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Steelie's art and sigs request thread! All slots filled!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Steelie, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, I'd like to offer my skills to make some nice things for people!

    Here's what you can request as well as the "rules":

    If you want to request a signature please give me:
    - An image for the character/object(for example swords). I prefer and recommend transparent ones to make it a little bit easier and faster, but it's not mandatory.
    - The color scheme or a theme you want to go with it.
    - A quote, though this is optional. You can also ask me to put in your name!

    A few examples of sigs I have made:

    You can of course request a Pokémon for me to draw! Just let me know:
    - Which Pokémon you want (please only one for now).
    - If you would like additions (for example an object or accessories).

    Examples (the last one is a sketch for a friend who thought of one, its name is Burnip):

    For now I'll only draw busts
    , but I'll take about anything! But here's still a little list:
    - OC's
    - Existing characters
    - Furries/mecha/Transformers
    - Chibi's (which can be full body if you want)
    -The only NSFW I'll do is slight gore such as wounds, but I'll only send it to you via Skype, email or tumblr. You can pick. If you want to see an example please PM me!
    I will not draw my own OC's for you.
    The maximum per drawing is two characters and two Pokémon.


    To help you make requesting a bit easier:
    For OC's:

    Please give me a detailed description, but don't make things too poetic. A simple list is fine, for example(no need to follow this perfectly, it's only an example):
    - Dark (or navy) blue hair
    - Eye color is gold
    - The eye white is colored black(this is of course only needed if the eye white is another color)
    - Normally wears a long sleeve with jeans
    And keep in mind to keep it (fairly) simple! My English is at a very high level, but I don't know every single word in the language. So keep it easy, keep it simple! If possible it would also be amazing if you were to have a reference I can draw from, but it's not necessary.

    You can also fill in a form if you want to! This is for OC's only, however!
    You can fill in the form here!

    For existing characters from fandoms:
    Please give me references! Lots and lots of references! I'll ask additional info where needed, especially if I'm not in that specific fandom!

    I'll take 5 slots for now, one slot per person.
    2. Storybook
    3. Starfall
    4. OmegaCarvinePlays
    5. nicko14525

    I can now stream whenever I'm working on your art, so feel free to ask if you want me to! You can also visit my streaming channel to see if I'm working on them!
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  2. Draw a Pichu with a sick black bow tie on its ear.
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  3. On it!
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  4. I'd love if you could draw Lady Skyland (I have a sketch on the site under the "TPNR" tag) and Ego Skyland (he's Lady's father who I also have a sketch of under the same tag) with their Mightyena's (Potchy is a male with a blue bell collar and Grace is a three-legged female with a police vest on. She's missing her right front foreleg).

    Also, because I have little to no colored sketches for Lady and Ego, I'll list their color as well as other details that may not come across in my drawings (I'm not all good at that yet) down below(the colors are mainly if you decide to do colors; I'd prefer if you did but it's chill if you don't :) ):

    -Bleach Blond hair
    -gray eyes
    -camo cargo pants
    -White dress shirt (his police vest is optional, depends if you wanna do it)
    -Black sneakers
    -Pale skin, with a yellowish hue to it.
    -he's of Asian decent so uh...he's got kinda "squinty" eyes compared to Lady.

    -Silver scarf
    -Black, short sleeved shirt with three brass buttons coming down from the collar
    -white skinny jeans
    -red converse
    -Dark maroon/red hair
    -gray eyes
    -pale skin, and her eyes aren't "squinty" like her dads

    Also, I understand if it's too much to do, so don't think you'll upset me. :)

  5. Could you maybe link me to it? I'm a bit scared I'll get the wrong ones (laughs). And I will try to do them all! And thanks so much for being specific!!!
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  6. I was wondering if you could draw an OC of mine, but I'm not quite sure what you will need. I have an old bio of him made at the beginning of his creation, and as such it is a little out dated and slightly one sided. I have and am using him in multiple... well, two, kind of three, roleplays on this site and I can write up a description if needed.

    I would quite like to see an artist's interpretation of him- I can write, but drawing is a skill still beyond me. So what do I need to give you, as far as information goes?
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  8. It would be nice if you're as specific as possible, but without making it too poetic. For example: silver hair that glows like a white flower under the full moon in the night sky, or something weird like that. Just give me a list, and I'll keep you posted with WIP's during the whole process so that you can steer me where needed!
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  9. Thank you very much, I'll try :p I hope this works- I have a habit of being too descriptive and not noticing so, uh... no promises? Just tell me if I need to change it, and I will XD

    His face is rather box-like, despite the seventeen or so years of age still resembling that of a child. He has a tussled mop of dark brown, almost black, hair pasted upon his scalp that is flat and dreary despite the few threads that curl away from his head. His wide, roving eyes are a mechanical blue, a color very close to platinum, and he has a thin, straight mouth that harbors a toothy, childish grin. He has a straight, narrow nose. He wears wide, circular, brown-rimmed glasses, and the right lens is shattered.

    His skin has acquired a pale, pasty, almost ghostly hue and is eerily smooth, his clothes sharing in the strange cleanliness. His clothes share a simple white and black color scheme, his shirt mainly white with long black sleeves that stop about four inches from his wrists. It is made with smooth, stretchy, thin fabric and, though circling tightly around his neck, sags upon his frame.

    He wears a long, black shoelace knotted around his right wrist and often toys with his lips with his left hand or obsessively ties and unties knots on his shoelace. When Que is in the room, the atmosphere is calm and moldy and it seems as if the air should taste metallic. He is childish and likes to solve puzzles, going as far as to think that the world is one grand puzzle to solve.

    Que Allein is always slouching, as if the earth is pulling him down.
  10. This is good and very well detailed, amazing! But try to keep it short! The most handy thing would be to have a list of some sort so I don't have to wade through whole paragraphs of text to find what I'm looking for. It's fine for now though, see this as a learning moment!:) I'll add it to the main post as well!
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  11. Can you draw my oc, Lily?
    - pastel pink hair, tied in pigtails with red ribbons
    - eye colour is sky blue
    - the eye white is white
    - she wears a white tanks top with ripped Jean shorts and pink suspenders, one too loose.
    Thank you so much!
  12. Of course, I'll add you to the list!
  13. Can you draw my OC Omega with his son Delta? They are in my trainer cards.

    Omega has a yellow hoodie with black trousers, a black beanie and black and orange headphones. Delta has light blue hair instead of the brown on his trainer card.

    If needed I'll add more detail. Thanks in advance.
  14. You have a lot of trainer cards ;v; Which ones do I need?
  15. [​IMG]


    Here they are. Delta is a 4 year old btw
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  17. Glad you do!
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  18. Hi, can you draw my oc, Evelyn, as a chibi?
    *Honey colored eyes
    *Light brown, straight hair up to her waist
    *Bright violet shirt
    *Light pink skirt
    *purple sneakers

    Is that enough information?
  19. That's perfect, adding you to the list!
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  20. @LadyLucs Here's a work-in-progress for you! I hope everything is okay, else please let me know!!!
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  22. aAAAAAaaAAaAaA I'm glad you do!!!
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  23. @LadyLucs Here's the final sketch, please let me know if everything is okay!
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  24. It's perfect! I love it :D :D
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  25. Alright, then I'm starting with lines and colors!
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