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Open Star Wars: GAR Suicide Squads

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dapper_Cat, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. I'm usually watching something when these ideas spark inside my head. This was no different. I was watching the episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars where they infiltrate the Citadel by going in to Carbonite to hide their life signatures from the C.I.S. and thought: "How cool would it be if this was some spec ops operation, but instead of these people, they were OCs?" And, ta-da! This was born!

    This is a discussion thread, where you can post your character Bios and OOC chatter. Basically, the RP is based around Clone Troopers, all displaying unique capabilities, free thinking, and a remarkable will to survive. A lot of these Clones survived harsh conditions, most of which killed the rest of their units. They were placed in a near-unsurvivable situation, but survived and managed to return to the Republic. The sorts of clones range, from standard clones, to ARCs, to Republic Commandos, and even to a handful of Alpha-Class ARC Troopers assigned to oversee the squads. These clones are placed into rag-tag squads, each member specializing in something that makes them unique. They are sent on the most dangerous and suicidal missions the Republic has to offer. They are not expected to survive, but they weren't expected to survive the situations that led to them being chosen. The suicide squads usually only contain clones, but they also consist of Volunteers that have gone through similar situations and have emerged mentally stable. These clones are granted advanced equipment, and modified equipment of older generations, if it suits their preferences.

    If you want to RP as an Alpha, you need to message me over a Conversation. I'll require you to link me to an RP you've actively participated in, and from there I'll judge. If I say you can make a form, take the form and send it to me in our conversation first. If I approve, you can then post it here. I will reply on here that I have allowed you to do so.

    RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/star-wars-gar-suicide-squads-rp.15316/

    1. You can not be an Alpha without my permission. See above for more information.
    2. You can swear, and there CAN be gore, but unless you're equipped with a blade or slugthrower, it's unlikely there will be much gore, since most laser based weapons cauterize the wounds.
    3. You're character, if a Volunteer, can be Force Sensitive, but they can not be a Jedi, or equipped with a lightsaber. If we get too many Force Sensitive volunteers, I'm going to have to cut them off. This focuses on the troopers, not the Jedi or Sith, or the Force.
    4. Follow the Pokecharms rules.
    5. You need my permission to RP as anything above the rank of Lieutenant. Not as much hoops to jump through as Alpha Permission. Just message me, and I'll contemplate it and let you know. You need to let me know the rank you want your character to be.
    6. Six character limit. Diversity, for those who want it. You can make your characters know each other, or other RPers' with their permission.
    7. Any and all Alpha ARC's have default command over the Suicide Squads, but they all answer to Captain Alpha-18, since he originally proposed the idea and created the contingent.
    8. TRY to explain your character in the description. If you think it's not sufficient, or you want it for context, you can add in pictures at the bottom of your post.
    9. If you are an Alpha, you will mainly stay on the Venator "Rebound." Alphas only disembark on missions with Suicide Squads if their presence and leadership is necessary. Very rarely, a whole group of Alphas may be sent together, but only if the mission is extremely dangerous, and even deemed almost certain suicide by the Suicide Squad Contingent's standards.

    I'll make a post here if I decide there's something important that I feel should be added in, either to the rules or the description.

    An important note, this takes place during the time of clones having Phase II armor, the only clones whose armor would be different is the RCs.

    An important note for Serial Codes! They are at least four digits, with every four digits given a dash in between. Only exceptions are Alphas and Nulls, but there will be no Null ARCs, and Alphas require my permission. Ex: CT-9901/0003/4502.
    Also, for Serial Codes. They are dependent on your kind of trooper class. I will list them now:
    Clone Trooper (CT), Commanding Clone (Commanders, CC), Republic Commando (RC), Advanced Recon Commando (ARC), Advanced Recon Commando Commander (ARCC), Volunteer Trooper (VT), Volunteer Advanced Recon Commando (VARC), Volunteer Commander (VC),
    Volunteer Advanced Recon Commando Commander (VARCC)
    If you're going to make a character that doesn't have one of these designations, message me to make sure it makes sense, or if it may be a tag I missed.

    Remember, this is an OPEN RP, you DON'T need permission to join.
    Form (*'s are optional, as usual with my RP's.):
    Serial Code:
    Name (If Volunteer. Leave blank if not):
    Armor Appearance:
    Physical Appearance:
    Reason For Integration (Why they were chosen):

    Mine (I have two right now):

    Serial Code: Alpha-18
    Rank: Captain (Default command over all Suicide Squad contingents, regardless of rank.)
    Nickname: "Gambit"
    Skills: Hand to Hand, Parkour, Modified Weaponry
    Weaponry/Equipment: Modified DC15A Rifle, Twin DC-17 Sidearms, Beskad (Mandalorian Iron sword.) Wrist-operated grappling hook.
    Armor Appearance: Modified Phase II Clone ARC Armor. He carries the standard ARC Backpack, Pauldron, and Kama. His armor is predominantly white with red stripes. His pauldron is red. His Kama is white, witha red trim. He wears a red sun-visor with a red range finder.
    Physical Appearance: His physical attributes are the same as most clones, however he has his hair cut short, with patterns.
    Personality: "Gambit" was always a free-thinker and strategist, and he continues to show his ingenuity. He likes to be on the front line with his men, but understands the strategic importance of staying in the Command Center.
    Likes: Free thinking, Sticking up for brothers, Show of strategic value
    Dislikes: Idiotic strategic moves, traitors, half truths, blindly obedient soldiers
    Reason For Integration: In the early days of the Clone Wars, "Gambit" was practically the definition of a free-thinking Clone. He also proposed the idea for the Suicide Squad Contingent. He was assigned to lead and train the Contingent. He hand-picks each possible candidate personally.

