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Tales of Vesperia RP v.2

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Mar 3, 2018.


Should we have our main blades instantly? Or work our way Up?

  1. Uh, duh! WE SHOULD

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  2. No. we need to work up.

  1. I've decided to do this again, with a new set of rules.

    No godmodding,
    There will be NO playing as cannon characters.
    Limit to artes. No using only the Over powered ones. you're starter arte will determine you're arte line. azure edge would focus mostly on Yuri's, but place the occasional Karol artes.
    First aid would focus on Estellise's Artes, with Rita's in the mix.
    Dragon upper is Self Explanitory.
    Sonic dog Is only Repede's Line.
    If you wish to make a fan made one, ask me, and tell me what the arte does.

    Base Arte:

    Name: Yin Kanizo
    Sex: Female
    Attire: Black Long, Wavy/spikey hair, and a Black/Grey Robe. with Dark grey Pants, and Leather boots.
    Base Arte: Azure Fang (Mix of Azure edge and Demon Fang. Its damage is 2x Demon Fangs, and can hit Normal/Huge/flying Opponents, but can't hit Small opponents. Element: Wind. Makes the Arte line a mix of Flynn's and Yuri's.)
    Personality: A Smart Ass, While being sarcastic ass at the same time. She doesn't like Talking that much, but she can't just stand there while someone is being Injured. but quite Vengeful is needed.
    Backstory(Optional): An Ex-knight. She left the knights to continue living in the lower quarter, but more is on the inside than you think.
  2. Could you post about 'Last Time?'
  3. The last one was Forgotten. That is why I made a Version 2.
  4. So.... What is this about?
  5. If you've played or watched Tales of Vesperia, its Basically the same thing. Except we may not do the same things, it will be somewhat the same. as Yin and Yuri have Simmilar personality, as his personality is a huge part--as is Everyone's personality. But you can have a different one, if you want.
  6. If you havn't, just search up "Talesofcreed tales of vesperia.", That'll show you it all in a quick day or so.

    and I forgot the Dog.

    Name: Minato (Eh?)
    Sex: Male
    Attire: Litterilly a clone of repede.
    Base Arte: Sonic dog.
    Personality: *Direct quote from Karol to Rita in the skit "Rita and Repede". "Repede sure knows who he likes and who he doesn't."*
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  8. Yo, that was a while ago. Sorry to say this, but not interested right now.
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