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The Adventure of a Lifetime

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by gzh11121, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Quietly Shard shut the door to the mansion behind him. After saying goodbye to his parents Shard had awoken his loyal Growlithe; Growly and his faithful Ponyta, Dash. Down the path they dashed and took a right turn onto another path.
    Walking down the path that led to Oreburgh City Shard took a look at himself at a local pond. Shard shrugged. Basic Traveling gear so what could Shard expect to look like. From his tattered tennis shoes to his new, navy jeans to his red t-shirt, his favorite Arcanine hat, and his old magnetic belt. Nothing like the city folk but every way like a trainer. Rummaging in his rucksack Shard drew out six metallic Poke balls that he had invented. Buckling them on his belt Shard thought of breakfast. He and his Pokemon hadn't eaten since last night.
    So off set off Shard to a nearby tree to have a picnic with his Pokemon. When they reached there Shard rummaged in his backpack for some Pokemon food but instead found a small package with a card. Silently reading the card he thought, "This is great. This card is going to be kept." Opening the package he found a small stone and another card from her: Cheryl. The girl Shard loved.
    Cheryl was perfect in every way. From her smile to her body her hair and her eyes. Every way Shard pictured her Cheryl was perfect. Then coming back to reality Shard read the card silently, "Heard that you got a male Ralts. Hope this helps ~Cheryl."
    Shard thought, "Male Ralts? What male Ralts?" Then Shard remembered the Ralts he had received along with his female Ralts. Sending them out he spoke to them. "Sparkle, Cheryl I think the two of you will have fun."Smiling to his male, Sparkle Shard whispered, "When you evolve into Kirlia i will use this Dawn Stone on you. You will evolve into Gallade. Cheryl will evolve into Gardevoir." Sparkle just simply nodded.
    After Shard and his Pokemon finished eating they left off toward his first gym battle in Oreburgh.
  2. "Bye Roark!" the dark haired girl yelled as she ran out of the mines. Wow, that was tiring she thought as she walked through the city. Let's see, I'll let Nightshade take a rest, and I'll go for a picnic! Yeah...that sounds good right now. Erika ran to the Pokemn center and left her powerful Dragonite with Nurse Joy. "Thanks! I'll be back later!"
    "Come on out, you guys!" Umbrey and Espey came out and started running around. "Aw, come on! I just let you guys out this morning! Don't start complaining now!" They gave a shrug and gave her a look that said, fine, but give me my food. Erika groaned as she took out food for her and her Pokemon. They can be such a pain in the butt sometimes! But, they're both pretty helpful....
    Erika had planned to just sit there and enjoy the sunny day with her Pokemon. Plans, why do I think I'm forgetting something? Oh, shoot! I was supposed to take over for Roark today! Oh, jeez. He's gonna be mad... Erika sat up, returned her Pokemon, and ran to the gym. I hope he hasn't gotten back from the mines....Oh, wait! I forgot! I neeed to get Nightshade! Well, isn't this turning out to be a relaxing day. She thought as she ran back to the Pokemon center and back out again with Nightshade in hand. "Thanks again, Nurse Joy!" Back to the gym, I suppose...
  3. "Meeee-oowww?"

    Poppy purred in Caspian's arms and the bubble-gum-topped young boy smiled on reflex as he went along with his faithful Meowth towards the Pokemon Center of Oreburgh. First stop on the road of Sinnoh for him, he wasn't all that interested in battling just yet, and thought to drop by his relative's center. The City was just as beautiful as he'd heard from rumors and Caspian was glad he wouldn't have a Fighting Gym right off the bat. What a horrible match-up for Poppy! Not that he doubted she could do it, the idea of her having such a disadvantage was still disheartening to start off the beginning of a journey.

    Trotting along to the Center, he thought it over while Poppy snuggled away in his cradling hold and clawed up his arms for the quadrillionth time. Honestly, Caspian did not expect to win this one, as he thought he needed much more training- he was acting too fast! But still, he could hope and be optimistic in finding the best outcome, no matter what the odds. His own sentiment making him smile wider, the boy walked in after a speeding girl with that dark mane. Happily walking up to Nurse Joy, Caspian gave her a family-custom greeting. Having walked around the table and hugged her, Poppy barely containing annoyance at being touched by someone other than her trainer, the pink-haired boy sought hydration.

    He stopped by a soda machine and Poppy took the reigns for him, popping in some dollars and quickly snagging the can of beverage. Hopping down from his arms and threading herself around his ankles idly, awaiting Caspian to finish, as the pre-teen gulped down the drink like it was going out of style. Apparently going seven hours without any liquid was a bad thing.
  4. Well, I guess I was worrying for nothing... Erika crinkled her nose as she thought about how stupid she'd been. She made her way to the Pokemon Center for the umpteenth time that day, deep in thought. Today's Saturday. The gym's not 'sposed to be open today. Roark asked me to takeover on Monday. UGH! Erika fumed as she walked through the front doors and into a strangely pink haired boy. He looked about her age and now had some type of soda all over him.

    "Oops," Erika smiled sheepishly as she apologized a million times in 2 minutes as she helped him clean up. "I'm so, so, so, so, so, sorry! I didn't watch where I was going, and like, I was just thinking about a lot and and and....." The apologies came one after another out of the now apologetic 13-year-old girl. "There, all done," Erika grinned. "Oh, and by the way, the name's Erika." She smiled, her face sparkling with happiness and a little red with embarrassment. "What's yours?"
  5. Caspian was merely sipping away at his drink, going to leave, when he was smacked right in the front by a random girl. Hadn't he seen her when he'd first come in? Still somewhat slow on the uptake, he smiled lightly and began repeating "It's okay" and "No problem" to every one of her apologies. He actually lost count how many times she said sorry in that small time-frame after the first hundredth. The trainer kneeled down and helped wipe up the mess, coincidently having a packet of towels stored in his handy-dandy-backpack to aid in the situation. He mentally noted he'd apologize to Nurse Joy for dirtying her carpet, but assumed it was an accident so the woman would be understanding. Poppy was not so easily forgiving, however, and stood to one side of the small mess, ears flicked back and arms crossed whilst glaring at Erika. She was not happy, having almost gotten spattered with the liquid along with Caspian who now had blotches on his shirt. Her heated gaze only became strong when the work was done and Caspian smiled at the fellow human youth, introducing himself.