    Serial Code: RC-1119/1101
    Rank: Second Lieutenant
    Nickname: "Kicker"
    Skills: Hacking, Mandalorian Hand to Hand Combat
    Weaponry/Equipment: DC-17M (Sniper and Anti-Armor Attachments), DC15 Pistol, Wrist Vibro-Knives, advanced hacking drone, underbarrel grappling hook attachment.
    Armor Appearance: Standard Republic Commando armor. It's predominantly black, with a glowing blue visor. There are splatters of blue painted on it, as well as some white spots from the original armor. His backpack displays his last two numbers, "01," and contains his hacking equipment.
    Physical Appearance: Average clone, except Kicker's hair is shaved at the sides.
    Personality: Of course, like most of the other clones in the Contingent, he's a free thinker. He likes to get to know his teammates, and watch their backs when in the field. He's always the humorous one, almost always having a joke to lighten the mood. He also uses it to deflect things that bother or annoy him.
    Likes: Teammates, Cooperativeness, Computers, Jokes
    Dislikes: Un-cooperativeness, stabs in the back, failing in hacking
    Reason For Integration: Kicker's squad was sent on a scouting operation on Umbara, a couple months before the 501st landed on the planet. It was a stealth op. Get in, get the Umbaran battle plans, and get out. Unfortunately, one of their teammates ratted them out, resulting in the death of every member of Ghost Squad, other than Kicker and the traitor. Kicker managed to still get the data and flee. He was forced to survive for weeks on Umbara, before finally managing to sneak aboard a C.I.S. shuttle and hi-jack it. He made it back to Republic space, and was one of the first clones to be recommended for the Suicide Squad Contingent.

    This took me at least an hour to make. Lol. Anyways, just make your form and post it. Once I get three new people in, I'll start up the Roleplay thread.
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  2. Serial Code: XX-3897
    Rank: Battlion Commander
    Name (If Volunteer. Leave blank if not):
    Nickname*: X
    Skills: Sniping, dodging lasers, providing cover fire,
    Weaponry/Equipment*: Standard Clone trooper armor. A Blaster Sniper rifle and blaster pistol. (I need to browse what kind they are
    Armor Appearance: He has Black and Blue armor. It is made to disguse him from enemy fire. The base of the armor is black. And the decorative other color is blue. And the
    Physical Appearance: He is about 6'5". He has black hair and blue eyes. His cheeks are littered with scars.
    Likes*: Salt. Killing.
    Dislikes*: People. Any flavor that isn't
    Reason For Integration (Why they were chosen): He is an expert marksman and has led victories for several of the republic battles.
  3. Only gripe I have about this, is, his eye color. Why are they blue? Cloning error, contact lenses? Also, I forgot to post pictures for context on my characters.

    Gambit, his hairstyle, Kicker, and Kicker's hairstyle, respectively.
    upload_2017-1-15_21-14-40.png [​IMG] upload_2017-1-15_21-15-49.png [​IMG]
    Also, for those of you who remember Cade Skirata from @DarkEmporer's "Star Wars Sparks of Rebellion" Roleplay, yes, he was Gambit.
  4. Oh yeah, coding errror sounds right for why his eyes are blue.
  5. What are the ranks for my oc?
  6. Just look up "Army ranks," and anything Lieutenant and under is good. Some basic ones off the top of my head are Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Sgt. Major, Second Lieutenant, and Lieutenant. There are others, but those are off the top of my head.
  7. Serial Code: ARC-1433
    Rank: private first class
    Name (If Volunteer. Leave blank if not):
    Nickname*: the shiny
    Skills: quick drawing, giving cover fire
    Weaponry/Equipment*: LDT-heavy blaster with bi-pod, dual blaster pistols, 5 sticky explosives, 5 smoke grenade and a grenade launcher attachment to his blaster
    Armor Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/...0JpECIWGT-ooJNOuUmGhfZWdcIzOkWyoreXXIu_5b-8Iw
    Physical Appearance:like any other clone cadet
    Likes*: A fire fight,the trill of the hunt
    Dislikes*: not having his weaponry
    Reason for integration: his ability to think on his toes and quick trigger finger lead to multiple trooper extreactions
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  8. Serial Code: ARC-8632/1492
    Rank: Specialist
    Nickname*: Goldrush
    Skills: Stealth and Adaptable
    Weaponry/Equipment*: Duel DC-17 Hand Blasters
    Armor Appearance: Golden Arc Trooper Armour
    Physical Appearance: Exactly the regular Clone Trooper,
    Personality*: Goldrush is a battle hardened veteran who is not afraid to say when something isn't right. However he has a sense of humour and looks out for his team, especially Mech, very much
    Likes*: Victory, Mech, His old Team.
    Dislikes*: Genosians, C.I.S., Count Dooku, Anyone remotely involved in the C.I.S., The fact that his name autocorrects to Goldfish
    Reason For Integration: Goldrush was part of an Ill fated mission to explore the Genosian Catacombs. They discovered a terrifying Genosian force easily in the thousands, preparing for an attack. The group's commander ordered an all or nothing attack against the Genosian force, there was no point reporting back to command as the force was already beginning to move. The resulting battle was a slaughter, three dead within minutes and the rest captured. One of the others, a clone nicknamed "Mech", sacrificed himself to allow Goldrush to escape and tell the Republic, saving many, many lives.

