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Open Teen Justice Original rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ariados twice, Sep 10, 2016.


What should Teen Justice do first?

Poll closed Sep 18, 2016.
  1. Fight a supervillian

    3 vote(s)
  2. Take a bonding "field trip" together

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  1. Hello. This rp starts at what will become the headquarters of Teen Justice, Justice Sanctuary in Jackson City. Gatogirl, a member of the International Team of Justice (or ITJ) will be the temporary leader and combat teacher. Okami Boy will be at the Justice Sanctuary to keep an eye on the team at all times. Gatogirl has sent out a notice to all superhero teens not already in a group that they are looking for teen heroes to join the new Teen Justice. All applicants have to fill out a form first, before they can join Teen Justice. Here is mine (example):
    Name: Chickadee
    Secret Identity (will not be told to anyone except Gatogirl and Okami Boy): Dara Damian
    Appearance: 5'4, black hair and blue eyes. Her costume is dark gray and has a black cape with a hood attached to it. She also wears a black mask over her eyes.
    Age: 17
    Weapons: Bombs, boomerangs, and two katanas
    Gadgets: Grappling hook, lock picking device, and oxygen mask.
    Animal companion(s): None
    Animal companion(s) powers: None
    Personality: Chickadee is serious. She is fierce in battle and rarely ever shows her sense of humor. She is sensible and doesn't really believe in hope or faith. She is not afraid of anything (or so she says). Chickadee considers teammates a burden and prefers to work alone.
    Background: Chickadee is the daughter of the hero Sharpclaw (whose secret identity is Tony Damian) and Tia al Rogue. Her mother is the daughter of Katan al Rogue, the leader of the Legion of Assassins. Dara had no childhood. She was trained to be a weapon. Then Tia sent Chickadee to her father. The reason is unknown to all but her mother and father.
    Reason why he/she applied: A battle had erupted between Team Justice for All and the supervillain Red Diablo. He was under a spell that made him much more powerful than normal. The strongest members of TJA could not defeat him. Dara aimed an armed jet at Red Diablo, ejecting moments before the jet collided with him. Red Diablo was rendered unconscious and was in no condition to be interrogated. Sharpclaw sent Chickadee to apply for Teen Justice so she could learn about teamwork and how to work with her teammates (and not behead them).
    All your characters MUST be original.
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  2. Name: Dragonboy
    Gender: Male
    Secret identity: Harrison Charles
    Appearance (Human form): 4'7, short brown hair and green eyes. He doesn't wear a costume and simply wears normal clothes
    Appearance (Dragon form): Near the size of a horse, purple scales and orange wings, rows of spikey hairs and horns running down his long neck. Basically this the dragon from game of thrones
    Age: 16
    Powers: He has the ability to shapeshift into a fire breathing dragon, super strong and awesome looking Dragon. While in dragon form he has all the pros of a dragon such as breathing fire, fire resistance, flight, increased healing and hard scales. This doesn't mean he is immortal though. Bullets can't pierce his scales but they still hurt and can tear through his wings, melee attacking if strong enough have the potential to cut through the scales and explosions or super strong punches can still hurt and cause damage despite not piercing the scales and a well aimed blow to the head could knock him out. He is vulnerable in his human form and his transformation takes 10 seconds to complete and requires concentration
    Weapons/Gadgets/Companions: None
    Personality: Harrison is a quite laid back and lazy person, liking to relax and put in as little effort as possible when it comes to cleaning or any tasks in general. He isn't the smart but is very confident and often just rushes into battle relying on his powers instead of any skills. In fact he rushes into a lot of things like presumptions, arguments, conversation and all without little thought and little care for teamwork. He believes himself to be very funny however he makes terrible jokes and puns. But under it all he's a caring person who will defend his friends with all he's got.
    Reason why he applied: He was quite bored to be perfectly honest. Harrison felt like he didn't get enough action since he didn't know where it was and that he couldn't help people and kick evil butt by just stumbling across it. So he figured that if he joined an organisation they would know where all the bad stuff was happening and send him there to stop it.

