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Open Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SinnerFromBeyond, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. This roleplay takes place before any of the stories you may know. This is based off of SWTOR a PC game. You can select your race from the following: Mirialan, Twilek, Sith, Cyborg, Human, Wookie, and any of you favorite races. Please ask me if the race is allowed. There are also many planets you can visit such as Hoth, Tatooine, Mustafar, Korriban, Endor, Yavin, Kamino, Coruscant, and many more.
    Planets will also be under a control and will switch back and forth due to wars on the planet. You can choose to participate in wars that will be randomly decided. If you are a Jedi can choose your light saber style by attaching a picture to your character sheet. You can have as many characters as you would like as long as you keep track of them. Please fill out the character sheet

    Role: Jedi/Sith Trooper/Imperial Smuggle/Bounty hunter/ Citizen
    Weapon: include color light saber if a Jedi
    Rank: Apprentice/Master Commander/General etc
    Here is mine
    Name: Zillith Crator
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Twilek
    Homeworld: Hoth
    Role: Sith
    Appearance: purple skin with purple eyes. She wears a black headband and her outfit resembles Aalya Secura's outfit but in black.
    Personality: Serious, sarcastic, cruel, rude, beautiful, stubborn
    Weapon: Purple light saber see picture
    Skills: Firce lightning, acrobatics, technical
    Rank: Apprentice
    Zillith peered out the window of the Sith temple on Korriban, the home of the Sith. She sat in front of a desk waiting for the overseer to arrive for her final exam that will allow to be assigned to a true Sith. She twirled the light saber in her hands slowly as footsteps could be heard. The door slides open revealing a man clearly of the Sith race. He sat in front of her. "Your final exam is... to interview possible spies. Kill the one you think is guilty. It may sound simple, but not even our torturer can get a confession. Bring me back his head!" The overseer announced. Zillith rose from her chair. "I will not fail you overseer" she bowed and stepped out of the room heading to the prison.[​IMG]
  2. Name: Tai Venth (Darth Demens)
    Age: 25
    Race: Mandalorian
    Homeworld: Mandalore
    Role: Sith
    Appearance: he wears the usual black robes but no cloak to hide the saber(s) he hides and a mask of a Mandalorian his face is badly scarred on his right side from a close encounter with an old friend
    Personality: Tai is a non-serious bad guy who once was a Jedi. He is called insane yet brilliant, unpredictable yet calculative. The last one means no one can predict his moves but his moves in battle are extremely planned, calculated, and predictable but so crazy no one will ever expect it. When he is in the heart of battle he lets out a laugh as he tears down everything that opposes him.
    Weapon: he carries a blood red double bladed lightsaber that can become to individual lightsabers. upload_2016-12-16_17-33-25.png
    Skills: he is a skilled fighter with great and powerful force user being able to levitate, choke, his enemies, use advanced mind tricks, and can use the force to take information from targets much like Kylo Ren
    Rank: Sith Lord
    (I don't have time to write an intro right now when I do I will.)
  3. Zillith opens the door leading to the cells. She walks in seeing the Zabarack torturer standing using three men in cages. One spoke mandalorian which was a bit of an issue, the other was and imperial technician, and the other one was a Sith acolyte. Zillith interrogated each and everyone of them. The mandalorian she saved for last. Neither of the potiential spies talked. She was left with no choice. She shocked them both with lightning and they both said they didn't do it. "I give up!" Zillith yelled crushing a nearby crate with the force. They both sighed in relief. This enraged her and her saber egnited and a swipe of light swiftly moved to the other side. Decapitated bodies fell to the floor as the mandalorian was shocked in fear. "I need a real Mandalorian in here!" She ordered the guards. They went to find Darth Demens. As she did the picked up the two heads. "Bring these to my sister in the lab!" She ordered as the other guard ran off in disgust with the heads
