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Ask to Join The Adventure Through Kanto!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Notzuru, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. So our rules are simple...Rules:
    -Only kanto pokemons are allowed for now
    -No legendaries.
    -You start rp just with one pokemon and get the others through your adventure.
    -After the kanto league ends.Everyone can move to the johto region.
    -When you arrive johto region you can just use johto region pokemons.
    -When is Johto League´s Day you can call your kanto pokemon to help you winning the league.
    -Only One "Zeta Pokemon" Per Trainer
    About Starters...you can start with a pokemon at your choice at his first stage but it need to be a pokemon from the region you are.
    I wish you luck to win the first kanto league!
    Zeta Form:This is a "Fan-Made" power which to get it you need a strong bond with the pokemon with this I mean you need to fight a lot of fights with the pokemon.
    So what does this zeta form do?
    Well Zeta form simply gives your pokemon a strong aura which drastically boost your pokemon.But it is possible to a normal pokemon defeat a pokemon in Zeta form.To unleash Zeta Form Its Kinda like Ash and Greninja Evolution.The Trainers need to sync their hearts.Sothat means the trainer will get damaged too.

    Name:Jado Yukishira
    Apperance:Look at the trainer card.
    Extra stuff:Not that sociable.
    Jado arrived Pewter City."So this is Pewter city...You ready to train Eevee?"
    The Eevee growled at me.
    "Then lets go to the training grounds!"
    Both of them rushed to Mt.Moon to train.
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  2. Name: Dasken Lauphage
    Starter: Charmander
    Appearance: Teal flame-print shirt, plain black shorts, scarlet fedora.
    Other: Intelligent, sarcastic, analytical
    Dask and Charmander walked through the path to Mt. Moon. They had met up years ago, when his father, a Pokèmon Ranger, had saved him. He gave him to Dask, and they became instant friends. Dask affectionately called him 'Blowtorch'.
    As they roamed the path, looking for new team members, they came across another boy, about Dask's age, who was walking with an Eevee. Dask walked up to him.
    "Hi there!" Dask called to him. "How're you today?"
  3. Jado remained in silence while the Eevee start a battle with a Zubat.
    "What you want?"Jado turned his face to Dask.
  4. "I just wanted to say hello," Dask said, slightly taken aback. He hadn't expected such a response. Maybe he just caught this guy on a bad day.
    He looked over at the battle ensuing between Zubat and his Eevee. "Trying to train your Pokèmon, I see."
  5. "No...Quick Atack Buddie!" Eevee Landed quick atack on zubat.
    "Here I go..." Jado throwed a pokeball to the zubat.
    The zubat got capture
  6. Oh thx legitmoon xD then i will take it out and ask permissin to teapod :D
  7. Huh. I didn't realize that; I thought that rule was just for legendaries. Thanks for the reminder ;3
    Now, we better make the rest of this RP, or they might shut it down. :p
  8. Yeah xD i already took it out btrp

    "Thats Right Eevee he just got a new friend!" Jado got the Zubat´s pokeball.

    Jado walked to the pokecenter next to Mt.Moon."Cya there stranger..."

    Jado healed his pokemon."Thanks Nurse Joy..."
    -Thinks-"Probably I should try to find that guy...he was about my age so i could make a team with him..."
    He dashed to Mt.Moon

    Jado threw Zubat´s pokeball.
    "Hello Zubat.I gonna name you...Zero for Eevee i gonna name you...Fluffy."
    Jado smiled at them.
    A wild sandshrew appeared.
    "A sandshrew...he seems strong.Here I go lets go Zero!Use Bite!"
    Zubat bit sandshre on his head."Thats right Zero!"
    Sandshrew used rock tomb on Zero."Zero!"
    Zero was knocked out."Ok Fluffy Your Turn!"

    "Fluffy use bite on Sandshre like Zero did!"
    Fluffy used dig instead of bite.
    "Hey Fluffy what you doing?!"Fluffy landed the hit on sandshrew leg and made his leg badly injured.
    "Leets go pokeball!"Jado throwed it and caught sandshrew.
    "Oh Yeah guys he have a new friend!"

