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The Altogether Dubious Festival at the Slowpoke Shrine (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tangrow, May 29, 2014.

  1. Name pending.

    Right, in summary! Well, background to the summary, first. A long, long, loooong time ago! My good friend Jenova and I made two PRP characters who were each shrine maidens: One at the Slowpoke Well and another at that Shrine in Unova. It was decided they were Slowpoke Shrine Maidens! Which uh, has some religious background or another but essentially there are shrines across the regions worshipping Slowpoke. Probably for good weather. They run off donations, for the most part. Anyway!

    Around this time of year, when the peak of summer draws nigh, the First Slowpoke Shrine, located on an island in the south of Hoenn, holds a Slowpoke Festival in hopes that the good cheer will bring good rainfall and less drought. Normally nigh-deserted, for one week the aptly-named Slowpoke Island draws in all sorts of tourists, partygoers, and the shrine maidens from around the world. There will be food, games, battles, beach, all sorts of stuff, really!

    It's nothing fancy, there can be battles or just an all-around good time. I don't plan on anything too big, and I'll be upfront: Roleplays here don't tend to last long, so I don't expect this one to be any different. But what I want is for everyone to have fun! Even if it's one post and you never show up again, if you had fun writing that post, that's what matters to me. Let me know if you want to join in!

    (Keep in mind I'd like if your posts had a certain quality to them in accordance with the rules of RP on this website. I'll trust your judgment in this.)

    For now, there's no real limit on how many people can join since I'm just checking for interest. Shoot this thread a post if you wanna join in! Or, if you're feeling fancy, put in a character bio. I don't mind much either way, though. We'll probably limit participation if the number starts getting so high that we'd end up with three pages of introductory posts, though. I hope you don't mind!
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  2. ... The title of this thread resembles some anime episode title, or one of those slice of life animes where the entire community shortens it to a word because the title is as long in English as it is in Japanese :p

    Basically, in terms of plot, everything is still pretty sandbox-y: meaning, years ago, Tangrow and I came up with this idea and forgot about it, and all of a sudden as we were reminiscing like old crotchety geezers, it came back into mind xD As the setting is in a fanmade (if that's the world) event in a fanmade location, I guess I should go into depth with certain aspects that Tan and I have talked about.
    • The island is inhabited by mainly Slowpoke. In Gen III games, Slowpoke are not normally found in the region. Let's just pretend that's because they all come to this small, nondescript island, alright? Other than that, this is still Hoenn. Nothing else is different about Hoenn or the rest of the Pokemon world other than this.
    • There is a large slowpoke temple in the center of the island. Most of the shrine maidens will most likely be here, as it is a place of worship and prayer. Basically this is where the shrine maidens and monks and priests and priestesses meet up with each other and reconcile. This is also where you go to in order to receive blessings from the Sacred Slowpoke by the shrine maidens.
    Other than that, we still haven't actually gone into any more detail, so ideas are appreciated c:
    (Aaand I'll post a character bio some time this week or so, I just gotta see how broken my team is since I created this PRP OC when Gen V was still new ahahaha- /shot)

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