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Open Steven universe OC roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Starry Phantump, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. You are a gem and a member of the newly formed crystal gems the original crystal gems have disbanded and you are going to have to complete what they started defending earth from corrupted gems and the home world which is no run by white diamond

    1. No godmoding or autoing
    2.cant have a completely overpowered character
    3. Can't be a gem that is already being used
    4.No swearing
    5.Romance is allowed

    This is the character sheet

    Age: (I know that gems are like thousand years old but I mean like how old are they in human years)
    Appearance: if you can make a picture of your gem OC put a link to the art)

    Here is mine

    Name/nickname: Jade
    Gemstone: Jade
    Age: 14 in human years
    Weapon: green edged samurai sword with a star as the guard
    Personality:social and cheerful and loves to joke but is strong and fast on the battlefield
    Abilities: can use chronokinesis (time manipulation) and has a wisp that follows him everywhere and can use telepathy
    Bio/backstory: a rouge gem from homeworld that fled to earth after he was sentenced to be shattered for letting a prisoner free

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