    "I will call you Sasha since your a female..."Sasha hopped on my back
    "Hahaha!Play time is over guys." Jado returned all of his pokemon to the pokeballs except Fluffy
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  9. Jado exit the Mt.Moon."So did you enjoy your traning guys?"Jado turned his face to the Pokemon.
    "Sandshrew i will name you Tamari since your a girl.This is Marha she is a girl too."Jado pointed to the Eevee."And this is Zero he is a boy."Jado pointed to the zubat.
  10. Jado exit the Mt.Moon Pokecenter and saw a trainer.
    "Hmmm...he seems good to pair up so iam asking him."Jado though."Come on Rainbow."The Eevee followed him.
    Jado pat the trainer back."Hey there buddie.You training?"Jado asked him.
  11. "Ahh, I need a rest, tout one is longer than it is to get to pallet town" said rye, laying under a tree. "Pidg pidg" said a pidgy who flew in front of him. " hey a pidgy, I shold catch it just like grandpa tought me" Rye said, pulling bulbasaurs pokeball off his belt. "Ok, go Bulbasaur" yelled Rye. Then the pokeball was thrown into the sky. It bust open and a light formed into the shape of bulbasaur. "Saur bulba" said the pokemon. "Bulbasaur use tackle" yelled Rye. Bulbasaur ran fowerd and hit the pidgy. The wild pokemon used growl and wnt in for a peck. "Dodge and use vine wip" commanded rye. Bulbasaur rapped the vine around the pokemon and slamed it to the ground. "It looks dizzy, now is my chance" rye said. "Go pokeball" the ball rocked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, then, click, the pidgy was cought. "Yes, I cought a pidgy, thanks bulbasaur" rye smiled at the little creature. "Bulbasaur bulba"

    Rye walked into his home town, Varidan city. "Its good to be home, but I have to go to pewter city said Rye, then he spotted an eevee. "Hey little guy, are you lost." Asked Rye. "Rainbow come here girl, we nedd to get back to mount moom" said a trainer. "Hey, are you this pokemons trainer" Rye asked the trainer. "Yeah, im jado, this is rainbow the Eevee, we are on our way back to mt moon, say wanna come" jado asked. "Well, I need to get to pewter city to get the boulder badge" said Rye. "No problem, pewter city is on the way there, we can stop on the way" exclaimed jado. "Wait up im comeing" said Rye running into the forest with jado.

    In varidian forest, it was dark. Rye looked around for Jado. "I guess he is already in pewter city" he said, taking a rest under a tree. He sent out pidgy and bulbasaur to play."what is that buzzing sound" Rye said, carefully listening. "Bulbasaur, Pidgy, return now!" Rye yelled. The pokemon returned to their pokeballs and Rye ran as fast as he could in the oppisat direction of the sound.

    The buzzing sound got closer and closer
    "Ahhh!"said Rye, who fell into a hole.
    He then saw a little caterpie who was hurt bad.
    "Hey little guy, its ok, do you want to come with me. The little pokemon nodded.
    "Ok then touch this pokeball"
    The pokemon headbutted the pokeball and went inside without hesatation.
    After caterpie was caught, he walked through the cave he fell in.
    Then, he saw two trainers about his age.
    "Excuse me you two, do you know where I can find pwter city? Varidan forst was attacked by what I assume are beedrill and I fell in here by that hole, if you arent busy, can you take me and my pokemon to pewter city?" Rye asked.
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  12. Jado came from the shadows.
    "You are Rye right?"Jado asked trying to remember the person face.
    "I Can take you to the pewter city after all I already got there to see my cousin."Jado smiled and touched his back.
    "Lets go."
  13. Name: Jack Bryson
    Starter: Areodactyl
    Apperance: Has Red hair blue eyes wheres red shoes has a red and black jacket, and has a red/blue baclpack.
    Extra stuff: Love's to battle with his pokemon as best friends


    "Areodactly I choose you!" Jack said as his Areodactly came out of the leave's "use quick attack!" Jack said

    Areodactly used quick attack on the pokemon
    it used flamethrower in return
    "quick dodge it! Then finsih it up with a steel wing atack!" Jack said
    Areodactly quickly followed it's trainers command's and used steelwing.
    "Go Pokeball!" Jack yelled as he threw the pokeball
    he caught the Pokemon

    Jack called out the pokemon he just caught "Vulpix Come on out!"
    The vulpix turned around and looked at it's new trainer Jack smirked and said "welcome to the team"
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  14. Name: Zephyr Washir
    Starter: Squirtle
    Appearance: Grayish hair, wears a black fedora, black raincoat with hidden pockets and a carrier sling, black oxford shoes
    Extra Stuff: Secretly runs the Squirtle Mafia and is the leader, robs primarily stores, banks, and warehouses especially if it's for vengeance (The Squirtle Mafia was only just made by Zephyr, and not well known after the Squirtle Squad was not evil anymore.)

    Zephyr and Squirtle ran through Pewter City, as they eluded the cops after robbing a shop that was down the road. Zephyr whispered to Squirtle as he carried him in his sling, "Alright... the plan worked, we evaded those boys in blue. Now we can focus on the Kanto league, this was like taking candy from a baby, literally."

