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Team Bajj: The Uprising in Kanto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JacobRaze, May 6, 2015.

  1. Team Bajj was a team of people trying to make it more communist. They thought it would benefit. The Government Of Kanto Gathered The best trainers he could find to combat their revolution. Mj was asleep until his brothers camein with a bucket of ice water. Being who they are, they poured on his face. They were always the best prankers is Pallet Town. He yelled at them for a while, but eventually went downstairs, made some eggs, and turned on the news. "And the Presedent of Kanto Requests these trainers. He didn't care about any names exept when he heard,"Mj Weyland" He knew he had to hurry so he grabbed his satchel, taking out Pidgeot and yelling "Fly!" Arriving in Celadon, he entered the building that held the Presedent. "Your Here, sit dow and wait." he said handing me a paper that in bold said "Revolution Crisis." I did as he said andsat down reading over the paper.
  2. then Karley heard her name "Ok fly Lindy!" A charmaizard flew her to the president "Is this important?" she taped her foot. she was hardly ever answered. Even the thought of her name Karley JoLynn Young surprised her but being on tv it was impossible. Then she saw Mj "Do you know why we're here?" Her asking in a low tone as she always dose.
  3. Mj looked over at Karley "It says on this paper: we are fighting a pokemon group named team Bajj, hi im Mj" He finished, and held his hand out to shake hands.
  4. Karley looked down. "I'm Karley. The one who suffers." She looks up and smiles. "that's what my derp calls me!"
  5. Mj stayed nervously, this was the first girl he'd seen since his mom died. "So, he gave me a paper that says we are sceduled to go to guard Cerulean Cave." He said pulling a pokeball.
  6. Karley's father had left her with her mother "Cool..." her olive/hazel or holive eyes shined "I'll do my best!"
  7. Detsu walked into the office wearing a black tuxedo with a red dress shirt. "Mr. President I made more copies of the papers... I definitelytook this job to fight for you not to be your secretary!" he slammed the papers on the table with took a leg out of the table. "Oh hey look at these two!" he sighed " Why can't I go?"
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  8. "Oh something came up, im being resceduald to another area." Mj said, flying off. He went to mount moon to guard. "Just gotta wait." He said pacing at the entrance.
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