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Open The abandoned city

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shinyzora, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. (only 3 people are allowed on this rp, including me. you are a pokemon, living on earth after a deadly virus. All humans died, and lots of pokemon also. You start out alone and search for life.)

    species: eevee(mint)
    age: 10 months
    Personality: Mint is extremely shy and avoids contact with humans. She is not so shy when it comes to pokemon, though. Once you get to know her, she is very friendly and caring.

    Mint has been walking for days, looking for any signs of life, and had no luck. "This is useless," she said to herself. She walked a little longer, turned a corner, and found a empty box. She crawled in, cold, wet, and shivering. "This is where I'll die," she said, almost crying.
  2. (@EspeonTheBest )

    The Umbreon looked around warily. The Virus had wiped out lots of Humans and Pokemon, and it was still very infectious. He Ducked into cardboard box. What he didn't realize was that their was another Pokemon in this box. He looked over at the miserable looking Eevee and sat beside her, trying to be somewhat helpful.
  3. A lone Espeon padded briskly through the abandoned town. It was eerily quiet without the long-lost bustling noise and chatter of humans and Pokemon alike. She stopped in front of a simple looking food stand and felt her stomach cry out for food. Tentatively she took a step closer to the stand, but then her pride got the best of her. "Ugh. I am not scavenging for food like a corrupted street Pokemon." The Espeon scoffed in distain. She continued to walk forward this time feeling the air currents shift. Her large ears perked towards the feeling of the refreshing breeze and her fur rumpled up at the sudden change of temperature. A small light blue scarf hung loosely around her neck, as a mean to get warm and for a fashion sense that long has been forgotten and cared about. A pair of eyes appeared over the Espeon's shoulder, but she failed to notice that. "Solstice..." The eyes disappeared as soon as the Espeon whipped around. Solstice, the Espeon, widened her eyes and darted off in a cold fear. Finally she slowed after many minutes of running. That presence from before was still there, but she had to put that behind her as she continued to travel through the city.
  4. Dusk heard a loud rustling noise, and poked his head out of the box, he spotted a Espeon. He turned around to find that the Eevee was gone. Vanished into thin air. He fumbled out of the box awkwardly, shying away from the Espeon, sticking to the shadows. "Are you infected?" He called from his hiding place, being completely covered in darkness, like an ocean of shadow. He was residing on a large water pipe, several feet a both the female Pokemon.

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