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Squirtle's Fusions Shop

Discussion in 'Requests' started by SquirtleLover, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Hey there :)

    I decided to do some requests for Fusions! If you want a Fusion made for you, just tell me below. Please bear in mind that, because I am also a human being, the things I make take time, and because I have (believe it or not) a life, it might take even more time.

    I have the right to reject or ignore your request, for any reason.

    The fusions must consist of at least two Pokemon. I do not really have a maximum, but please stay realistic. Fusions are completely free, and will be forever. However, when you request a fusion, you agree that I may use the fusion I make in my future fanmade game.

    Some examples can be found in my artworks on my profile.
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  2. Glamoew and Mew
  3. Retarded Otaku

    Retarded Otaku Previously Retarded pokémonfanboy

    *Hit* Monchan + King *ler* = *Hitler*
  4. Lucario and Leafeon? Sounds strange, I know, but...
  5. Golduck and gengar=Golgar
  6. Ryhorn line mix with Zubat line
  7. Yoshi Star Shine

    Yoshi Star Shine Previously Moo Moo


    Pikachu + Bulbasuar
  8. I do already have a Pichu/Bulbasaur. Is that OK with you? :p (If not, I'll still make the Pikachu/Bulbasaur ;))

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