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Ask to Join Students at Sea Character Bios

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Daffodile Daily, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. A link back to the RP board:

    All students will have the option to receive a pokémon egg before boarding the ship. Students from other regions are welcome to bring a full party of pokémon if they desire. Every student must have at least one pokémon or egg in order to sail which means every student from Solitude will have an egg. YOU GET TO DECIDE WHEN IT HATCHES. Could be right away, could take a few days, whatever you want.

    Welcome! If you would like to join please leave a character bio in the following format:

    Region of Origin:
    Party Pokémon(does not apply to Solitude natives):


    Long ago, when people and pokémon first came into contact, not everyone saw their coexistence as acceptable. A faction of people from within one of the larger ancient settlements set out on a journey to find their own land away from the strange and powerful creatures they knew as Pokémon. While on their journey, they preached their philosophy to all they encountered.

    "Humans should be the ruling force of this world! The dangerous beasts known as pokémon are a threat to our freedom and the safety of our children! Come with us! Together we will create a place were humanity can thrive in peace!"

    As their numbers grew, the search for a haven grew more desperate. An ancient text from the time states that they set off into the ocean on large rafts towards the sunset, never to be seen again.


    News stations worldwide were covering the story when it came to light that an island with only people and no pokémon was discovered in the middle of the ocean thousands of miles from any other civilization. The discovery was made by the adventure cruise line ship, SS Explorer. A sunbather on the deck of the ship spotted someone swimming in the ocean near the island. The Captain had taken a few of his crew members to shore to investigate and discovered a large settlement of people living in nice houses further into the island. The people on the island weren't hostile, the but it became apparent they were afraid of pokémon after the Captain tried to introduce his Pelliper to the settlement's president. The president was so frightened and offended he had the Captain and his crew escorted back to the beach and asked to deposit any pokémon back on their ship.

    As diplomacy continued between the two completely different worlds, something surprising was happening among the Island's youth. The thirst for adventure, coupled with the opportunity for more global cooperation! One year after the island discovery, a program was created that allowed students of all ages from all over the world study together on a cruise ship that would travel the seas in the hope of raising interest in a cooperative global community. The ship would debark from Solitude, as the Island came to be known.

    Before their voyage, all of the island students made sure to rigorously study the language of the rest of the world so communication would be less difficult.

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  2. With permission to join:

    Name: Tyrick Vachel
    Gender: Male
    Age: Newly 17
    Personality: Though bashful when meeting anyone new, Tyrick always tries to greet the world with an optimistic outlook, as well as without bias, believing that everyone deserves a chance or twelve to prove their self, all while willing to forgive people who maybe don't always deserve it. He's the kind of guy who could be convinced to try anything once. Obnoxiously modest, and often frustrated with his lack of skills, he'll give things up halfway through unless there's anyone there to goad him. Easily pressured, and a bit weak willed in his pacifistic nature.
    Appearance: Standing at an impressive 6'2", Tyrick's lanky and bronze-skinned body has just a little too much give to call muscular. Shaggy, chocolate brown hair that's often tousled looking stays cropped off at his slender shoulders, which lead out into ropy arms that seem a bit too long. His similar legs give him the tendency to trip over things with how easily they tangle, and he'll cross them while sitting out of habit. Coffee brown eyes stare non-threateningly from his dimpled face, his thin lips often traced in a slight smile.
    Region of Origin: Solitude
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  3. Name: Megan Taylor

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Personality: While she greets every stranger with a sweet smile, Megan usually keeps her true emotions to herself. She has a special appreciation for nature, a passion for equality and an insatiable desire to see all the amazing world of pokémon has to offer! That is, if she can get over her fear of rejection and public speaking. With a big, but guarded heart, Megan begins her pokémon journey.

    Appearance: Big, tall and intimidating, but still well proportioned, Megan always felt a little awkward in her body. 5'10" always bumping her hips on the corners of desks and rolling her ankles simply stepping off curbs. She felt most at home in the water, and so kept up a caramel tan and bright blonde hair which she kept cut just above her shoulders. Her eyes are a dull gray-blue and often look sad although that's just Megan's resting face.

