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The Archeology Bluez

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Zachary, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. The sunset made a beautiful arch of vibrant pastels of color that flickered over the silent sea. The wind was gentle and mellow today, the waves lapping lovingly at the shoreline as I stared out to the ever mysterious ocean of Kyorges domain. The sand melded around my feet and hindquarters and I felt the drench of last night's rainstorm still lingering on my heartbroken body. For some reason the sea had a calming effect on me, nursing myself from the pain and using its beauty to bring happiness to me once again.

    It wasn't working…

    All my muscles ache from sitting here for the last three days without movement, my bladder was full and I was really hungry, but I didn't want to move, I was too depressed and sad. I reached into my hoodie pocket and withdrew a picture. It was a girl. She was posing against a tree at the Lake of Rage. Her beauty was stunning and captivating, her beautiful blond hair was long and gracious and her beautiful hazel eyes were like sun bursts. Her smile was so beautiful; it made me sad that I wouldn't see it for a long time. I wanted to cry so badly but it was hard to if you're dehydrated to the point where you can't.

    I laid my head against my chest and waited for the next bout of the everlasting maelstrom of liquid sunshine to drench me and send my body into the next series of shivers. I heard footsteps walking towards me and I pretended to be asleep so they would leave me alone but it's really hard to be asleep with your best friend the Infernape, your brother and his girlfriend tackling you to the sand and screaming gibberish at you.

    "APE APE INFERNAPE" bellowed my best friend Luffy as he punched me in the chest. Amber, who is my brother's girlfriend, started to smash my head into the sand as she screamed to the heavens and hell about why the hell I'm so goddamn emo all of the sudden. I couldn't help but smile and push them both off of me, I lifted myself off the soaked sand and brought myself up to my knees and rested for a bit.

    My brother, John shook his head at me and held his hand up to lift me up. I accept his hand and pulled myself up and brushed the grinded rocks off my tired body.

    "How did you find me? I made sure no one followed my tracks…" I said with a sorrow filled tone. John looked at me with the most outraged look ever and punched me in the jaw, I fell down and felt my mouth bleeding, tasting the sickening iron like fluid. I spit out a huge blob of it and asked him what the fuck is his problem.

    "You and your goddamn emoness, bitch-boy. You think because your one true love as you say doesn't love you doesn't mean you have to resign to fate and tuck that cock away for good. Grow up; I had to go through many girlfriends to meet Amber. Someday your going to meet your one true love and it isn't that slu-"

    John never got to finish that sentence as I slugged him hard in the jaw, sending saliva, blood and a tooth flying into the sand. He sprawled onto the ground and I jumped onto him and raised my fist to deliver another punch to his face, this time to ruin his good looks. I brought down my fist expecting to break my brother's jaw into pieces but a hand caught my fist and threw me off of John in one quick motion.

    Stunned I looked at the thrower-of-me and flipped him off before realizing it was Luffy.

    "Ape ape, Infernape, Inferna!" He said with a serious tone which made me shock because Luffy WAS never serious, in all my life being with Luffy, he was a cheerful idiot who always wanted to party hard and fight. This made me scared causes that means I was worrying Luffy in some way, along with my stoner brother. I jumped up from the wet, icy sand, ready to leave before I was stopped by Luffy.

    John sat up and rubbed his jaw gently, pulling back when the pain started to shoot through him. Amber bent down and held her boyfriend in her arms caringly, shooting a look of death upon me.

    So apparently, it's okay for your brother to call your one true love a slut and punch you for it and you slug him back, now you're just a dick. Well one word can be said to that. Make that three actually.


    "Y'know, Zacky… There are plenty of more fish in the sea… You just have to look…" Amber said tenderly at my sorrow filled face. I looked at her and I must've looked pretty pissed or sad because she started to tear up. "Just forget her, she doesn't like you…" she added mercifully.

    I sighed and stood up, this time offering my hand to my brother. He looked at me like I was a three headed mutant and accepted it. I looked into his eyes when he was up and standing, which meant I had to look down at him.

    "I won't forget her nor ever stop loving her." Luffy looked at me with a mysterious look, he patted me on the back and motioned me towards the path to our godforsaken home. Canalave City

    We walked in silence back to Canalave city, our birth home. Our stomping grounds, my hell on earth.


    Well, I've been hiding this for a while, but I think its time to show Charms that I can write XD but this is the first chapter and the second and third one will be up tomorrow if not Wednesday. So yeah, enjoy :3

    Edit: it looked a lot longer on word D:
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  2. It always look longer in Word.

    Also, 'causes' should be 'because', but it's not that much of an issue.