  4. Demens sat in a chamber meditating, which the things he does are usually quite insane so this was a surprise, until he was interrupted by the guards but before they could say anything he held his hand up to shush them "I already know" he said he voice was deep and coarse, he stood up keeping his hands behind his back like a gentleman sending fear into the guards just through eye contact as he walked towards the room with the guards following close behind. He entered the room looking at the prisoner in Mandalorian tongue he spoke "Its okay I'm not going to hurt you I just want you to answer some question" the Mandalorian relaxed then spoke Demens listening to everything. After a minute the Mandalorian stopped speaking Demens stepped back lowering his head pulling out his sabers "thank you" he said as he gave the Mandalorian an honourable and quick demise. As he turned to walk out of the room he spoke softly to the Twilek "All of them were traitors" he walked out of the room back to the chamber he was in.
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  5. Name: Kira Crator
    Age: 21
    Race: Twilek
    Homeworld: Hoth
    Role: Scientists/ Spy
    Appearance: she wore a black lab coat with an imperial symbol on the left and right shoulder only when she is working in the lab. She wears a black chestplate, knee pads, played boots, shoulder pads, played gloves. With a black tights and a black tight long sleeve under the armor. She carries a pistol on her thigh and has a sniper on her back. She is a pink Twilek with a black headband and jade eyes.
    Personality: brilliant, speaks 7 languages, stealthy, non social, independent, harsh, good cop, beautiful
    Weapon: Sniper rifle, Pistol, sometimes uses a lightning rod staff.
    Skills: crafting, analyzing, stealth, good liar, acrobatics, flexible, hacking.
    Zillith entered the lab to see Kira at work once again. She was always cooped up in their and didn't like anyone working in their with her. She was working on her sniper trying to increase the range of her bullets. She had created many gadgets such as a mobile holographic barrier and even an invisibility device that also muffles sound. She tinkered all day usually. "What do you want...?" Kira said not taking her eyes off her work. Zillith shrugged and peered over her shoulder. "Whatcha up to?" Zillith asked. "Well-" Kira replied but was soon interrupted. They were calling for a meeting with the Darth lords and their head Technician, Guards, and Overseers. To the conference room.
  6. Demens walked to the conference room not having a clue what the 'meeting' was about walking the same way he was before his sabers attached to his belt through magnets. He kept some of his traditions from both his Mandalorian life in between his times with the Jedi and Sith, he also unfortunately kept a few of his Jedi traditions like his formal attitude when not in combat, honour, and emotional distance from anyone he cares about, that is also what drove him away from the Jedi order along with a friends betrayal permanently scarring his face. He stopped for a brief second reflecting on his Jedi days knowing his wasted those years of his life. He was outside the conference room but waited for someone else to enter first.
  7. Kira stormed down the hall to see Darth Demens waiting outside. As she reached the door she entered. The others had already been inside. As she got to her spot and Darth Demens was ready they began the conference. As the Emperor spoke he wanted gain intel on Coruscant about a hidden republic base. The Emperor scanned the room. "Demens and Kira! You will be working in this mission together. Don't be noticeable. You will be put onto one of our undercover ships." The guards gathered the two and guided them. "Wow... we don't even get a deduction in this!" Kira mumbled as they were guided to the hangar.
  8. As Demens followed into the hanger he grabbed his lightsabers tinkering with them combining them if there was going to be a fight, he will be ready. Once they were combined he realized he was lagging behind and sped up to catch the group. As he got to them he turned to face the Twilek "Do you have any understanding of the kyber crystal" he held one of his red crystal up to the scientist.
  9. Kira looked at him as if he was stupid. "I'm am a scientist... I know more about those crystals than the emperor himself." She said grabbing her sniper rifle and pistol. She looked at the silver imperial shuttle as the doors of the ship reached the floor. She waved Demens onto the ship. The ships interior was white and high tech. A robot pilot and technician, S3-O9, sat in the pilot seat and welcomed us
  10. Name: Mark Horokai Anderson (Jedi name Sen Spiralflare)
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Homeworld: Ilum
    Role: A teacher who teach's in both sides, Jedi, Last Temple guardian, Sith