    Region of Origin: Solitude
  4. Name:Kayla
    Personality:Her kind nature is what she is known for.She can be naive, but that is also because she is reckless.Friendly and adventurous, she's ready for her Pokèmon journey!
    Appearance:Her hair is short and blonde, and she wears a headband similar to that of the Pokèloid star Rin. She wears a plain yellow top and a short white skirt.She has high heels,fair skin,and green eyes.
    Region of Origin:Solitude
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  5. Just leaving a message here to bring this thread up to the top. Also, I think you might be good to start posting @SummerShaymin. The like might be your confirmation? I don't know, might be good to ask @Daffodile Daily
  6. Yes, a like=acceptance
  7. Name: Jason Jackson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wears a red hoodie with black claws wrapped around the sides(the hoodie looks like a lycanroc midnight), white hair with the tip hanging off head (just like lycanrocs hair), red eyes, 6,1.
    Personality: Night owl, trust issues, tough, adamant, rude, nice once you get to know him
    Region of origin: Darkness
  8. Name: Lars Cameron
    Age: 15
    Gender: M
    Personality: He's easygoing and never takes thing too seriously except when it's beneficial to him either it's entertaining or he gets money. He doesn't care if he disrespects others nor when he is hated. He sleeps in his spare time Despite living in Solitude. He is quite interested in Pokémons and does not fear them. His dream is to be a Pokémon trainer and go back to Solitude and show them that they are no threat.
    Appearance: He has a side under cut black hair, blue colored eyes, and pale skin. He wears a black shirt with a big skull on it at the front and a purple jacket kept open revealing the skull on his shirt and black pants.
    Region of Origin: Solitude
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  9. Would it be too late to join this RP? I am looking to join another RP and wondering if I could join?
  10. What kinds of classes do you want to take on this voyage? Message me with ideas. This voyage isn't about boring common core, each student would sign up for the classes that sound interesing to them.

    Class examples:

    World Music 101: studying how different pokemon around the world use music.

    Grass Types 101: a class studying anything and everything about grass types including how to care for them.

    Training 101: a class that covers the basics of what it means to be a Pokemon trainer.

    Training 102: a class for more advanced or experienced trainers to hone their skills.

    Showcase 101: a class all about baking, dance and performance with pokemon.
  11. Pokémon History? Where we study about where they came from their origin or how they created the world. It's a suggestion but I doubt anyone would sign up for this Xd
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  12. Here is my character~
    Name:Liam Maclean



    Liam is a quiet guy who loves to express himself through art rather than words. Liam isn't deaf though, just a tad bit shy. But once you get to know the artistic teen he is just a fun-loving goofball who just wants to be friends.Liam is also quite playful and loves to tell jokes to his friends, especially the most cheesy pun he can come up with. But Liam means no harm in his jokes.


    Liam is a tall teen being around 187cm (6'2). He is around average in weight and weights around 74kg (165lbs) . His hair is a light honey brown (A mix of light brown and blonde) and is shaggy and quite messy. His skin is a fair white (Not pale, but not tanned). He has greenish brown eyes with a bit of gold surrounding the pupil.His face is often worn with a large grin with his dimples showing. His outfit is quite simple being a black t-shirt with a standard Pokeball on it. Over the T- shirt he wears a light jean sleeveless vest. Underneath he wears worn blue jeans with red Converse styled shoes.

    Region of Origin:
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  13. Name: Caylyn (Pronounced Kay-Lin) Warden

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Personality: Caylyn is seemingly always bright and bubbly. She never lets what other people say get her down, and she's always looking forward to meeting new people. She has a soft spot for Dark Types, hence her only Pokemon she brought with her from Hoenn, Mightyena.

    Appearance: Caylyn is tall, standing at 6'0" exactly. She has long, brown hair usually tied into long pigtails (Shauna Style) with icey blue eyes. She usually just wears a white tanktop, black sweatpants, and white sneakers along with a pair of glasses.

    Region of Origin: Hoenn
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  14. Name: Ty
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Personality: a brave explorer
    Appearance: black hoodie,brown hair,lime green eyes,blue jeans (just look at my avatar)
    Region of Origin: kalos
  15. To clear things up: there is no port on the actual island of Solitude, just a ferry that leaves from the beach. The port itself is floating in the ocean off shore a bit and the ferry carrying the students from Solitude just arrived at the floating port. The voyage on the actual ship will begin "tomorrow" and "this evening" your character will receive a pokemon egg so give some thought as to what pokemon will eventually hatch for you and how soon you want it to happen.

