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Open The Ancient Ruins

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by NerdySquirtle, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Rules:
    1. Pokecharms rules
    2. You can have multiple characters just don`t go overboard
    3. When in battle against npc`s you can auto them all you want, just don`t auto rper`s characters
    4. When joining, I would prefer that you just describe your character like in a novel rather than a bio, this makes it less cluttered and just more enjoyable to read without going through a bio just to see what the character looks like
    5. Once the characters have entered the ruins it will be a group of difficult puzzles and challenges that they have to get through, this means it will be difficult to join after they enter, but if you want you could have your character be a guard in one room and be convinced to join us (Though before you do drop me a profile post or dm so we can discuss how you wish to enter, only applies once we have entered the ruins, also note that the guards will mostly be pokemon like aegislash, golurk, omanyte etc, pokemon that wouldn`t eat or fossil pokemon that have lived here for millenia)
    6. If we can complete the ruins (I already have a rough plan for the end of them) then the rp will end soon after that
    7. When we enter a room I will write a
      Containing the details of the room
      so you can activate traps or add more description slowly
    8. If you have any idea`s for a puzzle or challenge you want to happen send me a dm or profile message and I`ll probably add it, I only have a few planned out so idea`s are appreciated
    This is an rp about wild pokemon in a world without humans, they are on a search for the rumored ancient ruins in the area, for now just set up your characters and have them be in the relative area

    What will they find? Treasure? Battle? Legendary pokemon? (Well obviously not) Will they come out alive or dead? All questions that will be answered in time, but first let`s meet our characters:

    Two meowstic sat on logs around a fire, it was just past nine o'clock and they were camping next to a large cliff, the dark sky filled with stars shining over them. The blue male was named Sol while the white female was named Saffi, they had spent the day getting to this specific location, Why? You may ask, there was a secret ruined temple here and they wanted to find it, they hoped to find great treasures there that they could share, though the rumors were not entirely sure of what was inside.

