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The Arrival of More Art from POH!KEMON (Comments and Requests are Acceptable)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by POH!KEMON, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. After going through a lot, I figured instead of making two arwork forums, I will now combine my Fakemon and Artwork here in one. My first one is a Fakemon, and Jaynx's ne evolution. She goes from a ugly creep to a P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing):
    Beauty Pokemon
    Ht: 5'07"
    Wt: 120.3 lbs
    Type: Ice/Psychic
    It touches it's lips to a male Pokemon to test it's love. If it has high love, Beuten then gets charming and flirty in front of it and forces it to do the same thing.

    Pic numero dos:
    Terrgoose and Beauten...how precious.

    And a couple pics from Facebook:
    Lucario and Mushu (from Mulan)


    My Smeargle insulting Orbit (TAKE THAT WRIGLEY!!!).

    *Breathes* well, that's about it. So, comments, critisism, requests?

    EDIT: one question, though: Does videos you created count as art?
  2. Jynx's evolution is wonderful! I can imagine it being a status effect master!
    Plus you are pretty good at drawing pokemon!
  3. Sorry for notbeing on here for long, Guilt trip, and Facebook seems to be important now...and YouTube.

    Anyway, I did this today. I found this really funny pic of Beaker and I decided to do it aswith the Pokemon text screen:
    Tadah! And yes, I did the DIE! bubble (just for fun!).

    Months before this, I did artwork of two of Nemesis' Fakemon:


    Now, any comments or requests? YES, I'm doing them now!
  4. Beauten could certainly be a Pokemon seductress, for sure. How does it evolve?

    The shading and dimensions on the Nem fanart seems a little blocky. You could possibly gradiate it more.

    XD Love the Beaker pic. I never thought of Beaker as a being of Pokemon awesomeness.
  5. For Beauten, you'd have to trade Jynx, but I've not come up with the Item yet, and glad you enjoyed the beaker pic.

    Mirror B. is like my favorite boss in XD. So in honor of him, I drew a Kermit the Frog version! Take a look!

    Comments and REQUESTS are welcome!
  6. *tries not to crack up* *fails*

    I never thought I would see Kermit dancing like that. Because of that, this Paint pic has an air of cool.

    Okay, I'll give you a request. Do you think you can draw Fi nomming adorably on a chew stick? Please and thank you!
  7. I have no idea who he is. so can you PM me what it looks like?
  8. I'm loving all that I see here, POH!. The Beaker thing is hilarious, and most of that comes from me loving the Muppets forever and always
  9. Thanks for clearing out the Fi thing, and I'm assuming it's the white critter on the top; if so, Secad, your request is finished.
    Sort of looks dog/hamster-ish, but it looks cute/kinda creepy.

    Also, I drew a Linkachu in honor of her Overlord promotion:
    I didn't get to shade it because of requests, but once they're done, I'll show you the shaded one. And you gotta love the pizza sheild! XD
    Congrats by the way, Linkachu!

    Shocari, I will get your request done, I'm just better with custom Pokemon on paper.
  10. You looked in the wrong place. The Signature, not the avatar. It's labeled by name.
    The one you made is pretty entertaining however.
  11. Thanks a bunch for pointing that out; I have just fixed my art so that it (almost) looked like the hamster.

    Also, I created a new sig (which I can request for as well):
    I'm planning on making the Shrek/Lugia 2010 avatar, but for now, I will carry this with me!

    Aah! One more thing, I colored Virgil's Kyogre and made it in Groudon frome, LOOK!
  12. *laughs*

    You certainly made Fi look chibi! I like it.
  13. Glad you Do! Shocari, Absollean is complete!
    Terrifying, isn't it?

    I also made a Lyricomic. A lyricomic is what I calla comic based on lyrics of a song. I decided to do Hitmonchan in Tik Tok; unfortunately, the scanner only scanned parts of it, so enjoy:
    Okay, on the third Hitmonchan square, the quote was supposed to be "Before I leave, Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack," and as you can see, he's brushing with a bottle of Bud Light! XD.

    there was a seventh box where his phone explodes, since he was a guy...Damn thing cut that out!

    Yeah, messed up!
  14. As you all know, today is Virgil's Birthday, and I made him something remarkable. His two pokemon in a banner!
    I'm finally getting the hang of shading, and I had no idea what colors to use for Spinda...but if Virgil comes her, I'm sure he'll love this!
  15. Aw, thanks POH!KEMON :3

    I like Spinda's little noise maker thing, those are always fun at parties and junk~

    Drifloon also looks really cute with his bendy lil arms and whatnot

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