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Open Star wars: Outer Republic

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. In the wake of the New Republic's destruction those few senators that took former senator Leia Organa's claims seriously broke off from the New Republic and created the Outer Republic. The Outer Republic keeping their base planets a secret fight and openly defy the first order. They vow to put an end to the new Empire before it truly begins.

    The Outer Republic: The remnants of the New republic. Under the leadership of Senator Borrsk Feylya as well as Generals Wedge Antilles Thane Kyrell and Ciana Ree- Kyrell. They started a war against the first order after seeing that the resistance failed. Their goal is to bring peace back to the galaxy.

    The First Order: The reminantes of the Galactic Empire. Under the leadership of Kylo Ren and General Hux they have quickly been seizing former republic worlds.

    The Chiss Ascendency: An isolationist speices known for their cunning brain and military might. They observe both sides as they prepare for a war against a much more dangerous foe.

    Sentinels: An organization of force and non force wielders. They work in the shadows to bring light to the galaxy. They can be anyone who wants to make a positive change in the universe. Their Identites are secret as only operative 001 knows who each of them are.

    The New Sith Order: Created by a former inquisitor known as third sister. She was driven further into the dark side than either Vader or Sidus would've liked. After Endor she took on apprentices. Now thirty years later they lay and wait for the right time to reveal themselves and take back what is rightfully theirs.

    Character Bio
    Short biography
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  2. i am very interested
  3. Alright. I see that your relatively new so I must ask have you read the pokecharm rules? Also if you don't mind can you give me a sample of your rp skills
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  4. I am also super interested and will reply when I can
  5. I'm also interested, and will put up a cs as soon as I can
  6. Character Bio
    Name: Pep'rako
    Age: 28 in twi'lek years
    sex: female
    species: twi'lek
    Appearance: light purple skin, blue eyes, darker blue tattoo rings around her upper left arm, wears long robes over top a sleeveless turtleneck, tights, boots
    faction: sentinels
    Short biography: she grew up seeing the slavery of her people. With her family's standing she was protected from slavery and has helped slaves escape through her businesses.
  7. Name: Cham Entuwa
    Age: 25
    sex: Male
    species: Mirialan
    apperance: Chan has green skin and short brown hair. He also has facial tattoos in patterns normal to the Mirialan. One bar of tattoo stretches from right under his left eye to his left ear. Another goes from his right eye to his jaw. Wears a jacket. His weapons of choice are a modified wookie bowcaster (modified to be more lightweight and have better range), an X-8 night sniper blaster pistol, and a vibroblade dagger. Cham doesn't always carry around the bowcaster.
    faction: None at the moment, but harbors no particular love for the First Order.
    Short biography: Did some small smuggling work before his partner got iced by a crime lord. Then Cham went straight as a mechanic. Supposedly. He'll still do the odd job for the right price, as long as it's nothing too illegal.
  8. Name: Iris Lund
    Age: 24
    sex: female
    species: Human
    Appearance: Pale skin, hazel eyes, blonde hair (usually in a ponytail), A brown jacket, and cargo pants.
    faction: Outer Republic
    Short biography: Born and raised on naboo, she was used to raids from empire sympathizers. Because of these raids, she became a pilot at a earlier age than most. She only recently left the planet to do whatever she could fight where she felt she was more needed.
  9. accepted both of you
  10. Name: Jacen Corr
    Age: 54
    sex: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Greying brown hair, He stands at five eight, Has light blue eyes with a hint of gold, Wears an Outer republic cornel's uniform
    Faction Outer Republic/ Sentinel
    Short biography: Do to his farther being a former Jedi and him being force sensitive they were on the run for most of his life. When he turned eighteen he joined the Rebel Alliance. After the civil war ended he left the alliance to form the Sentinels a group of force and non force users who work in the shadows to protect the innocent. When Hosnian prime was destroyed leading to the death of his youngest child he joined the outer republic becoming the commander of the Mon Calamari battle cruiser Liberty B

    Please note that if you want to add more character's you don't need to make a character sheet for them.
  11. It would be a pleasure fighting by your side!

    Name: Ken Lokar
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Species: Togruta
    Appearance: Blue and White look around the body. Black chest area.
    Faction: "Old Republic"
    Short biography: He fought with the Clones in some battles against the CIS in some fights, but one major one, the Battle of Ryloth. He turned out to be a fighter in the pilots corps on his home planet Shili. During order 66, the clones attacked the towns of Shili and made Ken leave the planet on his Z-95 Starfighter, gifted to him by the Republic.
  12. Problem with your post. the Outer republic is set well after the events of the clone wars.
  13. how long after? because i thought it would be 10 years or something
  14. try around fifty. this takes place during the sequel trilogy.
  15. alright, take two.