    The two meowstic stared at the fire silent as the other pokemon in the area began to fall asleep, hearing the yawn`s of a nearby munchlax, Sol yawned as well, "We should probably get some rest, we have a big day ahead of us," he said, "I guess your right," Saffi replied moving away from the fire to get their sleeping bags, passing one to Sol with psychic as she opened her`s and got in, Sol got in his and they both said "Goodnight," before closing their eyes to go to sleep, the fire crackling, smoke lifting up to the starry night.
  2. Yvon the Seviper is a curious Pokémon that loves to attack random traveller at night. He has done this for a while and planes on continuing to do so. He is not afraid of anything and is willing to sacrifice himself for something he believes in.
    Yvon slithered out of the bush towards the two sleeping psychic types. Most other Sevipers wouldn’t mess with a Psychic Type due their weakness, but Yvon was brave, if not a little stupid. He bit the Male first, then raised his tail to strike the female. He began to lower his tail to release a super-effective night slash on the female Meowstic.
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  3. Sol was hurt from the seviper, observing them attacking Saffi, he quickly used psychic to move Saffi out of the way, waking her up in the process, they both moved to the opposite side of the seviper and together used psyshock, creating six sphere`s of psychic energy, sending them flying to the seviper that had attacked them.
  4. Yvon was thrown back by psychic energy and slithered off into a bush. He coiled up, ready to jump out with a Crunch if they chased him. He had been extremely close to hitting that Meowstic, but he had been distracted by a map. It seemed to have shown ancient ruins of some sort. If there was one thing Yvon liked, it was exploration and ruins. If only he could steal that map...
  5. "What to you want?" Saffi asked, irritated to have been woken up, "Or do you not want anything and just want to annoy us?" Sol added, they both noticed that the seviper was distracted by something, "Are you even listening to us?" Saffi added, very irritated to have been attacked and then ignored.
  6. “All I want is that map.” Replied Yvon as he began to ready another Night Slash. He had temporarily been distracted from the Meowstic, but now focused his attention on the duo once again. “Hand it over to me, and I won’t hurt either of you any more.”
  7. "No." they both replied plainly, using psychic to move the map to themselves, it was unknown to them prior but could hopefully show some whereabouts, "And if I were you I wouldn`t try anything," Saffi added as she began to store up her psychic energy, Sol diverting his energy to her with helping hand so she could use it for an attack if they find it necessary.
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  8. Yvon slithered into a bush and out of sight for the pair of Meowstic. He said, “I’m not giving up that easily.”
    Yvon then went around the Meowstic through the bushes and coiled up. He jumped flying through the air with a night slash aimed at Meowstic’s back. “I want that map!” He Shouted.
  9. Sol was his by the night slash and was sent sliding close to the fire, meanwhile Saffi jumped to the side and used psyshock, creating three spheres of psychic energy, shooting them at Yvon before grabbing the map and folding it up under her shoulder, they weren`t gonna lose their one lead to some weirdo.
  10. Yvon, barely surviving the direct hit from psyshock, realized he wasn’t going to win the fight, so he decided to try a new strategy. He said, “What if we just share the map? I could help you get whatever treasure it leads to. If there are ghost types guarding it, you’ll need me because of night slash.”
  11. Sol pulled himself up, onto his feet, he slowly limped to Saffi, they whispered quietly to eachover, discussing whether to trust him after attacking them, they turned over to the seviper, "Fine, just don`t try anything weird," Saffi said, holding tightly onto the map, "I`m Sol and this is Saffi," Sol said pointing to himself them Saffi, "And you?"
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    “Good to meet you, Sol and Saffi.” Said Yvon, “My name is Yvon. I am the strongest Seviper in this forest.”
    Yvon kept his eyes on the map still. He wished there was a way to get it from them, but even his blade was no match for their Psychic abilities. He knew that if it came down to it in a 2 on 1 situation he would lose to 2 psychic types.
  13. "Ok, we should probably go back to sleep," Sol said, pulling his sleeping bag to him using psychic, "How are you gonna sleep tonight?" he asked before getting back into his. Saffi still stared at the seviper, still wondering whether they should trust him or not, looking for deceit in his eyes.
  14. Yvon, knowing better than to try and defeat them while they were sleeping, decided to coil up and go to sleep as well. He thought, ‘It might be a good sign of friendlines.
    Yvon quickly fell asleep. He dreamt of maps and treasure and defeating guardians.
  15. Soon Sol had fallen asleep, and once she had decided it was safe, Saffi got her`s and went to sleep too, placing the map in a bag that she brought to place beside her bed, she wasn`t gonna let someone rob them in their sleep, even if they probably weren`t going to attack them it was still not a good idea to leave it in the open.
  16. Yvon woke up to the sun glaring in his eyes. It was late in the day, so he decided to quickly wake up Sol and Saffi. Running over to them, he said, “It is quite late. Let’s go find where that map leads already!”
  17. "Ugh," Sol said, waking up before pulling himself up, while Saffi remained silent, standing up and grabbing the two sleeping bag`s to put them away, she quickly checked for the map, finding it inside one of the sleeping bags. She took it out and put away the two sleeping bags in a larger bag.
  18. A Skiploom frolicked through a lush green field, looking for possibly acorns or colored rocks or maybe even flowers. She believed the time to collect the best acorns or rocks or flowers are on early mornings, before any of the items mentioned are taken or destroyed. So far, no flowers or acorns, but some colored rocks. Well, it's more like the grey, common kind, but at least there are SOME rocks. Common rocks are better than no rocks.

    The Skiploom, most commonly called Mallow by her friends and family, took a quick glance at the high cliff that sat solidly on the middle of the fresh meadow. There must be some rocks there. It all made sense to Mallow. The cliff is basically some type of big rock, so there must be little rocks as well! She happily bounced to the cliff, though now wondering how to get up to it to gather some stones. Well, maybe she should've thought of that before.

    [Mallow is a optimistic but reckless female Skiploom. Fairy Wind, Sunny Day, Tackle, and Absorb are some of her moves. She happens to be a fan of battles and focuses mainly on offense. ]

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