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Ask to Join Star wars: Outer Republic

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. For character bios, OOC discussion, and story ideas go here https://pokecharms.com/threads/star-wars-outer-republic.18756/
    In orbit of Bothawui.

    Cornel Jacen Corr walked threw the corridor . Since the New Republic's destruction. The Outer Republic relocated to the Bothan home world.

    Jacen Let out a breath as he checked his orders. General Kyrell received intel about a first order stock pile at Fondor. ' So going to check out an old imperial space dock interesting.' He thought. He let out another breath before opening his eyes. " Private set a course for Fondor." He said engage. He wondered what might be waiting for them once they reach the planet.
  2. Fondor, Mikhal's Speeder Repairs

    Cham was underneath an X-34 Landspeeder, trying to repair the clunker's coolant lines, when the whole thing went down. He supposed that's what really saved him. The Mirialan heard the chimes of the door opening, and the tromp of boots as a small group entered the repair shop.
    "I'll be with you in a minute!" Mikhal shouted from the office.
    Cham heard the office door open, and Mikhal walk out. The human let out a small gasp.
    "Where's my money, Mikhal?" A low, gravelly voice said. Cham stopped working on the coolant, and glanced over. From under the speeder, he could see the 5 pairs of boots, along with Mikhal's shoes.
    "Ah... D-Dessh..." Mikhal stammered. "I... I... I'm still working on it..."
    "It's been a month, Mikhal. I need that money now." The low voice, Dessh, said. "You didn't go and lose that money, did you?"
    Cham silently slid out from under the speeder, slowly drawing his blaster. He wished he wouldn't have left his bowcaster in his speeder bike. That one was still outside. His X-8 would hopefully have to do. Mikhal stammered nervously at the gangster as Cham sat, hidden and trying to figure out how he could take on five criminals at once.
  3. Pep sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. She glared at the board of squabbling people, sitting back. She took a deep breath before standing and slamming her hands into the table. Once she gathered the attention, she got back into track. Her words on how to improve business was noted just before the table started to squabble again.
  4. Ken Lokar, the solo pilot from the planet of Shili. He self trained himself to become a pilot, but it got worse from there. Ken now was running toward his Z-95 Starfighter while trying to escape the group of Arcona. "You suns of-" A blaster shot was hit at the starfighter. The hatch opened, he jumped inside the ship and started the engines. The group of Arcona stopped to take aim at the engines. The ship started to take off when the right engine was shot, leading the ship to drift up into the air. "Crap, now i gotta level the energy to the other engine!" He flicked the switch that now gave the right engine more power to even the thrust. He then turned up thrust and shot himself out of range. "Hopefully that will teach them a lesson!" He turned to see the pillar of smoke from a hangar bay. He held up a holocomm and held up a gem. "I got it, its all in good hands right now."
  5. "Private set a course for Fondor."

    "Aye sir, setting course," she said putting the coordinates in the nav computer. All there was left to do, is go to light speed. The planet itself was quite a distance away."Going to warp in 3, 2, 1." On one she pushed forward a leaver in front of her. And like that they went to light speed. Their location was a bit of a distance from Fondor, so it will be a little bit before they arrive. She leans back in her seat in a sort of lounging fashion, with her hands behind her head. Her first mission with the New Republic, this is going to be fun.
  6. "You know what happens when people lose my money, right?" Dessh said threateningly, pulling something from his pocket. It was a metallic cylinder, but other then that Cham couldn't really see it. It seemed to scare the crap out of Mikhal, though. Dessh smiled.

    "You know what this is, don't you? That's right. And I killed a Jedi for it." Dessh said. Mikhal actually whimpered. Dessh killed a Jedi? That's kriffing ridiculous! Cham thoight. The gangster was pretty incompetent, and could never do something like kill a Jedi. But Mikhal seemed to buy the lie. Cham had seen all he needed to. Taking careful aim, he fired rapidly at the gangsters. Three went down, but Dessh and the Cathar dove for cover. Mikhal turned tail and booked it into the office. Dessh and the Cathar began firing back, but Cham had already ducked behind the Landspeeder.
  7. Ken closed his holocomm and started to steer towards a village, not far from the hanger if you had a vehicle. He landed outside the village and walked in to talk to the chief of the town. "Good afternoon sir, i acquired the gem for you. What does it do anyway?" The chief nodded and started to talk, "Well, its a strong source of power used in this village to power everything, but it has been gone for so long, we have lost all power here." Ken nodded and headed out the building, now holding a little bit of money. He grinned and walked to his starship, but then he heard something. He ran on top of the ship and looked toward the pillar of smoke, it was the Arcona and their ground assault tanks, he turned on the engines. Ken ran back to the chief. "Sir, they know that i came here, they took the gem from you, you sent me to take it back, and they know its here!" The chief looked with concern. "We will fire up the defense weapons but you need to buy us time, give us 15 minuets!" Ken ran back to his ship, and started the fight.
  8. Cham didn't care peek his head out from behind the Landspeeder as Dessh and the Cathar sent a barrage of blaster bolt. Cham started to crawl towards a new spot when the shooting suddenly stopped. Why did they stop? A beeping metal sphere landed closes to Cham, and his eyes widened. Thermal Detonator! The Mirilian kicked the detonator away and started to crawl as fast as he could. Moments later, the explosion from the detonator sent him flying.

    Cham slowly opened his eyes and tried to sit up. His head was pounding, and his nose was being assaulted by the scent of something burning. He looked around, and saw his blaster lying next to him. Dessh stepped out of the smoke. The human smirked evilly, pointing the cylinder at Cham.

    "Ya shouldn't have messed with me, brudda. I'll show you what happens when you mess with a Jedi killer." Dessh said. He pressed a button on the cylinder, and a bronze beam of energy sprung from it, stopping at Cham's face. He stared at it in surprise. That kriffing guy really had a lightsaber! Dessh raised the lightsaber above his head, and Cham didn't hesitate. Cham grabbed his blaster, firing point-blank at Dessh's chest. The human let out a surprised gasp, rocking back on his ankles, then fell back. The lightsaber deactivated mid-air, then fell to the ground with a clatter.
  9. Ken started to fire on the approaching tanks. The holocomm activated, "We have sent a distress signal in case something goes wrong. You are our only hope now, we need just 12 more minuets!" The message ends and Ken fires his MG5 concussion missiles at the tanks, only destroyed one. The tanks spun around and fired at him. Both blasts hit but made him steer to far left. He pulled off the ground with major thrust, causing his right engine to burst into flames. Ken started to panic and killed the engines to save him from an explosion. He glided toward the last two, and was able to explode one and knock over another. He crashed out in the field and left his craft with a few scratches. "Now would be a good time if any backup would come!" He pulled out the holocomm, "Sir, i got 2 but i think there are more coming, my ship is crashed outside, whats the progress?" Ken waited for the answer, "I'm sorry, the cannons have not been used in a long time and 2 have broken down, we have only 6 now and its at 7 minuets left, you got this under control?" Ken was silent, and then answered, "I might, wish me luck."

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