    Another first person fic! Why, we seem to be having a lot of those these days, have they mysteriously become easier? It's short and sweet but feels a bit (and don't take this the wrong way) shallow; there's emotion in the characters but it doesn't seem powerful enough to really hit you like this particular scene should. Fighting scenes and harsh emotions are usually conveyed in a harsh manner i.e. short, stabbing sentances. Do stay away from the Adam West school of actions, so no *THUD* where you could have 'skidded to halt; thudding into a wall' or some such.

    It's always good to see a human element in Pokemon-based stories and I hope you continue this until its end.
  3. A very nice start ^^ Though you already know that I love reading your writing. :p I can't wait to read more.
  4. Chapter 2

    I walked into my house, greeting the everlasting masquerade of silence that hung in the air like sulphurous fumes. Luffy's crown of blazing fire illuminated the house foyer gently. I felt around on the wall next to me, clicking the switch on, eliminating the use of his fire hair and giving birth to a new threat…

    A bunch of pissed off Pokémon.

    Immediately, I was swarmed under a swarm of fur, scales, and all sorts of weird body parts that I really didn't want to think about. The weight of all of my Pokémon started to force the air out of my lungs, making it difficult to breathe.

    "Hey! Guys, can't breathe!" I managed to gasp out with great difficulty, recluently each of my Pokémon climbed off of me and each other. Luffy grinned and helped me up to my feet.

    A word about my Pokémon. I don't collect Pokémon if they look cool or not, I collect Pokémon that I think that have potential and the guts to fight. Sure, some of my Pokémon, like my Leafeon and Gardevoir don't like fighting and usually just stay at my home in Canalave. Which I don't mind at all actually. I just choose them because I had a spark with them, hence why I have an odd variety of idiots living with me.
    I walked into my living room and headed towards the phone, half-expected to find no one called for me.

    The Gods of Irony shine down upon me as I have three calls waiting for me. I picked the phone up and punched the code in for voicemail. The first one was my mother yelling in hysterics over me, I deleted that one instantly. The next one was her… She was asking how my day was and told me to call her later. The last one was her again, she said it was unusual that I didn't answer the phone but Luffy did and she wanted me to call her pronto. I set the phone back down and headed upstairs, my various Pokémon sensing that I was in a melancholy mood and moved out of my way. I walked up my stairs and headed towards my bathroom to take a relieving shower.
    My Poliwraith and Toxicroak, Xourts and Caulton, were in my tub soaking up the hot water.

    "Yo bros, can I have the bathroom to myself for a while?" "I asked quietly, both frogs looked at each other and jumped out of the bathroom to let me be in peace. I stripped out of my worn and waterlogged clothes and stepped into my walk in shower. I turned the warm water on full blast and let my weary muscles melt from the soothing cascade.

    I began to scrub the sand and the smell of rotten body odor away from my body with my Axe body wash. My long black curly hair was dirty from the storm. I grabbed my Gillette shampoo+conditionair and began to furiously work on it. The smell of dirt swept away from my nostrils down my drain in a nauseating brown maelstrom.

    I must've stood in the shower for hours on end in a everlasting spell of the mind numbing trances that clouded my thoughts. My Gardevoir, Destiny and Luffy finally barged down the door and opened the shower door, making sure I didn't try to pull a Bella and try to drown myself.

    For starters, Destiny began to freak out and blush like crazy and Luffy started to laugh his ass off at Destiny. Feeling embarrassed, I immediately thrusted my hand forth to the towel rack and grabbed one of my towels and wrapped it around my naked frame.

    "Jesus, you two are so goddamn nosey, I should put cowbells around your necks to know where you two are at all times." I spat out, trying not to giggle at Destiny's fit. I walked past the two idiots and down my hall way to my bedroom. My various pokemon staring at me, mostly giggling and blushing.

    I walked into my room and headed towards my dresser. I slipped on some clothing and crashed right into my bed, actually feeling tired and sleepy for the first time in three days. I let the swiftness of my sleep consume me and I drifted away into the realm of dreams.

    I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing on my nightstand, I lifted my head off my pillow to move to reach for it, but I was restrained by my Leafeon, Helen snoring gently on my legs and my shiny Lopunny, Maria, with her arm over my chest. I sighed and shoved them both off of me, not trying to disturb their sleep. Grabbing my phone, I hit talk and must've gave a gruff answer cause the answer I got back was "Whoa, sorry to ruin your morning sweetheart."

    I opened my eyes up to the voice; "Kevin?!" I shouted into the phone, surprised.

    "Yeah it's me, pretty boy." He laughed, and I was glad to hear his voice. Kevin and I go way back into the day. We used to terrorize Canalave together with our gang, the Monkey Kings. Thinking back on it, I thought how big of a douche I was back then.