    "Mine's Caspian." the said boy crumpled up the damp cloth into a ball and stuffed it in his pocket, planning to run it through the laundry later on. He then offered the now free palm to shake Erika's as a form of greeting, barely holding his innerself back from hugging her. Meanwhile, Poppy pawed over gracefully to her companion and climbed up onto his back using those claws of hers. He didn't wince as his upper back and shoulders were marred with new wounds, quite used to this by now, and simply allowed the cat-like pokemon to do as she pleased. The Meowth hung onto his sholders and neck protectively, almost jealously, and eyed the female with what could only be described as a gleam in sharp eyes.
  6. "Nice to meet 'cha!" Erika shook hands, but pulled away a bit too fast. "I'm sorry, but your Meowth, it's giving me the creeps. It has those kind of eyes that if you see 'em in the dark, you'll never forget 'em and they'll haunt your dreams forever. Plus, it doesn't really seem to like me..." She smiled shakily. Jeez, I'm getting a wierd feeling something bad's gonna happen...and I'm usually right about it...

    Erika shook her head uneasily. "So...What are you doing here in Orebourgh? Are you here to challenge the gym leader?" Erika asked quickly, trying to change the subject. " 'Cause the gym isn't open today. Roark's busy trying to repair part of the mines that collapsed just this morning. I've been down there, and boy, he won't be done until at least Tuesday. Of course, it'll be open on Monday, but there'll be a sub for the gym. Don't take her lightly, though." There was a glint of challenge in her eyes as she said the last sentence. "If you want, I'll give you a hand at training," Erika blurted out, before she could convince herself not to. "Come on, it's much more fun training in the dark than daylight," she said, pointing out that it had changed time quickly. "I'll wait for you outside!" Erika sang as she left without waiting for even one answer to her questions, leaving Caspian standing there.
  7. Caspian blinked after her dumbly and then a grin formed on his face at that snail-pace he had with almost everything, getting off his knees and getting Poppy to sit comfortably in his arms before speeding off after the mysterious, new acquaintance. The cotton-candy-headed kid called a goodbye to his relative as he went out the double-doors, "Sorry about your floor, Aunty Joy!" and then, much like the other trainer, he was gone. However, it was only a moment or so later the twelve-year-old emerged and peered about to find Erika. Just as she's said, she was waiting outside, and mentally Caspian went over the information he'd been given a few moments prior.

    No Gym Leader today meant staying longer than anticipated; not a big deal. He was in no hurry. And what had she said about Poppy? Something about her having scary eyes? The boy momentarily paused and glanced down to the Meowth in his clutches to see her looking straight at Erika across from them with what wasn't a hateful look but definitely not something you'd want to mess with. That was confusing, but then again he rarely noticed things anyway so it was no surprise he'd missed the obvious hostility roaming about the air. The pre-teen quickly got rid of those thoughts, belaying any suggestion that his adorable little Poppy would do anything to harm someone for no reason. Now- he was curious. Who was this substitute Gym leader? Could he really battle someone other than the famous Roark? That actually sounded fun, especially because it was someone he knew nothing about. Taking note to go for his battle on Monday, the male trotted off toward Erika once he'd finished taking inventory of all data available.

    And it was night-time, too. Poppy always did do better in the dark for some reason.. something to do with her cat-like night-vision which all felines apepared to be built with. Now the only question was what would training be like with someone else's help, and what sorts of pokemon did Erika have? Ohh, so many questions.. the boy with a brown gaze couldn't help but smile as he did on every occasion.
  8. "Well, you took your sweet time getting here," Erika said, acknowledging Caspian. He looked as if something was troubling him. "Is something bothering you, Caspian?" She didn't like it when something was wrong and she couldn't do anything about it what so ever.

    ((OOC: Go ahead and answer before continuing if ya want. ;) ))

    "So, how about a one on one Pokemon battle? I'll start first. Let's go, Nightshade!" Out of her pokeball came a pitch black Dragonite. "Come on, slowpoke! Choose your Pokemon!" Erika ran to the other side of the meadow. She was pumped. Wonder what kind of Pokemon he has...
  9. Caspian didn't respond to the first comment about him being slow, as he already knew he wasn't the fastest person in the world. So instead he turned his attention to her second question, smile now a grin, "I was just thinking- I'll go to the Gym on Monday." Down in his arms Poppy made an amused noise, some odd abbreviation of her name, at the idea she was going to have to go up against a mystery foe. Then again, if Caspian hadn't picked that route, she probably would have picked it for him or otherwise demand to fight the unknown sub-in.

    ((OutOfCookies: Gotcha, :p))

    "A black Dragonite?" he questioned in his head, impressed by this very rarely seen pokemon. Atleast, he'd rarely seen it. "How'd they get that color? I've only known tan and green Dragonites.." Caspian paused again, and blinked at the words "choose your pokemon" as it was something many people said. He'd never known the right answer to it, so the boy just smiled once more- that optimistic expression very common for him- and knelt down "I choose Poppy." His precious Meowth, Poppy, stepped quite gracefully off her trainer's arms, which were covered now in tiny cuts, toward the field. Having approached Nightshade before her, Caspian stood up and faced the scene expectantly.

    A small Meowth, hand-made sapphire beads strung around her neck, with bright pink paws to walk on and a glint in her eyes was facing off to that huge, black Dragonite. It looked quite disproportionate, but the kid with hot-pink hair didn't seem to notice, or didn't seem to care, and nor did his pokemon. On the contrary, it appeared as if the Meowth was attempting to intimidate the other combatant with just her glare-of-daggers.
  10. I knew it! I so knew he was going to use Poppy as his choice. "You ready, Nightshade?" Nightshade nodded, its face showing nothing but pure confidence. He's going down. I don't care if I owe him for spilling his drink or not. I play to win. A smile crept up her face.