    ((Tell me if anythings wrong with it))
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  3. There's nothing wrong with it. You're in. We need at least three more people and then we can start the rp.
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  4. Name: Polaris
    Gender: Male
    Secret Identity (will not be told to anyone except Gatogirl and Okami Boy): Gabriel Lorencio
    Appearance: 5'11, tan skin, black hair that goes white when using his powers, and hazel eyes that do the same. His costume is navy blue with a silver metallic cloak, white elbow-length gloves, and a white "Phantom Of The Opera"-like mask. He also has a grey leather pad on his left shoulder, where Vee sits most of the time. This is so she doesn't rip the costume, and betters her grip when he uses his powers (Vee is explained below .3.)
    Age: 16
    Powers: Frigiokinesis - The ability to manipulate/generate cold, and by association, ice. He also can communicate with Vee, his animal companion, both verbally and telepathically (to an extent, they must be within close proximity of eachother).
    Weapons: He can make things out of frozen material, but he normally chooses to make rapiers.
    Gadgets: None
    Animal companion(s): Vee the Arctic Fox Spirit
    Animal companion appearance (I added this): 1'6 in height, snow white fox. She has sky blue eyes, and is fluffier than most foxes of her species. Despite being a spirit, she is tangible, and cannot do things that most assosiate with a spirit's abilities (flight, intangibility, etc.)
    Animal companion(s) powers: Cold Resistance, Human Speech
    Personality: Polaris really doesn't talk much. Both his and Vee's first language is Spanish, but they speak English perfectly well. You wouldn't know this from Polaris unless you caught him speaking. Normally, the only one he speaks to is Vee, and she generally relays the information to others. Social situations aren't normally something he likes being a part of, so he lets her do the talking for him. When he's only around Vee, he can sound like he's a social kid, a fun guy, but the second anyone else is brought into the mix that he doesn't trust (and to gain his trust is something difficult,) he locks himself up into a cold and uncaring attitude. Vee, on the other hand, is an extrovert at heart. She doesn't change her attitude when others are around. Even though, due to a series of events in the past, Vee is practically soul-bound to Polaris, the way she is with him is the way she is with anyone. Once she sets her mind to something, there is no changing her ideals. Not even Polaris has figured out how to change her mind. However, she shares the trusting mentality of Polaris - which is to say, you have to gain her trust. Neither of them would admit it, but they are both suckers for anything cute. Bringing it up makes Polaris "go cold" as Vee calls it, and makes Vee get flustered. Neither of them like talking about the past, especially about how they ended up together.
    Reason why they applied: Vee had figured out about the TJA, and wanted them both to join in order to better the world. Reluctantly, Polaris agreed to it. He wouldn't have done it if anyone else had told him to, but he knew Vee wasn't going to drop the subject until he did it.

    Ta-da~! XD I just came up with this, and I'm pretty tired this morning for whatever reason, so if there's anything you don't particularly like, then I'll change it.
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  5. It's great. You're in. We need at least two more people, then we can start.
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  6. Name:
    Secret Identity:
    Animal companion(s):
    Animal companion(s) powers:
    Reason why he/she applied:

    Name: NaCi (Nickname: Salty, because why wouldn't it be? xD )
    Gender: female
    Secret Identity: Lux Russey
    Appearance: 5' exactly, long dark brown hair, bright green eyes, costume is a light grey with specks of black scattered throughout, a short cape draped around her shoulders, tied in the front, flowing down to the middle of her back
    Age: 17
    Powers: regenerative healing, halokenisis (the ability to control and manipulate salt. Why is this a thing? Ooh, this should be fun! >:3)
    Weapons: Um... Salt? xD
    Gadgets: nope
    Animal companion(s): a cobra made out of salt, nicknamed Karma
    Animal companion(s) powers: everything a normal snake can do, but it can especially hurt if it gets to your eyes. >:3
    Personality: Very athletic, a go-getter, and always one to start a fight. Lux uses Karma as a sort-of shield against enemies, fighting through it as opposed to herself. The two are very close, though, and the salt snake has grown a personality of its own, usually accompanying Lux no matter where they may be. NaCi makes friends easily, and is a bit on the loud side, but she knows when to shut up and doesn't ramble about anything.
    Reason why he/she applied: She wanted to show the world that a superhero with a rather stupid power can save the world, and this was the perfect way to do so.
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  7. Nice. You're in.
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  8. Yay! Thanks! >w<
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  9. Yay! So we have a dragon, an winter wizard basically, a fighting machine, and now a salty character! This looks like it'll be fun! :D
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  10. I'm now forever calling her Salty. Thank you. xD
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  11. XD indeed it shall!
  12. Name:Solar
    Secret Identity:Chole Delacroix(Sh Eli's from dance and has a French accent when she speaks
    Appearence:5ft 4, 130lbs, Long Blond Hair, Worn in a ponytail on her back, Soild Light Orange body's suit, Yellow Boots,Cape, Belt, and Mask, Large,Round Blue Eyes, Tanish Skin (Her nickname is Barbie XC)
    Powers:Solar Manipulation,Photosynthesis (Her powers come from the sun and she can use The Sun to heal herself and get energy), Flight
    Weapons:A blade named Alpha, Blessed Blade from The Cosmos
    Animal Companions: Rosie, Her Toy Poodle
    Anime Companions Powers:None
    Personality:Motherly, Calm, Friendly, Candid, Sweet,
    Reasons She/He applied:She wanted to prove to herself she can do things and just because she isn't exactly from Jump City or even America she can still fight. She also wants to prove girls can fight just as well and sometimes even better than guys (No offense to the guys) and for her best friend,John who is just a regular human.