    Squirtle nodded at him, as they made their way to Mt. Moon, while sirens and screams could be heard from the city. Squirtle chuckled while Zephyr walked up Mt. Moon, as he said, "Squirtle."
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  15. "Ok, thanks" Rye said, walking along side him. "Im worried for a trainners metapod I saw getting carried away by a beedrill" Rye said. "I hope my pokemon will be ok, and strong like yours" he told Jado.
  16. Jack saw a man running down to mt.Moon and heard a man and his squitle laughing.
    Jack smirked and got ready to fight "hey you! stop in the name of the law!"

    "Areodacty! come on out!" Jack said as he threw it's pokeball
    Then Jack yelled to the man "Stop in the name of the law!"
    "Areodacty get ready to attack."
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  17. Zephyr laughed and said while a man tried to intimidate him, "Why should I stop? You can't just accuse me of doing anything. I could have been laughing because that clown at the city told me a funny joke. Learn your laws and places before jumping to conclusions kid, or else I might have to resort to teaching you, and that crummy, old dinosaur a lesson on accusation."

    Squirtle said in a stern tone, as he supported him, "Squirtle." He knew that the Aerodactyl had a huge disadvantage if it even wanted to battle, as he shrugged his shoulders before walking away with Zephyr. Zephyr kept his hand in his front pocket that was invisible from the man since he was ahead, as he was ready to pull out something, in case if the Aerodactyl attempted to attack him.

    He thought to himself, "Sheesh, kids these days, thinking that I've done a crime just for laughing. What kind of people are they? Oh well... I stole that shock device from a warehouse that other day, so there shouldn't be a problem trying to get away. Wished they made the voltage higher, since this might not be as effective on that Aerodactyl, but eh... this should buy us plenty of time to flee. Squirtle could just attack the trainer if he had wanted, maybe I'll get a laugh before he runs away crying."
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  18. Name: Matthew Devlin
    Starter: Charmander
    Appearance: Blonde hair, Wearing a Grey vest and blue tracksuit pants
    Extra stuff: can get very competitive, Because of his Older brother and father who are gym leaders in Hoenn and Johto and his other brother starting his adventure in hoenn so he is always trying to beat them
    Matt walked into Mt.moon with his Charmander behind him, "Its ok Buddy.... its not that scar- AHH! ZUBAT! Wait a zubat? im gonna catch it!" Matt yelled as he threw a pokeball at the Zubat "1... 2.... 3.... AND I GOT IT!" Matt ran to the pokeball and picked it up while charmander jumped up and down in happiness "Charmander go look for some more pokemon!" Matt yelled as he saw a pidgey fly into the cave

    He ran at it a threw a pokeball at it "CHAR! CHAR! CHAR!"Charmander was yelling in distress "What is it?!" Matt yelled, "CHAR CHAR
    CHARMANDER! Charmander yelled again as a Nidoran Male walked out from the shadows "Ok! charmander use ember!" Matt Commanded as he ran to grab pidgeys pokeball "Nido! nidoran!"Nidoran yelled as it used double kick "Char!" yelled charmander
    "TAKE THIS NIDORAN!" Matt yelled as he threw a pokeball at Nidoran Male "Phew..... you okay charmander?" Matt asked as he took a deep breath "Char char...." Charmander said in relief "Well lets get out of this stupid cave"

    Matt and Charmander left the cave and sat outside and trained their new caught pokemon.
  19. Jack smiled and he saw the boy getting ready to pull something out.

    Jack Yelled "Areodacty!" use thunder fang!
    and follow with steel wing!"
  20. Zephyr chuckled and pulled out a cube like device, and threw it at the Aerodactyl and the boy, as he said to him, "I don't have time to bother with kids like you. Play with this instead!" He threw the cube at the boy and the Aerodactyl, as a blue barrier formed around them! Sparks emerged from the barrier, as the cube remained outside and emitted a bright, blue light.

    He smirked, as Squirtle smiled and got picked up and placed in Zephyr's sling, as he said, "You're gonna be stuck here for quite a while I'd say. You try to get out or break it, you're gonna be shocked. Good luck finding help, considering that nobody else is here on this mountain!"

    He walked away with Squirtle, not realizing that there were others on Mt. Moon also, as he went to the peak and went inside a cave. He sat down near some stalagmites, as he whispered to Squirtle while he was still in his sling, "Hah, those suckers really fell for that thing. Though I thought it would just let out a shock... I so need to steal more of those things then, I could just trap all the guards and call it a day on robbing a bank."
  21. "Hmmm...I think he should ignore that problem because butterfrees will able to defeat that beedril with no problem."Jado smiled.
    "Rainbow!Lets go!The eevee jumped to his shoulder."
    Jado went to Pewter city.
  22. Jack said "knit whit, who doesn't know Areodactly is a rock type" under his breath