    Quick poll: Should all students take the same classes and have the same schedule(simple easy to follow in the RP) OR should each student have a specialized schedule(more in-depth creative but might be difficult to follow in RP format)?

    ♥ Daffi
  16. He was a kid who didn't have very much but he made the most out of anything he loves danger and adventure and helping others he has a dream to discover his own Pokemon
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  17. I'd take no issue with whatever schedule I'm handed for the sake of roleplay ease.
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  18. I'm with @Oseri, I am fine with any schedule. Personally, I find everyone with the same schedule easier, but I am fine with whatever.
    Also, @Oseri I like your profile pic.
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  19. Thanks @Auro45 ! I'm really loving yours too. I'm a sucker for the ol' water-ground duo types.
  20. Thanks! I almost forgot Wooper was a Water/Ground. I just really Like Swampert (My Favorite Pokemon) Actually, My favorite duo type is Water/Electric but the only two are Rotom-Wash and Lanturn, which are both fine, just not my favorites~
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  21. It's kinda hard to have a different time zone you know
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  22. @Oseri @SummerShaymin @Jayloc @Auro45 @Dapper_Cat
    @Starry Phantump

    First of all I would just like to thank you guys for being awesome and super patient!

    If time zones are an issue, we can just "enroll" students with similar schedules in the same class so that way if one or two RPers are busy we can still have a full dialogue. Today is my day off so I have a bunch of free time, I'm PST.

    Once we set sail I have no plan whatsoever as to where we will go first or how long we will be at sea. Does anyone care which region we visit first?

    I was also wondering if each of you (or those who would like to) could double as ship staff or administration? We will probably need a ship's captain, a standard crew member, a dean/professor, maybe another professor, and am I missing anything important? A cook maybe if you guys feel like throwing food stuff into the RP.

    Basically I'm available every day so as long as I have my phone nearby I should be able to respond quickly.
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  23. I'll see what I can do for a second role tomorrow. As of right now, my Summer availability will be in the air until tomorrow evening, because I failed my Baking Class. But, for now, for timezones, I'm EST over here. So, for me, it's 1:19 right now.
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  24. I'm also EST Time. I am available most of the time unless I have to go out with my friends, then I can't do it that day.
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  25. CST for me, currently 1:18. I can't promise a second role just yet, since I'm yet to get my work schedule, but I'd play whatever needs playing.
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  26. For Reference:
    0:00 SEA = 9:00 PST = 10:00 MST = 11:00 CST = 12:00 EST

    (This is mostly for myself, sometimes I need a visual to remember the time differences)
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  27. I'm active most of time,I don't know what time zone I'm in but I'm in Alabama in the U.S. :?
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  28. Name: James Macaby (aka Dean Jim)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 64
    Always happily prepared with a big, toothy smile, not much can bring down this old geezer. Dean Jim is a Veteran Trainer with a mission to share both his knowledge and his love of pokémon with people from all over the world.
    Appearance: Stands at 5'8" with a pudgy belly, pasty face, and white hair. Dean Jim always wears the same custom grey suits but changes his tie several times a day. Nothing about the man is intimidating, yet he still somehow automatically commands respect in a room.
    Region of Origin: Hoenn
    Party Pokémon: Castform, Machamp
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  29. A quick question. Are only the students without Pokemon getting eggs, or are all the trainers getting eggs?
  30. All of the students can get an egg, if you don't want yours just tell the Machamp no thanks in the RP.
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  31. I have to say this @Oseri is a Grammer wizard I'm like WOAH!! that is grammer:obut that's awesome :)
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  32. Hehe, never doubt/trust literature loving folks like my silly self. For real, I think you're doing just fine yourself for doing your best. :D Thanks for the compliment!
  33. No problem I'm not the best at Grammer
  34. Mine's Valencia time (SEA) it's currently 10:41 AM from where I am
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  35. Class Schedule Format:


    Alternating Class Schedule:

    "A" Day: (time) (course)
    -(course description)
    "B" Day: (time) (course)
    -(course description)


    Feel free to take more than two courses but you must take at least two. You can have two classes in one day if you want then have every other day off or spread it out over the two days.
  36. For time, which timetable do I use?
  37. Is anyone going to post on the RP?

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