    Serial Code: CC-8632/1493
    Rank: Sergent Major
    Nickname*: Mech
    Skills: Hacking and Technology
    Weaponry/Equipment*: Built in Wrist Blaster, Built in Cannon Arm, Built in Jetpack
    Armor Appearance: The outer plating of the Super Tank in the shape of a Super Battle Droid, filled with Bacta and machinery linking Mech's armour to his internal organs.
    Physical Appearance: Nothing, his body was burned off in the Genosian Catacombs
    Personality*: Serious and detached after his torture and subsequent transfer into a droid. Mech always thinks seriously and tactically.
    Likes*: Goldrush, Technology, the Republic, Winning.
    Dislikes*: The Genosians, the C.I.S., Genosians, Poggle the Lesser, Genosians, Count Dooku, Genosians, Sand (Its rough and coarse and gets everywhere) Genosians. Oh did i mention Genosians?
    Reason For Integration: Mech, along with Goldrush, was part of the ill fated Genosian Mission. After sacrificing himself to rescue Goldrush, he was tortured by the Genosians. Unlike the others, who were executed. He was tortured daily for two weeks before Goldrush went on a one man quest to rescue him. Eventually he found Mech, only a head and organs floating in a bacta tank stained with blood. Luckily it was in a C.I.S. droid laboratory and he was able to get the necessary parts to give Mech an artificial body. Mech led the group's new recruits from then on, often using his droidlike appearance to sneak into C.I.S. territory unnoticed. Eventually he was promoted to the Suicide Squad along with Goldrush
  9. Serial code: ARC-2607/1404
    Rank: Private First Class
    Nickname: Glider
    Skills: Piloting ships, hijacking ships, fixing ships, taking risks.
    Weaponry and Equipment: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/DC-15s_side_arm_blaster (DC-15s side arm blaster) , a Power Wrench that can also be used as a weapon.
    Armour Appearance:
    http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net...on/latest?cb=20140308205721&path-prefix=clone (Special for piloting)
    Physical appearance: Same as most clones
    Personality: Takes risks, tends to ignore safety. This has caused him to brand most normal clones sticklers-for the rules and end up out of the favour of most clone commanders.
    Likes: Piloting, danger. Hitting people with the wrench.
    Dislikes: Being told the odds, being told the rules. Being told basically anything.
    Reason for integration: After multiple complaints by clones he had been assigned to work with, and having seen some of the miracles he has pulled off, he was assigned to the Suicide Squad Contingent where he could be more effectively used.
  10. So in the words of Han Solo glider says "don't tell me the odds"
  11. Serial Code: B6-5568/2168
    Rank: clone trooper
    Nickname*: survivor
    Skills: able to build shelter with about anything and able to use almost all the weapons he finds
    Weaponry/Equipment*: a standard blaster rifle, lots of grenades and a pistol as backup
    Armor Appearance: normal white clone armor but is reinforced
    Physical Appearance: has many physical and mental scars that remind him of his terrible adventures. his left arm is mechanical. beside that, looks like a normal clone
    Personality*: like to joke around but gets very mad if you hurt his teammates.
    Likes*: succeeding mission, music
    Dislikes*: seeing his teammate die. carrots
    Reason For Integration (Why they were chosen): he survived on n=many occasion that a clone should not have survived. once he survived on a ice planet while wearing no winter gears by finding a cave in the snowstorm and lit a fire using the body of his dead teammates.
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  12. I have to ask if my clone can have a lightsaber. He's survived countless mission and maybe one of them was with a Jedi who also died. and that Jedi could have gave survivor his saber when he was dying since survivor was the last one alive
  13. While the Contingent's regulations aren't exactly as strict as the Republic, I'd still have to say no to the Lightsaber. The most I can allow you to have is something like a Vibroblade or a Beskad. Also, I hope you both know, you can post whenever you want. You don't need anyone's permission.

    Also, for anyone who may be interested, I'm writing a FanFiction based on this on WattPad. If you want your characters from this RP featured, or want the link, let me know.
  14. I know what a vibroblade is but not a Beskad
  15. I believe I mentioned it in Gambit's form, but it's a sword made out of Mandalorian Iron.
  16. @Eevee E I would like to see that, and I would like Glider to be in it. Send me a link when it's up.
    Also, I'm planning on introducing my character as the one flying the ship.

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