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Team Shadow Special Breeds Revealed! Please comment!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Team Shadow Leader Zach, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Welcome. Team Shadow has kept certain pokemon a secret for years. I'm ready to share them. I will share the number, classification, type, and what pokemon it is cross bred from. Each of these only have 3 moves. Please make POSITIVE comments. Enjoy!

    1. Shady
    Classification: The Poisonous Shadow Pokemon
    Type: Dark/Poison
    Origins: Koffing, Horsey, and a bit of Dark Genetics
    3 Moves: Dark Pulse, Gunk Shot, Hydro Pump
    Evolves into:
    2. Shados
    Classification: The Nimble Shadow Pokemon
    Type: Dark/Fighting
    Origins: Zangoose, Machoke, and a bit of Dark Genetics
    3 Moves: Dark Pulse, Close Combat, Slash
    Evolves into:
    3. Shaddon
    Classification: The Wyvern Shadow Pokemon
    Type: Dark/Dragon
    Origins: Charizard, Gengar, and a bit of Dragon Genetics
    3 Moves: Dark Pulse, Blast Burn, Dragon Rush
    I will post more later on. Please post comments.
  2. Zach, I must say you do have some interesting ideas. However, the pictures could use some shading. Many of these are very 'flat.' For example, in the first picture, I would advise maybe a lighter or darker gradient of purple around the edges of the purple poof cloud, depending on the look you want.

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