    Appearance: White hair, Red eyes, Yellow Robe with black stripes wears a grey jacket with a hoodie on at all time and a white shirt. Has the mask on sometime
    Personality: Once the student of a Jedi master and sith lord now he wonders about his life who doesn't care about neither sides but only cares to keep people on both side safe. His Parents were killed by bounty hunters who he mistakes for a Jedi or a Sith. He doesn't talk to people unless it's someone who he teach's. Mark rarely talks about himself unless to someone he trust. Sometimes he can falls into the dark side.
    Weapon: Two Wrist hilt lightsabers one that's red and one that's rare Razer Green. But the Dark saber is the one he masters the most but he only uses it now for emergency only.
    Skills: Force lighting, Force Storms, Force Choke, Jedi mindtrick, use the force, Tutaminis. Mastered all 7 forms of light saber combat. Force speed, Force healing, Force cloak, Will use Force body if needed, Wall of light, Mind control, Force throw, Levitation, Force barrier, Force Vision, Telekinesis, Force Whirlwind, Force Repulse, Animal bound, Animal Friendship.
    Rank: Mark was a Sith Marauder then Jedi knight sometimes goes to be a Temple Guardian.
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  11. Thinks about how The Jedi corrupted his own planets Ilum and how before it was a planet filled with kyber crystal but meditates in the Jedi Temple doing Guardian duty as the last Temple Guardian. Keeps mask on to hide face.
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  13. Demens let out a quiet chuckle "Well what you think you know isn't really what it is" he begun to hold the crystal above his hand as he entered the ship. The crystal went back down into his hand "to explain these crystals is like trying to explain the force" he said as his saber lifted the crystal chamber opened up as he out the crystal inside "so tell me what is it that you think you understand about these crystals." He looked around the ship not surprised they updated it since the last time he was inside of one.
  14. She glanced at him as she sat in the passenger seat. "I'm fascinated at the amount of energy it holds is ejected with such power." Kira said as the ship lifted off. The ship moved at a rapid pace into the sky. They set course for Coruscant. She put on examined her citizen robe disguise and she hid her sniper under them. Her pistol was in her hand at all times. As they went through hyperspace blue lights glided around them. Coruscant appeared in the distance.
  15. "Well the crystals I wield are not natural but the sabers can still hopefully make me pass as a Jedi" He looked down at his sabers he looked forward at Coruscant the planet in his mind should be wiped from existence it was nothing more than a single city. He moved to the front of the ship "all though the energy the have is interesting, it is merely a non-living vessel for the force" he said as he reached for the Mandalorian helmet, he took off the helmet looking at the planet lowering his head in thought.
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  16. The landing gears emerged from the ship as it landed in the citizens hangar. Kira grabbed a few things before leaving. "We shall go to the cities cantina for some more information. There are some bounty hunters that could have useful information for us." She processed out of the ship covering herself with the cloak
  17. "Bounty hunters... yeah I have a huge bounty on my head" he said as he followed the Twilek off the shop "but I do have a friend in the order who is a double agent" he begun to walk a separate direction than Kira. As he moved to a building his last words to her "I'll talk to him then can rondevoue at the nearest cantina" he disappeared into the shadows of the city.
  18. Kira nodded as she proceeded to the cantina. As she entered men began to scout her. A man approached her, he was obviously drunk. "Hey beautiful how about a drink?" He asked. Kira cleared her throats as she sent her hand cross his face. She turned and scouted the tables until her eyes laid sight on a group of people with mandalorian armor. She took a seat at their table and they exchanged info. "Well... i am aware that the Jedi have a holocron that contains all of their future plans and blueprints, but it is heavily guarded..." the bounty hunter said as he took a sip of his ale. Kira nodded and thanked him. She proceeded out the door and waited for the Sith.
  19. Novian Jusnu
    Gender: M
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'8"
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Korriban
    Affiliations: Sith Empire (formerly), The Exchange

