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DPPt/HGSS Stantler

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Nim, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Nim


    I need help for my stantler's moveset. It is for in game and for battling with friends but not too competitive so I wont be EV training it.

    At the moment I am thinking of using this set that I found:

    confuse ray
    thunder wave

    Please tell me if you think this is good but if not please help me to improve it.
    Thanks guys I really appreciate it.
  2. Jeydis

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    Its the standard build for stantler, the few that are out there in competitive. One thing to keep in mind is perhaps Hypnosis in place of Confuse ray for double (true) status.

    Another proposal would be Bite in place of earthquake and dont forget stomp. This permits you to have a flinching move in addition to your already annoying movesetAlso having Bite stops you from getting walled by ghosts which is the usual solution to an annoyer of the normal family, like dunsparce for example..
  3. You might also want either Psychic or Zen Headbutt to help against Fighting types.

    Zen Headbutt could also be used as a Flinch move if you choose to do so instead of Stomp or Bite, but Bite could be used for Ghosts and Stomp is STAB. Zen Headbutt is more powerful against the weakness to so it's your choice. Stomp has a power of 97.5 and Zen Headbutt is 80. I would choose Zen Headbutt even though it's slightly less powerful and accurate. It gives more coverage against Fighting types and it affects Ghosts.
  4. Nim


    the zen headbutt thing sounds pretty good Blisk. I may be wrong here but Jeydis wouldnt it be better to have confusray than hypnosis because can you make them confused and parlyzed at the same time, and that combined with a flinching move would almost stop then from attacking altogether. Also it isnt possible to inflict two (true) status conditions at the same time is it. Please tell me what you think.
  5. I think she means to have two different (true) status moves so that you have two to choose from. I'm not sure though considering I'm not her. If I were you, I would have the following moveset:

    -Thunder Wave
    -Confuse Ray
    -Zen Headbutt

    It's perfect for annoyting and you can't be walled by Ghosts. Steel types would be bad to be against though. You might want to change Confuse Ray to Earthquake or something so that you have a 200 damaging attack against them. With Flinching and and almost guarantee that you'll hit first they will flinch a lot of the time. It just depends on what you think you'll need because you have a lot of options. There's both pros and cons to having the above moveset or changing a status move for Earthquake.
  6. Nim


    that sounds good but the only thing I have trouble with is the fact that those moves lack strenght and that was why I was originally going to use return becasue if you make the thing like you it will be really strong. But know Im thinking about the bad type matchups that you stated. I still think it will be best to stick with the confusing/paralyzing thing which leaves only two spots for moves that flinch and can cover my weaknesses. It is still a hard choice.
  7. I would drop the Confusion stuff. Its not that much needed for the Maingame and even in competetive gaming its gambling considering how frail Stantler is.

    Return gives strong Stab, EQ is strong in general and gives good coverage. For the last spot I would go all out with something funky like T-Bolt or Mega Horn.
    Bite is cool too to hit those ghosts you mace face, but I would paralyze them and switch anyways.
    If you run into many Pokemon that resist Return you might look for some other move for coverage.

    Stantler is strong and kinda fast, it doesnt need to rely on annoyer tactics.
  8. I agree with Fuman. An offensive Stantler is better. I just offered annoyer advice because you were implying that you wanted to use it as an annoyer. It'd be better to use more offensive attacks.
  9. Jeydis

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    The idea for the 2 status moves is that don't forget the opponent can switch through all your nuisance. This way you can spread the nuisance over 2 pokemon, 3 or 4 if your friends don't play with the traditional competitive rules and lets you hypnotize more than one pokemon at a time. Oh and you may want to partner Stantler up with a spiker for maximum advantage since your Stantler will focus on making the team switch around alot.

    Its all up to you really since your breeding it.

    PS: Zen headbutt is a great idea, I forgot about it.

    PPS: Important note is to not forget to breed for Intimidate, Frisk can be handy but intimidate may force more switches whihc should be the focus of a Stantler.

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