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Sup ,Gee?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by kimishiro, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Yo, fa rizzle mis bizzles. Y que tal mis hermanos!? Dis b showty say'en, sup,Gee!

    Sorry about that, I'm rather bashful and havn't the faintest idea of how to introduce myself. Anyhoo...I've been searching for like actual gaming real-time battle videos... MLG has been going cross country with many tournies, featuring halo 2 and super smash bros melee and what-not. I'm like the shiznet with Shiek, and plan on entering, but I was curious to see how others play.

    If anybody finds any real-time battle videos, holla, yu-ee-O-I-mee? Daz rite dawg! !Asta luego mis putas!
  2. Lol, yer ghetto is...strange. I wuvz yer gentler side. BTW, some people in here speak Spanish....so I'm quite disappointed because ya used the word 'putas'. Yer insultive to women and female dogs. :lol:

    Yer probably better than me in Melee.....I cycle between Marth and Ice Climbers. And Peach. Peach is my *****. :lol: Lololololololol. I'm such a hypocrite. :twisted:

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