    Hope you guys like her
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  13. I do like your character, but the actual RP hasn't started yet. This is the discussion thread for an RP-to-be. You can copy and paste the above RP content into the RP thread once it's created, alright?
  14. Oh Terribly Sorry, I didn't notice what it was under, thank you. Oh and I love Your Avatar
  15. You're in. We will start soon.
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  16. Did I just find me another Hetalian? :o YES! My life is now complete! Thank you very much, @Katelyn Lackey! :D You just made my day!
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  18. Same! I didn't think I'd find even a trace of a Hetalian anywhere on this site, but dang, I'm glad I did! >w< Romano's my all-time favorite character of all time, but I also like England, Russia, Spain, Prussia, and basically every character ever. xD
  19. Name: Blitz
    Gender: Male
    Sercet idenety: James Frost
    Apperence: 5'6, 130 lbs, Short Spikey white Hair,red suit with flames pattern on it. his suit is kind of like the flash so its all just one piece..., mask.
    Age: 16
    Powers: He can Make fire come out of his hand, he can also use the fire as flight or a boost for jumping.
    Animal Companion: A wolf name Fang (he has a slight small comet like fire ball going around him...he has this because he and james were both born the way they are)
    Weapons: A Sword called Flare because it always has a red hot glow to it.
    Personilaty: Nice, Funny, Entergetic
    Reasons: James is not really certain if he want to join the leauge but he does want to help the people , He is not from jump city but he likes the city and its people.
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  20. You're in. Join in when you're ready.
  21. Hey Hono ...i added a compantion...i didnt know we could
    is that ok
  22. May I join? If so

    Name : Torment
    Gender : male
    Secret Identity : Valen Hellsen
    Appearance: 6'7, coal black hair, dust grey skin, blood red glowing eyes and a muscular build, wears blood red metal medieval style armour with a horned skull helmet and black Cape with a symbol similar to his helmet
    Age: 19
    Powers: umbrakinises (shadow control), a curse that allows him to talk to souls and raising the dead (anything bigger than a buffalo is temporarily raised), regenerates from from fear of others and super strength
    Weapons: a demonic sword named "The Doom Blade", it's 7 feet long and 3 feet wide
    Gadgets: none
    Animal companion(s): Fluffy the Dracolich (undead dragon), the hight of a fawn
    Animal companion(s) powers: breaths shadows which often are mistaken for black fire
    Personality : cold hearted warrior who cares not of the innocent and savagely punishes guilty, short tempered and a man of few words
    Background: used to be a villain until he was defeated by a mysterious swordsman, who talked him into dropping crime and helping others, though he lacks honor like a true hero he won't let that get in the way of serving justice, him being of a cursed bloodline has caused his skin to become a natural grey color and granted him powers that struck fear in the hearts of criminals
    Reason why he/she applied: he has noticed that he has been going down the path of villainy again and hopes that being around other heroes would prevent that by rubbing off on him
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  23. You are in. Join in whenever you are ready.
  24. Can anyone summarise to me what happened till now so I can post? I won't be able to read 2 pages of posts before more are made....
  25. Pretty much everyone's getting acquainted and getting their HMDs (Holo Map Devices). Not much has happened besides that.
  26. Wait, we're still outside, right? I got lost, and I dunno what to make my character do!
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  27. May I please join? This is my character bio
    Name: Wisp
    Gender: Male
    Secret Identity: Lachlan Willow
    Appearance: Light Brown hair, his costume consists of a black hoodie with green circles spaced on it. Relatively short for his age. His body becomes made of light green fire in soul fire mode and his hoodies green circles glow.
    Age: 17
    Powers: The ability to create glowing fire orbs consisting of souls of the dead and lost, and turn himself completely into soul fire.
    Weapons: Soul Fire (It gives those it touches a feeling of searing pain then numbness. It burns eternally until dispersed and does not spread.)
    Gadgets: None.
    Personality: Calm, careful, doesn't really talk too much.
    Background: He came from the countryside of England, where at the age of 13 a fire burnt down his family's cottage. He ran away deep into the woods, where he got lost and stumbled upon a limbo state, the Tree of the Lost. He found wisps containing the souls of the lost there, which he can summon to aid him, including the souls of his family. After attempting to leave England to start a new life with his brothers wisp, he eventually found himself applying for Teen Justice as a way of helping people and making a new life.
    Companion: He does have a permanent wisp with the soul of his younger brother, Bennett, that has a personality.
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  28. Okay I do like this Roleplay but I think I'm gonna leave it, time zones mean I can't be up at the same time as you and I can't pump out posts as quickly as you guys do. Its nothing personal and I like you all, your very good and talented RPers but I can't keep up and I'd rather exit now instead of hindering you later, sworry :p
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  29. No problem.

    You're in. Join in whenever your ready.
  30. I think we're all inside :/ I guess. XD
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  31. ^^ Thanks for lettin' me know! I kinda didn't fully read the posts when they became shorter, so I wasn't sure how or where to reintroduce my character. :'|
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  32. omg I feel like I'm trying to make Vee as annoying as possible XD I swear that isn't the intention... sorta :p
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  33. Why is it so quiet?
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  34. Aye, are people still here? Not to be pushy or anything, just curious :'|
  35. I honestly dunno how to reintroduce my character to this RP. And, honestly, I'm not sure I'll be continuing this one. Super sorry... :'|:'|
  36. It's fine. Britannia Soars is coming.
    Seriously though, lets keep going please.
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  37. You're good. Join in whenever you're ready.

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