    Erika looked at Caspian's calm-ish face with curiosity. He didn't seem to be fazed by the fact that Nightshade was a black Dragonite like most people she'd met. This should be interesting. She smirked. "'Kay, you can have the first move." A pesky little Meowth wouldn't discourage her or Nightshade for that matter. It didn't make a difference how strong Caspian's Meowth might be.
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  11. OOC ((Sorry I've been busy and haven't ahd the chance to get on.))
    BIC: Running down the path Shard and Growly spotted something. But what was it? Upon closer inspection Shard saw that it was in fact a Pokemon battle!
    Dashing to be able to join as well Shard hollered, "HEY, CAN I JOIN?! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE IN A POKEMON BATTLE!" Then, looking at the impressive Pokemon Shard smiled inwardly. Knowing this would be good training for his Pokemon he waited for a response from the two.
    OOC ((I have to get off. I'll be on after school tomorrow.))
  12. Taking her offer for him to go first as politeness or some act of kind heart, Caspian grinned and nodded in response, focusing a set of chocolate eyes onto the pokemon he was working with. Both trainer and pokemon knew how this always went; strategies had been set up before-hand during the vigorous training sessions. The pre-teenager may not have appeared all that smart, but Poppy sure was- both inside and out, so she'd suggested- in her native Pokemon language- they have specific lines of attack. "Poppy," the Meowth sent her human a look out of the corner of her eye, clearly ready, so Caspian went on, "Maneuver 14-b?" Although it was more of a question, the pokemon understood, and Poppy gave a decisive nod, as if he was the one in charge, before leaping into action, gaze forward to fix on Nightshade.

    With the speed her species was known for, she ran at the Dragonite with claws flared and on all fours. Jumping into a attack that could only be Slash, the shiny Meowth's bright pink paws flashed brightly so her claws were individually lit up and she was flying straight at the semi-legendary pokemon's right wing. Caspian knew he hadn't ordered his pokemon to do that, but then again, she knew best and he had soon considered himself just there as a formality in fights. Poppy could take care of herself just fine, she only needed him for.. well, for attention and acknowledgment. This wasn't a biggy, the healing-expert of a trainer knew as much, and was quite happy to stand on the side-lines and be there for support. Attacking and strategy wasn't his bag; he'd always been a lover, not a fighter. So as the feline-esk pokemon made to scratch at her opponent's leathery appendage he sat and watched, half-lost in his musings.

    But.. that usual way of work was interrupted. Or, atleast, Caspian was interrupted. He paused in his viewing to turn and look at the yell of another trainer who was coming straight at them. And wasn't being very subtle about it. His grin rewired itself as he waved openly back to the stranger, he called, "Sure, the more the merrier!" like it was the most normal thing in the world.

    ((OutOfCookies: I'll also be on after school tomarrow. Glad to have you back, gzh.))
  13. OOC ((Thanks, and it's good to be back!))
    BIC Smiling back at the trainer that had accepted his question Shard spoke, "Hey, I'm Shard who are you? Is that your Meowth? Wow, looks strong!"
    Then, looking at the female there beside the other trainer with the black Dragonite he smiled, "And who do I have the pleasure of meeting here? My name is Shard." Stretching out his hand to shake with each one Shard asked a question that had skipped his mind, " Did I interrupt your battle? If I did I'll just wait until it's over then I'll join in if it's alright."
    Finding his way to a rotten log on the side of the path Shard sat down with Dash and Growly. Then, remembering his other Pokemon Shard quickly reached for the Poke balls he invented and tossed them gently in the air saying as he did, "COME ON OUT SPARKLE AND CHERYL!" Gently his two Ralts twirled down beside him. Sparkle with his amber eyes, which was odd to see in a Ralts; and Cheryl the most beautiful female Ralts Shard had ever seen.
    Teleporting onto Shard's shoulder Sparkle pulled Shard's hat off and started acting like Shard, "Ralts. Ralts, Ralts! Ralts-Ralts Ralts!" Laughing as he did, Shard pulled his hat back and put it on imaginnig what Sparkle really was saying. Then, climbing back into reality Shard watched the two trainer's battle awaiting for them to finish so he could join as well.
  14. "My name's Erika," She frowned as Shard walked towards a log. Erika was a little annoyed that he was acting formal. I mean, seriously. Who says things like "And who do I have the pleasure of meeting?" anyway? Oh well. It'll be interesting, actually having a spectator watch one of my battles. The only people who had ever watched her battle were the referees at gyms. And not because she was battling the gym leaders either. (hint, hint). She winced as Nightshade was scratched by the pesky Meowth. Well, it actually landed a hit. I guess I've underestimated him and Poppy.

    ((Sorry, but I just gotta end this battle fast. I'll let you win the next one, ‘kay?))

    "Let's finish this up fast, Nightshade! Aura Sphere!" The rare, black dragon Pokemon swiftly moved behind Poppy as she landed on the ground on all fours and fired the energy straight at it. Erika looked at her watch. "Oh, jeez. I got to go. Let's go, Nightshade." She returned him its comfy pokeball. "Sorry guys, I'm going to have to cut this meeting short. Bye!" Erika ran off, leaving the two boys wondering where she was going. When the boys had turned around, she popped up right behind them. "Oh, and one more thing," she said as she scared them because they thought she had already left. "I'll see you two on Monday, alright? Promise?" Erika stood there, hands on her hips, waiting for them to answer.