    Name: Ken Lokar
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Species: Togruta
    Appearance: Blue and White look around the body. Black chest area.
    Faction: None
    Short biography: He has rebelled against the New Republic in his Z-95 Starfighter that he acquired from a abandoned hangar. He usually is fighting for the people who are under powered by higher up orders.
  16. accepted.
    Also I see that your a bit new to the site So I must ask have you read the rules of how to RP on this site?
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  17. is it alright if I post my starter as your pilot? @Jagson
    I feel it works better with my bio that way
  18. Yeah you can.
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  19. Name/Nickname: Kandor Ravage (rav ar je)
    Age: 21
    Species: Zabrak (Dathomir)
    Appearance: tall with pale milky skin and Short pale tan hair, red eyes and subtle facial tattoos
    Often wears deep red robes beneath a similarly colored set of light armour with intricate Dathomiri designs etched on it
    Personality: due to Kandor’s Dathomiri species she is naturally aggressive and fiercely independent meaning she is prone to outbursts or rage as well as other antisocial behaviors
    Allied Faction: Currently Sentinel though she may be lured tot he darkside
    Abilities: (things a character can do without need of weaponry) gifted in traditional Dathomiri martial arts and fighting styles
    Force Powers [Force User only]: Force enhancements (speed, strength, endurance and accuracy) and force healing
    Weaponry: twin lightsabers which combined to form a saberstaff, (color will vary) and a pair of gauntlets capable of firing small stun bolts
    Equipment: (generic tools not classified as weapons) Kandors gauntlets also have functionality for communication and scanning
    Backstory: Kandor was born and raised on Dathomir where she was trained by one of the last surviving nightsisters, who often recounted tales of the clone wars, the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith, Kandor was in awe of these legions if warriors fighting for justice. So when her teacher happened to die not long after the destruction of Star Killer base.It was during this time that Kandor begin to hear stories of the Sentinels and thus begun to seek them out, jumping at the chance to be apart of something greater than herself on the scale of the once great Jedi order but refused to allow it to change her Dathomiri training and upbringing
    Other: lacking a rigid moral code and feeling that justice can only be truely achieved through use of both sides of the force, Kandor is likely to become ambiguous force user or work both sides
  20. Are multiple characters allowed?

    If so
    Name/Nickname: Ajax Knight ‘Knightmare’
    Age: 27
    Species: Chiggnash-Huamn hybrid (the Chiggnash were a species of scorpion like humaniods from Star Wars legends)
    Appearance: humanoid with dark grey skin and piecing orange eyes which glow slightly in low light conditions, his hair is cut short and is of a light grey hue with bright orange streaks through it. Ajax’s skin is thick and leathery with various scars and marks from his years as a bounty hunter and an imperial experiment prior to that. His retractable and highly articulate tail, which protrudes from the base of his spine is covered in scaly plates with a sickening stinger claw at its tip.
    Ajax usually wears painted mandalorian armor beneath a grey trench coat both with a hole at the base of the spine to accommodate his tail. Ajax’s helmet comprises of a modified Clone commando helmet.
    Personality: Ajax wants people to perceive him as a force to be feared and is very slow to warm to people, some call him cold or heartless however he is known to show genuine concern for the few people who earn his trust.
    Allied Faction: Sentinels
    Abilities: (things a character can do without need of weaponry) due to his human hybrid status Ajax lacks the telepathic abilities common among Chiggnash however thanks to genetic manipulation at the hands of the Empire, Ajax’s tail is capable of administering a variety of chemical compounds, ranging from harmful neurotoxins and acids to antibiotic serums and painkillers
    Weaponry: twin blaster pistols which combine to form a larger blaster rifle for long range sniping, Ajax also wields a vibrio-blade when facing opponents with melee weapons
    Equipment: (generic tools not classified as weapons) multitool with repair, scanning and communication functionality, as well as this Ajax wears a small jet pack with space for Ajax to ‘store’ his tail while flying
    Personal Ship: a modified Firespray-class interceptor
    Backstory: Ajax is the result of late Imperial attempts at creating human soldiers with the abilities of various alien races. He was born from the combination of the stolen genetic materials of Jango Fett and a Chiggnash warlord, making Ajax technically half clone however his Chiggnash DNA proved dominant causing his unusual skin tone along with the presense of his tail however his human genes also caused the telepathic powers and subsequent instabilities of his race to be rendered null and void. Despite this tests of his endurance and resistance to physical and psychological torture saw Ajax labeled as an unlikely success and was to be transferred to a secret imperial base in the outer rim for further training and conditioning. While on route his imperial transport was set upon by raiders who took Ajax as their slave. However Ajax’s refused to be the lap dog of anyone else and fought back against his captors using his natural resistance to his benefit by destroying his shock collar and executing his captors. Selling their ship, weapons and equipment and beginning his life as a bounty hunter. Where he drifted for a long time until finally joining the Sentinels
  21. Accepted and yes multiple characters are allowed.
  22. Would I be able to use my universal form?
  23. Name: Stacy Thomas
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: Long black hair, stands at 5 11, wears a short yellow jacket, light blue pants, yellow pins in hair, faded blue bracelets, cut white shirt
    Short biography: Taken to space at a young age after rich family killed
    Faction: Jedi
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  24. I'd like to join the role play. I wonder if you have any special rules other than the general rules. Also, please take note i'm not perfect in role playing so i might actually cause misunderstandings at some point. In that case, i apologize beforehand (i will apologize if/when that happens too). So now i have nothing more to say except my character bio:
    Name: Trevor
    Age: 28
    Sex: male
    Species: Corellian
    Appearance: basically a normal human being i guess
    Faction: trooper
    Short biography: his parents were killed fighting the first order and now he seeks revenge. He is quite mentally unstable though. Woooow i'm really bad at this XD
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  25. I think this rp is well and truely dead
  26. Yep, kinda wanna make a Star Wars rp tho
  27. Yeah this is dead.
  28. Aww too bad

    I made another star wars role play if you want to join that one instead
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