    "Areodactly use aicent power!"
    The Areodactly easily broke through the cage and Jack said
    "we have to catch up to them come on!"
    He hopped on Areodactly's back and they started flying until they saw the man and his Squirtle again but they were in a cave they sneakily flew in and then Jack yelled
    "Areodactly use thuder fang!"
    Areodactly charged up it's jaw's and was getting ready to hit it's target.
  23. Matt got up with his charmander and walked back through Mt.moon to get back to pewter city, When they finally got there sirens were screaming and people were crowding a shop "Odd.... Im just gonna go battle the gym or whatever....." Matt said as he walked to the pokemon center "Here are you pokemon, I hope to see you again!" Nurse joy said as she gave Matt his pokeballs "Thanks whatever" Matt said as he walked out of the pokemon center

    Matt entered the gym and saw brock standing looking at him "A challenger?" asked brock "Uh yea can we battle?" Matt replied "Sure how many gym badges do you have?" Brock asked "none...." Matt sighed "Ok then ill battle you with my Onix and Geodude!" Brock said as he sent out his geodude "Ok... umm.... Charmander! i choose you!" Matt said as he sent out Charmander "Geodude use Tackle!" Brock commanded " Charmander! dodge and use ember!" Matt commanded, Charmander dodged the tackle and used ember taking out a quarter of its health "Yes! ok charmander get closer and use scratch!" Matt commanded, Charmander ran around geodude then used scratch taking out another quarter "Yes! your doing great!" Yelled Matt "Geodude! use rollout!" Brock commanded, Geodude took out half of charmanders health! "Oh no!" Matt yelled as he ran to charmander "Charmander you ok?" Matt asked "Char... char!" charmander said as he got up "Alright! use ember!" Matt commanded, Charmander ran at geodude and used ember taking out the rest of his health with a critical hit!
  24. "That trainer back in the forest that his metapod was taken, do you know him" Rye asked jado
    "I hope he got it back"
  25. "Hmm.... good work challenger, Onix! i choose you!" Brock yelled as he sent out onix "Charmander do you want to continue?" Matt asked charmander "Char char!" Charmander said as he got ready to battle onix "Alright! onix use rock throw!" Yelled brock "Charmander climb the rocks then use scratch on onix! Matt commanded, Charmander climbed the rocks then used scratch on onix "Ok charmander use ember!" Matt yelled, Charmander used ember on the onix then used scratch taking it down "Good battle challenger, Here take the boulder badge
    "Yea! good work charmander!" Matt said as he picked up charmander and grabbed the badge

    Charmander and Matt walked through Mt.moon once again "We will make it to Cerulean city soon" Matt said as he saw the exit to the cave "Char char!" charmander yelled in happiness "We will beat my brothers soon!"
  26. "Hey, look, pewter city!" Rye said, cheerfully.
    "Where is the gym?" Rye asked
  27. Jado entered the pewter city gym.
    "Your done Brock!"Jado throwed his zubat to the field and Brock His Onix.
    "Lets go!Zero use super sonic!"The Zubat missed the atack."Crap!"
    Brock-"Use Rock Tomb And Finish That Zubat!"The Zubat got hitted but didnt fainted.
    "You Ok Zero?"Jado smiled and shouted."Lets keep with super sonic!"This time Zubat hitted the Onix.
    Brock-"Finish him with Rock Tomb!"The Onix hitted himself.
    "Now use Bite!" The Zubat hitted onix and barely damaged him.The Onix got out of confusion and slammed his tail on the Zubat.
    "Zero!"Jado retrived the Zubat."Good Job Buddie..."
    "Temari your up!"Jado throwed the Sandshrew."Ok Use Dig!"Brock-"Bind!"The Onix missed."Thats it now finish that Onix!"The Sandshrew damaged a lot Onix making him barely with his two eyes open.
    Brock-"Iron Tail!" The Onix slammed with his tail the Sandshrew out of the field.
    "Temari!"The Sandshrew fainted.
    "Rainbow...your up.Use Quick Atack!"
    Brock-"Rock Tomb!"The Onix got hitted but hitted the Eevee too.
    "Rainbow!!Use Dig!"The Onix lost his balance because of the other battles.
    Brock-"Crap!Onix dodge!"The Onix got hitted and fainted.
    "Thats it."Five minutes later Brock gave the gym badge to the Challenger.
    Brock-"Here you have your badge Challenger."
  28. "Ok, my turn" Said Rye, holding his pokemons pokeball. "Go bulbasaur, and use vine wip!" He yelled.
    "Saur" said to pokemon, hitting the leaders geodude.
    "Nice hit" Said brock.
    "Im just gettin started, bulbasaur, razor leaf, now!" Rye commanded
    "Not this time, defense curl" said brock.
    Geodude was to slow and was hit with razor leaf.
  29. "Rye!Careful to dont waste too many energy of Saur!"Jado shouted.
    "The Onix will be able to finish him easily..."Jado though.
    "Still He need to believe on his others pokemons...If he haver others..."Jado though once again.

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