    ((OOC: Do you guys know each other or something? ‘Cause I'm a bit confused…))
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  15. OOC: ((Not that I know of. And I can't post a long reply; got to go in a second. I'll be on tomorrow.))
    BIC: Seeing her there Shard answered, "Promise." Then looking at the male trainer there Shard simply asked, "Shall we?" Slowly getting off the log he looked at his Pokemon. Which to choose? Shard looked at the trainer's Meowth then back at his. It looked like this was going to be a tough first battle against his Meowth. Then a thought hit Shard, "What if he has stronger Pokemon? My Pokemon have never battled... This is going to be hard."
    Looking back at Growly, Dash, Sparkle, and Cheryl an idea hit him. If he used Sparkle it might evolve into a Kirlia. Then if Shard used the Dawn Stone on Sparkle Sparkle would evolve into a Gallade! Looking Sparkle in the eye Shard softly spoke, "Sparkle I'm counting on you for this. I want you to have the battle!" Seeing the dissapointed looks on Dash, Growly, and Cheryl's faces Shard just simply smiled, "Don't worry. You'll all have your turn." Looking back at the trainer with his Meowth Shard confidently spoke, "If you're ready I'll be glad to start. Sparkle come on to the battle field!"
    OOC: ((I have to go now. Be on after school tomorrow again. Thanks both of you for joining my RPG.))
  16. ((OutOfCookies: Uhh.. no, I don't know gzh.))

    Poppy landed on all fours, like any cat with the ability of good balance, and spun around in time to see it but not in time to avoid it. She was smacked directly with it and flew back a few feet, skidding to a stop and tumbling until she could get on her paws again. Hissing and claws only outstretched farthe, she was undoubtedly peeved when she found out that there was no enemy to fight. Huffing and trotting back to Caspian, little more than a blur despite having been dealt damage onto, the boy with a bright pink mop pulled into that short pony-tail opened his arms for her to leap into almost subconsciously. His eyes were still focused on the other two trainers he had been and was conversing with. "Yeah, I wouldn't go on any other day." he grinned like usual while saying this to Erika and nodded to confirm it if the words hadn't stuck. It was also meant to be his form of a "subtle goodbye" as someone had taken the time to teach to the pre-teen some years back. Then, hearing Shard directly address him, Caspian replied with his normal slowness, "Okay.. just gimme a minute.." he smiled absently.

    Turning his attention back on the Meowth in his grasp, the Nurse's son used his naturally gained skills to mend the somewhat wounded pokemon. Rummaging for an berry and then handing it to the Scratch Cat, it was quickly munched on and swallowed leaving Poppy with a bit more spring rejuvenated into that step of hers. He cooed over her for another moment before stepping up to the "plate" so to speak, now face-to-face across some few yards from Shard. he took this time to introduce himself. "My name's Caspian, by the way." Poppy quite literally hopped out of his arms and faced the other's pokemon, Sparkle, with a clever smirk-smile on her curly feline lips. "I choose Poppy." Caspian blinked, "Um.. yeah.. again."

    ((OutOfCookies: Same here with the tomarrow-after-school thing and the shortness thing.))
  17. "All right let's do this. You can go first if you want," replied Shard. Looking at Sparkle Shard hid a smile as he asked a question, "You ready Sparkle? Remember what Dad taught us. We'll try it all right?"
    Simply looking back at Shard Sparkle replied, "R-alts!" Looking at Sparkle Shard saw a flame burning in his eyes and felt the power rise in his veins and Sparkle's. Waiting for their opponent's move Shard turned his hat around and drew a small berry he had found on a bush. Giving it to Sparkle Shard saw an extra sparkle in Sparkle's eye and a bit of energy moved into him.
    OOC:((I have to go in a second.))
  18. ((OOC: Okay....okay forget it. It's gonna keep confusing me and stuff. gzh, you said a second, and yet you're still on? Jeez, that error thing is really annoying me and makes it hard to log on, so I probably won't be posting as much, guys. Sorry :-\ ))

    Erika decided to wait a bit longer after having both of them promise to meet her on Monday. They know one of my pokemon, so I should know some of theirs. The smirk formed on the dark haired girl as she watched the two begin they're battle. Of course, Caspian chose to use his Meowth once again after healing it with a berry or two. Shard released a Ralts from its pokeball. Hmm....probably a new trainer. Any trainer who's had at least one badge would have evolved a Ralts by now. On the left of her waist where four pokeballs sat on a belt, Nightshade's pokeball began to shake and out came the black Dragonite, tugging on Erika's arm, trying to remind her that she had to go. NOW. "Fine." Reluctantly, she turned away from the battle and disappeared into the night. How come I think I'm forgetting something? she wondered as she rode on Nightshade, her dark sapphire hair gleaming in the moonlight.

    On the log Shard was sitting on before, a small, yellow, glowing crescent moon shaped hair clip sat, shining in the moonlight. Forgotten, but hoping to be found by somebody soon.

