your starter Pokemon. Unfortunately, they were taken in the raid. They seem to be of great significance to those men and whatever organisation they work for.”
    “Don’t worry! I’ll give you a Pokeball. Throw it at a small Pokemon which doesn’t need weakening. You’ll probably catch it.
    Probably. I’d never liked that word.
    “Also, here’s a Pokedex, to help you keep track of what you see.”
    Then, when I was ready, I set out with a Pokeball in hand, and a fear that I’d be attacked.
    Almost immediately, I heard a muffled sound.
    I looked around a saw a sack nestled in the bushes. I went over and opened it. Inside, there was a small Pokemon that looked like it was crying. It had a spiky collar and stubby feet. I held out my Pokedex.
    Its mechanical voice read out:
    “Togepi, the spikeball Pokemon. They only tend to appear where there is happiness. If there is strife where they are, they will cry.”
    I put the small Pokemon in my hands.
    “It’s alright…why were you in this sack?”
    “Do you have a mum and dad?”
    At this point the Pokemon started bawling, tears flowing from its eyes, like a mini rainshower.
    “It’s OK, it’s OK. I’ll help you find your mum and dad.”
    The Togepi looked up at me, tears still in its eyes. It put on a determined face.
    “Alright! I Promise I’ll make you stronger so you can find your mum and dad!”
    “OK! All you have to-“
    The Togepi started dancing. Energy gathered round it. The Pokeball opened. Togepi melted into red energy, and flowed into the Pokeball. It closed with a satisfying ‘Click!’
    I smiled. My journey had begun. But just as I was about to set off, something caught the corner of my eye. The sack. I turned it over, and on it was written –
    “And so the game begins…”
    I looked at the sky, into the clouds. The sun was nowhere to be seen.
    “Well, if the game has just begun, I’d better get a head start!”
    And with that, I ran off into the distance, never looking back.
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