    Appearance: Jusnu wears a trench coat-esque jacket with purple trimmings and an interior of the same shade. He has black gloves and has black bangs with white strips as well as white combat boots.

    Backstory: Originally a Sith, Novian Jusnu was betrayed by his master in the old man's desperate attempt to claw for power. He escaped Korriban and flew towards the planet Coruscant, where he trained in secret. Soon, Jusnu joined the Exchange, one of the galaxy’s most prominent crime syndicates and serves as a personal bodyguard to higher-ups.

    Personality: Novian kept a tight hold on his emotions and spoke calmly, even during combat. He favored agility over brute strength, and had a certain level of respect for his opponents. Novian often disagreed with the methods of the Jedi and Sith. Unlike the vast majority of undisciplined lightsaber users, he was tactically minded and often used cutting barbs or sarcastic comments when sparring with his opponents to put them off-guard.

    Weapons & Abilities: Jusnu’s weapons of choice are dual wielded lightsabers with yellow cores.
    Novian proves himself to be a highly skilled combatant, able to defeat Lord Scourge in a one-on-one fight, seemingly playing with him opponent as he was able to defeat him without taking anything more than a glancing hit. In close quarters combat, Novian utilizes his lightsaber’s large hilt in order parry melee attacks which in turn opens opponents t counter blows. Novian also displays incredible reflexes and speed, dodging several attacks with ease, even when holding his un-ignited saber in one hand.
    Jusnu also showed himself to be very acrobatic and exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat, relying on his agility to dodge and misdirect enemy movements and attacks, before retaliating with his own kick-based attacks.
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  20. HK-97
    Age: Unknown, presumably 56.
    Race: HK-series hunter-killer droid.
    Homeworld: Built on Korriban, by Czerka.
    Role: Assassin/Hunter-Killer.
    Appearance: HK-97 appears as the standard model for his race, but built out of durasteel, making his plating darker. He wears an array of weapons across his person.

    Personality: Having newly discovered free will, HK-97 only knows one thing; he enjoys killing, /!: having a job, and it's best to earn money for doing so. His AI intelligence was modified by an unknown Nar Shaada engineer, making his coding powerful enough to hack computers and other droids, even simply turning off his own restraining bolt. He is ruthless and emotionless as a killer, having killed every single person who ever tried to reprogram or enslave him in the past.

    Weapons: HK-97 carries an array of different weapons, namely a vibrosword, a blaster rifle, a sniper rifle, two blaster pistols, a vibroknife, and several thermal detonators. He also possesses a jetpack and a temporary stealth generator.

    Skills: As a hunter-killer droid, HK-97 is exemplary at tracking, exploiting, and killing enemies. He has shown to be skilled in fighting and killing Force-Users.

    Rank: None. HK-97 works for the highest bidder.
  21. Name: Zillith Carrso
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Mirialan
    Homeworld: Tatooine
    Side: Republic, Jedi Consular
    Weapon: double bladed silver and gold green light saber.
    Appearance: She had a white Jedi robe with black tight pants and a gold trim in the robe. It split at the bottom and it covered her neck. She has long black hair in a ponytail and has olive green skin with dark green markings. Her eyes are yellow and she wears black fingerless gloves.
    Personality: Courageous, quick, prefers using force abilities, patient, calm toned.
    Backstory: On Tatooine she lived a normal life with merchants as parents. She would help sell items to make money. One day a Jedi visited Tatooine and came across her. He spoke of her having a strong connection to the force and her parents sent her to Coruscant to train.
    Zillith looked out of the window in the temple. She watched the speeders fly by one by one. There was traffic and all. Her mind had been clouded that day and she felt darkness. She turned to the elevator and took it down to the hangar. She ordered three heavy troopers with her as they got into a speeder and zoomed off into the city.
  22. A small transport ship docks in a lonely hanger, air hisses out of the landing platform as Novian steps out. He walks across the hangar into a busy room full of what he assumed to be members of the Exchange. He shrugged and headed towards higher levels in the building, and stared at the well-lit city.
  23. Secretly holds out the Darksaber and activate it and think about how he killed Jedi's with it.
    And holds out Darth Malgus's Lightsaber examining it the lightsaber and activating ut
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  24. Demens sat in the shadows on the roof near the Jedi temple with his Jedi friend ,a female zabrak, sat in front of him not able to see Demens. The zabrak spoke "a Jedi was recently attempted to fuse a Jedi and Sith holocron" Demens nodded and quietly said "I see what was the result Kyrum" Kyrum raised her head "Well it was unclear the way it was spoken about." Demens stepped out of the shadows without his helmet which he left on the ship, despite Kyrum not wanting to join the ranks of the Sith she slipped information and was great friends with Demens before his fall to the dark. Kyrum begun to walk to the side of the building "By the way we won't be able to meet up here on Coruscant for awhile" she whispered "I'm being sent to Ilum with younglings so they can retrieve their kyber crystals" Demens nodded as Kyrum leaped off the building parkouring her way down. Demens took a quieter way down. He made his way down and started towards the cantina he and Kira were supposed to meet at.
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  26. HK-97 approaches the Sith from behind, putting a hand on his back. Novian feels the point of a knife in his back.
    "Command: Follow me. The Empire does not need eyes to see us."
  27. Sense Demen While guarding the Temple. Throws his Dark lightsaber at him.
    But pulls it back before it even got close. He sense Siths around in the Temple and wonder how he doesn't notice since he is on Temple Guarding duty.
  28. Jusnu sighs and nods, and turns to the droid. "I presume you want to kill me?" He asks his metallic 'friend,' before raising his hands above his head.
  29. HK-97 lets out a metallic chuckle, looking around the area and scanning his options.
    "Denunciation: No. I want to do business with you."
  30. (uh.... Demens has already gone also please put more into your posts)
    Demens got to the cantina and looked at Kira "alright then, judging that your already out here, I'm going to assume you know about the holocron" he begun to lean on the wall "well a Jedi that once guarded it attempted to fuse a Jedi and Sith holocron and the result was unknown by my source" he looked at the Twilek "In the slightest way you remind me of her" he chuckled.
  31. The rogue lets out an annoyed sigh and walks inside the building and reaches for his comms, hoping that the assassin did would not notice. He enters an empty room, "So, what is it that you so direly need, metalhead?"
  32. Goes around the temple checking for anyone that's a Sith or got in here without even knowing it or Clones.
    Thinks about why lots of people turn to the dark side and still thinks about weather I should be with the republic or turn to the dark side too.