    ((OOC [again]: PICK UP THE HAIR CLIP!!! SOMEBODY PICK IT UP!!! ;) ))
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  19. OOC: ((Haha yeah, my parents changed their minds. Sorry for the confusion.))
    BIC: Hearing his other Pokemon complaining that they wanted to battle Shard went back to the log and found Dash and Growly palying tag while Cheryl was practicing Teleport. Suddenly up behind him Sparkle teleported and pointed to the log. Shard looked at Sparkle confused, "Ralts! Ra-lts! RALTS!!!!!!" Pulling Shard by his hat Sparkle put Shard's face down upon a crescent shaped hairclip. Picking it up Shard studied it and almost tossed it away then remembering Erikia. She had a clip like this in her hair. Calling his Pokemon to him Shard muttered a reply to the male trainer, "I'll be right back. Gotta' give something to someone. Hang tight all right?"
    Rushing through the bushes Shard ran into a tree and then thought, "What'll happen if Erika catches me with this and thinks I stole it?" Returning to his feet he said to Sparkle, Cheryl, Dash, and Growly, "Cheryl, Sparkle stay with me. Use your psychic powers to find Erika. Dash Growly you two stay together and scout out west." With a solemn nod from each of his Pokemon they set set off to do their duty. Tramping through the direction that Cheryl and Sparkle indicated Shard saw that it would soon be dawn. Thinking of something to do Shard told Cheryl, "Use teleport and go bring Growly and Dash back. Kapeesh? I think I saw a black body of a Pokemon walk aroudn that corner. Good luck." With a silent nod Cheryl set off for her task and Shard rounded the corner to find- Erika and her Dragonite Nightshade. Bellowing to them Shard charged the next few yards to reach them, "HEY WAIT! YOU DROPPED YOUR HAIRCLIP ON THE LOG! I decided to return it. Now if you don't mind I've got a battle to return to and Pokemon to get back from tracking you."
    Waving goodbye to them as Shard left he saw Cheryl teleport with Dash and Growly. Nodding and giving all his Pokemon a thumbs up Shard saw a glowing light overflow Cheryl and Sparkle. Tears forming in his eyes Shard was at a loss for words. Having only ahd Sparkle and Cheryl for about a day they evolved. But not for just anyone. It was for HIM. After they finished evolving Shard nodded towards Sparkle as if to say, "You ready?" Sparkle; his newly evolved Kirlia jsut nodded back. Reaching for the dawn stone in his pocket Shard took it out and used it on Sparkle. After another glow enveloping Sparkle he turned into a beautiful sight. Green hair with those same amber eyes that always sparkled. Swords on each arm and fingers on each hand. Hugging each of his Pokemon Shard set off to continue the battle with Caspian.
    OOC:(( Pokemon are allowed to evolve here right?))
  20. Poppy was growing impatient. All these interruptions in her focus on battling was quite displeasing, and she could use something to feed her rage into right about now. Glaring at the now empty side of the field where Shard had stood with Sparkle, both undoubtedly having run off after that strange girl- Erika- for what she could tell was a reason far less important than herself. The nerve of some people! Sitting in a position that portrayed calmness, although her thoughts were very distant from such emotion, she licked at her paws to pass the time whilst waiting for that boy and his pokemon to come back. Meanwhile, her own boy was standing near-by with a puzzled expression wracking his mug.

    Although he didn't know exactly why both of his new friends had run off for a reason he was sure had to be valid, the Nurse could wait. Patiently as ever, he believed they wouldn't just ditch out on him for some unexpected cause.. and even if they did, he wouldn't really mind, he could roll with the punches. Smiling lazily and swinging around in place, he stared up at the clouds floating so high above him in the sky. Catching sight of a random flying pokemon that just happened to be passing over, he mentally wondered where they could be.

    His thoughts flew from side to side, ignoring all laws of sensibility, while Poppy only a yard or so away from Caspian fixated her musings on the dislike of anything she thought was causing her problems. Or just being moronic in general. Ohh, how she did despise stupidity. Both the trainer and his pokemon sighed, but for entirely different reasons. There was no telling what goings on had came to be whilst they could only sit with anticipation.

    ((OutOfCookies: It's cool, Fallen Angel. And I'm not sure if pokemon can evolve here..I guess they can? It would be silly/defeating-the-purpose if they couldn't. I just don't like Persians, so I am keeping Poppy a Meowth for as long as I possibly can.))
  21. ((OOC: I think they can evolve too. Not really sure, though. Mine will be all fully evolved, so I it doesn't make a difference to me...))

    "Thanks, I guess," the dark haired girl said as Shard left. She looked at the clip in her hands. Erika was curious. When Shard had given it back to her, for some reason, it had been glowing. That usually only happens when a Pokemon is going to evolve... I guess it's nothing to worry about. For now... Her thoughts brought up a million different reasons as to why her clip would glow. She was deep in thought.

    Nightshade looked up at the sun, rising in the east. He nudged his trainer, trying to bring her back from where ever it was that she went while she was deep in thought.

    "Huh?" Erika snapped back into reality. "Oh, it's so beautiful! Just look at the sunrise, Nightshade!" Wait a minute, morning??? I'm going to be late! I have to get to the gym, fast! Once again, she was on her faithful Dragonite, flying towards the Orebourgh gym. On her way through the forest, she passed over the meadow where they had battled. Erika could see Shard, returning to his pokemon and Caspian.

    ((OOC: Well, this is much more entertaining than I figured it would be. I thought it'd be hard to write an RP along with other people. It's actually fun. ^^ I might be on tomorrow after school guys. :) ))
  22. Dashing back through the forest Shard called out to Caspian, "I'm back. We can finally continue. And look what happened while I was gone." Unbuckling two magnetic Pokeballs from his belt Shard sent out Sparkle and Cheryl; his newly evolved Pokemon. Looking back at Caspian Shard asked, "So shall we continue our battle?" Simply nodding at Sparkle; his Gallade it jumped onto the battlefield gracefully slicing the air with its new swords.
    Awaiting for Caspian to attack Shard felt new confidence rise in his veins. Just standing there watching Sparkle stand there, arms poised for action; confidence burning in his eyes made tears sweel in Shard's eyes again. Shard yelled out to Sparkle with this ne wpower.. this confidence, "COME ON SPARKLE WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!" Sparkle just simply turned around and saluted to Shard. Tears threatening to spill Shard now knew what it felt like to be a Pokemon Trainer. To lvoe your Pokemon and they to love you as well.
  23. Poppy quirked one of her eyebrows annoyedly at the opposing trainer, his eyes spilling over with water, possibly from the obvious evolving his pokemon had gone through in a split second of her elsewhere-drawn attention. Rolling her eyes at the display and flexing all claws out to prepare for the upcoming move, she sent Caspian behind her a sharp look. The pre-teen had clearly been occupied with staring at the Gallade, Sparkle, in awe of the fact he'd changed so quickly. But when the Joy-descendant noticed that gaze directed on him he made to speak directly to Poppy, "Maneuver 5-c?" With the question hanging in mid-air it took only a millisecond for the Meowth to nod swiftly and then speed her way into action, practically flying over the space between her and Gallade. Reminiscent of a cheetah, those claws that might as well have been talons were at full extension. And glowing with that same, white light again. She was intending to full-out maul the Gallad infront of her with a Fury Swipes attack. Yet not without aiming at the pokemon's strange, protruding lower abdomen in order to get a better shot.

