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Tentative Request

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Meangreen, May 7, 2007.

  1. Ok, I'm gonna have to throw a request for a sprite out there. (My lack of time and skill deem it necessary to seek help.)

    What I'm looking for is a simple approximation of me as a trainer.

    First though I'd actually like to know who can or would be willing to do this for me, cause ya know, I really seem to have no idea about who'd be willin' or what they'd need.

    So yah...
  2. Just so you know...
    Before people decide to take on a project, they want to know that they are "signing up" for in a sense...

    So, I suggest, You tell us what this Sprite trainer you want entails?

    Hair Style/Color:
    Colors to use:
    Male or Female:

    And adding detail in, as much as possible will make this easier on any person who decides to take up your request. Because those are the basic requirements, and after you add that, people may be more inclinded to do your request.

    If they need more after that (like picture references, if you want it to look like yourself -for instances- you can add those after someone asks for them.)

    I am just saying this so you can get more people to your thread and more likely get an offer or too to make your sprite.
    ^ ^;;;
  3. Oh yeah, I know I need to include that at some stage. That was just more of a general "Hey anyone keen to help me here?" statement. Though I do see your point in the validity of making someone aware of exactly what I would like.

    On that note...

    What I'm looking for is a pose kinda like the Team Galactic leader sprite, but thinner, facing forwards, left hand in pocket if possible?

    Hair red (by that I mean red-head red, not "blood-pouring-from-my-gaping-wound" red) and curly, to jus' below ears.

    Outfit, probably Jeans and a striped sweat, no capes or any of that jazz.

    Colours? maybe green olives or browns, faded blue jeans?

    Oh, and Most defiantly male.

    So yeah, I hope that gives a good summary of what I'd hope for. And as a side effect you all now have a description of me, neat huh?

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