    Feels dizzy then then falls to the ground and then faints.
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  33. HK-97 motions to the comm unit.
    "Query: Did you think I hadn't tapped into your comms yet?" He sets a blaster pistol on the table, just within reach. The droid motions to a servant droid to bring the Sith a drink, then sits back in an almost disorientlingy casual pose for a droid.
    "Proposal: I assume you want to make sure the Sith don't harm you again?"
  34. Kira nodded with her pistol handle gripped tightly. "I assume it is within their library... citizens are only allowed with a pass, but this is no longer a stealth mission" she proceeded passed him and ordered a taxi. She ordered the driver to bring her past the side of the temple. He did and as they flew she leaped off the taxi and landed on the side. There was a good sliver of the building that stuck out. Her olive cloak made her slightly blend in with the light color of the building. She revealed her sniper rifle and peered through one of the top windows. She saw the entrance of the library and began to plan.

    Zillith zoomed around town as the air hit her face. She took a deep breath in and meditated searching for the source of darkness. She proceeded unable to find anything. "Back tot eh temple..." she ordered the trooper.
  35. Dude....... that's terrible grammar and plz stop talking like that use she or he and MORE detail
  36. Sorry I rush every time I type.
  37. Novian sets the comms down slowly. "Color me interested. What is it that you want from me? You need a bodyguard in the Outer Rim, droid? Also, how is it that you found me?" The enforcerer sounded genuinely curious.
  38. meditates in the middle of the Jedi temple while also is focusing on guarding duty.
  39. Name: Kyrum Miran
    Age: 24
    Race: Zabrak
    Homeworld: Iridonia
    Role: Jedi
    Appearance: She has bright natural yellow eyes (it causes a lot of confusion) and lightly coloured skin with brown hair that reaches half-way down her back. She had 3 horns in a line that leads back on the middle of her head. Kyrum wears a standard dark brown Jedi robe.
    Personality: Kyrum is a kind, easily enraged, caring Jedi who doesn't fully stand by the order of Jedi. She is powerful in the force and is able to fight Demens when he is at full force and hold out for a long time. Isn't afraid to face her fears as well as use the dark side.
    Weapon: a standard lightsaber with a purple blade upload_2016-12-28_21-23-25.png , as well as a bow caster attached to her back unless she needs to use it
    Skills: all the standard Jedi force abilities along with Force choke.
    Rank: Jedi knight

    Kyrum made her way back to her room in the Jedi temple sitting in the room beginning to meditate holding her saber in front of her through the force taking it apart and reassembling it. Despite her effort she could feel the dark side clouding her vision of her duties as a Jedi. She could feel the temptation of the dark side its pull was strong, in a way she was happy that she wouldn't be around Demens for awhile since he has been trying to get her to join the Sith so she needed to leave for awhile. After a little bit she left for the hanger as she was set to leave today. When she entered the ship she was greeted by the 5 younglings who were to hopefully get their crystals. The ship took off.

    Demens followed Kira location understanding what was about to happen. He got to the temple to see the ship for the younglings had just taken off making Demens sigh with relief that his friend wouldn't be in the temple.

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  40. Sense a really strong power of the force while meditating in the middle of the temple.
    Stops meditating and stands up doing guarding duty again with mask on.

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