    Caspian blinked at the Gallade thoughtfully. It was amazing that Sparkle had become so powerful so fast without his supervision at all. Still, he wasn't worried or intimidated by the hurried evolving, as he trusted Poppy could handle it. She'd taken on Third Evolves before and this was no different, plus the Gallade was inexperienced with it's new form as he doubted they could have had any time to train between disappearing and reappearing. Grinning at seeing how worked up Shard was, Caspian mentally admired that sort of bond between a trainer and a pokemon. Idly scratching his left leg with his right foot and going off into another daydream, the bubble-gum-haired kid kept that serene smile on while only half-watching the fight. If Poppy needed him she'd simply signal for his help.
  24. Watching Poppy very carefully Shard had thoughts run through his minds. Then with a scheme appearing he deicded to try it out. Calling out to Sparkle Shard told him of his new scheme, "Sparkle wait there until I tell you to move!" Looking back at Shard Sparkle nodded to show he understood. Waiting as Poppy came closer and closer to Sparkle until suddenly with less than a hairsbreath away from Sparkle Shard called out, "Now! Use Teleport with a Slash combo!" Watching Sparkle do as he had said Shard wondered if Poppy would hit or if Sparkle would hit.
  25. With her hair whipping through the wind, Erika road through the morning sky. Anything could happen. Nightshade landed in front of the Orebourgh gym, waiting for Erika to get off and return him to his pokeball. As she jumped off of her loyal Dragonite, Erika was thinking about how the battle between her friends. Who'll win? I guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out. But why was my moon clip glowing? Are one of their pokemon going to evolve? The thought of battling a newly evolved pokemon excited her as she returned Nightshade to its pokeball and walked through the front doors of the gym. Just like he said, the referee was waiting for her. They had to sort out the rules, and her pokemon. She had to do this everytime she subbed in for a gymleader. It was always the most annoying and tiring part of the job. The dark haired girl sat down next to the ref. "Let's get started, then." Erika sighed. As she began to explain her rules to the ref.
  26. Caspian flailed a bit on the other side of the field and went to call out his own retaliation, Poppy's Fury Swipes having been dodged so easily- she clearly could tell by that surprised and enraged expression on her face. "Maneuver 6-d!" shouted the trainer, his Meowth not even taking the time to nod or show she'd heard. Instead, Poppy twirled around in mid-move and her Fury Swipes was inexplicably changed to something scarier. A darkened, glowing purple-ish aura surrounded her claws, replacing that white light, and her attack was changed to a Shadow Claw attack on Sparkle. It was meant to clash against the Gallade's own slash attack , and that's just what Poppy was going to do; with her banshee-like announcement of "Meeeeowth!!"

    Caspian smiled and nodded to himself, yawning and scratching at the back of his head. He went on thinking of other things, like.. "I wonder how powerful the substitute Gym Leader is.." or "Do black Dragonites even exist?" and "How did Sparkle evolve so fast??" And just like before, he slipped into his imagination.
  27. During the whole entire day, half asleep, the dark haired girl sat there replying to the annoying questions the judge was asking her. "What battle should it be?" "3-on-3." "Only the challenger may exchange pokemon, correct?" "Yes...." And on and on went the most annoying questions ever. Jeez, this is so annoying! I'm so hungry and I wanna get outta this place ASAP! "Will you allow guests besides the challenger to be watching the-" "YES! Ugh, are we done yet???" The judge was a bit shocked as he mumbled "yes," and Erika happily ran out the front doors, saying in a sing-song voice, "I'll see you tomorrow!"

    Yes, yes yes!!! I'm finally free! Erika realized after barging out the front doors, that it was almost sunset. Wow, time flies by fast when you're annoyed... Her stomach grumbled. "That's my cue!" and with that, she ran to the Pokemon Center to get some food for her and her pokemon. "Dinner time!" the dark haired girl called out as she released all four of her pokemon. Out came Nightshade, Espey, Umbrey, and Berry. She placed four specialized dishes of poke food for them and sat back, eating a burger for herself. Sitting back, enjoying the sunset, she wondered if the boys had any surprises up their sleeves for tomorrow's pokemon battles.
  28. Watching Poppy, Caspian, and Sparkle at the same time Shard tried to yell out, "Sparkle don't use Slash use Teleprot and come back with Confusion!" but it was too late. Poppy's attack collided with Sparkle's Slash and Sparkle was driven backwards a few steps. Looking back at Shard Sparkle just nodded as if to say that it was all right. Thinking of a quick strategy to use Shard called out to Sparkle, "Sparkle try using Double Team then a Teleport Confusion combo!"
    Obeying what Sparkle was told he quickly began making copies of himself and teleporting from place to place getting ready to use another Slash. Watching Sparkle with a fire in his eyes, Shard and felt proud to be a trainer. "Pokemon are special things," he thought. "They can live with others in peace yet obey their trainers and do jsut about anything." Wiping a tear from his eye Shard watched Sparkle appearing in one place and travellnig to the next as his clones were doing.
  29. The Meowth landed on her feet, gracefully as usual, and narrowed eyes to fix on the enemy. She could move that fast if she wanted to, sure, it wouldn't be a big challenge, but what was a big challenge was that she knew just parrying every move Sparkle made would be insane. It would get her nowhere. Luckily, her trainer noticed this fact as well. Caspian shouted another idea, looking more curious that fired up for a battle in contrast to his teary-eyed opponent, Shard, "Maneuver 20-c?" Poppy was back in action. She jumped into the air and met the Gallade's attack with only her exposed back. A hit, but not critical due to the speed she had retaliated with and the matched element; basic normality. She winced, dropping back to the ground after taking damage and Caspian frowned for a second, knowing he'd have to heal the Meowth later on. But now it was their turn, and he didn't have time to think about that sort of thing at the moment. "Maneuver 12-a!" the Nurse's son called rather expertly, his pokemon gave a short reply of "Meowwwth!" and then obeyed. Or, obeyed as much as cats do.

