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Sunset in Veilstone

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sem, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: This is a one on one Pokemon battle between myself and whoever else decides to join. First come, first serve. I don't mind spectator posts, though I don't see a huge point to them.

    The sky was painted orange as the sun began its descent over the horizon, beyond Mount Coronet. The place was the Battle District of Veilstone City. Trainers from the city gathered and battled, and some were from out of town. Trainers and spectators stood in the stands of the Nature Arena, many of whom were uniformed with colors of the local high school. A one on one match was about to begin, another having just concluded.

    Lysis stood in her trainer box, weight shifted to one side with a hand on one hip. The other hand grasped a Luxury Ball. She never really imagined herself engaging in a Pokémon battle before. She had fought alongside and even against Pokémon, but battling had been a recent development in her life. It was something she excelled at, perhaps partly due to her past. She only had one Pokémon, however, it was well trained to say the least.

    The young woman had been in town for some gambling, but the glitz and glam of the Battle District attracted her and she figured, why not? At 21 she wasn’t the oldest person around but she definitely wasn’t among the youngest. Lysis couldn’t begin to count the vast number of high school freshmen she saw in the stand. Aside from them were other young people, many of them dressed in the latest styles, typical of the city as well.

    Lysis herself was dressed in designer labels: form-hugging jeans, red pumps, and a red blouse worn under a black, fly-away vest. An expensive pair of shades covered her midnight-blue eyes.

    Suddenly the lights came on overhead and Lysis saw her opponent in their trainer box. There was no announcer, no ref - the trainers were left to themselves. With a grin, Lysis casually tossed her ball. It split open midair and released Lysis’ Pokémon. A Beautifly appeared from the burst of light and fluttered gently down, keeping herself eye-level with her trainer. The pair waited for their opponent to choose their Pokémon.
  2. Tristan Mannings was only age 16, and a strong and fierce fighter. He likes to build up his pokemon teams depending on their strength and rarity. But of course he cares for his pokemon too. I mean, who doesn't?

    Tristan always wears Black head phones with white 8-balls painted on each ear. He wore black canvas shoes, a black in white plaid button-up shirt, and a black light sweatshirt over it.

    He stood in his trainer box waiting for the lights. The lights to expose him and his new opponet.

    Tristan's team consists of a Milotic, Snorlax, Carizard, Salamence, Staraptor, and a Empoleon. Tristans father has obtained these pokemon and gave them to him. Tristan's father works for professor Rowan In Twinleaf town.

    The lights came up, silence blanketed the arena. Tristan stepped out of his trainer box at the same time his opponet did. She smirked and let out her beautifly.

    Tristan gripped is pokeball, raising his hand in launching it into the air. It landed on the ground directly infront of Beautifly. WIth a flash of colours, Tristan's Milotic appeared.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lysis gazed coolly at the Milotic. It was well trained by the looks of it. Milotic was a good choice, even if there was no water on the field. It would be an interesting match.

    It was now Beautifly's move. Lysis quickly thought of her tactics for the match. Milotic were powerful, both in their ability to attack and take hits. They didn't wear down easily. She would have to out-power it.

    "Love, use String Shot," Lysis commanded, weight still shifted to the side and her hand still on her hip.

    Beautifly extended her proboscis and from its tip fired a powerful string of web at the Water-type Pokemon. String Shot was an attack known from her days as a Wurmple, and it was much more powerful now than it was then. However, it was still just a String Shot move, and any skilled trainer would be able to avoid it when being used as a first attack.

    But that really wasn't the point. The String Shot was meant to be a distraction.

    "Quiver Dance," Lysis commanded as a follow up.

    Beautifly immediately began a dance of swooping movements and wing flaps, fluttering around in the air as a faintly visible aura surrounded it. Quiver Dance enhanced Beautifly's speed, as well as powered up her special attacks, and made her more able to take them as well.
  4. Tristan was a tad confused with beautifly's moves. "Quiver dance I can understand. But string shot, really?" Tristan thought to him self.

    He paused for a moment to over think his battle tactics. " The arena is dry, which means Milotic's attacks would be less affective. So I will use... that's it!"

    "Milotic! Use rain dance."

    Milotic lifted its head tall up in the air, twirling his whole body making a cloud form. The clouds floated to the bearing rain.

    Now that there was rain, Milotic will have more affective water attacks.

    Tristan decided it was time to try out a new move Milotic had just learned.

    "Milotic, use attract!"

    With that Milotic made a pink mist come from it's mouth. The pink mist floated through the air until it ungullfed beautifly and dissolved into its body.

    Attract means that beautifly has a 50 percent less chance of attacking Milotic.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: You can't make an attack hit my Pokemon, that's called autoing. You have your Pokemon use an attack on mine and then I decide in my post how to react to it. Same goes for you. For the sake of continuing I'm going to backtrack and act like Attract hasn't hit.

    "Protect," Lysis said as the pink mist drifted towards Beautifly.

    Beautifly hovered back and spread out her wings. Her eyes began to glow green as a combination of wind and psychic energy enveloped her in a sphere, stopping the Attract.

    "Air Cutter," Lysis said after the threat had been removed from the field.

    Beautifly fluttered higher into the air - a wind picked up around the Bug-type, gentle at first but fierce and strong within moments. A blade of compressed air was shot at the Milotic, an invisible threat that had the potential to do some real damage if Milotic and its trainer couldn't deal with it in time.

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