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Super Smash Bros.: War Under Lock and Key (Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. @Godjacob @Rohan Kishibe @GreninjaTrainer013 @Comic @DopeLeafeon470 @StormingCobra55 @BurbleBurble @Pro Hero Dekiru @Ratbag the Coward

    Yes I got the idea for this from Super Dragon Ball Heroes, shshsh.

    What would happen if some of the greatest fighters from across the multiverse were gathered in a battle to the end?
    The musings of a man with multiversal power are intriguing, and sometimes boredom leads to lapses in judgement. For the sake of pure entertainment, strong warriors have been gathered into this chained, fusion world to do battle.
    The rules are simple - allied or alone, the fighters must earn a certain number of battle points to cross between four chained-together worlds. They must visit all four - the World of Fire, World of Water, World of Earth and World of Air - before they are allowed to enter the World of Aether, and return to their own worlds.
    Let the games begin.

    The idea for this RP is the same as the monologue above says - the Smash characters are all thrown together on a fusion world and have to earn points by defeating others. Alliances will be made and broken, but in the end it's really an excuse to have a bunch of Smash characters fight each other. What? It's what Smash is about.
    The list of characters comprises of Smash Ultimate's entire roster as well as a few newcomers. If you want to take a newcomer, feel free to suggest them for my approval. I'll also need to be assured of the quality of your writing before you're allowed in.
    01/18: Mario/Dr. Mario -
    02: Donkey Kong - @Comic
    03: Link (Breath of the Wild) -
    04/29: Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus - @Godjacob
    04E: Dark Samus -
    05: Yoshi -
    06: Kirby -
    07: Fox McCloud -
    08: Pikachu -
    09: Luigi - @Comic
    10: Ness -
    11: Captain Douglas Jay Falcon - @StormingCobra55
    12: Jigglypuff -
    13: Princess Peach Toadstool -
    13E: Princess Daisy Toadstool -
    14: King Bowser Koopa Sr. - @Godjacob
    15: Popo and Nana/Ice Climbers -
    16: Sheik (Ocarina of Time) -
    17: Princess Zelda Hyrule (Breath of the Wild) -
    19: Pichu -
    20: Falco Lombardi -
    21: Prince Marth -
    21E: Princess Lucina - @Eeveechu151
    22: Young Link (Majora's Mask) -
    23: Ganondorf Dragmire (Ocarina of Time/Twilight Princess) -
    24: Mewtwo - @Fraseandchico
    25: Roy -
    25E: Exalt Chrom - @Eeveechu151
    26: Mr. Game and Watch -
    27: Meta Knight -
    27E: Galacta Knight -
    28: Pit -
    28E: Dark Pit -
    30: Wario - @Eeveechu151
    31: Solid Snake - @Comic
    32: Ike - @StormingCobra55
    33/34/35: Red - @Eeveechu151
    33: Squirtle - @Eeveechu151
    34: Ivysaur -
    35: Charizard -
    33E/34E/35E: Blue -
    33E: Blastoise -
    34E: Bulbasaur -
    35E: Charmelion -
    36: Diddy Kong -
    36E: Dixie Kong -
    37: Lucas -
    37E: Claus -
    38: Sonic the Hedgehog - @Eeveechu151
    38E: Shadow the Hedgehog -
    39: King Dedede -
    40: Olimar -
    40E: Louie -
    41: Lucario - @StormingCobra55
    42: Robotic Operating Buddy -
    43: Toon Link (Phantom Hourglass) -
    44: Wolf O'Donnell -
    45: Villager -
    46: DLN-001 Rock/Mega Man - @Eeveechu151
    46E: DLN-000 Blues/Proto Man -
    47: Wii Fit Trainer -
    48: Rosalina and Luma -
    49: Little Mac - @StormingCobra55
    50: Greninja - @Godjacob
    51/52/53: Miis (The non-combatants)-
    54: Palutena -
    54E: Viridi - @Eeveechu151
    55: Pac-Man -
    56: Robin (M) - @Fraseandchico
    57: Shulk - @Eeveechu151
    57E: Jin - @Eeveechu151
    58: Prince Bowser Koopa Jr. -
    58E: Literally all of the Koopalings -
    59: Dog and Duck/Duck Hunt Duo -
    60: Ryu -
    60E: Ken Masters -
    61: Cloud Strife -
    62: Corrin (F) - @Godjacob
    63: Bayonetta -
    64: Agent 3 -
    64E: Agent 8 - @Fraseandchico
    65: Ridley -
    66: Simon Belmont -
    66E: Richter Belmont -
    67: King K.Rool -
    68: Isabelle -
    69: Shantae - @Eeveechu151
    69E: Risky Boots -
    70: Skull Kid (Majora's Mask):
    71: Bandana Waddle Dee - @Eeveechu151
    72: Geno -
    73: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik - @Eeveechu151
    74: Decidueye -
    75: Rex and Pyra - @Eeveechu151
    76: Banjo and Kazooie -
    77: Shovel Knight -
    77E: Black Knight -
    78: Sora - @Godjacob
    79: Bomberman -
    80: Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey - @Eeveechu151
    80E: Miles Edgeworth and Dick Gumshoe -
    Sorry if this isn't the best explanation, I can answer any questions you might have about the plot as long as you ask.
    #1 Mechanist Gamma, Sep 28, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018

