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T.E.C.H- New RP Idea

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by windsaver, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. So I have returned to Pokecharms and have brought back an Idea which I was discussing with two other members before my departure

    If SilentAngel and Blazi are Still Interested please PM Me.

    So Here we Go

    T.E.C.H is a virus created from players hacking a Game called Maximum Technology. The players have found a way to import characters from other games Such as Mario and Zelda and use their graphics in Maximum Technology. However due to a carless act, more than just the Characters gat hacked into the game. The Server starts to bug up and Worlds and Maps from other games start to merge into one universe. Monsters from other games begin to terrorize the NPC's and other Players. The Virus was released when two games collided and the games bosses merged, creating a being that Can actually suck players into the virtual Game.

    The Idea is your OC is friends with all the Other Members taking part and you are one of the Hackers. After Finishing a day of work you return home with an object (Eg. A CD, a Radio, a Belt) and you sit down and go online in Maximum Technology. You Meet up with the others and the screen starts to glow and sucks you in. There you see that many other players have also been sucked in and You Must, along with the other Members search down the Virus by going through different worlds and fighting different Monsters which could be Merged from different games to create Mutants. Your weapon is The Object that you had, but it has transformed (E.G Belt --> Whip)

    Thoughts, Suggestions, critic :p ?

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