    Poppy skidded around Sparkle in a matter of milliseconds, claws glowing with that freaking dark aura again that encased her whole arms. She had swerved around the Gallade and was now planning on slashing the other pokemon squarely in the back with a Shadow Claw. Although it wasn't the most complicated move, Caspian knew it didn't have to be when she was on the field, working her magic and fighting her best. With such simple scratch-based moves taking up her arsenal, Poppy was a speed and attacking based battler, focusing all of her energy on attacking, getting around, or both. Still, she never ran away, and that's why she didn't lose. Even though she was just a Meowth, the feminine destroyer would be darned if she was going to allow other pokemon to think of her as cowardly. No, no, no, that just wouldn't do at all.
  30. "All right Sparkle watch Poppy now! Call back the Double Team and concentrate! While concentrating use Sword Dance," bellowed Shard to Sparkle; his Gallade. Gallade obediently obeyed. Who was he to disobey a trainer he was loyal to? But Shard could see that Sparkle was beginnngi to get tired. All these combos could end up having a dire effect on Sparkle's performence. Going through some strategies again Shard thought of another one. This one had been taught to him by his father. All he had to do was do a triple Sword Dance and then use a Fury Cutter all the while dodging attacks with the natural born agility of a swords-Pokemon.
    Thinknig os using the new strategy Shard again called out to Sparkle, "Ok, Sparkle after the Swords Dance do a triple Swords Dance then follow up with a Fury Cutter thrice and try to dodge Poppy's attacks!"
  31. Erika watched happily as her pokemon played. The time slipped past her fingers and before she knew it, the sun was already down. As the moon began to rise, the dark haired girl called together her pokemon. "It's time to go to back, guys," She returned all of them to their respective pokeballs, keeping out her loyal Umbreon, just in case anything would happen. Erika and Umbrey made her way back to the all too familiar Pokemon Center once again to get some shut eye before going to the gym the next morning.

    While heading down the hallway towards her room, she said a quick "good-night" to Nurse Joy. Once she got into the room and closed the door, Erika let out the rest of the pokemon. There were two bunk beds in the room. Espey and Umbrey hoped on, automatically to the bottom bunk on the left bed. Nightshade hoped up to the bunk above it, knowing fully well that the ceiling was higher up than the normal rooms. The newest addition to the group, a Wigglytuff, Pop, hoped up on the other top bunk and Erika claimed the last bunk, seeing as there wasn't any other bunk left. "Good-night, guys" she whispered, snuggling under the comforters, but too anxious about the next day to sleep.
  32. OOC: ((In fear of not being able to continue the PRP; sorry, but I'm gonna have to end the battle.))

    BIC: "Nice hit Sparkle," called out Shard to his Pokemon, "Now let's finish it off with Focus Punch!" Obediently Sparkle came to it and with arm-swords glowing Sparkle concentrated the energy into a fist and ran at Poppy with the power of an attack-based battler. Seeing the battle won Shard called back Sparkle while taking a look at his Poketch and called to Caspian, "Good battle. Now sorry but gotta' go!"
    Flashing down the path with his hands gripping Dash's mane and Sparkle hopping from branch to branch, with Cheryl teleporting herself and Growly; they set off to Oreburgh for a battle with the gym leader.
    Reaching Oreburgh early that morning Shard and his Pokemon headed off to the Pokemon Center to rest and cleanse themselves with sleep. Coming upon a nurse with bubble gum colored hair. Remembering Caspian's hair Shard asked the nurse a question that he normally never would ask, "Are you by chance related to a trainer named Caspian? He has a Meowth named Poppy." Listening to the nurse's reply Shard understood. Then after she healed his Pokemon and heading downstairs to a room that the nurse had let them use he saw someone. It was Erika! Shard approached her and then gently nudging her he initiated a conversation, "Hey! Didn't think I'd be seeing you here. Are you here to challenge Roark as well?"
    Awaiting her reply Shard hoped intently she would tell the truth and not lie. Then remembering his manners Shard introduced his Pokemon. "You probably didn't meet all of them. Growly is my Growlithe, Dash is my Ponyta, Cheryl is my Kirlia, and you probably remember Sparkle; he's my Gallade," Shard said as he pointed each of his Pokemon out.
  33. *Yawn* the dark haired girl stretched as she got out of bed. "Wake up, guys, it's time for breakfast," she said as she shook each of her pokemon awake. As soon as they were awake and off the bunks, she put them into each of their pokeballs.

    Erika walked down the hallway and was nudged by none other than Shard. "Morning," she greeted him as they walked. "Are you here to challenge Roark as well?" Her eyebrows furrowed as he asked. "Well, didn't I tell you already that Roark was going to be busy today and that there'd be a sub-gym leader? I'm pretty sure I mentioned it before. But I'm not heading to the gym until I get me some food in me. 'Cause I haven't eaten since lunch yesterday." Erika laughed as she got some food for herself and her pokemon, sat down, and let the pokemon out. She watched Shard introduce all four of his pokemon. So, both of his Ralts did evolve. And one evolved twice too. Interesting. As she ate, Erika watched all eight of their pokemon interact. They seemed very happy, playing together. Even Pop was behaving herself, sharing food with Shard's pokemon. I wonder if any of this will change after we have out battle... because losing or winning in a battle changes a pokemon's feelings towards another.
  34. Watching his Pokemon eating the fodo that was shared with them Shard smiled. When not in a battle it was amazing how friendly Pokemon could be to one another. Then his eyes turned on his Pokemon and Erika's. They were playing together and Sparkle was even maknig a "show" with his swords and Cheryl teleporting in and out and around everywhere.
    Then his eyes turned out the window. It was a beautiful, calm day. The sun was shining out from behind a building, Starly were flying with a few Staravia clumped with them and a Staraptor in the lead. On the ground there were Bidoof and Bibarel playing around the lake, families watching over their young; sounding an alarm when danger was near. The world was beautiful. Pokemon and humans sharing it each and every day.
    Looking back at the Pokemon playing together Shard knew that today would be a great day. Then suddenly Shard turned on Erika and asked, "When will Roark be back? I prefer to battle him but.. if it takes a while I'll battle the sub-gym leader."
  35. "When will Roark be back? I prefer to battle him but.. if it takes a while I'll battle the sub-gym leader." As Shard talked, Erika's grin turned into a grim straight line. Her twinkling eyes and bright face, became flat and expressionless. It annoyed her that he probably, like other people, underestimated the sub-gym leader. And of course, she was the sub so it annoyed her even more that Shard probably underestimates her. Erika stood up abruptly, returning her pokemon without notice to their pokeballs. "He'll be back on Wednesday, if you're too chicken to battle the sub, today," she hissed as she left the Pokemon Center.