    Also, can I please have Agent 8, Robin(M), and Mewtwo?
  3. WHOOPS! Forgot to tag you, but I meant to. Sorry, bud. Sure, they're yours.
  4. Also, if I can suggest a newcomer, I suggest my favourite fighting game character, Ragna!
  5. Ragna the Bloodedge...? What connection to Nintendo does he have and how would he be a viable Smash fighter?
  6. New Blazblu game on switch. Also, he is from a fighting game. Just look at his moveset from Blazblu cross tag battle(Which is on the switch.).
  7. That doesn't really cement a connection, though. Characters like Cloud and Ryu may have similar lacks of connections, but they're some of the most iconic and recognizable characters in gaming... I'm gonna say no to Ragna. Sorry.
  8. Alright, I shouldn't do more freakin RPs cause I will literally kill myself at this pace, but screw it. I'll take my girl Samus & Bowser (So that somebody plays a villain XD)

    Also for recs. Banjo Kazooie, Bomberman, Shovel Knight & Sora from Kingdom Hearts.
  9. For the record, I've already taken Dr. Eggman as a character. They're yours!
    Banjo seems like he'd work. Shovel Knight probably would as well. I'm on the fence about Bomberman and Sora, though...
  10. Super Bomberman R is on the Nintendo Switch. Kingdom Hearts games have been on Nintendo consuls for a fair while. And Sora makes as much sense as Cloud does. If not more, given his design "fits" Smash better and he's more unique as a swordsmen.
  11. Fair, Sora is a pretty iconic character, definitely Square's second-most famous. And he does have wide moveset potential, as seen in Smash Flash 2. But Bomberman...?
  12. Here's Smash Flash 2 Gameplay.

  13. Eh, I guess he works. He's certainly iconic and helps with classic-era representation. With the new newcomers added in, Godjacob, do you want to take any of them?
    Also, I think I'll be adding Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey in as more newcomers. They're iconic, Nintendo-exclusive and have already worked well in a fighting game.
  14. I'll take my boy Sora~! Gotta represent my Avatar after all XD

    Also one final recommendation. Isaac from Golden Sun. Pretty much the only major Nintendo first-party to never make it in as a Smash Game rep.
  15. Ehhhhhhhhhh I've heard a lot about Isaac but unless more people want him in I'm going to keep him out. Most people don't even know what a Golden Sun is.
  16. I mean, if Smash went with "it's obscure we don't use them" then you'd never have gotten Ness, Captain Falcon or Marth in a Smash Game to begin with.
  17. Marth was to push an agenda, but aside from that I can't really argue. I'm going to hold off on Isaac unless two other people want him in, though.
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  18. An agenda?

    Also, just to add more names, I'll take Corrin and Greninja. Wouldn't be a Pokecharms story if I avoided a Pokemon character XD
  19. I support Isaac being in!

    I know who Imma suggest now! Goku, Nope! just kidding! I suggest Tethu from Ever Oasis! He may seem like an odd choice, but there a lot of things that work. First. Ever Oasis was published by Nintendo(Also, the creators worked on Majoras' Mask 3D). 2. Tethu has access to all kinds of weapons and he has his Green Gale(which could act as his neutral(Can be charged), or his up special to push him up, and his smash attacks.), His sword can act as most of his attacks, and his some of his companions can be used!
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  20. Eh... maybe Tethu? Maybe?

    And by an agenda, I mean getting Fire Emblem released in the west.
  21. I mean, Ness & Captain Falcon were probably just as much of an agenda. To promote their series as well.

    It's just Nintento really wanted Fire Emblem to work in the West, given it was the bigger series back home.
  22. I was just making a point Marth is not the only agenda pick.

    Also can Mario have Cappy?

    And I'll probably need tips on how to portray Corrin's personality/how she reacts to the other Fire Emblem characters given I only know she has a chain sword and can turn into a dragon.
  23. I feel like giving Mario Cappy would be pretty OP given the scenario, as he can possess foes and make them take themselves down.
    And uh, if that's all you know about Corrin, mmmmmmmaybe someone else should take her...
  24. Eh, it's not like I know nothing. Corrin is royalty and more importantly someone caught between two royal families. I get her backstory, I just wanted tips on specific character interactions.
  25. What I got from Corrin in the amount of fates I played(as well as Warriors), Corrin is peace-loving, and is nowhere near as good as a tactician as say, Robin. So she leaves that to her siblings. She is extremely protective of her friends and families. Eeveechu knows more than me.(I haven't beat ALL of fates, ok.)
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  26. Alright this works for me. Got the sense she'd pick the peaceful route of the three options. Thanks.
  27. I haven't beaten Fates either Frase :p
  28. I have only beat Birthright...
  29. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

  30. Y-yeah... they keep dying and I keep getting ideas for new variations.
  31. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    right off the bat, i'm gonna claim Solid Snake before anyone else can.
    God, i love that guy.
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  32. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    alright, now that i've established my hold on Snake, i'm just gonna subtly claim a couple more characters.
    i want... Luigi and...
    Donkey Kong.
  33. Can I get Captain Falcon, Ike, and Lucario for now? Three of my Smash Mains.

    Edit: didn’t notice Little Mac on the list. Can I get him too?
  34. Sure, all three are yours.
  35. Oh yeah, forgot to mention for Tethu. He could also spawn bomb plants and Bloom booths for smash attacks. He can also use magic stuff.
  36. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I'll take Bowser Jr, all the Koopalings (This'll be hard....), Yoshi and Kirby.
  37. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    oh, dang, somehow, i missed Blue.
    i'd like to take Blue and his Pokemon.

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