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Survival on a Deserted Island

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ShiningLight, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Note: This is an all Pokemon world meaning there are no humans. Also, please read everything and follow the official RP rules here. The RP is not yet made but it will be open when we get enough people going.

    On a plane trip to the Hoenn, the plane was hit by a powerful Pokemon move. The engine caught on fire due to the Pokemon move. The pilot tried her best to land the plane safely on a large island which is miles away from Hoenn. She almost succeeded (couple meters from ground level) but engine exploded, allowing the plane to crash. The explosion and plane crash killed
    many Pokemon. Fortunately, a good handful of people still lived thanks to the pilot's hard work. Now on an island, they have to survive. Either they can trust one another or survive alone.

    Here are some things you can and cannot do. This includes extra info about the RP so please read this:

    You can loot passengers (non-RPers) that didn't survive the plane crash. The loot must be reasonable. Having a loot that is too valuable is not allowed. Such as a flint & steel to make fire (c'mon, you can probably find flint on the island or you can use stones to make fire) or weapons such as a knife. Loot such as a blanket to give warmth is fine.

    You can steal from other RPers but only they allow you outside of the RP (when you steal from an RPer, put a note on the same post that you have permission to steal from them so we know that you're not stealing without permission). Yes, you need permission to steal...

    Romance is allowed so you may have a GF/BF but try not focus on romance too much since the whole RP is about survival.

    Pokemon that can fly cannot move out a mile out from the island. They cannot rescue RPers because that would defeat the whole purpose of survival.

    There are animals in this world meaning there are chickens, fish, birds, and etc. This because for the sake of eating. I don't want fishes to be Magikarp because that would mean we would have to eat Magikarp. Nope, not doing that. You can hunt chickens, fishes, crabs, and etc. on this island and consume them (raw or cooked).

    You can include spottings of aircraft and ships (in your posts) but they cannot save you, notice you nor give you stuff. This comes at the end when I (@ShiningLight) announce it. This is because to prevent people to be saved too early.

    You can kill other RPers but only they give you permission to.

    It's your choice to survival alone or survives as a whole.

    I will be in-charge with the weather such if it rains or not. This is because weather play a big part in survival. Take rain for example; you can collect it's freshwater to drink and bathe in.

    When you are filling out your bio, in "Favorite Pokemon", put "Yamask" to prove me that you read everything. I'll change the word put in Favorite Pokemon time to time.

    Q: What do us Pokemon eat?
    A: We can eat what humans eat so that means you can eat chicken, fishes, crabs, and etc. So yes, there will be wild animals on the island but not always in abundances. You may hunt and kill them using a weapon or using Pokemon moves. You can hunt chickens, fishes, crabs, and etc. on this island and consume them (raw or cooked).

    Q: Can we evolve?
    A: Yes but do not allow your character to evolve until I post on the discussions that your character can evolve.

    Q; ?
    A: ?

    Q; ?
    A: ?

    Q; ?
    A: ?

    Now, time for the bios. No back story, please.

    Name (first only):
    Species (Only 1st & 2nd stage in evolution):
    Favorite Pokemon:
    Least Favorite Pokemon:
    Moveset (4 and the moves must follow real moves learned):
    Level (must be below 30):
    2 Survival Skills (not too OP):
    Appearance (keep it simple):
    Link a previous RP you took part in:

    I may ask you edit/change your bio.

    Please note these few things:
    1. When we start the RP, you start in the plane unconscious but a few hours later you become conscious, sitting on your seat or lying on the plane's floor.
    2. It will be daytime when we become conscious again.
    3. The plane is in ruins so it's not easy to move around in here.
    4. Everyone has a blanket with you in the plane. Your choice to use it or not.
    5. If you want a weather to take in place, ask me and I will consider your request.
    6. Every Pokemon must complete human needs since Pokemon take the human needs. Meaning, every Pokemon needs: Air, Water, Food, Shelter, and Sanitation.
      1. Air: You cannot be under water for too long.
      2. Water & Food: You need to eat and drink,
      3. Shelter: You need to find a safe place to stay, sleep, and live.
      4. Sanitation: You need to keep yourself clean. You should loot a soap from one of the passengers. When you bathe, just be aware when you go naked you must act like a human being. Meaning you don't want your privacy invaded. Although you can bathe naked in front Pokemon only if they are the same gender as you or you can bathe naked in front a Pokemon that you have a relationship with. A Pokemon (with any gender) is allowed to stumble upon you when bathing if you aren't bathing privately (such in the open). You must bathe naked so you can have complete hygiene and another reason why is because there will be some romance.
    7. When you are filling out your bio, in "Least Favorite Pokemon", put "Piplup" to prove me that you read this. I'll change the word put in the least Favorite Favorite Pokemon time to time.

    Questions 'bout the RP? Ask me!
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  2. Name:Zach
    Favorite pokemon: IDK
    Least favorite pokemon: Pikachu
    Moveset:psychic, Thunder Wave, Protect, Dark Pulse
    2 survival skills: Knows basic medicine and cooking.
    Appearance: He is a normal Espurr, he uses a big gray shirt, black pants and a brown jacket.
    Previous RP:https://pokecharms.com/threads/life-as-a-hunter.16887/
  3. Name (first only): Starr
    Species (Only 1st & 2nd stage in evolution): Seel
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Pokemon: Yamask
    Least Favorite Pokemon: Piplup
    Moveset (4 and the moves must follow real moves learned): Aurora Beam, Icy Wind, Headbutt, Growl
    Level (must be below 30): 29
    2 Survival Skills (not too OP): Able to hold breath for about 15 minutes, and a great (not a lot of great) sense of smell
    Appearance (keep it simple): A ordinary Seel with a raindrop scar on his tail.
    Link a previous RP you took part in: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-academia.16417/ (Last roleplay before I was gone for a very long time, about 4 weeks or a month.)
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  4. @Aquatic Fox, you are missing something. Please read the whole post thoroughly. Once you found your mistake, I'll start checking over your bio.
  5. I'm not sure if I fixed my mistake. Please check one more time
  6. I fixed and put Yamask in Favorite Pokemon.

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