    "So I heard you were going through a rough time over a girl man, you need to get over it man. You're a good lookin guy, you probably could get any girl you wanted if you showered enough." He laughed into the phone.

    "Oh like your any better, I can smell you from a mile away with all that smelly ass cologne you wear. " I retorted back to him while wearing a grin.

    "At least I don't look like a giant retarded Ursaring that went emo" He shot back, getting fired up.

    "Oh really, ass monger? At least I don't have a rock fetish." I giggled out.

    "Pfft, like your any better with your "sword fetish" as you call it" Kevin said with a hint of pride in his voice.

    "Ah, touché thundercunt, I have to submit to that one. I'd suck your cock as an apology, but I'm afraid your massive ego might break my jaw." I said with fake worry in my voice.

    "Oh haha…" he said into the phone. I laughed and sat up in my bed, cracking my neck. "So what's up, Kevin?"

    "Calling to see if you're dead. I wanted your house." He joked into the phone, "No really, seeing if your dead. Why are you beating yourself up over this one girl, man?"

    Like a dam breaking, I just unloaded over the phone to Kevin, pooling all things I love about this girl, the way she talks, the way she giggles and laughs, the way she says my name. Kevin didn't talk during any of it, giving a "Hmm, and I see's" here and there. When I was done with my story, silence emitted from the phone for a couple of minutes until I heard him talking to someone, it sounded like someone wanted to get the phone from him, which was odd cause Kevin usually said that if someone touched his stuff, broken bones will be the price to pay.

    "Sorry about that, mate." Kevin said curtly. I laughed, "Its fine, it happens, Kev."

    "Anyways, back to my main question I was going to ask before I got a worried phone call from your mother, do you want to come out to Elind Island?"

    I rubbed my face, trying to awaken the spell that Morpheus put on me. "What the fuck is that?"

    "Cut the shit, you ass behonker, you know what Elind Island is, you also wanted to become an archeologist." He said with venom. I shrugged to no one as I stood up and walked down the hall way.

    "Yeah I did until I decided to take the league challenge, but that was ages ago and

    I'm content to wander these lands as a bohemian." I said stoically into the phone as I passed by my various Pokémon friends of mine. I mouthed good morning to them silently and I got a chorus of Pokémon shouts back, cheeky little fuckers, but I love them.

    "C'mon, Clink, I know you're always interested in catching new Pokémon, and I heard theirs some rare Pokémon here too." He said, trying to seduce me like he was some blonde stripper, out to get my wallet.

    "Yeah I guess so, but its Hoenn, of course theirs going to be rare Pokémon for me, I live in Sinnoh, douche."

    "Yeah I noticed, the cold air is making you more snarky I bet. Anyways, I got a boat heading back to Canalave for some equipment and more supplies, not to mention get your own escort to the island." He said while laughing.

    I trudged down the hallway and walked into the kitchen, Destiny was frying some food up in the pan for my various baby Pokémon as I liked to call them. Munchies being the obvious one, he needed fuel for the day to be the usual trouble maker he is. Vito the Magby was sitting on the stool of the counter in the middle of the kitchen, watching Destiny cook, while Thor the Pikachu, being Destiny's so called ‘child' is standing constant guard wearing his Mjnolr necklace and holding a rubber mallet I gave him for Christmas last year. I swear to God sometimes he thinks he's a superhero.

    "Kev man, I haven't even agreed to go…" I whispered into the phone. He laughed again and said, "Its an adventure and I know you best, so get your ass on the boat tomorrow and come down to Elind island. Now I have to go before I stab someone in the balls with a shovel because they can't dig right."

    I laughed again and muttered my goodbyes and hung the phone up. I sighed, now I have to figure out who the fuck am I taking to Elind Island in Hoenn.

    (Jesus o.o I haven't updated this in a while, Bluez is not dead D:< but merely was postponed as I had another story to finish for someone >>;;)
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  5. Uhm, well.

    It's a cool idea for a story, and I'm kind of excited for how it'll turn out. ^^

    But the language you use is seriously distracting. I mean, an occasional drop of the effbomb or other such words would be fine, but really, you use 'em so much it's distracting.
  6. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Lolz at all the product placement Zacky XD

    I like the idea for the story, an archaeological dig and a messy(?) breakup are certainly different. Plus, how can I not like a fic about a fellow Infernape user? I hope you update more than once every three months ;)
  7. Glad you liked it P_M :p and actually, it wasn't a messy break-up as you thought, its actually that Zacky can't see someone he cares for alot, and i mean A LOOOOOOOOOOOOT xD.

    And I won't do it every other three months, I just put it on hold so I can finish one story I was writing for someone.

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