    Erika ran to the gym. When she got there, she tried to calm down. It isn't his fault, though. Shard most likely doesn't even know why I left. Erika grimaced at the thought of battling an angry Shard. Wonder if he will come to the gym today...
  36. With a shocked look on his face Shard left the center and went to look around. "What was that about? Why's she angry? I mean is there soemthing wrong with battling the gym leader? But then again Wednesday.... I think I'll go battle the sub- leader," thought Shard. Leaving down the path while kicking the rough gravel with his Pokemon a thought occured to him. What if Erika was the sub? It would explain why she was so angry!
    Running down the path to the gym Shard knew he would look forward to the battle. Bursting through the gym doors Shard bellowed, "Erika! I'm here to battle you, the sub-gym leader!" His Pokemon looked at him in shock. How'd he figure that out and not tell them? But then they happily awaited their chance to battle. Shard knew this would be fun. Just like it was fun to battle Caspian. His first battle. A great battle. How would this end? Would it be like the battle with Caspian? Would he lose? These thoughts and more occured and rapidly passed by in Shard's mind as he awaited to battle Erika.
  37. The gym was basically pitch dark as she walked in, the judge just sitting there on the bleachers, waiting for her, and for a challenger to approach. Ignoring the fact that she should have turned on the lights, Erika walked to the back rooms of the gym, letting out her pokemon to stretch, train, and eat a bit more before a challenger'd most likely barge through the door.

    As she watched her pokemon train and enjoy themselves, just as she predicted, somebody barged through the front doors of the gym. "Erika! I'm here to battle you, the sub-gym leader!" There could be only one person who would know she was subbing in. Shard.

    Returning the pokemon back to their pokeballs, Erika made her way through the darkened hallways towards the entrance to the battlefield. "I guess you decided to come after all," she said as she acknowledged Shard, letting him know that she wasn't mad anymore.

    "As the sub-gym leader, I accept your challenge, Shard," Erika said with authority. When she walked back to the gym leader's side of the field, Erika let out Umbrey and nodded to the judge that this was going to be an official battle. "Let's see what you got," she said confidently, knowing that with the darkness, and rocks scattered around the field, Shard's pokemon would most likely have a problem making their way throughout the field and dodging her attacks at the same time. Umbrey, on the other hand, would have no problem in the dark or with the rocks scattered around. "Choose your pokemon," Erika told Shard as he made his way to the challenger's side.

    ((OOC: Wow, that's pretty long for me. *applause* XD I wish more people'd join the RP. Come on people, join why don't you? It's fun and yeah... I'll just leave it at that))
  38. Looking at his Pokemon Shard thought of which one to choose. Then he remembered that Dash had looked at him with those dark, sad eyes and Shard promised to pick her next. Unbuckling a metallic Poke ball from his belt Shard called out, "Come on out, Dash!" With a majestic jump that was a natural gift of Ponytas and Rapidash alike Dash landed in front of him. Eyes burning Dash turned to Shard and gave a nod to show she was ready.
    "Choose your Pokemon now. And make sure it's a good fight for Dash," Shard teased. Then standing ready with Dash shaking her mane Shard knew this would be a good fight.
    OOC: ((That was short for me. I think anyways... Well I wish more people'd join. Gets pretty boring with only two..)
  39. Wolf rode on the back of her Flygon with ease. Her brown-black hair blew in the air as she came down to groung level. Her Lunatone, Absol, Combee, Luxray, and shiny Umbreon followed close behind, racing each other to the Flygon's tail. As Wolf's Flygon, named Zipper, came to a stop near the Oreburgh Gym she heard a un-familiar voice coming from there. "Whoa Zipper.... next time find a better landing spot.",She said playfully as she jumped down the ledge followed by Sparky the Luxio, Honey the Combee, Shadow the Absol, Crescent the Lunatone, and Night the shiny Umbreon. Se went into the gym to see a trainer and the sub-gym leader and sat on a benchwith her pokemon, except Zipper, to see what was happening.
    (( I have filled your wish!!! Consider it granted!!! ;D))
  40. ((OOC: Sweet! Fresh meat! XD Kidding. And thanks. 'Cause it seriously gets boring with only two people.))

    Erika watched as Shard teased her. "Choosed your Pokemon now. And make sure it's a good fight for Dash." Well, no way I'm going to let him win easily with that kind of remark. She nodded to Umbrey who jumped onto the battlefield, facing the opponent, Dash.

    Just as Erika was about to command Umbrey to attack with Shadow Ball, a brown haired girl walked in with a crowd of pokemon made up of a Luxio, Combee, Absol, Lunatone, and a shiny Umbreon. Erika just shrugged it off the fact that a random girl had just came into the gyma and Shard didn't seem to notice. Either that, or he didn't mind at all. She just decided to ignored the girl. Until afterwards, of course.

    Turning her focus back to the battle, she commanded Umbrey to attack with Faint Attack. This'll be a bit harder than I thought. Shard's Ponyta will be able to illuminate part of the gym with fire. That'll be a problem. Better take it out fast. As she planned out her strategy, Umbrey was hit.
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